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"Zine Reviews Issue #9"

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Anti-Racist Action - Various
(Various)-(Free to members ARA P.O. Box 82097 Columbus, OH 43202)
Our friends at ARA keep tabs on hate crimes, skinheads and racist groups. Do yourself a favor and join up so we can crush those racist bastards once and for all. {Grog}
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Banal Probe Presents- Drummed Out / Bigfoot Thunder
(16 H/S Good Print)-($2ppd. P.O. Box 4333 Austin, TX 78765)
This is a special issue of Banal Probe featuring two stories that were too long for the regular issues. Drummed Out is by a guy who worked at a four day rave, well he kinda quit half way through to party and listen to bands instead of selling tacos. A good party story, but annoying to me in a way, either I'm jealous or I'm letting my sXe side out. The other story is an (mis)adventure to see what they thought was going to be a monster truck show but turned out to be a tractor pull. The reason, for a cool looking t-shirt he wanted to get. I found the whole story well written and very amusing. Of course I read it at work and kept having to look over my shoulder to make sure my boss wouldn't bust me... {Grog}

The Beat Generation - Issue 0 & 1
(#0 36 Q/S Copied)-($.50 + Postage($1?) Dead Cat Inc. P.O. Box 5028 Greenwood, IN 46142)
This is a cartoon featuring Bongo which used to appear in the old Aunt Ida zine. #0 is a poem about Bongo falling in love and changing drasticly only to find that his love liked him how he was at first. A good lesson for all us losers out here. #1 is the beginning of a cross country roadtrip which should continue on in later issues. Always well drawn and humorous these are some comix worth collecting. {Grog}
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Core Kill Zine - #5
(28 H/S Copied)-($1 + Stamp; Tom Watson 3240 N. Marshall Rd Apt 1 Kettering, OH 45429-3634)
Tom is back with another issue of Corekill, which he got me right before I went to print. I've known him for quite a while, actually he tried to submit stuff to MRZ way back then decided it would be better to start his own zine. He has a nice dedication to Ben Schelker, an article and flyers from the by-gone local scene of 5-10 years ago (brought back a lot of good memories for me), some pictures and artwork of Tom's, various writings and some zine and music reviews. The most intersting part for me (other than the pics and flyers) were the two interviews with local artist Germ and a wacko named Chainsaw. I usually abore interviews, but these were fun, interesting and pretty wacked out (how often can I use a form of wack in this review). This is Toms best issue in my opinion and I hope it just keeps getting better. {Grog}

It's Only Wrong if You Get Caught - Issue 3
(12 H/S Copied)-(Free Locally or $1ppd. 9 Volt Labs P.O. Box 163 Springboro, OH 45066)
9 Volt Labs does this zine, runs a label and promotes shows. I know some people hate 9 Volt and others love them, while most don't have a clue. I find the zine humorous and a great change of pace. This is the first time I have seen the Barnhills being ripped on. I love the Barnhills, but it's fun to see someone bitch about them and not out of jealousy. Their main problem with the Barnhills is their defence of a certain Dayton promoter in MRR. 9 Volts hates him and I have always tried to insult & belittle him over the past nine years, of course I'm not gonna flatter him by putting his name in print. Anyway there's a few other rants about sniffing glue (actually more of a review) and one about a fucked up first date. I've heard this zine being called lame sophomoric humor, and I love it. Loosen up and enjoy it, it's funny dammit! {Grog}

Reglar Wiglar - Volume 2, Number 10
(40 F/S Newsprint)-(Free locally or $2 ppd. P.O. Box 578174 Chicago, IL 60657)
RW has really progressed since I last saw an issue about 3 years ago. This issue has a cool editorial by Chris, some letters, humorous interviews with Annie Baldwell and White Bred & Honky MC (Keeping in it real [stale] in 98), stuff about ska, a great down with people rant, an interesting story about a drug sniffing dog, ercord, zine & show reviews, comics and a bunch of ads. Another one of my favorite zines, my only criticism is that it seems to need more graphics within the article pages. {Grog}
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Stinkerbell - Issue 6, April 8 1998
(8 H/S Copied)-(Free Locally or $1ppd. Danielle Lake 4952 Inspiration Dr. Hillard, OH 43026-9108)
This is a great little zine which Danielle does to release some of her anger. This issue has writings about government animal testing, ripping on the spice hurls (girls), homosexuality testing and being a lesbian in high school. Good rants and a great feel to the zine. {Grog}

Subversion - Number 6
(40 F/S Newsprint)-(Free locally or $2 ppd. P.O. Box 320141 San Francisco, CA 94132)
This zine is great. I'd like to say it's a lot like MRZ, but maybe that would be an insult to Subversion. Mr. Rogers writes some great rants (see the one on drinking that I borrowed for this issue), loads of reviews (music, zine and live shows) ads and other fun stuff. This is one of my new favorite zines. {Grog}

The Day the World Ended - #1
(8 F/S Copied)-(?? send donations Mojo Filtr c/o Dave 2987 Cathy Lane Kettering, OH 45429)
A rather odd comix zine. The bulk of it is a sci-fi like comic, that reminded me of a very crude Heavy Metal with ok artwork (i.e. Not even close to Giger, but a hell of a lot better than I could do) and no real dialog. The other comic was a poorly drawn (i.e. about like my artwork) psuedo-rant about nothing in particular. It's main purpose seems to be to offend, amuse or confuse. I guess it depends on your viewpoint. {Grog}
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Toxic Flyer Fanzine - Issue 25, Winter 1998
(64 F/S Newsprint)-($3ppd. c/o Billy Whitfield, POB 39158, Baltimore, Maryland 21212)
A nice little zine that really covers the punk scene on the East coast. Filled with zine and cd reviews and lots of interviews with the likes of The Sinisters, The Candy Snatchers, The Humpers, Steve Wynn and more.Some interviews were hard to follow due to poor grammar and spelling , but then again who am I to say anything. {Mite}

Underdog Zine - Issue 23, Spring 1998
(56 F/S Newsprint) - (Free in Chicago or $2ppd. 2206 N. Rockwell St. Chicago, IL 60647-3004)
This zine is published by the fine people at Underdog records. Some of my favorite live shows included Underdog bands and their zine is just a good. Underdog has a really good layout and puts most other zines to shame in that respect. This issue is full of great articles about many topics: how to get a tax refund because of your band, label, zine etc. (I've done it too), abortion rights, masturbation, punk rock enlightenment, a great piece getting on the whiners of the Chicago scene, plus a whole lot more. This is worth way more than the $2 plus if you order some music you will be subscribed to the zine for 1 year (4 issues). One of the top 10 zines in the country. {Grog}
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Wonder Wheel - Issue 5, Spring 1998
(20 H/S Copied)-(Free Locally or $1ppd. 2122 Burnside Dr Dayton, OH 45439)
WW is created at the same place as Olive Records with some of the same people. A pretty standard zine with rants about getting a DUI, working at a GM factory, why the zine was late (I can relate), reviews, some Olive records propaganda and a piece about being wrongly accused of spreading an offensive zine around campus and getting harrassed by all the administrators. Pretty fun and worth the read. {Grog}
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