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Mutant Renegade Zine

"Zine Reviews Issue #8"

Some of the addresses might be outdated. If E-mail is listed you might want to contact them that way first to make sure they can fill your order. If the price isn’t listed send a few stamps to cover postage :)

******Tiny Zines******

Apocalypse Tao
(Permeable Press 47 Noe St. #4 SF, CA 94114-1017)
A strange collection of stories that meander through the life and thoughts within Brian Clarks head. They really make you think a little harder.

Lil’ Doodles #2
($2 - Dead Cat Comics PO Box 19503 Indianapolis, IN 46209; E-mail Lil' Doodles)
Pol Pat is back with another irreverent collect of comic stories. Always fun and entertaining.

Smack #4
($.50 Cool Bean Press 1415 Beachcomber Ln. Houston, TX 77062)
Stories about school, zine reviews, contests, fun, a horoscope and random fun.

******Half Size (8.5" x 5.5")******

Anatomically Incorrect #1
($1 or Trade Jessica 775 Old Baptist Rd. N. Kingston, RI 02852)
Youth Brigade and Royal Crowns interviews, stuff on the Twist-Offs, a guy from prison writes, ads, music reviews, stories, etc. really fun.

Anti Racist Action - Various
(A.R.A. P.O. Box 82097 Columbus, OH 43202)
This is ARA’s newsletter which they send out to members. They help expose racist groups and hate crimes, plus do some great stories. Join up.

Burping Lula
(POB 14738 Richmond, VA 23221)
Four-trackin', Friendly and lots of reviews all for free. {mite}

Clutter Stuff #2
($2 12844 Claxton Dr. Laurel, MD 20708; E-mail Clutterstuff)
Interviews with Streetcar, Jawbox and Matthew & the Ticks, reviews plus some odds and ends.

Corekill #3 & #4
($1 + post Tom Watson 3240 N Marshall #1 Kettering, OH 45429)
Writings, poetry and artwork from Tom written in his personal observant way. Always an interesting read. This just goes to show that Tom gets his zines out at least twice as fast as me.

Live and Let Live #12
(James N. Dawson P.O. Box 613 Redwood Valley, CA 95470)
This is basically a listing of animal rights groups and literature with plenty of reviews, plus some articles about animal rights.

New Red Archives 1997 Catalog
(NRA P.O. Box 210501 SF, CA 94121)
All types of cool stories and pictures of bands on one of my favorite labels. They also include a few articles about various issues including one by Chick that is on target and makes me like her even more. (Hmmm)

Sick to Move Vol. 2 #1
(Scott Puckett P.O. Box 712471 Santee, CA 92072-2471; E-mail Sick to Move)
Interviews with Pavement, Down by Law and Karate, tons of reviews and a few articles.

Sponic #1
($1 330 Ashley BGSU, Bowling Green, OH 43403; E-mail Sponic )
Actually this zine is partially Dayton based and from what I hear is on its third issue. This issue featured interviews with Bob Pollard (Guided by Voices) and 84 Nash plus stories, poetry, reviews, a readers poll, random graphics and stories thrown into an entertaining read.

T.R.’s Zine #11
($1 T.R. Miller Cartoonist P.O. Box 489 Milltown, NJ 08850-0489)
This contains mainly poetry with some cartoons brightening things up by T.R.

UnDumb #3
(3572 W. State Rd., 10#7 Lake Village, IN 46349)
A couple of good essays on Government Schools in Crises and Ending the Drug Nightmare, some short stories, other stuff and reviews. My big complaint is that the writing is too small. {mite}

******Full Size (8.5” x 11”)*****

Agree to Disagree #3
($2 P.O. Box 56057 Vancouver, BC V5L 5E2 Canada; E-mail Agree to Disagree)
A pretty cool zine that reminds me of a back to basics MRR, interviews with Swingin’ Utters and info on Mumia Abu-Jamal plus reviews, rants, articles, ads, etc. Very cool, pick it up.

Alternative Press Review Vol. 2 #4
($3.95 CAL Press P.O. Box 1446 Columbia, MO 65205-1446)
The focus of this zine is to review the alternative press and they do it very well with loads of reviews and great articles borrowed from many of the publications. A great read, on par with Factsheet Five.

Basic Motor Skills #1
($1.50 no street address given E-mail BMS)
A ton of great articles with cool layouts plus zine and music reviews, get a hold of Tracy.

Blink #12
($2 Fia P.O. Box 823 Miami, FL 33243-0823)
Another great issue of Blink always one of my favorites. Tons of cool reading, graphic creations, Fia’s outfit creations (with her modeling) and more, more, more.

Bubba's Live Bait
(POB 824 Knoxville, TN 37901)
There's corporate slicker-n-shit zines and then there's Bubba's Live Bait. It's a hunka, hunka burnin' Bubba. Now this is a zine one can enjoy. Fuck Christmas, A receipt from the Devil Himself, and Weird Crushes are just a few of the tasty treats that Bubba offers up to you hungry bastards. {mite}

Dumpster Dive #12
($2 P.O. Box 426 Norwalk, CT 06856)
A true punk masterpiece with Aniseen, Urge Overkill, David Peel, Eugene Chadbourne and Harvey Sid Fisher plus reviews and various writings.

ETCH - Various
(P.O. Box 10132 Lansing, MI 48901-0132; E-mail Etch)
Etch puts out 6 issues a year and they are consistently good. They include interviews, articles, reviews, ads and commentary.

Inner Dimensions #4
($3 Julie 1969 Old Mill Rd. Marysville, PA 17053)
A metal zine with tons of interviews, plus poetry, reviews, drawings and a few insights.

JuJuGop Vol. 1 #3
(9411 Shore Rd. LG Brooklyn, NY 11209; E-mail Jujugop)
Liz has a very fun, creative and spontaneous zine that made me feel happy. She has a lust for life and shares it in her zine along with reviews and random writings and drawings. FUN.

Knee Deep in Oatmeal #A
($1 Kristine 52 Milbern Ave. Hampton, NH 03842)
Kristine invites everyone inside of her world and her head with personal stories and thoughts about the world around her. Clipping, reviews, artwork and random stuff fill this out nicely.

Oculus Magazine
(POB 148 Hoboken, NJ 07030)
Reviews, interviews and other stuff. A good little zine with a focus. Is. #3 includes one of my faves, Kate Jacobs as will as The Wedding Present. #4 The Peeches, Baby Drowsy and Professor and Maryann. {mite}

POPsmear Magazine
(648 Broadway #806 NY, NY 10012)
Slick mag that has a few interesting articles including a look at America's Meccas. Most of the zine is ads, reader mail and ego. I have heard that it has been getting better as of late and is on many people's top 10 list. {mite}

Rational Inquirer #8
($4.50 2050 W 56th St. STE 32-221 Hialeah, FL 33016; E-mail Rational Enquirer)
Wow RI has really expanded from their humble beginnings, they are on par with Flipside, but doesn’t have that West coast slant. One of the best.

Rocktober #17
($3 1507 E 53rd St. #617 Chicago, IL 60615)
This was the retro issue with loads of retro articles, clippings, art, cartoons and all around fun. One of the best Midwest zines.

Screed #6, 7 & 8
($1 P.O. Box 9254 Cincinnati, OH 45209; E-mail Screed)
Terry focuses on the local scene and does a great job of keeping us informed of the tri-states happenings music wise. Always a fun read and helpful swap distributor.

Stuff zine #3
(85 Sequoia Dr. Pasadena, CA 91105)
I like this one because not only is it filled with stuff, but good stuff. Things to do, an "Are you industrial?" test, movie "same situations, different genres, rants, raves and reviews. Get it now. {mite}

Suburban Home #6
($2 for a pound of shit 1750 30th St. #365 Boulder, CO 80301; E-mail Suburban Home)
Articles about postal scams, starting a label, reviews and a ton of ads (I’m jealous).

Tail Spins #27, 28 & 29
($3 P.O. Box 1860 Evanston, IL 60204; E-mail Tail Spins)
Tons of really cool articles and rants, plus loads of reviews and ads. A very large publication that is done very well, unlike this one.

10 Things Jesus Wants You To Know #15
($2 1407 NE 45th St. #17 Seattle, WA 98105; E-mail 10 Things)
One of my all time favorite zines, sarcastic and humorous articles, rants, loads of interviews and tons of reviews. Fun for the whole friggin’ family.

Underground Zine Scene #8
($2 7300 N. Mona Lisa #11168 Tuscon, AZ 85741; E-mail Underground Zine Scene)
Tons of zine reviews and a sizable amount of music reviews along with some interviews of metal leaning bands.

MRZ #8
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