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Mutant Renegade Zine

"Zine Reviews Issue #7"


Yes, itís zine review time. If the price isnít listed, try to send at least a couple of stamps for postage. Enjoy.

***********{Ĺ page zines 8.5" x 5.5"}***********

ACLU News - Fall 1995
(ACLU of Ohio 1223 West Sixth Street, 2nd Floor Cleveland, OH 44113)
Yes, Iím starting the zine reviews with a newsletter. I believe that the aclu is very important and I want to promote them. Aclu stands for american civil liberties union and they are a non-profit organization that legally represents people or organizations that get in legal trouble due to their beliefs or practices. The Aclu has taken on a number of causes I believe in and some that I disagree with, but that is what theyíre there for: to protect everyones rights.

Corekill - #1
($1 Tom Watson III 3240 N. Marshall #1, Kettering, OH 45429-3634)
Interviews with Roger Manning & Jim Greer, stories about the demise of Spud City Records, censorship and from a guy whose brother died a few years ago. Zine reviews, cartoons and drawings fill out the rest.

Ersatz - Vol 26 #6 (Bumper Crop - Tasteless and tasty slogans from around the world)
(?? {send at least $1} 441 West 37th, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10018-4015 E-mail Ersatz )
This is one of the strangest zines Iíve ever seen. It is a collection of slogans (i.e. Same shit Different Day) that you see on t-shirts, mugs, cars, etc. They catalog, rate, catagorize and attribute them to people. In the forward they do a few essays about why anyone would want to actually buy things with these stupid logos. Evidently anyone can contribute so send something in, but get this zine first.

Fallen Away Catholics Newsletter - #4
($3 / trade c/o Dreamstage P.O. Box 1945 Dayton, OH 45401 E-mail Fallen Away )
Donít be scared, on the cover it says "Are you guilty? Of course you are! Wallow in it! Indulge yourself! Enjoy!". This whole zine is devoted to guilt, especially from the biggest guilt giver, the catholic church. If you ever were catholic or just heard strange stories about us (Iím ex-catholic too), then read this for a laugh. Full of tons of great guilty stories, pictures and cartoons. Go ahead indulge, then do some penance.

Feedback Zine - #2
(450 ptas Javier Becerra c / Asturias 14 BAJO 15007 -A CORUNA- Spain)
This zine was pretty hard for me to read because itís in Spanish. But it has some cool interviews with the Pixies, the Sisters of Mercy, the Breeders, and others, plus reviews, free ads, cartoons and other crap thrown in. If you know Spanish or even if you donít this is pretty good, and itís nice seeing an europian music zine that isnít metal.

Fucktooth - #19
($2 Jen Angel POB 3593 Columbus, OH 43210)
Like always Jen puts out another great issue full of great rants, reviews, a tour diary and stories, plus a giant letter section this time. Some rants this time are: people relationships, free speech and the first amendment, piercing and body modification, bondage... Always a great read, and tons to read too.

Hope & Desperation (in Albuquerque) - #10
($1 Spencer c/o Jackalope 2118 Central Ave SE #144 Albuquerque, NM 87104)
Well, Spencer is now in New Mexico and still doing H&D. Since, his move he has revamped the zine from being primarily about music to exposing people to the social and political points behind the punk scene. This issue has articles about Crass and Consolidated, plus how music and politics relate.

Jackalope - #3
($1 Jackalope 2118 Central Ave SE #144 Albuquerque, NM 87104)
You get this zine with H&D, you have no choice they are connected. This issue is primarily an explanation of the unabomber and terrorism. Good and thought provoking.

LFM Junkmailer - Autumn 1995
(P.O. 09851 Columbus, OH 43209)
This is the Lizard family Music Newsletter. They tell you all about whatís up with the bands on the label and have fun stuff inside. LFM is a great label (actually group of bands), and deserves your support. So send a stamp and get their catalog already (or order some of their crap from me).

Mind Over Matter - February 1996
(1710 Central Ave SE Albuquerque, NM 87106-4412 e-mail Mind over Matter)
This is a great catalog from a record store. They have tons of punk cdís, cassettes, 7"s, LPís zines and books, a great place to find a lot of neat releases.

New Red Archives - 1996
(P.O. Box 210501 San Francisco, CA 94121)
This is the promotional zine thing put out by NRA. It has pages promoting the bands on their label and two short articles, one by Nicky (runs NRA) and one by Chick (the only label promo person who actually hand writes replies).

Urban Rag - #20
(P.O. Box 272 Center Valley, PA 18034 E-mail Urban Rag)
This a zine of record reviews and high priced ads, however they do give it away free and pass out about 5000. Good if your a band or label.

**********{Ĺ legal size 8.5" x 7"}**********

Boys in Trouble on the Interstate - #7
($1 P.O. Box 8054 Austin, TX 78713-8054 E-mail Boys in Trouble)
This is a great zine from Texas (no shit grog). It has some stories about why the zine came out late (I have the same problems, and struggle with them all the time), history of how he got involved in punk and his whole music history, and a tour diary (he went on the road with Trigger). It also has reviews and several articles with no titles only the date they were written (I should steal that idea). In other words I really like this zine.

PepG!rlz - #?
(P.O. Box 20801 New York, NY 10009)
Not only do they make music, but they also have comix. Stories about all four members and several sexusual phantasieze of a kartoon karakter pages. Very perverted and twisted at times, but also funny.

**********{Standard - 8.5" x 11"}**********

Blink - #11
($1 P.O. Box 823 Miami, FL 33243-0823)
Fia comes out with another issue featuring interviews with gen-xers such as Russ Forster (8 track mind, film guru and founder of underdog records), Penny Serpa and Wendy Mullin. Band interviews with Fear, Shoegazer, Turkish Delight, music and zine reviews, art and other crap.

BUPS - #2
($1 - Mike Punkafool Ellis 10 Prestwick Way Coto de Caza, CA 92679)
This is a pretty interesting zine with an interview with Rhythm Collision, zine, show and record reviews, a few articles : why american airlines sucks, cheap ass scams, and several other things. You really should get this now, why? Because I said to.

Cactus Prick - #9
($2 P.O. Box 27142 Tempe, AZ 85285)

the Chopping Block - #1
($2 P.O. Box 634 Greencastle, PA 17225)
This is a short illustrated story. Featuring the ax-man, a heavy metal, sexist, guys ideal role model. Great graphics, but a lame story really does this in.

Dumpster Dive #11
($2 P.O. Box 426 Norwalk, CT 06856)
Interviews with King Buzzo (from the melvins), sloppy seconds, toadies and elvis (the mexican elvis). Also features tons of reviews and several ads.

Etch - Vol 1 #6 & Vol II #1
($1 P.O. Box 10132 Lansing, MI 48901-0132 E-mail Etch Etch Web Page )
Vol 1 #6: Interviews with Speedball, Cevin Key and Sepultura. Profiles on a lot of other bands, plus tons of show, music, zine, movie and books reviews along with information on whatís happening locally (in lansing that is). Vol II #1 has interviews with Gravitar, Esquivel and the swinginí utters, plus the same as above.

Jersey Beat - #56
($2 418 Gregory Ave Weehawken, NJ 07087 E-mail Jersey Beat)
Jersey Beat is another mainstay of the punk zine scene. Itís like an east coast cross of MRR and Flipside. Includes articles on ABC No Rio, the Ramones, Chisel, Hell No, SXSW reports, tour diary and a large amount of reviews. Always a great read and well worth the $ís.

Led Balloons - #?
($1 ? Dave Kocher 4506 Darcie Dr Erie, PA 16506)
Hereís another issue of Daveís one panel cartoons. Some of these were in the last issue and some are in this issue as well. Some are great, some are ok and some are stupid, at least thereís something for everyone.

Maximumrockandroll - # 154
($2 - P.O. Box 460760 San Francisco, CA 94146-0760)
MRR is the punk rock bible to many people. MRR is the first real zine I ever bought and I actually still get them on occasion. They have tons of great ads, columns, reviews and scene reports. Try them at least once if you are really into whole punk scene.

Metal Curse - #9
($3 - P.O. Box 302 Elkhart, IN 46515-0302 E-mail Movements)
Interviews with Tilt, Brutal Juice and Dave from Sockeye / Ear of Corn fame. Show and record reviews fill out the rest of the space.

Oculus Magazine - Vol IV #4
($1 - P.O. Box 148 Hoboken, NJ 07030 E-mail Oculus )
Oculus is a really good music magazine. Interviews, reviews and analyses of all sorts of music related topics. If you really like music then get this, itís not stupid or pretensions.

Popsmear - #7
($3 - 648 Braodway #909 New York, NY 10012 E-mail Popsmear)
Popsmear is a massive visual assault on your senses. It has plenty of mutilated graphics as well as loads of great articles: what to do in an interrogation, long island, how to crash a wedding, tons of letters, reviews and various other fun things. Expensive, but worth it.

Rayolux - #4
($2 (free in chicago) - 5 Astor Ct Lake Forest, IL 60045 E-mail Rayolux)
Interviews with 311, red red meat, ivy, whale, toenut, tuscadero, sardina and lorelei. Also included are zine, show and music reviews. Pretty cool to pick up if youíre in Chicago.

Reglar Wiglar - Vol 2 #6
($1 - P.O. Box 578174 Chicago, IL 60657)
RW is a fun sarcastic trip in glorious newsprint. This one has a smart test, unverified trivial facts, one word record reviews, other record and zine reviews, letters, cartoons and several very sarcastic articles. Fun.

Screed - #4
($1 - 3100 Markbreit Ave #2 Cincinnati, OH 45209-1706 E-mail Screed )
I never did get to review #3 because Terry put this one out to soon, #3 was his women in rock issue (theyíre still available). #4 has interviews with Stitch, Brainiac, Soft Cactus, Birdhouse, music and zine reviews, and a few articles. Always a good informative read, focus is on the local area.

Teen Zine - Vol 2 #2
($1- P.O. Box 459 Greenville, OH 45331)
Gail (who used to help Mike and I do this shit), work at a youth center. She started a zine for the kids a while ago and she helps them put it together. I think itís a great way to expose them to zines and thinking about important topics. This is from a pretty rural area, so these kids donít get much exposure to the whole zine thing. This issue is about violence, and there are loads of articles, cutouts and surveys talking about what they see as serious problems facing them. This is a really cool thing that the kids have made and not some governmental thing thatís being shoved down their thoughts.

Ten Things Jesus wants you to know - #13
($2 (free in the NW) - 1407 NE 45th St #17 Seattle, WA 98105 E-mail 10 Things 10 Things Web Page)
10 Things is like MRR as far as content goes, but they arenít as confined in their thinking and arenít as serious about everything. This is defiantly one of the top five zines alive today, grog gives it a big thumbs up!! I donít know what else to say except "get it and read it"!!

the Underground Sounds - Vol 2
($3 - 1969 Old Mill rd. Marysville, PA 17053)
This is an underground metal zine, full of interviews, pictures and reviews of metal bands.


Illinois Entertainer - March 1996
(Free - 124 W Polk, Suite 103 Chicago, IL 60605-2069)
A big professional monthly that features bands, films, art etc. that concern chicago in one way or another. This is about the best of itís type, while Iím not to fond of this type of publication, if youíre in Chicago you should pick this up to get an idea about whatís going on.

the Lookout - Volume 37 #7
(Free - Lansing Community College, Room 207 SPS Bldg., 430 N. Capitol, lansing, MI 489-1629)
This is your typical college paper, with articles and news about the school and itís students. The only strange thing was that they informed me that they were accepting music for review from all labels. Pretty cool for a school paper.

Foretold (the Phychic Friends Network) - January 1996
(? - 23-25 Walker Ave Baltimore, MD 21208)
Actually I found this and thought it was pretty hilarious so I just had to include it. Itís kind of like the weekly world news and national enquirer, except they tell you what the headlines will be before they happen. Most have to do with celebrities and money.

Round Flat Records - #36
(Stamp - P.O. Box 1676 Amherst, NY 14226)
This is a catalog of thousands of releases, all of your favorite hard to find punk picks and various other shit too.

Slug & Lettuce - #42
(Stamp - c/o Christine P.O. Box 2067 Peter Stuy. Stn. New York, NY 10009-8914)
I always liked S&L but I havenít seen one for a while. Christine has really expanded this, itís now eight tabloid size pages of really tiny print. Tons and tons of classified, music and zine reviews and a press run of 7000. Iím glad I rediscoved this zine.

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