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Attention Defecit Disorder - #8
Full, GCN, 82 - $3
(A.D.D. P.O. Box 8240 Tampa, FL 33674)
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As the World Burns - #15
Half (lengthwise), X, 36 - $1
(2043 Ellis St. Stevens Point, WI 54481)
This is a great, rough, cut and paste punk zine. Most of it is filled with Dan Disturbed's thoughts and ideas on topics such as flag burning, the afterlife, religion, punk rock shows and a smattering of other things. You also get interviews with Joe Glitter and Jamie of The Wednesdays and The Quadrajets, plus some record reviews. This is his five year anniversay and he seems to have the same release schedule of most zines...whenever. So if you're as punk as you say you'll get this...if you're not punk you'll probably enjoy this regardless. {Grog}

Banal Probe - #15
Full, O, 28 - $2
(Oyster Publications P.O. Box 4333 Austin, TX 78765)
"The Rectal Thermometer of a Dying Planet" I would have to list Banal Probe as one of my favorite literary sources. The few I have recieved always contain well written short stories, articles, pieces of stories and poems. Being a fan of short stories and the like it's good to find something that can hold my interest and entertain me...while actually leaving me wanting more.

Banal Probe is a part of Oyster Publications which also release chapbooks and a newsletter with some reviews. Someday I'll get around to ordering some of those chapbooks since many look very interesting...especially the one by Ben Weasel. Anyway, if you enjoy well written stories in a nicely laid out publication then you should enjoy being Probed. {Grog}
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Barracuda - #5,6,7
Full, GCN, 44 - $3.50
(Barracuda Magazine P.O. Box 291873 Los Angeles, CA 90027)
"Yesterday's Stag Magazine of the Future Today" I'd say the tag line pretty much sums it up. Actually the publisher was nice enough to send us three issues since we had lost an earlier copy (actually Mite did, but I'd never publically humiliate him). Barracuda is a great stag magazine in the tradition of pin-up magazines of the '40s and '50s. They have that rat pack style and attitude down cold. These are filled with articles about cars, booze and real men: #4 interview with Mike Royo, #5 article about Steve McQueen (My old nickname whenever I drove on tours), #6 article on Edgar Leetag the father of modern modern velvet painting plus you gets pictures of the beautiful Barracuda women. True, tasteful pin-ups of real women...'50s style layouts with '90s women. A great fresh take on the past and in tune with today. {Grog}
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Batteries Not Included - Vol VI #10
Full, O, 12 - $3
(BNI 130 W. Limestone St. Yellow Springs, OH 45387)
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Black Velvet - #21
Full, GC, 36 - Write them
(Black Velvet 366 Birchfield Rd, Webheath, Redditch. Warcs. B97 4NG England)
I really love this slick looking zine from the U.K. It’s filled with interesting interviews, intelligent articles and great reviews of music, zines, live shows, books and more. This particulate issue has interviews with Reef, Radiator, Jack Off Jill, Planet Boom, and more. There’s also a great article on Willie Dowling, someone who I have never heard of before, but want to now thanks to Black Velvet. I love the diversity in the band in this zine. I also love that an article on Jon Bon Jovi in this zine. It reminds me of my own sick admiration of Styx. {Mite}
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Brainscab - #1
Full, X, 28 - $?
(Kevin Hansen Box 38 Cheney, KS 67025)
This is the first issue and it really shows. It's primarily interviews, photos and reviews all of which are of metal bands. The xerox job is pretty bad, it looks like a fifth generation copy. But of course this is the first issue and could go one of two could stay the same or get better, but regardless he's trying. {Grog}
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Cats Wear Mittens - #4
Half, X, 40 - $1
(5465 North Bend Rd. Box 141 Cincinnati, OH 45247)
This is a neat, little zine out of Cincinnati. It is primarily filled with personal stories about quitting a job and trying to find another, his cat, hating sports, losing his temper at school... His writing is humorous and personable and above average in readability...damn I almsot sound like a lit. teacher. Also included is an interview with Archtype Theory and reviews...included is a review of MR in which he calls us "quirky". My only real complaint is that this needs more graphics, looking at straight text gets boring. {Grog}
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Comics & A View - #22 & #35
Quarter, X, 16 - 2 stamps
(Michael Goetz 2124 Arizona Ave. Rockford, IL 61108)
Michael sent us more of his pun filled comics. I think we've run out of things to say about them. Sometimes the puns get a chuckle, other times a groan or a leer. {Grog}

Dismantle Baboon - #2
Really small, N, 32 - $? Stamp?
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Dumpster Dive - #16
Full, O, 28 - $2
(P.O. Box 426 Norwalk, CT 06856)
This is a long running Conneticut zine that I have read off and on for many years. It's always consitant and still holds the same punk rock flavor. In this issue you get interviews with Agnostic Front, Tedio Boys, Shane Williams, Davie Allen & the Arrows, Jack & Butch Steeples and Sinisters as well as music and zine reviews plus some pictures. That's it: cut, paste, punk, done. {Grog}

Enslain Magazine - #6
Full, N, 48 - $?
(Enslain Magazine 2595 Marshall Dr. Quakerstown, PA 18951)
Nicely laid out metal magazine by Lady Enslain. There are several interviews with metal bands: Death, Testament, Hypocricy, Rotting Christ and Vader, plus a feature on the Milwaukee Metalfest XIII, a show review and some really in depth music reviews. My favorite thing about this pub other than the layout is the review section, which is clear, in depth and looks good. Not exactly my style of music, but if you like metal this is one of the best I've seen. {Grog}
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The Front Seat #6
Full, X, 38 - $1
(601 Wallace Rd. Apt 2B Farmington, MO 63640)
Very interesting personal zine out of the heartland. Tons of rants, poetry, clip art, quotes, thoughts and just plain ideas are conveyed in this cut and paste. Many serious topics are brought out here: racism, aids, bad relationships, moving in with somkebody for the first time... However, there isn't much preaching, just an attempt to understand and get their ideas out. A real good thing is that this isn't all just serious, they show plenty of humor and fun in the pages as well, which tells me that they enjoy life even if they don't enjoy everything it brings. {Grog}
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Hanging Like A Hex - #13
Full, GCN, 116 - $3
(Ryan Canvan 201 Maple Ln. N. Syracuse, NY 13212)
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Maximum Rock N Roll - #200
Full, N, Over 200 - $3
(MRR P.O. Box 460760 San Francisco, CA 94146-0760)
Anybody who knows MRR either loves it or hates it. There's not much middle ground on the subject. They have surpassed 200 issues now and show no signs of dying regardless of who is running it. It seems like everybody who is involved in punk goes through an MRR phase. But after a while it gets repetative. Sure the names are different, but after three years or so you see the same old arguements, and the same old ideas. It's nice to have around, but after a while it gets boring. If you're new to punk rock then get this and enjoy, but don't be surprised if you start passing it over within a few years. {Grog}

Moisst - #27, 28
Full, CN, 48 - Free
(P.O. Box 338 Tempe, AZ 85280-0338)
This is a lovely little zine that is a must for all punks and music lovers everywhere. Like most music zines it is filled with band interviews, reviews and a few articles. What I like about Moisst is that the interviews with such bands as The Peeps, 7 Seconds, Murder City Devils, Sonic Thrills, The Muffs, NOFX, and more are short and concise. This makes me more willing to read the interviews, unlike the interviews I see in other zines like MRR. This issue is rounded out with a News of the Weird type section and Raman recipes. A great read. {Mite}
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Neus Subjex - #27
Legal, X, 2 - Free
(P.O. Box 18051 Fairfield, OH 45018)
The infamous Cincy one-pager is still going strong and chock full of tiny type all about Cincy and a smattering of Dayton. Sean packs in a live review, some music and zine reviews plus tonss of scene news. Compact, concise and totally punk. {Grog}
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Off My Jammy - #13
Half, X, 32 - $1.50
(P.O. Box 440422 W. Sommerville, MA 02144)
This zine is great. Off My Jammy is a zine with a mission of promoting rock en Espanol. This issue is dedicated to Brazil and is loaded with lots of info and interviews. Such great groups like Superchunk, Cibo Matto, Atari Teenage Riot, Tom Ze and more can all be found here. This zine also gives little language lessons as well as help on how to get by as a vegan when traveling through Brazil. A much recommended read. {Mite}
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Pandemic Zine - #1
Half, X, 40 - Free
(4952 Inspiration Dr. Hilliard, OH 43026-9108)
This is a personal zine by Danielle from the Columbus area. I read a few issues of her old zine and really liked them and her style of writing. Infortunatly I lost touch with her, but luckily she sent this new zine. She said she initially planned on making it a more political zine, but upon reading it you can tell that situations pushed her into a very personal focus. She comments about things that mean a lot to her and problems that she's trying to work out in her mind. There are comments / rants on marriage, masturbation, apathy, veganism, unplanned pregnancy, love and much more. She sheds light on her mind and lets you see into her, confusion and all without any fear. I always love a well-written persoanl zine and this is no exception. {Grog}
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Potpourri & Roses - #7,8
Full, X, 40 - Free
(P.O. Box 48372 Los Angeles, CA 90048)
BRian Broccoli hit us with three issues of his diverse LA based zine. How diverse you ask? Well in these three issues he covers: The Pietasters, Kommunity FK, Hypnotic Clambake, Mustard Plug, The Klezmatics, Aretha FRanklin, Run DMC, Tilt, Kill Allen Wrench plus many more. This is definately one of the best music based zines it's free. {Grog}
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The Probe - #8
Full, GCO, 100 - $4
(P.O. Box 5068 Pleasanton, CA 94566)
Large professional looking zine from California. Nice full color glossy over and a thick 100 page issue. A good amount of CD and zine reviews are included. Articles on how to be a God in bed will be useful to the Mutant Renegade staff I’m sure. The many nakked photos of local female band members, and record store owners made me open up the issue late at night many times. {theSADman}
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Quickdummies - #13
Full, X, 48 - Free
(6810 Bellaire Dr. New Orleans, LA 70124)
This is punk rock. You have interviews with Travoltas, Templars and Boulder , plus the mandatory columns and record reviews. Of course this is better than most punk zines because the columns are interesting and the layout is good. The only thing that really troubles me are the music reviews which had more typos and grammatical errors than us. Geesh, I thought we were bad, but I found so many errors my first reading that I whipped out a red pen...but hey that's punk. {Grog}
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Rats in the Hallway - #13
Full, GN, 84 - $2
(P.O. Box 7151 Boulder, CO 80306)
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Revolution Calling - #13
Full, N, 32 - $?
This is another chapter in the life of Leah. She lets her thoughts, fears, insecurities, hopes, dreams and emotions flow through the pages. She is helped by a few friends, but most of the words are her own and they are interesting. I find parts of it weird, such as where she sees turning 19 as being old (maybe just because I'm well beyond that age), but I find many other parts inspiring and making me remember why I do a zine. {Grog}

Rocktober #26
Full, CGN, 108 - $4
(1507 E 53rd St. PMB 617 Chicago, IL 60615)
Rocktober is one of my top ten favorite zines, and this issue reminds me why. This is the Comics galore edition of Roctober. There’s a great article on Sparks, (a band that I want to hear more of), as well as an interview with Johnny Legend and more. I loved the story by the guy who almost became the person picked to draw the Nancy cartoon. You also get a special year 2000 calendar pull-out with this issue. It contains interesting artwork and a list of rock happenings during the different days of the year. Another double thumbs up for the folks at Roctober. {Mite}

Shouting at the Postman - #32,33,34,35,37
Half, O, 12 - Stamp
(P.O. Box 101 Newton, PA 18940-0101)
This zine is now on my top 10-zine list. This is a personal zine with quirkiness and attitude. This time I was graced with five issues to review and every one of them was great. So great in fact that someone decided to ‘borrow’ them from me without my knowing. In fact along with these zines they decided to ‘borrow’ a few CD’s, other zines and a camera. Luckily enough I was able to get at least one read through of all the issues of Shouting at the Postman, but am unable to list the highlights of each issue. So let that be a lesson to you all, don’t leave Shouting at the Postman in your car overnight, because it’s so good that you just might ‘force’ someone into breaking into your car just so they can ‘borrow’ it and never give it back. {Mite}
SATP Website

Slug & Lettuce #61,62
Tabloid, N, 12 - $.55
(P.O. Box 26632 Richmond, VA 23261-6632)
Another great issue of this free mainstay punk rock publication. Christine has been doing this since I can remember and always has a great rant, tons of great pics and page after page of reviews and free classifieds. {Grog}

Smart - #1
Half, X, 16 - $1
(Smart Canterbury School 600 Farmington Rd. W. P.O. Box 509 Accokeek, MD 20607)
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Stop Breathing - #7
Full, GCO, 108 - $2.95
(P.O. Box 94705 Berkeley, CA 94705)

Suburban Voice - #43
Full, GN, 152 - $4
(P.O. Box 2746 Lynn, MA 01903-2746)
This is one of the better, big punk zines out there. If you like punk, you should be reading and listening to this. Yes, listening since it comes with a 20 track CD as well. Inside you get interviews with: Aus-Rotten, Boiling Man, Casualties, Oxymoron, Rat Bastards, Toxic Narcotic and many more, plus the usual assortment of columns, and page after page of reviews. Actually I think they rival Flipside in the number of reviews printed. {Grog}
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Throwrug - #24
half, O, 64 - $2
(P.O. Box 3155 Bellingham, WA 98227-3155)
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