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A View #30-31 / Local Comics #20
Quarter, X, 16 - 2 stamps
(Michael Goetz 2124 Arizona Ave Rockford, IL 61108)
This zine, out of Rockford, Illinois, is written in the form of jokes and witty takes on life. It's smallness and a quality of "otherness" set it apart. While some of the jokes are used and old, some are ingenious. The zine's creator, Michael Goetz, relies heavily on the use of puns and irony to chronicle the absurdity of life. The only complaint with this zine is that sometimes Goetz uses breasts and sex-related jokes with alarming frequency; some are funny, some leave you feeling like "what's going on here?" {Fibi}

Beluga Records Catalog
Half, X, 8 - Free
(Beluga Records P.O. Box 146751 Chicago, IL 60614)
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Cashiers Du Cinemart #9
Full, GN, 68 - $2.50
(P.O. Box 2401 Riverview, MI 48192)
This is a really great film zine out of Michigan. Tons of stuff on Star Wars: the lost cut (about the different cuts), behind the magic (Lost scenes), memories (writers talking about the effect and memories of SW in their life), mos eisley multiplex (reviews of SW parodies), Sex Wars (a review of the porn version) and Micro Cine Fest 98 (more SW related films, plus many other films too). An article about the possible new Indiana Jones film, one about "The Big Crimewave", plus lots of well written zine, book, music and film reviews. The best film zine I have seen. {Grog}
Cashiers Du Cinemart Website

The Citizen Vol 1 #22
Tabloid, N, 20 - $1
(Citizen Media Group 117 Calhoun St Cincinnati, OH 45219)
Citizen Website

DBN Magazine #?
Full, N, 40 - ?$2
(P.O. Box 3547 Lantana, FL 33465-3547)
D-B-N is a zine focusing on the harder sound of music. It's filled to the brim with interviews with the likes of Savatage, Retalliation, Majesty, Requiem, Scepter, Disarray and other such named bands. There are also show, music and zine reviews. {Mite}
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Dig It! - #17
Full, N, 44 - ?$3
(32 Rue Pharaon 31000 Toulouse France)
Dig It! is written in French, but its headings and ads are primarily in English, which makes for a weird juxtaposition. The writers of this zine have a definite sense of humour, and convey it through witty observations. One of the strangest things was looking at the inside cover and being presented with the soundtrack to the zine and it was composed of fairly well-known bands from around the world, but again, all in English. It was like reading my own catalogue of CDs. The layout is extraordinarily well-done for a zine; the use of cutouts and graphic elements suggests the editors of Dig It! know exactly what they're doing. It's an easy-to-read format, it looks good and it reads superbly well. Dig It! focuses not only on punk, but has features on Paul Grace (who is from Ohio -- yay Midwest!), KISS and Andre Williams (REALLY REALLY NEAT LAYOUT). Dig It! makes me wish I had retained more of the four years of French I took in high school. As it was, I could only read about every third word -- enough to get the gist, but not nearly enough to sate my apetite. A word to the editors: make an English version, too! {Fibi}
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Flipside #118
Full, CGN, 148+ - $3
(P.O. Box 60790 Pasadena, CA 91116)
When you pick up a copy of Flipside, you know what to expect. Along with the mandatory reviews this issue is chocked full on interviews with the likes of Daniel Johnston, Randumbs, Limp, loudmouths, Raw Power and more. {Mite}

The Front Seat #5
Full, X, 38 - $1
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The Green Insight #3 Vol 2
Full, N, 32 - Free / $1
(P.O. Box 54548 Cincinnati, OH 45254-0548)
This is definitely a grrrl zine. It's filled with many photos, reviews and articles on women loving women (thanks Grog) among other things. It reminds me of earlier issues of Mutant Renegade with it's cut-n-paste punk rock attitude. {Mite}
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Intoxicated #11
Half, X, 48 - $4
(P.O. Box 2581 Reading, Berks, RG1 7GT England)
Definitely a zine with a hard-edge focus. Reviews of all the latest CDs, and interviews with tons of bands, including Pulkas, W.A.S.P., S.O.D., Kill II This, Earth Crisis, Dog Eat Dog, Out, Cyclefly, Neurosis, Godsmack, Witchery, Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, Pist.On, Crackdown, Evenfall and Darkmoon. It's a British zine, published four times a year. It's chock full of stuff. The interviews with the bands are neat because the writers give a boxed paragraph of info on the band to sort of set the stage for the Q & A, which works rather nicely. While the layout is definitely formulaic, it is quite readable (always a plus). It's just a booklet made by 8 1/2-by-11 inch sheets of paper folder in half, so while it's not strong on perks, it more than makes up for it in substantitive content. Another surprise was the focus on international (for the UK) bands. Many bands from America and Europe were featured, which was interesting because you can find out a little bit about the hardcore scene over there from reading the band interviews. {Fibi}
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Life in a Bungalo #10
Half, N, 32 - $1
(P.O. Box 413 W.O.B. West Orange, NJ 07052)
This is one cool zine. I loved the bus trip stories. I found all the articles interesting and the reviews informative. Also included in this issue in an interview with H2O, the WWF and The Big Goomba!!! {Mite}
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Mark Time
Full, X, 10 - Free
(300 S. Beau Dr. #1 Des Plaines, IL 60016)

Mutant Pop Catalog
Full, N, 16 - Free
(5010 NW Shasta Ave Corvallis, OR 97330)
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The Neus Subjex #24-25
Legal, X, 2 - Free/stamp
(P.O. Box 18051 Fairfield, OH 45018)
Make sure you have a magnifying glass handy when you pick up this zine. Lot's of reviews packed into a small amount of space. {Mite}
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Now Wave Magazine #7-8
Full, X, 20 - $1
(Josh Rutledge 4027 Old Orchard Rd York, PA 17402)
I picked these up at the Kung Fu Monkeys show in Cincy a while back. This zine is basically reviews. But there are about 20 reviews per issue and most take up almost 3/4 of a they are very in depth. Other than that you get a couple of columns from the publisher. {Grog}

Panic Strips - Fall 1999
Half, X, 24 - $1
(Shannon Harle P.O. Box 2224 Ashville, NC 28802)
I'm sorry, but this is the most pathetic comic zine that I have ever seen. The drawing is weak and there isn't a trace of humor or commentary anywhere to be found. I was going to say that I wouldn't even give this zine the privilege of having me wipe my ass with it, but I'm in such a great place in my life right now that I won't say that. {Mite}

Retrogression August 99
Tabliod, N, 8 - $1
(P.O. Box 815 Norton, MA 02766)
Column after column about how hard his life is and how the zine is just sucking the life right out of him. The damndest thing about this is that I read the whole thing! Some of what is said actually rings true, I suppose. Chronicles of a trip taken through the Midwest are amusing to read, if only for the fact the way they're chronicled could describe the highs and lows of most any road trip. The CD reviews are excruciatingly long -- my advice would be to tighten them up. I can't think of a single album that merits as much space as is devoted to them here -- in fact, I doubt the band even uses the whole thing in its promotional packets. The zine author's ex-girlfriend tackles legislation issues in Washington, D.C., and provides thoughtful criticism of issues affecting class, race and society. All in all, Retrogression has the potential to be a really informative, cynical zine, if only they could tighten the writing. Another recommendation: Don't be afraid of humor. {Fibi}
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Rocktober #25
Full, CGN, 164 - $4
(1507 E 53rd St. PMB 617 Chicago, IL 60615)
This is their huge 25th issue celebration of sorts. They have loads of stuff relating to the past issues which have brought them to where they are now. Past covers, an A-Z of dead rock stars, updates on bands and stories from their past 24 issues including: Hasil Adkins, the Flys, ? & the Mysterians, Kiss and a ton more. This is one of the best zines in the mid-west if not the country. If you aren't aquainted with Rocktober get this issue for a peek at what makes it tick. {Grog}

Slug & Lettuce #61
Tabloid, N, 12 - $.55
(P.O. Box 26632 Richmond, VA 23261-6632)
Another great issue of this free mainstay punk rock publication. Christine has been doing this since I can remember and always has a great rant, tons of great pics and page after page of reviews and classifieds. A must have for any punk worth angst. {Grog}

Spank #27
Full, GN, 76 - $3
(1004 Rose Ave Des Moines, IA 50315-3000)
Hey, it's another music zine with columns, band interviews as well as music and zine reviews. The interview with The Lillingtons is a prime example of a typical interview that should never have been printed. {Mite}
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Stardumb #3
Half, GO, 40 - $2
(Stardumb HQ Kipstraat 34C 3011 RT Rotterdam The Netherlands)
This is a really good music zine out of the Netherlands. This issues features interviews with The Queers, The Hi-Fives, The Sentiments, Teen Idols, JCCC, Ethyline plus a Stiff Little Fingers special. The interviews are better than average and it's neat to see some from another country. The rest of the issue is filled out by music and zine reviews, plus few articles and some ads, plus a Vargas girl center. {Grog}
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Toxic Flyer Fanzine #28
Full, N, 64 - $?
(P.O. Box 39158 Baltimore, MD 21212)

Wet Devoh Vol 1 #9
Half, X, 32 - $1 + 2 stamps
(1609 Lund Ave Kissimmee, FL 34744)
I loved the interviews in this zine. They were intelligent, which is something that most zines lack. With this issue you get an interview with Guy of Fugazi, an article on the state of cartoons, Rollins vs. Danzig, reviews and more. Wonderful zine. {Mite}
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