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A.D.D. - #7
Full, CGN, 42 - $3
(ADD 7309 N Huntley Ave Tampa, FL 33604)
A great zine that makes me feel like I've been sitting on my slacker ass as far a MRZ goes. This nice looking zine (full color-glossy cover) is filled with band interviews with The Thumbs, Thorr's Hammer, Dropkick Murphys, Rational Inquirer and many (I do mean many) more. There's also a few articles about punk, beer and toys respectively and reviews. This also comes with a ADD Comics mini-comic/zine.

ADD Comics #1

This comic comes packaged in the zine Attention Deficit Disorder, but stands as a wonderful comic/zine on it's own. The comics by Dave Disorder, Shawn Granton and Neil Schmidt not only had that nice zine/comic feel about them, but the art was top notch which is something that you rarely find in most zines. A yippie hoo from me to you.

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Alternative Press - #132 July 1999
Tabloid, FG, 114 - $3.95
(AP 6516 Detroit Ave Ste 5 Cleveland, OH 44102)
Alternative Press is a music magazine that has the production quality and look of such corporate magazines at Rolling Stone and Spin. However, it is a hundred times better that both those magazines combined because of what's inside. And what's inside is great articles, interviews and informational blurbs. The music covered is varied and they help to give exposure to lesser-known bands. They also do all this without that annoying "look how hip we are" attitude that other music magazines (CMJ for example) use to sucker in gullible hipsters.

This Issue features a wonderful take on the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 14 artist who helped to shape A.P.: Pennywise, Godsmack, and much, much more. Well worth the cover price. {Mite}
Alternative Press Website

Angry Thoreauan - #24 April 1999
Full, CGN, 90 - $3.95
(Angry Thoreauan P.O. Box 3478 Hollywood, CA 90078)
This is one of the biggest and best zines around in my opinion. It has well written articles on the LA police, the art of journalism, college, a travel log of LA, interviews with: Jen Angel of Fucktooth (ex-MRR) and Unamerican Activities. Plus zine, comix, band and video reviews. {Grog}
E-mail Angry Thoreauan Angry Thoreauan Website

Backstabber - #3
half, X, 32 - $1
(c/o Molly 507 S. Main St #1003 Englewood, OH 45322)
Molly is the person being this zine that screams PUNK ZINE. The contents include interviews with the bands Buried Alive, Twelve Tribes, Hatebreed, Next2Nothing and more, plus writings, reviews and more. My fave it the interview with Barney the Purple Dinosaur in which we get to read for the very first time how punk rock bullshit force Barney out of the Hardcore scene. {Mite}

Barracuda - #4
Full, CGO, 42 - $3.50
(Barracuda P.O. Box 291873 Los Angeles, CA 90027)
This is a zine that every swingin' bachelor should have. Includes an article on shaving, a girly centerfold and everything else for the swingin' bachelor of the 90's. This zine is really top rate and I would tell you about all of the other good stuff (interviews, reviews, articles) it has in it, but I seemed to have misplaced it at the moment. It's a good zine, believe me. {Mite}
E-mail Barracuda Barracuda Website

Batteries Not Included - Volume 6 #7
Full, O, 12 - $3
(BNI 130 W. Limestone St. Yellow Springs, OH 45387)
Here is another issue of this newsletter / zine of the porn world. The weird thing is that this is based in neighboring Yellow Springs. Anyway, this time they have more acticles and not all are about porn. One is about getting a the first tatoo, another is about cyber-porn, takes on anti-porn people, new pron stars and of course video reviews. Interesting, but not something I spend much time on. {Grog}
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Bog*Gob - #5 Spring 1998
Full, N, 32 - $10 / 4 Issues (Comes with CD)
(Boggob P.O. Box 4425 Chattanooga, TN 37405)
There is a pretty decent article in this zine asserting that Kurt Cobain was murdered, an interview with the band Gran Torino and a brief ditty on why there should be control. I really hated the story called Girl Crazy though. {Mite}
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Can I Probe That? - #1
Quarter, X, 8 - Stamp
(Can I Probe That? c/o Emily 2706 Dare St. Wilmington, NC 28412)
A tiny zine filled with brief observations complete with illustrations. I liked this zine. This is the first issue, so lets hope the next one will be a bit longer. {Mite}

Caustic Truths! - The Issue of Torture April 99 - #68
Full, N, 24 - $2
(Caustic Truths! P.O. Box 92548 152 Carlton St Toronto, Ontario M5A 2K0)
This is a really good quirky and diverse zine. This issue includes an article about Coke (coca-cola that is), and interviews with Zamora the Torture King and Queens of the Stone Age, plus reviews. {Grog}
E-mail Caustic Truths! Caustic Truths! Website

Death-Core - #3
Full, N, 32 - $2
(Death-Core c/o Alex Queller 11 Coltsbrook Rd Marlboro, NJ 07746)
Reviews with a bunch of bands whose names I can't read due to the of so clever logos. This zine oozes death metal. It's not my cup of tea, but if it's yours pick it up and enjoy. {Grog}
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Dysfunctional Family Reading - #2
Full, N, 32 - $2
(DFR P.O. Box 151 Mansfield, MA 02048)
This zine is filled with comics some of which are actually well drawn, but are lacking is any humor or commentary. There's also reviews, a few rants, and an advice column. All I can say is that I just don't get it. {Mite}
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EYE - Feb/March 99 #20
Full, CG, 64 - $3.95
(EYE 301 S. Elm St. Suite 405 Greensboro, NC 27401-2636)
This is now at the top five of my list. Excellent zine of "subcultural surveillance" with plenty of great articles and a great layout on glossy paper. Acticles about the Bindlestiff Circus, 8 track collecting, security guards, the cult of AA, Jennifer Furio author of a book of corrispondance with mass murders, Peter Sotos: The Modern de Sade, the quiet assult on free speech and much more. This is everything I wish MRZ could be...I feel so inadequite. {Grog}
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Fervor - #4
Half, X, 40 - $.55 Stamp
(Fervor P.O. Box 211015 Columbus, OH 43221-1015)
Tons of rants: suicide, the mall, people and why they suck & rule, toys and others. Interviews with No Motiv and Silver Scooter, plus loads of info regarding the mid Ohio punk scene {Grog}
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Gadfly - August 1999
(P.O. Box 7926 Charlottesville, VA 22906)
I picked up Gadfly at a local bookstore. The photo of William Burroughs on the cover caught made me pick it up, but the diversity of the articles got me to buy it. This particular issue has articles on Burroughs, The Flaming Lips, Georgia O'Keefe and a look at the movie Besieged. There's also a wonderful article on Lars-Erik Fisk, who is an artist who is taking pop art/sculpture to a different dimension. While most art/literature/theater magazines (which Gadfly basically is) have a snooty feel about them in their presentations and articles, Gadfly is more down to earth and has an almost underground feel to it. {Mite}
Gadfly Website

G*L*M - Vol 1 - Issue 3
Full, X, 4 - Postage ($.33)
(Euclid, OH)
Small newsletter put out by a duo in Euclid, OH. It includes a feature on Travis Thibodaux, an interview with Nature Rankin and listings of indie releases from Ohio. A good resource for Ohio bands. {Grog}
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Gore Word Comics - #2
Full, N, 16 - $2
(Gore Word 153 Roberts Jerseyville, IL 62052)
Crudely drawn crude comix and a few poems. Not much but at least it was fairly disturbing. {Grog}

Grimoire of Exalted Deeds - #16
Full, CGN, 64 - Free (3 issues / $12)
Grimoire P.O. Box 1987 Clifton, NJ 07015)
I like the cover with the barbie sacrifice. Then the rest is all death metal. It primarily consists of interviews and photos of attractive half naked death metal girls. It's very disjointed since the pictures are in with the interviews and have nothing to do with them at all. I did see that this has a circulation of 150,000 so they must know something. {Grog}

Hex - #11
Full, N, 64 - $1
(Hanging Like A Hex 201 Maple Ln. N. Syracuse, NY 13212)
This is mainly interviews. Including Burried Alive, Jessica of Hyper Public Relations, Meshuggah, Fireside and Cave-In. Plus loads of music news and zine & band reviews. {Grog}
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Hiddinkulturz Zine - #2 Part 5
1/6 (folded 8.5 x 11), X, 12 - stamp
(Hiddinkulturz Zine 174 Deeside Gardens Mannofield, Aberdeen, ABI5 7PX Scotland, UK)
An interview with Walser Gate and some reviews. That's it. {Grog}

Hopeless Records & Sub City - #3
Full, CGN, 44 - Free
(Hopeless Records P.O. Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495)
Articles and interviews with all the bands on "Hopeless", the labels catalog and "Sub City"... their new label where a portian of the proceeds go to the bands charity of choice. Great, well laid out, free and fun. Get a copy. {Grog}
Hopeless Web Site

Impact Press- #20
Full, N, 48 - $2
(Impact 10151 University Blvd Suite 151 Orlando, FL 32814)
I read every page this zine from start to finish. That in itself should tell you how good it is. This is a political zine. Subjects in this issue include the School of the Americas, The Chaining of America (the only piece that I thought was weak), Capital punishment, and much more. Some of the views presented I agree with, some I don't. A great political zine. {Mite}
E-mail Impact Impact Website

Insane Clown Posse- #1 June 99
Full, CG, 36 - $2.95
(Chaos! Comics 7655 E. Gelding Rd Suite B-1 Scottsdale, AZ 85260)
This is a comic book in a series featuring ICP. They are shown as defending those who need help in a very violent and deadly way. Including a wife abuser, a teenage bully, a slum lord and of course a label mogel who tries to smash ICP. Very teenage style drama (nothing against you teens) with an emphasis on blood and violence instead of content and storyline. {Grog}
Chaos! Comics Website

It's Our World - #5
Full, X, 28 - Free ($1 postage?)
(It's Our World P.O. Box 71088 Madison Heights, MI 48071)
Very ambitious monthly zine from just ourside Flint (I love that city). Tons of random writing on a variety of topics: school violence, abortion, war, homophobia and Dawson's Creek. Plus poetry and reviews as well as local activities and shows. A great cross-polination of thought. I can't say I agree with all the views expressed here, but they make good logical arguments and are well written. I really like this, I hope they can keep it going. {Grog}
E-mail It's Our World It's Our World Website

Jersey Beat- #63 & 64
Full, GCN, 116 - $3
(Jersey Beat 418 Gregory Ave Weehawken, NJ 07087)
I've just added Jersey Beat to my top 5 zine list. Just like most zines, JB is filled with rants, reviews and band interviews. The big difference is that the writing is well done and retains your interest. I willingly read both issues all the way through, which is something I rarely do with most zines, with the keyword here being willingly.

In JB #63 there's interviews with Girls Against Boys, Pansy Division, and others, rief rants by two of my favorite columnist from MRR, Mykel Board and Ben Weasel, tour and WE Fest diaries and oh so much more.

#64 offers up slew of bands interviews with Mcrackins, Against All Authority, Pamela Means, Ben Weasel, New Rising Sons, Electric Frankenstein and many, many more. There are also a couple of ditties on Ska and Swing and various rants. {Mite}
E-mail Jersey Beat Jersey Beat Website

Joe Muggs- #0
Half, X, 16 - Stamps?
This is poetry from a poetry night put together by Mel from Wilmington. Decent poetry that is used more as a device to get people to come to future shows. Nice idea. {Grog}
E-mail Joe Muggs

Killjoy- #11
Half, X, 32 - $1 (postage)
(Killjoy P.O. Box 13324 Hamilton, OH 45013)
This is a poetry zine with a couple of paragraph size stories thrown in here and there. I didn't enjoy it too much and that's all I'm gonna say because I'm in a nice mood today. {Mite}

Lies- #17
Full, GCO, 44 - $3 (postage)
(Lies 1112 San Pedro NE #154 Albuquerque, NM 87110)
This issue of Lies is from May 1998 and is filled with rants, stories and reviews. I really like the layout and illustrations of this zine. The review section is also very well done. This is a great little zine for people who enjoy reading and writing short stories. {Mite}
E-mail Lies

Maximumrocknroll - #194
Full, N, 150+ - $3
(MRR P.O. Box 460760 San Fransisco, CA 94146-0760)
Maximumrocknroll is "THE" punk zine. In MRR you get a letters section, columns section (my fave columnist is Mykel Board, who can also be found in Jersey Beat), punk band interviews section, music, book, movie, and zine reviews. There's also a section on Pioneers of Punk featuring Elvis Costello. {Mite}
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Misspelt Yoof / Subterrain- #1
Half, X, 40 - 70 Pence
(Carl 4 Cranmer Close Lewes East Sussex BN7 2JN UK)
M.Y. is a crude cut and paste zine featuring many short interviews like: Boast, Collapsed Lung, Scum of Toytown, Hoof Lung, Flying Medalions, Shootyz Groove and Tunnelvision. Subterrain is the other side of this split and is mainly commentary with a great feature called "Knob of the month" this time it highlights two members of the Offspring. {Grog}

Muddle - #15/16
Full, CN, 164 - $3
(Muddle Fanzine P.O. Box 621 Ithica, NY 14851)
This is a huge well put together zine that puts almost everything else to shame...yes, including us. Tons of interviews with: Error Type:11, Pedro the Lion, The Locust, Ink & Dagger, Cursive, Rainer Maria, Fireside, Compound Red, The Wicked Farleys, JeJune, Joan of Arc and Panthro UK United 13. PLus tons of reviews and assorted tidbits. Wow!!! {Grog}
E-mail Muddle Muddle Website

My Views Change Over Time - #3
Half Legal, X, 16 - $1
(Rob 237 1/2 SW 2nd Pl Gainesville, FL 32601)
So do mine...sorry I just had to add that in. Quick rants and stories mainly about inperspective analysis and questioning the world at large. Very well written pieces about alienation from family and the over commercialized world in general. {Grog}

No Power for the Little People - #3
Half Legal, X, 20 - Stamps
(Je-free 237 1/2 SW 2nd Pl Gainesville, FL 32601)
This zine is very 'rough' in it's presentation and message. It's filled with images of war, hunger and famine. The words combined with the images are meant to help the reader to reflect on how we (as Americans) live. I liked the whole idea of this zine, but it needs to be cleaned up a bit and the message made clearer. {Mite}

Outback - #22 & 23
Full, O, 40 - $1 (postage?)
(Outback P.O. Box 532057 Orlando, FL 32853)
Outback is a typical zine in which there are interviews (Crumb, Chamberlain, Discount and Groop Dogdrill), reviews (music, video and a Rancid show) and rants (consumerism and the evils of fashion). There is also a recipe for Vegetarian Chili. {Mite}
E-mail Outback Outback Website

Pop Smear - #19
Full, FG, 84 - $3
(Popsmear 50 W 23rd St 6th Fl New York, NY 10010)
I think that it would be fitting if they changed the name of the magazine to Pop Smut. The overall look of the zine is great. I just think that it's sad that their focus is on porno. This issue had a nice little story on Crispin Glover and the very surreal movie that he wrote/directed/acted in. There's also a photo-comic featuring the Pain-Proof Rubber Girls, a story from a towel boy at a xxx theater, Nikki Sixx, Kid Rock and lot's of big boobed women. If they would only get over the porno-thing this would be one kick-ass magazine. {Mite}
E-mail Popsmear Popsmear Website

Potpourri & Roses - Vol 1 Issue 6
Full, X, 32 - $2 (postage)
(P&R P.O. Box 25692 LA, CA 90025)
This lovely little zine is similar to MRZ in it's musical diversity. It this issue there are interviews with Beausoleil, Punch the Clown, The Martinis and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, plus music reviews. I highly recommend this zine for anyone who wants to explore musical eclectivness. {Mite}
E-mail Potpourri & Roses

Preparation X - #10
Full, X, 32 - $2 (postage)
(Preparation X P.O. Box 33561 Raleigh, NC 27636)
This zine is very cool.. This issue focuses on television and television memories. The treasures that you will find here include an interview with a weatherman, various folks television memories, a look at kiddie show hosts and the scandals that surrounded them, a look at movies that were 'edited' for television and so much more. Look for this idea to be ripped off in a future issue of MRZ. Send away now to get your very own copy of this issue of Preparation X. You will not be dissapointed. {Mite}
E-mail Preparation X

QECE - #9
Half, O, 60 - $2.50
(QECE 406 Main St #3C Collegeville, PA 19426)
This has a huge article about the glorious W.E. Fest plus commentary on a wide range of topics including animal rights, interpetations, andriods (well, people who act like andriods), fashion and mind expanding writing. {Grog}

Rats in the Hallway Full, GN, 84 - $2
RITH is back with another dose of punk rock fun. Various well written rants, comix, poetry and punk parenting. Plus the obligatory interviews with The Messyhairs, Oxymoron, One Car Pile Up, Winston smith and cartoonist/writer Ted Rall. {Grog}
E-mail RITH RITH Website

Raven Skies - #3 Spring
Full, X, 68 - $3
(c/o Tazim Damji 206 Pinestream Pl. Calgary, AB T1Y 3A5 Canada)
The focus of this zine is to present ideas/opinions/beliefs that will educate the reader and just make the reader think. This issue is on spirituality. I've always been interested in the different aspects of religions, which this zine has done on a basic level. Also in this read is a poll, reviews, insightful articles and summer reading lists. {Mite}

Salt for Slugs - Vol 2 #4
Full, CGO, 68 - $2.50
(Salt for Slugs P.O. Box 50338 Austin, TX 78763)
There is just so much packed into this 68-page zine. Keeping up with the Joneses is the theme for this issue. A wonderful interview with Talk Radio personality, Alex Jones is the best thing in this issue. I also enjoyed the strange websites page and the music reviews. I think they could have done without the "perverted angel" cartoon. {Mite}
E-mail SFS SFS Website

Shouting at the Postman - #28-31 (all in one)
Half, O, 32 - $2
(P.O. Box 246 Yardley, PA 19067-8246)
Shout! Shout! Shouting at the Postman! Yeah I remember that song from Motley Crue. That's when they were cool. What's that Grog? The Devil? Oh, that's right. Nevermind. I'll get on with the review.

This edition Especial (it's four issues in one) is filled with reviews of all kinds, my favorite being the one for the Black & Decker: Toast-R-Over Broilers. And if you order today you get Chinese comics, a wedding/honeymoon diary, Crackpots and Personal Demons absolutely free. {Mite}
SATP Website

Slug & Lettuce - #59
Tabloid, N, 16 - $.55 (stamp)
(Slug & Lettuce P.O. Box 26632 Richmond, VA 23261-6632)
S&L is a mainstay in the punk rock community and Christine consistantly does great job getting this out...even during her recent wedding (congratulations). S&L is ever expanding and has even more articles and columns than ever before. Along with tons of reviews and classifieds. This is a must have for anyone into punk rock. {Grog}

Street Machine 2000 - #4
Half, N, 32 - $1 (postage)
(SM2K 6302 Oliver St Mays Landing, NJ 08330)

Take Action Tour - 99
Full, N, 40 - Free
(Sub City / Hopeless Records P.O. Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495)
This is the zine which bands from Hopeless records take out on tour. It includes information on all the non-profit organizations which the "SubCity / Hopeless" bands support along interviews / profiles of the bands. Very worthwhile and free. {Grog}
Hopeless Web Site

Things I Wish I Could Say Outloud at Work
1/4 , X, 24 - $1 (postage)
This is a short little pocket-size comic with different scenes of a waitress in common situations telling customers what she has to with a caption of what she wishes she could say. The drawing is zine quality and it comes is a nifty cellophane wrapper. {Mite} E-mail Carol Han

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