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The Ĺ Creeper - #?
1/2, X, 20 - Stamps
(Paul Autry P.O. Box 227 Shamokin, PA 17872 )
This is mainly record reviews and an interview with Rachel Bolan the ex-bass player from Skid Row. {Grog}
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Annexx #11
(POB 18475 San Antonio, TX 78218)
This is the supped up white trash 'vette issue of Annexx. Filled with loads of goods concerning white trash and their first cousins, rednecks. There's also band interviews, a record label interview, a WE Festival interview, and music and zine interviews. {Mite}
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Augh!! Comics - #1
Full, X, 12 - ?
This comic (?) Was written by Garry Banks and drawn by Pebbelless Abudahagan. It consists of single numbered frames, with the frames placed out of order on the pages. There are about 40 frames on the pages with one being #418. I guess you have to get every issue, then search for the correct sequence to work out the story. Interesting concept, fucking annoying, but interesting.{Grog}

Babysue Review #27
(POB 8989, Atlanta, GA 31106)
Read the babysue comic, learn the secrets of being popular and then read the music reviews, it's all here in babysue review. {Mite}

Batteries Not Included - Vol 5 #3
Full, P, 12 - $3
(Richard Freeman 130 W. Limestone St. Yellow Springs, OH 45387)
A bunch of porno reviews, interviews with porno stars, etc. Not as exciting when you realize that most porn stars were raped, molested or similary abused at a young age...{Grog}

Black Hoody Nation - #?
1/2, X, 28 - Stamps
(Doug 1938 Westwood Northern Blvd Cincinatti, OH 45225)
A decent poetry chapbook.{Grog}

Core Kill Zine #5
(3240 N. Marshall Rd., Apt. 1, Kettering, OH 45429)
I've got to say that I'm liking Core Kill Zine more and more with every issue. Interview with Dayton artist, Germ, A tribute to oxymoron, Ben Schelker, reviews and of course comics are just a few of the treasures to be found here. {Mite}

The Day the World Ended - #1 & 2
Full, X, #1-8, #2-12 - SASE
(c/o Dave 2987 Cathy Ln. Kettering, OH 45429)
#1 contains two comics, one a five pagr that resembles a crudely drawn Heavy Metal feature. The other is a story with littel drawings to accompany it.{Grog}
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#2 Has four pages of crude Heavy Metalish comics, ads, zine info and a few cut and paste cartoons. Sparce, but free and fun. I like it.{Grog}

Discombobulated Over Topenga - #5
Full, X, 14 - $1
(Josh Engineer 49 Wilcox St. Rochester, NY 14607-3832)
Pillage People interview, letters, music, show and zine reviews plus ads. Thatís about it.{Grog}

Dream Whip #8
(POB 53832 Lubbock, TX 79453)
I really liked this little 1/4 zine. The layout is simple and very well done. It is filled with interesting and insightful short stories, some which are punctuated with textual sound bites. Good read. {Mite}

Dumpster Dive #14
(POB 426 Norwalk, CT 06856)
Interviews with Southern Culture on the Skids, Nashville Pussy, Sugar Ray, Helpcat and more. You can also find music and zine reviews in this issue of DD. {Mite}

Etch - Vol 4 #3
Full, O, 48 - Stamps
(P.O. Box 10132 Lansing, MI 48901-0132)
Interviews with Murder City Wrecks, Janwarden, Coal Chamber, Boiler & Incubus tons of music and live reviews, plus shitloads of ads. There are also a couple of articles and rants thrown in the mix. A great music zine, one of my favorites. {Grog}
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Fervor (Schmervor) - #3
Full, X, 16 - Stamps
(P.O. Box 211015 Columbus, OH 43221-1015)
A punk quiz, funny stories, an article about how she "used" to be a christian, zine, music and show reviews, local show listings and interviews with Dear Ephesus and Mad Caddies. Really good Ohio zine.{Grog}
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The Fifth Goal #1
(POB 970085, Orem, UT 84097)
Train graffiti, against eating meat and war and inner peace make for an interesting mix in this purple zine. {Mite}

Fighty Spice #1
(Fighty Spice c/o Lett Me Be Productions 81 Patterson Village Dr., #5 Dayton, OH 45419)
A Ĺ size zine that is entirely devoted to women's boxing both real and fictional. Filled with cut-n-paste images, list of what famous women would be cool to see in the ring and a short piece on women's boxing beginnings. Good idea for a zine, but not much substance. A good rant, in depth history, interviews and resource list will make this one top notch zine. So if you are into women's boxing they are looking for submissions. I'm looking forward to see how this zine progresses. {Mite}

Global Mail #15
(Grove City Factory Stores POB 1309, Grove City, PA 16127)
A very nice catalog zine with address and web site listings for things such as Mail Art, Rubber Stamps, C-ops and more. {Mite}
Global Mail Web Site

Got A Lot To Say - #5 (Fall 98)
1/2, X, 24 - Stamps
(715 Howard St. Northboro, MA 01532)
This is a fun cut and paste zine. It contains an interview with a "turdcore" band, quite a few homorous rants, an ara article, some reviews and other fun stuff.{Grog}

Heart attaCk - #20
Full, O, 80 - 50c
(P.O. Box 848 Goleta, CA 93116)
HC is one of the largest and best zines around. It contains rants, ads, letters, a huge batch of columns about barcodes, plus zine and record reviews. This is a must have.{Grog}
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Ichthyoelectroanalgesia - #2
1/2, O, 32 - $2 ppd or trade
(P.O. Box 1933 Columbia, MO 65205-1933)
A story about this guys graduate work in archeology and somethings he has run into. Plus some zine and book reviews. Very interesting and very different from what you normally see in a zine.{Grog}

I Hate You MF - #1
1/2, X, 24 - Stamps
(P.O. Box 9541 Springfield, IL 62791-9541)
Chuck hates almost everybody and lets it be known in this zine. Itís racist and sexist but, at times it is also humorous. It pissed me off at times, but this seems to be his intent. Articles, interviews, rants, reviews and other crap.{Grog}

Immortal Longings - #?
1/2, X, 20 - Stamps
(Bhakota Blake 47 S. Eastwood Dr. Orem, UT 84097)
Writing from a Krshna guy who dwells mainly on the topic of illicit sex and how it leeds to death. This is one of the four basic impediments to spiritual life according to the Krshna people. I have several disagreements with their theory, but hey thatís my business I guess.{Grog}

The Kettle Black #1
(POB 955 Murfreesboro, TN 37133)
A short Ĺ size zine with a couple of interviews, a comic and zine reviews. The focus is on ambient, electronic, experimental, psychedelic, and darkwave music. {Mite}
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Life in a Bungalow - #7
1/2, X, 32 - Stamps
(P.O. Box 413 WOB W. Orange, NJ 07052)
This is a great zine. It has interviews with Brian Baker (Bad Religion) and Gwar, a story of how he screwed over a crusty punk in journalism class, a great column by Annie about guys who have fucked her over and how itís not gonna happen again, the five worst commercials, pigeons, the Warped tour, a rant about metal and music reviews.{Grog}
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L.L. Cool George #1
(Lett Me Be Productions, 81 Patterson Village Dr. #5, Dayton, OH 45419)
A zine where the author takes on the role of a stuffed animal who interviews and talks about other stuffed animals. Good idea, however this short cut 'n paste Kinko zine is dull and not worth the SASE. {Mite}

Local Comics #16
2 stamps
(Michael Goetz 2124 Arizona Ave., Rockford, IL 61108)
A 1/4 comic zine filled with mostly pun comics that make you titter. {Mite}

Married Punks #13
(POB 713 Eureka, CA 95502)
This zine is for mature readers. I think it's because most of the articles and reviews deal with porn. Other erotic things you will find in this zine are various rants, reviews and more nudie pictures than you can shake a Grog at. {Mite}
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M.K. Ultra - Fall/Winter 98
Full, O, 56 - Stamps
(3023 N. Clark St #365 Chicago, IL 60653; )
Lets see they recently moved from Indianapolis to Chicago, which me thinks is a good thing. Letters, tombstone photos from readers (some erotic), Interviews with Rayna of Coal Chamber, Tim Reid of Jesus and The Mary Chain, Scary Lady Sarah, Sinderella Pussie of Thrill Kill Kult, Rob Zombie, Rasputina and 12 Rounds. Plus a history of Mtley Crue and music, concert and book reviews.{Grog}
MK Ultra Web Site

Motorcycho #10
(POB 1564, Point Roberts, Wash., 98281)
A 1/4 size fill to the brim with articles and rants on motorcycho' motorcycles. Learn how to manufacture your own helmet, discuss dirty bike v/s clean bike and read the music reviews by picking up your issue of Motorcycho today. {Mite}

The New Barbarian Chronicles
(POB 15429 Rochester, NY 14615)
A short zine with an interviews with comic artist, Nagasawa San and the band The Vulvarines, a list of things that deserve barbarian status (are cool), stupid poetry, write in your problems, Why Men are Evil and more. {Mite}
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New Red Archives 1998/1999
POB 210501, San Francisco, CA 94121
Information on New Red Archives bands like Reagan Youth, Dehumanized, Anti-Flag, UK Subs, etc... and how to get their material. {Mite}

Outcast Records Catalog - Winter 98
1/2, X, 4 - Free
(2608 2nd Ave Ste 184 Seattle, WA 98121-1276)
Outcasts releases, plus other records, tapes, books and zines they distro. Check it out.{Grog}

Peopleís Ska Annual - 1998
Full, G, 72 - $2
(TPSA c/o Noah Wildman P.O. Box 1418 NYC, NY 10276
Interviews and articles about Skatalies, Madness, Prince Buster and Judge Dread plus tons of ska related stuff. The ultimate source for ska, there are none better.{Grog}
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Plastic Tree Branch
(Kat Pukas, Olson Hall, Rm 202, 800 N. Plum St., Vermillion, South Dakota 57069)
Books with numbers in the title, colors, W.E. Fest memories and an interview with The Piz can all be found in this issue of Plastic Tree Branch. {Mite}
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A Punk Kid Walks into a Bar . . . #12
POB 254 Rye, NY 10580
A stickler for grammar and the correct use of language, APKIAB would probably have a field day with MRZ. This is one of the best zines out there. Observations, irate reader mail, articles and a few men in drag are all in this issue. What more could one ask for? {Mite}

RetroGression #14
(POB 815 Norton, MA 02766)
The zine that every political minded person should read. The main story in this issue concerns the abortion issue and what happened at an Operation Rescue gathering in Dayton this past summer. Everything in this zine screams for you to wake up and do something, anything. Filled with book reviews, zine reviews, interviews, articles and letters from readers that help you to think and wake up. {Mite}
Retrogression Web Site

Running Over Shit - #10 & 11
Full, X, 2 - Stamp
(1579 Indianola Columbus, OH 43201)
Gossip, rants and reviews by an Ohio straight edger. Fast, sweet and cheap.{Grog}

Screams From Inside - #7 Girl Issue
Full, G, 48 - $2
(SFI 4434 Ludlow St. Philadelphia, PA 19104)
Interviews with Chris Boarts, Jen Angel, Fly, Vique Simba, Stacey Wakefield, Amanda Huron and Adrienne Spitboy. Great rants, tons of great heartfelt articles and zine reviews. Another must have zine.{Grog}
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Silent All These Years vol.2 # 1
(SALTY c/o Lett Me Be Productions 81 Patterson Village Dr., #5 Dayton, OH 45419)
This is the second SALTY release and it has grown by leaps and bounds. This issue contains a list of what and who the editor likes, a push for a band that hasn't even had a gig yet (High Society), a reader survey, a reading list, various rants and more. This actually reminds me of the earliest issues of MRZ. Can't wait for the next one. {Mite}

Sleepy Foot - #8
Full, X, 6 - Stamps
(c/o Mike Thain 621 Bassett Rd Bay Village, OH 44140)
A very personal zine with a long review of a conspiricy book, letters, and information about the last couple of years of Mikeís life.{Grog}

Stratosphere - #3
Full, X, 40 - $3
(Jen Dan 2045 Woodbridge Ave. Edison, NJ 08817)
This is the interview issue featuring: Lush, Bikini Kill, Biscranes, Catherine Wheel, Skinner Teen, Alisonís Halo, Deardarkhead, Sloan, Syrup USA, Behl, Secret Shine, Biosphere, Loveliescrushing, Cub, Fret Blanket, Faith & Disease and Kate St. John.{Grog}
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Street Machine 2000 - #2
1/2, N, 32 - Stamps
(6302 Oliver Ave. Mays Landing, NJ 08330)
Interviews with David Piccirillo and Angel Dust, Spies, Sister 7, reviews, quite a bit about the local scene, some rants, tatoos and a wide variety of other things.{Grog}

Suburban Subway - #?
1/2, N, 32 - Stamps
(80 Boylston St. Room T1104 Box 397 Boston, MA 02116)
Lots of great personal writing about going away to college, friends and having fun. Quite a few columns on a variety of topics. A really great personal zine that is now one of my favorites.{Grog}

Suburban Voice - #42
Full, G, 136 - $4
(P.O. Box 2746 Lynn, MA 01903-2746)
SV has articles, interviews with: Subhumans, The Boils, Final Conflict, Special Duties, Dropkick Murphys, Ducky Boys, Fly for Abuse, Pinkerton Thugs, The Trouble, The Unseen and 30 Seconds Over Tokyo. Plus reviews, ads, rants, etc and it comes with a free 7". Another one of my favorites.{Grog}
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Sugardaddy vol.1 #3
POB 328 Zieglersville, PA 19492
While this Ĺ size zine is nicely laid out and a fun read, it does seem like it is for guys whose hormones are in full swing. This read seems to be the official zine for the band Wolfpac, and is filled with articles such as "Why Fat Chicks Give the Best Head" and "Cunnilingus 101", porno reviews, and color in the serial killer contest. {Mite}
E-mail Sugardaddy Sugardaddy Web Site

Throwrug #21
POB 29378 Bellingham, WA 98228
Visit Toby, the Grunge Boy, and other comic heroes. Read about the fellow who travels the country with a movie projector strapped to his bike so he can show movies to folks in rural America. Learn about the deadly game of Denim Roulette. It's all here in Throwrug. {Mite}
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Venus in Pisces - #?
1/2, O, 48 - $5
(Re-presst Pub Co. P.O. Box 41234 Providence, RI 02940)
There are some very emotional poems in this chapbook. A.D. Winans really can cut into life and feelings.{Grog}

Vex & Silence, or, All My Tender Endeavors - #?
1/2, P, 52 - ?
(Oyster Pub. P.O. Box 4333 Austin, TX 78765)
This publication by Jennifer Jane Tobkin contaisn some of the best insightful, personal short stories I have ever read. Not a word seems to be wasted, they evoke a mood or feeling which unravels each small tale. Then all to soon it is over, but it feels like you have experienced it yourself. Great. The best this issue!!!{Grog}

WoW Cool
(48 Shattuck Sq. #149 Berkeley, CA 94704)
A Ĺ size catalog zine with cool listings for comics, zines and music stuff. {Mite}

)ISM( - #2
1/2, P, 12 - ?
(1514 16th Ave #2 Seattle, WA 98122-4196 / )
Dedicated to contemporary writers and the indie press who publish them. This issue contains a lenghy interview with A.D. Winans, plus books reviews, poetry and a listing of poetry publishers.{Grog}
A must for all poetry writers. )ISM( Web Site

MRZ #10

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