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"Music Reviews Issue #14 U-Z & SOUNDTRACKS"

Under the Sun - "Under the Sun" - CD
(Magna Carta Records PMB 1810, 208 E. 51st St. New York, NY 10022-6500)
"Under the Sun" is the War and Peace of progressive rocks for the sheer length of this epic piece that charts a journey into self-actualization. Yes, this is another progressive rock release that balances upon the rocks where groups like Yes and King Crimson rest and it breaks into new age grounds as well. Chris Shryack’s vocals sounds like Ozzy Osbourne. Give this a listen if you enjoy Marillion or Asia. {Gail}
Magna Carta Web Site

United - "Distorted Vision" - CD
(Howling Bull America P.O. Box 40129 San Francisco, CA 94140)
Another Japanese metal / thrash CD release. You just gotta love the Japanese accent when they sing death or thrash metal. A very heavy and aggressive release for a Japanese band. I hope the kids in Japan are into this band and support them. 7/10 . {theSADman}
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Sonny Vincent - "Parallax in Wonderland" - CD
(Devil Doll Records P.O. Box 30727 Long Beach, CA 90853)
Man, this shit is rockin' !!! Sounds like they are intentionally going for the old '70s New York punk rock sound and it works like a charm! I've heard a whole lot of this type of music being released lately, and I might burn out on it soon, but if it's done extremely well like Sonny Vincent does, I can handle it. Oddly, although they've got a similar sound to early Iggy and the Stooges / Dead Boys / etc., there's a few cuts on this disc that vocally remind me of Urge Overkill. Weird... Anyway, if you love fast guitar heavy rock-n-roll, then go get this album! {Tom CoreKill}
Thirsty Ear Web Site

Violent Femmes - "Freak Magnet" - CD
(Beyond Records / BMG)
The Femmes are back!!! OK, I don’t think that they ever really went away, but this release ranks up there with any other album that they released during their long career…except for the tracks not written by Gordon. I love the Femmes so I really don’t know what else to say besides: Viva La Femmes!!! {Grog}
Beyond Web Site

Violent Femmes - "Viva Wisconsin" - CD
(Beyond Records / BMG)
Now this is what I call a live album. The Femmes recorded this during their 1998 six day acoustic trek through their native Wisconsin. All the songs were done in a bare bones fashion, two guitars, two drums and three vocals. What comes out are 20 great songs with a very raw feel to them. I knew most of the songs, but there were a few surprises on here as well. It’s great to hear them still going and staying true. {Grog}
Beyond Web Site

The Warren Commission - "Rendezous With You" - CD
(Espo Records P.O. Box 63 Allston, MA 02134)
The first thing I noticed about this CD was the packaging. It didn't have a jewel case instead it was a spiral notebook that was CD booklet size. This is definitley the most unique case I have seen yet. Musicwise you get duel male / female vocals fronting songs that range from soft acuostic to distorted frenzied guitars with accompanying bass and drums of course. Sarah's vocals remind me of Julianna Hatfield and Tanya Donnely. I don't like Johnathan's vocals as much though and are glad when they serve in more of a background or harmonizing capacity. My favorite track on this five song quickie is The Role of Fate in Everyday; An Anothology of Things to Come with Sarah's sweet voice at times dropping to a Kim Gordon type speak and growl. the final song, The Consequence of Boys and Girls begins with some words and slight strumming on instruments which grows to an unsetteling sound of ultra thick distortion, then crashes into piano backing Sarah on a hauntingly beautiful song. {Grog}
Espo Web Site

Mite's Favorite of the Issue
The Weakerthans - "Fallow" - CD
(Sub City Records P.O. Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495)
This is one of my favorite releases that I got to review for this issue of Mutant Renegade. The Lyrics are top notch, the vocals have a They Might Be Giants quality about them and the music is smooth pop alternative. The opening tune Illustrated Bible Stories for Children reminded me on TMBG's Why Does the Sun Shine? I absolutely love the tune Diagnosis. Poor Gail had to deal with me constantly playing and singing to the songs on our recent Columbus trip. These guys would be smart to travel all the way from Canada to play at Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio. (hint, hint). Yeah, I think they really should. {Mite}
Sub City Web Site

Wild Colonials - "Reel Life Vol #1" - CD
(Chromatic Records 8391 Beverly Blvd Suite 226 Los Angeles, CA 90048)
I’ve only heard a couple songs by this almost country, rock band. This release is a collection of songs which have appeared on film soundtracks, of which the Wild Colonials have been involved in twenty-four in just six years. It kicks off with a mellow version of It’s Not Unusual done in a country tinged way with accordion accompaniment. Their styles range from country to swing to roots rock to mellow ballads.

Regardless of the song or style one thing always stands out and that is Angela McClusky’s voice, which is like a mix of Sineed O’Conner and Delores O’Reardon, but with a country lilt. The rest of the band is not to be ignored though. They play with skill and feeling that accentuates any song that they create. Helping out with individual tracks are Shudder to Think, Cyndi Lauper, the Dr. John Band among others. {Grog}
Chromatic Web Site

The Wolverton Brothers - "The Wolverton Brothers" - CD
(Deary Me Records P.O. Box 19315 Cincinnati, OH 45219)
OK. A bit of history here. Cincinnati has had a REALLY long history of quality blues musicians. So many blues musicians have come out of and through Cincinnati that not long ago, one of the newspapers down there had one of its writers tackle the subject in a full-length book. Good book. Even better musicians. So The Wolverton Brothers have a lot to live up to. (Nothing like a little pressure there, huh?) Well, these guys manage to create something different, at least. They have psychedelic-slide guitars, lead bass and a near-skat vocal style. The Wolverton Brothers are definitely blazing their own trail, with pretty good results overall. {Fibi}
Deary Me Web Site

Grog's Favorite of the Issue
the World Inferno Friendship Society - "East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today!" - CD
(Gern Blandsten Records P.O. Box 356 River Edge, NJ 07661)
This is my latest favorite release. This band is made up of original members from: Dexie's Midnight Runners, Blues Traveler, (?????) So now, you’re wondering what they sound like…right? (If not just play along and humor me). The closest thing I can compare them to would be Tarot Balero. Overall it defies a quick description since it brings together many genre’s into one package. This is some of the most original music I’ve heard in years. Much of it is a throwback to the ‘20s and ‘30s, but it has a heavy dose of the ‘80s and ‘90s added in for fun. Within the eight tracks I can hear just about every instrument I know of, plus most musical styles. I also love the lyrics in every song on this release. A sample "Our youth like wax drips down, in puddles around our legs it hardens and catches us to the quick. You're putting a lot of importance in something you're really just playing a part in. You should take what action you can get. What you're carving in stone on your flesh, you'd do better living more and commemorating less. There's much I don't want to remember, there's not a thing I'd wish last forever. Your tattoos are gonna fade."

Even though I love ever song on here my overall favorite when all areas are counted is the last track Ich Errinere Mich An Weimar which is a very fast paced swing song with lyrics regarding the damn boneheads and fighting them. But it ties together the orginal feelings of the holocaust with the idiocy of the little boys who think hitler was something more than a total slime bag. {Grog}
Gern Blandsten Web Site

Wunderkind - "Hello my Name is Beautiful" - CD
(Wunderkind P.O. Box 48214 Athens, GA 30604)
"Hello My Name if Beautiful" is a strong release from the Athens, Georgia quartet, Wunderkind. The CD was recorded over a period of five days in May of 1999 and it features all of the hopeless desperation and isolation of any great indy rock record from the early 80’s. The opening track of the five song CD is a wild toss between the social disdain and the soulfully sad side of Whiskeytown and a grown up version of Squirrel Bait. The rest of the CD left me wanting to hear more from the Wunderkind. {Gail}
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Yellow Machinegun - "Spot Remover" - CD
(Howling Bull America P.O. Box 40129 San Francisco, CA 94140)
An all female punk/metal band from Japan. A very funny release if you read the song lyrics. The band sings in English, but if you read the lyrics, most of the some really make no sense at all. “Fortune cookie very agreeable to me. My parents are away from this morning so I’m jumping on my bed. I’m kicking my big ball. I’m running around in my room. Wanna go washroom the alien is coming.” Ok, you go girls. Give these chicks a chance and maybe we wil get more chick metal bands from Japan. Why am I getting fat? Because chocolate is very sweet… 8/10 {theSADman}
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Your Adversary - "3" - CD
(Create A Villain of Your Own P.O. Box 1515 Leesburg, VA 20177)
Good God! Fast and repetitive music with screaming vocals is just getting so fucking boring. How did I end up reviewing this release anyway? Oh that's right, nobody else wanted to review it either and I happened to be the unlucky one who ended up picking it out of the reject pile. {Mite}
Beyond Web Site

Zeke - "Dirty Sanchez" - CD
(Epitaph Records2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)
Punk rock, arrgh. If you like punk nonsense then I suppose you would like this. All punk music sounds the same. Songs about cars, drugs, booze, and alienation. Sixteen songs for a total of 21 minutes. Awww, is the CD over already. I want more songs about anarchy. Zeke are here to kick your ass. Rating, ask someone else…. [Personaly, I've heard from many that they're great so I say 9/10 - Grog] {theSADman}
Epitaph Web Site

The Ziggens - "Live: Tickets Still Available" - CD
(Cornerstone RAS / Skunk Records 16572 Burke Ln. Huntington Beach, CA 92647-4538)
The Ziggens "Tickets Sill Available" starts out with the band chanting “Kill the Ziggens.” The Ziggens take pride in playing wrong notes and singing out of tune just like true surf punk heroes. They truly shine on instrumentals since the vocals are average at their best. The band breathes new surf life into the Judas Priest classic, Breakin’ the Law. The Ziggens are the Dead Milkmen of surf punk. {Gail}
Skunk Web Site

Rob Zombie - "American Made Music to Strip by" - CD
I never really listened to any of Rob Zombie's music before. In fact, I never paid him much attention until I saw him on VH1's program The List. He seemed like the only intelligent person on the show, and I gained much respect for him as a person. So when we got this release in, I just had to review it. This is one kick ass release. If Ministry and Trent Reznor ever got together, this is what it would sound like. In fact, this is the direction that Ministry was starting to head, but they tripped somewhere on the way. Rob Zombie is struttin' high with the ten re-mixes that make up this stompin' CD. The cover art done by Mr. Zombie shows me that he is quite the graphic artist as well. I give this one the MRZ ChickenFish seal of approval. {Mite}

13 Ghosts / Alien Blood Tranfusion - "S/T" - 7"
(Acme Records P.O. Box 441 Dracut, MA 01826)

Against All Authority / The Criminals - "Exchange" - CD
(Sub City Records P.O. Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495)
Anger is the key word here. Angry edging on growling vocals fronting these primarily fast punk songs. On a couple of tracks there is a trumpet and the music mutates into a Citizen Fish style skapunk sound. The Criminals are punk rock! Snotty vocals singing politically charged lyrics over rough melodic punk rock riffs. {Grog}
Sub City Web Site

Anger / Flatus - "Drunk in Jersey" - 7"
(Black Pumpkin Records P.O. Box 4377 River Edge, NJ 07661-4377)
Six fast and furiously drunken songs about drinking by two punk drunk bands. The songs were performed and recorded live at WFMU radio, which give them that extra special punk feel. With songs like Fat, Drunk & Stupid by Anger and I’m Drunk by Flatus, you get what you expect. {Mite}
Flatus Web Site Black Pumpkin Web Site

The Beautys / Nobodys - "Hugh" - CD
(Sub City Records P.O. Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409)
Dis’ CD is punk rock as hell. Da first band, Nobodys, almost reminded the ‘Teve of fast furious Dead Milkmen. ‘Teve would sure luv ta see dis band live so the ‘Teve could slam dance like a mad man and grope a lot of punk chick tittie. Da band, The Beautys first song on dis CD is called Baby, Put It in the Hole. ‘Teve like the idea of dis song ‘cause the ‘Teve loves ta put it in da hole. Dis band has a punk cow sound dat’s fun. Dey do have a tune called, Steve-O, dat I believe is ‘bout me, but I’m sure dey wanted to call ‘Teve-O, but dey were afraid dat dey would have to pay me royalties. {'Teve}
Subcity Web Site

Clairmel / Cease - "Kings of Tampa / Subdued" - 7"
(ADD Records 7309 N. Huntley Ave. Tampa, FL 33604)
Another split 7” for me to review. Music that balanced on the edge of hardcore and death metal is what greeted me on the Cease side of this spilt 7". As I listened more closely, I heard very low in the mix, vocals. Clairmel is more your typical fast punk band. {Mite}
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Darlington / Huntingtons - "Split" - CD
(Melted Records 21-41 34th Ave Suite 10A Astoria, NY 11106)
There's a hot bowling alley babe with pigtails on the cover, obviously in reference to the title of the CD. I've heard and read in other previous reviews of The Huntingtons that they're just a Ramones rip-off, but hadn't heard their music until now. I think that's a good observation, but it's unfair to try to oversimplify their sound. Yes, they sound like The Ramones with bouncy catchy pop punk tunes and they all wear matching leather biker jackets and all have the same "last name", but they aren't totally like their idols. The Huntingtons combine that great old school sound with more recent pop punk band's sounds, so I guess it would be fair to say that The Huntingtons are a good modern take on The Ramones with a little bit of their own thing thrown in. I'd like to hear more from them in the future. Darlington is another tight pop punk band who pay homage to the originators. With songs about "Pogo Beach parties" and college dorm make-outs, they're a whole lotta fun! {Tom CoreKill}
E-Mail Melted Melted Web Site

Fishsticks / Hostile Takeover - "Split" - 7"
(Aloha Records P.O. Box 1070 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254)
The Fishsticks’ side was fast, furious, full of noise and badly mixed. Enough said. Hostile Takeover is cheesy synth music with equally bad productions quality. I pinch my nose with my fingers for this release. {Mite}

Mary Lou Lord / Sean Na Na - "Split" - CD
(Kill Rock Stars PMB 418 120 NE State OLympia, WA 98501)
This is a six-song split EP that gives you a taste of two interesting artists. Mary Lou Lord is first up and starts off with a rockabilly number that is done in the traditional style, except I can’t recall any other female rockabilly singers. The next two tunes are folk / country songs that are really catchy. Next up is Sean Na Na playing great lo-fi rock that in some respects bring to mind a cross between Dan Bern and Shrug. Their first song Princess and the Pony is a great song full of vocal imagery that twists together with humor. The other two songs follow close along these lines, with great lyrics pout to catchy music. I really like both and want to hear more…and I think you do too. {Grog}
Kill Rock Stars Web Site

No Side / Out Cold - "3 Trax Hated True Sounds" - 7"
(Acme Records P.O. Box 441 Dracut, MA 01826)
Fueled by furious guitars and flying drumsticks, both these bands play and sing fast. Listening to this 7” I couldn’t tell if I was coming or going. After you listen to this release your head will be spinning for hours. {Mite}

Stormtroopers of Death / Yellow Machinegun - "Seasoning the Obese" - 7"
(Howling Bull America P.O. Box 40129 San Francisco, CA 94140)
Pretty Yellow vinyl on the 7”. Yes S.O.D. are back with the original line-up. Classic S.O.D. as good as ever. Check them out on tour. Yellow Machine Gun opened up for S.O.D. in the Japanese tour and they are rewared with the B side of this 7 inch Split. Here we here we get a small taste of both bands. {theSADman}
E-Mail Howling Bull Howling Bull Web Site

V/A - "A Bachelor Pad Christmas" - CD
(Chronicles / Universal Records)
So, it’s the holiday season, you’re lounging around your bachelor pad and wondering what else to pop into your CD changer other than the required Esquivel and Sinatra discs. Well, just keep as chilled as that martini in your hand and order this compilation with tunes from Ella Fitzgerald and Connie Francis to Mel Torme and Edmundo Ros plus everything in between. Then, have a swingin’ night in front of the fire with that special lady while sipping your favorite beverage. {Grog}

V/A - "Beluga...On the Rocks 3" - 2CD
(Beluga Records P.O. Box 146751 Chicago, IL 60614)
Quite a variety of music on this crazy-long 36 song two disc set. Redneck Exorcist blew me away with their Devil Is A Rocker! The song Super-Happy by the Baldwin Bros. was all beats and keyboards and sounded like music from Sonic The Hedgehog. The Soozers did a humorous song using internet life as a metaphor for relationships called I Want To Delete You. Plague of Yeti's Doomsday '00 rocked! There was a profanity filled, fucked up spoken word spoof of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show by Lomai. Geezus! I can't go through and list everything I liked about this package, so I'll just suffice to say that this is well worth listening to. {Tom CoreKill}
Beluga Web Site

V/A - "Boycott Radical Records" - CD
(Radical Records 77 Bleecker St New York, NY 10012)
This compilation CD makes me feel tired, hyped-up, sweaty, and mad as hell...just like the circle pits at punk rock shows do. "Boycott Radical Records" is one fan-fucking-tastic sampler of '77 style punk rock and ska, if I do say so myself. The twenty-five tracks include a few cuts from some of my personal favorites, including Blanks 77 and Inspector 7. The Cuffs deserve props for their cuts too, including the hot-ass Never Forget. Quick, run out and buy this comp, or blow a hell of a lot and buy all the full-lengths featured on this. You'd be happy both ways, but you'll probably be able to make that car payment if you just buy "Boycott Radical Records". The choice is yours. {Lizi}
E-Mail Radical Radical Web Site

V/A - "Cincinnati Music Volume 4" - CD
(Deary Me Records P.O. Box 19315 Cincinnati, OH 45219)
A compilation of a slew of great Cincinnati bands and a few stinkies. I’m going to focus on the great ones for this review. Throneberry kicks off this CD with a terrific tune called Too Much. That is followed by one of my favorite Cinci bands, Ass Ponys and their song Big as a Hat. A few of the other bands that you can find on this disc include The Haywards, Chalk, Lets Crash and Charming Turtlenecks. 1-900-Fairmount by Fairmount Girls is also on this disc, which I loved so much that I called Grog up and had him tell Lizi to let me have the disc. I can now see why there is such a big buzz about the band. Great release. {Mite}
Deary Me Web Site

V/A - "Dance Party 2000" - CD
(UTV / Universal Records)
I love this CD. This release contains a mixture of various dance tunes that are re-mixed and flow into one another. Such fun is to be had as you boogie to Funkytown, Shake Your Groove Thing, Pump Up the Jam, Groove is in the Heart, What's Up, Celebration and much more. Put on this CD at your next social gathering, stand back and watch the party begin. {Mite}

V/A - "East Timor Benefit Album" - CD
(Idols of the Marketplace P.O. Box 50138 Ft. Wayne, IN 46805)
"East Timor Benefit Album" is easily one of the best compilations I’ve heard in years. The compilation features an eclectic mix of ballads, Sunday afternoon drive tunes. rap, rockabilly and rock. Ramona and Beezus cover Anything Anything originally released by Dramarama. Ramona and Beezus have hauntingly desperate vocals that are reminiscent to the Gun Club. Jailbait covers the George Michael classic, I Want Your Sex a cappella style. Other artists featured on the compilation include Hillbilly Hellcats, Blue Moon Boys, Smoking Popes and Over the Rhine. {Gail}
Idols of the Marketplace Web Site

V/A - "Fall Asleep to This" - CD
(Smart Ass Records P.O. Box 71 Cottage Grove, MN 55016)
Yet another Punk compilation to wade through...but, hey, this one's pretty interesting. I don't think I've heard of any of the bands on it either. Many of the tracks are really loose, extremely short garage style Punk Rock, but I don't want to give the impression that they're shitty. I got a kick out of Section 8's Let's Skate. I enjoyed Mart!ans' Take Her Back. I Hate Gym by Sound Spasm was absolutely silly (in a good way). Pocket Protector did Our First Song which was totally whacked! I think my favorite cut was Floz's Girls Are Dumb. The vocalist for Ferd Mert sounded frighteningly like Ben Schelker, (the deceased singer of Dayton, OH band !The Oxymorons) and their song Barbeque clocked in at a wee 38 seconds. This CD is only $6 postage paid, so it might be worth your while to check out. {Tom CoreKill}
E-Mail Smart Ass Smart Ass Web Site

V/A - "Give 'Em the Boot II" - CD
(Hellcat Records 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 / Epitaph)
Along with sunblock, Simon leBon from Duran Duran (back around the 'Planet Earth' and 'Rio' days), and a copy of Trainspotting (the book, not the movie), I would take Hellcat Records' latest compilation, "Give 'Em The Boot II", to a desert island. It's really that good. It gives perfect examples of the two main staples that label founder and Bay Area punker Tim Armstrong listens to: punk rock and ska. You couldn't ask for a better combination. Featuring cuts from the likes of the Dropkick Murphys, Tiger Army, The Pietasters, Rancid (Armstrong's band), and an absolutely orgasmically great dancehall/punk cut by Nocturnal, this CD is everything a compilation should be: utterly listenable, and addicting. It really has a Pavlovian effect: you want all the albums on the label now. Sadly, though, the only cut I really didn't like on the CD was by none other than Joe Strummer of the Clash fame; sorry, Joe. All in all, I am totally in love with this compilation, and I'm sure you will be too, if you have any decent sense, you slugs!!! {Lizi}
Hellcat Web Site

V/A - "Go-Kart vs. The Corporate Giant 2" - CD
(Go-Kart Records P.O. Box 20 Prince St. Station New York, NY 10012)
Go-Kart records has some nice-ass punkers on their label, and this compilation features the best of them. Great examples of snotty, hard-hitting PUNK RAWK!! abound. Even the graphics are rad: they use the 'National Inquirer' tabloid-esque scheme. The Lunachicks, The Pinkerton Thugs, Anti-Flag, and The Buzzcocks, among others, keep this CD moving. If you have any taste at all, you'll run out and sell your soul (if need be) for this little jewel. {Lizi}
Go-Kart Web Site

V/A - "Grease" - CD
(Dummy Up P.O. Box 642634 San Fransisco, CA 94164-2634)
This is total fun and a riot and a half. It’s even more fun than the original soundtrack…I’d love to see “Grease” performed with this soundtrack. On this fun filled release you get J-Church doing You’re the One that I Want, Boris the Sprinkler doing Grease, Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee by Atom and His Package and the now defunct local favorites The Larry Brrrds doing Blue Moon among a host of others. {Grog}
Dummy Up Web Site

V/A - "Heart of Metal" - CD
(Hip-O / Universal Records)
They taught you how to live. They taught you how to love. Yes folks, twelve love songs by your favorite heavy metal bands… sort of. For some reason, they included Meat Loaf's song I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That), which I don’t think qualifies as metal.

You can find metal love song classics on this release like Whitesnake’s Is This Love, Cinderella’s Don’t Know What You got (Till It’s Gone), Sammy Hagar’s Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy, Extreme's More that Words and much more. They even included the ultimate hard rock self love song The Stroke by Billy Squire. {Mite}

V/A - "Heart of Soul" - CD
(Hip-O / Universal Records)
I'm not really into the modern Top-40 soul sound. To put it more bluntly, this CD just isn't my thing. However, I'm sure there are many out there who will love this release. Just a few of the artists on this compilation are Tony Toni Tone, Aaron Neville, Pebbles, Boys II Men, Jodeci and Vanessa Williams. If you're into their sound, get it. If not, don't. {Mite}

V/A - "Heart of Soul Classics" - CD
(Hip-O / Universal Records)
Have you ever been afraid that your friends will make fun of you and think you're a sellout for listening to any other type of music. All I have to say to you is, stop being such a pussy poser and get out of your stupid punk rock shell. You can start by picking up this CD and jamming to such great tunes like Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye, Cherish by Kool and the Gang and many more. Another fine release by the folks at Hip-O Records. {Mite}

V/A - "Mailorder is Still Fun" - CD
(Asian Man Records P.O. Box 35585 Monte Sereno, CA 95030-5585)
Man! This is a long compilation! There are 28 tracks in all. Most of the songs are Ska and Punk Rawk / Pop Punk. I especially liked The Chinkees' Big World, Korea Girl's B-Side, The Broadways' The Kitchen Floor, Less Than Jake's Big, Unsteady's Tokyo, and The B. Lee Band's Don't Sit Next To Me, Just Because I'm Asian to name a few. Oh yeah, Young Punch is the first band I've ever heard play a Ska song with entirely Japanese lyrics. There were some weak cuts, but the majority of bands were great at what they do (mostly, ;) wink!). I'd recommend checking this out, especially since it only costs $3.99. {Tom CoreKill}
Asian Man Web Site

V/A - "Now That's What I Call Music! 3" - CD
(EMI / Universal Records)
As seen on TV! Yes, it’s one of “those” comps. It’s like turning on Z-93 (local top 40 radio station) without the commercials or annoying DJ’s. My ten year old son has basically claimed this as his own, but I like it a bit too…since I’m a sucker for pop. This collection features 18 songs by 18 top 20 bands and performers from 1999. It ranges from pure pop, to R&B, to alternative rock to ballad to Latin. I can listen to everything on here with the exception of the ballads…uuugghhhh. Of course the thing about pop is the majority of people won’t remember most of these bands, let alone these songs in a few short years. You get hit songs from Smashmouth, Backstreet Boys, Oleander, Britney Spears, R. Kelly, Fatboy Slim, Chante Moore, Limp Bizkit, Garbage, Enrique Iglesias and more….operators are standing by… {Grog}

V/A - "Playing 4 Square" - CD
(Suburban Home Records P.O. Box 40757 Denver, CO 80204)
This Comp bills itself as "A display of four up and coming record labels" I really couldn't tell. All the bands sounded the same except for the Nobodys, whose track Tonight was really the stand out. I also dug the version of Mr Sandman by Gob. The other stuff was by bands I have heard of and I assume are popular just not with me. Oh yeah, the Me First and The Gimme Gimmes gag was done first and better by Love Jones! {Howard X}
E-Mail Suburban Home Suburban Home Web Site

V/A - "Punk Ass Generosity" - 2CD
(Devil Doll Records P.O. Box 30727 Long Beach, CA 90853 / One Foot Records)
This is fourty-six band compilation put out by the now defunct "One Foot Records". Don't worry you can still get this since "Devil Doll Records" has taken over their catelog. As the liner notes state this money goes to charity: "...all the profits from the sale of this record are being donated to various charities around the world...". My question is "Which charities are they?" I mean the idea is good but maybe they should have put a bit more detail into it.

OK, enough of my bitching lets move onto the music. It's primarily a punk-pop double CD with some straight punk, punkabilly and other sub-genras making an appearnace. Bands included are Alligator Gun, Diesel Boy, Dynamite Boy, Electric Frankenstien, Guy Smiley, Horace Pinker, Kid With Man Head, Lagwagon, LES Stitches, Migraines, Millencolin, No Use For A Name, Pinhead Circus, Propagandhi, Teen Idols and many more. Well, worth the cost regardless of the charities. {Grog}
Deary Me Web Site

V/A - "Pure Love - 18 Timeless Love Songs" - CD
(Hip-O / Universal Records)
These are the tunes that you swayed back and forth with your baby during all those high school dances. Of course nowadays you think they're cheesy, but back then they were your snugglin' make-out music. Even after the inevitable high school sweetheart breakup, they brought a tear to your eye. The sickly-sweet tunes that are found on this release include I Miss You by Klymaxx, The Commodores Still, Extreme's More that Words, Reason to Believe by Rod Stewart, Just Once by Quincy Jones, The Lady in Red by Chris DeBurgh and so much more. {Mite}

V/A - "Space 380 Compilation" - CD
(Space 380 109 4th Ave Columbia, MO 65203)
A compilation out of Missouri released by "Space 380 Records" and "Relax Online". The CD features works by such bands as The Follow, Resident Clark, Takedown and Pounder. The CD is very well put together. Midnight Hour by Takedown is classic indie rock, while Preacher Son by Shaman's Harvest owes a debt to traditional Americana and roots rock and Fate by Average Nine has a hard, gritty edge a la Dayton's Mondolux (albeit without the relentless drumbeats of Roger Owsley); the album showcases a variety of styles while keeping within the general context of rock music. There's a little something for everyone on this album. My favorite? Smile by The Black Water. Twangly is the only word for it. {Fibi}
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V/A - "Suburban Voice - Dangerously Unstable" - CD
(Suburban Voice P.O. Box 2746 Lynn, MA 01903 / Comes with Suburban Voice #43)
Quite a lot to digest here; compilation albums are always difficult to review and do justice to everyone involved. I know a little about Suburban Voice zine since I publish my own zine and have positively reviewed SVZ before. This disc is mainly filled with seriously good Punk Rock and HardCore. The first cut is a kick ass cover by Anti-Flag of the Buzzcocks' classic Orgasm Addict. Subhumans make a great showing with a '98 live Reason For Existence. Boiling Man does Inadequate / Dark Half that sounds like it must have hurt their throats to scream, and include a sample of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Isolated do a phenomenal cover of Minor Threat's Guilty of Being White. There's a strange hidden track at the end which sounds like samplings from a sports radio talk show discussing NYC professional baseball. Definitely, definitely go get this, it fuckin' ROCKS! {Tom CoreKill}
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V/A - "Victory Style IV" - CD
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
Lots and lots o' Hard Core Punk fuckin' Rock! Eighteen bands are presented on this disc and they left my stereo blazing and my head throbbing! Let's see, we've got Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Buried Alive, Electric Frankenstein, Shutdown, Skarhead, and Catch 22 plus a few more. The cover concept was cute too, a spoof of that old dogs playing poker painting, apparently drawing a connection between the album's title and the slang term "doggie style". Fetch!!! {Tom CoreKill}
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V/A - "Vorgon Massive - Future Sounds of Long Island" - CD
(Vorgon Massive 2702 Sipp Ave Medford, NY 11763-2041)
This is a terrific trippy CD. Most of the tunes for the various bands are instrumentals with music that is varied and experimental. I loved every tune on this release with a couple of my favorite being the percussive All Action (Rev. Mix) by Action House Cat and the spaghetti space tune Fourth Movement by Mute Treasures. Also I liked Drone by Ping, which reminded me of an old band called Thorn of Life. There is also a tune called Static Tundra by Droog that reminded me of the band Noise Coitus. {Mite}
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V/A - "The Next Best Thing" - CD
(Maverick Records)
This is the soundtrack to the new Madonna movie featuring two Madonna songs and is released on Madonna's label, "Maverick Records". Do you see a trend here? The only problem is that while I usually like her music these are two of the weakest cuts on the disc. Another disappointment was the Moby song. But, before you go thinking that this is just a stinker, I must tell you that several other tracks make up for the weak spots on this dance / electronica filled soundtrack. One of my favorites is a new track from Christina Aguilera, Don't Make Me Love You ('Til I'm Ready). I really think that she is one of the few teen sensations that will last, due to her true R&B styled signing ability. Some of my other favorites on this release are Mandalay, Groove Armada, Metisse and a sweet cover of I'm not in Love by Olive. {Grog}
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