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"Music Reviews Issue #14 P-T"

Pacer - "The Space Between Us" - CD
(Eskimo Kiss Records 144 NE 29th St. Oak Island, NC 28465)
Well, I was wanting them to come out with a full length after I reviewed their three song cassette a while ago and they have come out with a full length. This CD is no disappointment and was everything their demo hinted at. Here you get a fuller picture of the band and their late '80s indie rock sound ala Superchunk, Sonic Youth and early period R.E.M.. They have quite a bit of diversity due to having different vocalist and I would assume different song writers. My favorite track would have to be Famous with the Kim Gordon with a southern lilt vocals and hook ladden music. If you like indie rock and catchy songs snap up a copy. {Grog}
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Parasites - "Compost" - CD
(Go-Kart Records P.O. Box 20 Prince St. Station New York, NY 10012)
This is a fun filled pop punk album from the grab bag of salty crawlin' grubs that make up the band Parasites. Dave Parasite handles all the vocals, and along with drummer Dan Cofer make up the core of the band. They also have eight other musicians who were in the band at one time or another represented on different tracks. At times the vocals remind me of a more melodic The Oxymorons. Definitely a keeper. {Mite}
Go-Kart Web Site

Parker Ben Parker - "2 Song Demo" - CD
(Parker Ben Parker)
Parker Ben Parker has grown by leaps and bounds with this new recording, which is a tease to promote the group's upcoming new album. PBP makes use of a great vocalist and strong supporting players to create some totally infectious pop-rock music. Can't wait for the full-length to come out. {Fibi}
Parker Ben Parker Web Site

Parliament - "The Best of Parliament" - CD
(Mercury / Universal Records)
Live from the mothership it’s George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and thirty other P-funksters who were in Parliament between 1974 and 1980. This collection gives you a good taste of some of the funkiest funk out there. Put this on and go get Funked Up! {Grog}

***Gail's Pick of the Issue***
Pinehurst Kids - "Viewmaster" - CD
(4 Alarm Records 660 West Lake St, IL 60661)
"Viewmaster" is my favorite release of the batch. The songs are crisp and poignant. They are full of energy and the rhythm of the music is reminiscent of a simpler time in our lives when all we cared about was beer, bands, and going to nightclubs. The lyrics contain urgent messages of heartache, lies, and lives coming undone at the seams. The Pinehurst Kids are exactly what I dreamed my favorite Dayton band The Oxymorons would become a few years down the road. Their sound is a blend of early 80’s indy rock and Weezer. {Gail}
Pinehurst Kids Web Site Four Alarm Web Site

Plan A Project - "Spirit of a Soldier" - CD
(Go-Kart Records P.O. Box 20 Prince St. Station New York, NY 10012)
This is pretty typical sing-along-chorus type of punk rock. The lyrics are pretty thoughtful, and the songs are quick and energized. The vocals are a bit lacking; I think a stronger, rougher voice (like Al Barr from Dropkick Murphys) would do Plan A Project more justice, but on some of the songs, the back-up vocals help to remedy this. "Spirit of a Soldier" also contains a sadly flaccid sounding cover of the Clash's White Riot that's just plain disappointing. Again, stronger vocals=better sound. You'd probably want to pass on this, but you won't kick yourself too many times if "Spirit of a Soldier" falls into your hands. {Lizi}
Go-Kart Web Site

Pollen - "Chip" - CD
(Fueled by Ramen Records P.O. Box 12563 Gainesville, FL 32604)
Hmmm, I've listened to this several times and still can't think of what to write. They play decent power pop and can write hooks and their singer is good, but it just doesn't grab me. Either I have heard one too many bands like this or I'm loosing it. I like it, but don't expect me to recall it tomorrow. {Grog}
Fueled by Ramen Web Site

Pounder - "Pounder" - CD
(Eric Pounder P.O. Box 578-945 Chicago, IL 60657)
This is a very interesting four song disc from Eric Pounder. Eric has been in bands such as . The songs are slow, dark and very moody which is reflective of the bands he has worked with in the past. However, this is mainly acoustic and the underlying tone makes me think of Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy. I'd love to hear more of this...excellent release. {Grog}
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Radar Mercury - "Thankyou, Goodnight" - CD
(Doghouse Records P.O. Box 8946 Toledo, OH 43623)
These guys sound like Knapsack musically, but they really never let loose and their vocalist reminds me of the guy from The Get Up Kids in a way. Pretty good catchy emo / indie rock for you to groove to. Better than most of the bands currently out there. {Grog}
Dog House Web Site

Rainer Maria - "Atlantic" - CD
(Polyvinyl Records P.O. Box 1885 Danville, IL 61834-1885)
This is three tracks of pure emo. While the first two songs are not exciting or very inventive, the third track Soul Singer is great. Hopefully, their full length will be more along the lines of the final track. Regardless, I do love her voice and think that they churn out some beautiful melodies. Perfect for the backpack crowd… {Grog}
Poly Vinyl Web Site

Ramona and Beezus - "Parting" - CD
(Idols of the Marketplace P.O. Box 50138 Ft. Wayne, IN 46805)
Well, this isn’t as horrid as Mite made their last release sound, but it is pretty bad. Actually a few tracks do qualify as simply horrible. I would call this “record of an angry, young, whiney man”. It’s like if some body spliced Morrisey and Henry Rollins DNA and created a child and this child only inherited its parents most annoying traits.

It mentioned that it was recorded between two sunsets, but many bands have released great things with minimal studio time. What’s their excuse? At least he has a good sense of humor and I liked the quote inside the package (I tried to end with something positive at least…) {Grog}
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Red Martian - "Automaton" - CD
(Bughlt Records)
If you can get past the creepy cover art, you will find a nicely put together post punk release. On the cover, a girl is shoving a piece of bread that is phallic shaped into the armpit of another girl who looks as if she is about burst into tears. It looks like a child molester was the artist. It’s really disturbing and I think it would scare the average listener out of buying the CD. The songs are energetic. The guitars literally sound like the are bouncing up and down to the drum beats. The lyrics give the finger to conservative America and nazi racists. Stephen Jones vocals are crisp and bring the lyrics to life with the inspiration of a pissed off 17 year old spirit. {Gail}
Red Martian Web Site

Reel Big Fish - "Everything Sucks" - CD
(Mojo Records J.V. 1453 14th Street Box 284 Santa Monica, CA 90404)
This is a re-release of their debut recording that they released in 1995. Evidently until now, the only way to get one was to pay exorbitant prices on e-bay. Looking inside the cover and listening to the disc, you can tell that they are your typical bunch of kids having fun in a decent ska punk band. The only difference between them and the band you saw this weekend at the all ages show is the major label contract and the obligatory hit single.

Regardless, they are a good band that has fun and a good attitude. Poking fun at themselves and life on almost every track. However, there is a bunch of negative foreshadowing in many of their songs regarding the improbability of them making it big. They are one of the few bands that had me laughing as I listened to their lyrics…not in a bad way, a good way. My only real complaint is that the horns are weak at times, but that is a problem with most young ska-punk bands. The more I listen to this, the more I like it and can relate to it…at least I could when I was 22. {Grog}
Mojo Web Site

Reptilica - "Chrome Feather Future" - CD
(Lens Records PMB 187 - 3023 N. Clark St. / Chicago, IL 60657)
If you're looking for something really strange, you will find fulfillment in Reptilica! Honestly, I just don't know where to begin or quite how to size this project up. From what I can gather, it's completely a solo effort by a guy named Ed Creagan. "Chrome Feather Future" touches on all sorts of styles or lack thereof. Here and there I found Sonic Youth type noise and vocal weirdness. Then I'd hear a bit of audio distortion like I'd expect from NIN. Then there would be little samples of the oddest shit. He utilizes all kinds of instrumentation, even early 80s beat box and (I think) a harpsichord. This is just freakin' bizarre, man! {Tom CoreKill}
Lens Web Site

Reverend Horton Heat - "Spend A Night in the Box" - CD
(Time Bomb Recordings / BMG)
I have to admit that I have never heard a Reverend Horton Heat song, ever though I have heard of the Rev. So when we got this release in to review something inside of me said that I must listen. All I can say is that I was a huge Stray Cats fan when they first hit the scene, and the Rev. blows the Stray Cats out of the water. Just listening to this CD proves to me there is a god and he blessed the world with the boogie-woogie lightening and rock-a-billy thunder that is the Reverend Horton Heat. {Mite}
Reverend Horton Heat Web Site Time Bomb Web Site

Rhapsody - "Legendary Tales" - CD
(Limb Music Products Postfach 60 25 04 22235 Hamburg Germany / US Distro by DNA)
The band Rhapsody is fronted by the singer named Luca Turilli. This release is obviously very similar to Luca Turilli solo CD release. An Italian Symphonic Epic fantasy metal band. The band is influence by old Russian and Celtic dance-music, and horror and fantasy movies. Extremely intricate and complicated music that take the listener on grand voyages explories the mythical story of the Emerald Sword 9/10. {theSADman}
E-Mail Limb Music Limb Music Web Site

Rhapsody - "Symphony of Enchanted Lands" - CD
(Limb Music Products Postfach 60 25 04 22235 Hamburg Germany / US Distro by DNA)
OK, on the front cover you have a knight riding a fire breathing dragon in front of a castle that sits high upon a hill as lightning flashes in the background. Now, you get two guesses to figure out what type of music this is. Did you guess symphonic metal? I knew you would. Actually, this brings me back to my nerdy past…I mean my teenage nerdy past. When I’d spend hours playing D&D with my friends, but I’d also spend hours playing my bass alone on Friday nights. I’m beginning to see a connection here.

Anyway, this is fast metal with occasional orchestra accompaniment…and while I like it in some respects, it gets boring and repetitive. Their vocalist lies somewhere between King Diamond and Geoff Tate, but doesn’t do much for the songs other than add vocals to the mix of instruments. So, if you like fast music, played clean with images of castles and kings and knights then this is for you. If only you can break away from your role playing games for a bit that is… {Grog}
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Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - "Our Very Best Christmas" - CD
(Mowtown / Universal Records)
"Our Very Best Christmas" features original Motown releases from various Smokey Robinson and the Miracles holiday releases. Stevie Wonder penned I Can Tell Christmas is Near and It’s Christmas Time and the Miracles add a bluesy soulful feel to Christmas tunes that will make you want to snuggle under the Christmas tree with the one you love. A great addition to any holiday Christmas collection. {Gail}

Rosetta West - "Rosetta West" - CD
(Rosetta West P.O. Box 807 Geneva, IL 60134 - $10 ppd.)
One of my friends use to work at a record store and whenever he wanted to clear out the store he had a few records that would guarantee that the store would be cleared out in five minutes or less if he put it on. He has a new recording to add to his collection. Rosetta West gives the listener the feeling like they are attempting to be a great blues influenced rock band like Led Zeppelin, but they end up sounding like my cat is playing guitar. The guitars are out of tune, they have no rhythm, and the lead singer sounds like he’s in total agony from a bleeding ulcer or another type of painful ailment. {Gail}

Satanic Surfers - "Going Nowhere Fast" - CD
(Burning Heart Records / Epitaph 2798 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026)
I had really high hopes for this one, I was thinking of a high test mutation of surf rock and satanism, a satanic "wipeout" if you will. Instead, I was treated to some pop punk of the usual ilk, with a little more metal, particularly in the breaks and intros. The lyrics seem to be socially conscious and serious but this really doesnt so it for me. If you like pop punk you will probably like this. {Howard X}
Burning Heart Web Site

Screeching Weasel - "Thank You Very Little" - 2CD
(Panic Button Records P.O. Box 148010 Chicago, IL 60614-8010)
This release is chock full of unreleased and live Screeching Weasel tracks. You get songs from their 1986 demo as well as out takes from their 1999 release "Emo". Plus trhe second disc is primarily live tracks froma few shows in 1993 which is when many people considered them at their peak. Actually I was fortunate enough to not only see them that year, but also open their show in Dayton. (Grog's ego strikes again.)

If you've heard any Screeching Weasel you know what to expect, except that you probably have never heard any of these songs. If you know nothing about them let me just say that the songwriters believe that The Ramones were the best band ever. Their sound over the years progressed from straight punk, to punk-pop to emo tinged punk-pop. {Grog}
Screeching Weasel Web Site

Sculptured - "Apollo Ends" - CD
(The End Records 556 S Fair Oaks Ave #101-111 Pasadena, CA 91105)
An odd and hard to classify release. A progressive death metal band with a horn section… hum.. Maybe this CD would grow on me if I listened to it enough, but so far I don’t quite get it. Weak drumming, weak vocals and silly trombones and trumpets. I can't say there is really anything about this CD that I like. 5/10 {theSADman}
The End Web Site

The Service - "Who's Criminal?" - CD
(GMM Records P.O. Box 15234 Atlanta, GA 30333)
Great punchy UK style punk rock in the same spirit as The Clash and Sham 69. The lead singer rants on several of the songs like a euphoric Keith Morris with a British accent. I like The Service, but by no means are they breaking ground musically. They are heavily influenced by the past. City Kids is a great punk rock anthem with passionate lyrics about being overworked, underpaid and misunderstood. {Gail}
GMM Web Site

Shadows Fall - "Of One Blood" - CD
(Century Media 1453-A 14th Street #324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)
The band Shadows Fall offer a unique mixture of sound. Their sound consist of elements of progressive metal as well as death metal. Matching each death growl with a melodic singing voice. The band actually has 3 vocalists. Equal amounts of heaviness and melody keep the songs very interesting. 7/10 {theSADman}
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Shift*D - "...From the Pages of Chad Muskoka" - CD
(Crack Records P.O. Box 29048 Eaton Place Winnipeg, MB Canada R3C 4L1)
Truly awful!!!! This collection sounds like someone sat on the instruments. Wait a minute!! Is someone playing the bagpipes? All the songs are about this girl who leaves the lead singer and he’s crying about the two years in his life that he wasted with her. Get over it. Yeah, I feel sorry for you, Dan, because you can’t sing, play guitar, or write decent lyrics, but don’t dedicate a whole album to how some girl broke your heart into two thousand pieces because it makes you look even more pathetic. My advice for you is to go home, learn how to play your instruments, and learn what rhythm is before you make another CD. I bet they offer music lesson at a local music store near you. Go for it, man. I dare you. {Gail}
E-Mail Crack Records Crack Web Site

Shutdown - "Something to Prove" - CD
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
Refreshingly cool metallic hardcore that reminded me of a lot of stuff from the "SpeedCore/Metalcore" era 86-88. Vocals sound like DRI and the band is tight and pretty well produced. Hopefully they won't get too metal! {Howard X}
Victory Web Site

The Shutdowns - "T-75" - CD
(Theologian Records P.O. Box 1070 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254)
The Shutdowns play fairly basic, straightforward, snotty punk rock with a nod to ‘50s rock. They do it well, but so do many other bands. In other words, it’s not really anything special…except for the song Countdown, which is a great song regarding US age based laws. My favorite thing about this release is the great ‘50s style bondage photo on the cover. {Grog}

The Slackers - "The Question" - CD
(Hellcat Records 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 / Epitaph)
The Slackers are back with 19 more great tunes. This time they hold even closer to the traditional smoky, sexy, ska sound. The Slackers are a third wave ska band with a first wave soul. The songs are about the things closest to their hearts: women and booze…and how they screw up their lives. A great disc to put on during a rainy day or for some slow skanking with the one you love…or at least lust for… {Grog}
Epitaph Web Site

Slow Fore - "Oil" - CD
(Espo Records P.O. Box 63 Allston, MA 02134)
I like the instrumental tracks that begin and end the CD. I also like the lyrics, but the vocals just plain stink. I started off liking the music for the rest of the tracks, but as the CD progressed all the songs ended up sounding almost exactly the same. The mixing and the overall recording, especially the drums, just don’t cut it as well. I would suggest the band step back and take a deep breath. {Mite}
E-Mail Espo Espo Web Site

Smashing Pumpkins - "Machina / The Machines of God" - CD
(Virgin Records)
I need to start off by stating that I’m not really a big fan of the Smashing Pumpkins. With that said, I love this CD. The release kicks off with fuzzed out guitars and they don’t stop until the last note. Most the songs are hard rockin’ with a few on the poppy side. I was pleasantly surprised on a couple of the cuts because they sounded like they were heavily influence by early Cure. In fact Billy puts Robert Smith to shame on songs of misery. Glass And The Ghost Children, is a haunting tune that is divided in the middle by muddled conversation, piano and quiet static. When the song picks up again and Billy sings “She counted the spiders as they crawled up inside her” it was so disturbing that I could almost feel my skin bristle.

The one review that I’ve read wasn’t so positive with this release. The reviewer’s biggest complaint was that Billy was so whiny. The only problem with that statement is that is the way Billy’s voice is on all his songs. Other than that I would have to say that this is one killer release and even though I’m not to keen on the person, I certainly respect the musician. {Mite}
Smashing Pumpkins Web Site Virgin Web Site

Snapcase - "Designs for Automation" - CD
(Victory Records P.O. Box Chicago, IL 60607)
I rarely listen to this type of band any more and I realized that I miss it. Snapcase is fucking great! This brings back memories of some of the sweat dripping nights I used to spend attending shows at Dayton's Brookwood Hall. I remember coming home one night with a boot heel imprinted on my shoulder! God, those were the days! Well, enough reminiscing. This is supposed to be a review. Let me just put it this way, it's fucking fantastic! Definitely a keeper! Nuff said! {Tom CoreKill}
Victory Web Site

Snuff - Numb Nuts - CD
(Fat Wreck Chords P.O. Box 193690 San Francisco, CA 94119-3690) Snuff is one of my favorite punk pop bands so this was one release I had to have. They play some of the catchyest songs I've ever heard, they are on par with Sicko in that respect, but play heavier and do some great covers. On this release they have expanded beyond what I've heard before and include a trombone on several songs and some songs take on a Bad Religion feel. If you enjoy punk pop or melodic hardcore, you will love get it already! {Grog} Snuff Web Site

Softball - "Tenku" - CD
(Asian Man Records P.O. Box 35585 Monte Sereno, CA 95030-5585)
Softball reminds me of a more punk version of Shoen Knife. It’s pretty close to other punk-pop bands out there, but the big difference is that it’s three cute girls instead of three cute guys. I think that’s what sets these songs apart from the sea of punk-pop out there in the scene. The songs are catchy, they rock out and they’re cute…what more can I say? {Grog}
Asian Man Web Site

Speed Dial - "Keca'm" - CD
(Mother West Records 132 W 26th St New York, NY 10001)
For some reason every time I pop this in I think of The Police from "Regatta De Blanc". There's just something to his voice and the musical style. As the songs progress it looses that feeling. With it's acousticly lead sound I start to think of how Speed Dial would be a great match for local heroes Shrug. But they also incorporate elements of alternative country ala Bottle Rockets and a bit of Cracker. To top it off the play great catchy, slightly off kilter songs that are unique and interesting. A good release. {Grog}
Mother West Web Site

Spring Heel Jack - "Treader" - CD
(Thirsty Ear Recordings 274 Madison Ave. Suite 804 New York, NY 10016)
This is a strange thing to be sent to MRZ since it's ambient / experimental / techno stuff, but it's a nice change of pace amongst the massive amounts of Punk Rock we usually have to review. There is a heavy emphasis on dance beats with jazz thrown in here and there. A brief perusal thru the disc brought no sign of any vocals. The average track length is 7 minutes. What really stood out to me as very oddly intriguing were tracks 11 and 12 at the end. There is a loose interpretation of two songs from the classic musical The Sound of Music (which I've personally been into since childhood). My Favorite Things incorporates guitar distortion and what sounds like a child's piano, resulting in a unique version of the song. Climb Ev'ry Mountain begins with the sounds of wind whistling on a mountain top and progresses on to everything from pipe organ music and (Ok, I did find some vocals) bizarrely distorted female choir parts. I'd wager this album is not for everyone, but I'd recommend it if you want to try something out of the ordinary. {Tom CoreKill}
Thirsty Ear Web Site

STB - "Spit" - CD
(Elbo Records P.O. Box 2461 Decatur, GA 30031)
I swear that Sonia Tetlow is somehow channeling Souixe Sioux. (Yes, I know Souixe isn't dead, but her voice is here). The music is a bit goth with a lot of really good indie rock with many personal lyrics. All three members are great and together form a tight band that is one of my favorites this issue. {Grog}
E-Mail STB

Steely Dan - "Aja" - CD
(MCA / Universal Records)
If there is one Steely Dan album that you had to own, this one should be it. While every song on this re-release is killer, it's worth getting just for the tune Peg. It is nothing short of awesome. This release has such a jammin' groove all the way through, it's no surprise that it's a classic. The songs on this disc have a jazz/disco/bluesy/dance feel. What makes me like this band even better is that they did things on their own terms and were famous for their contempt for the mainstream press. And just in case the question comes up in a game of music Trivia Pursuit, Steely Dan in the name of a dildo in a William S. Burrough's story. {Mite}

Steely Dan - "The Royal Scam" - CD
(MCA / Universal Records)
This is a re-release from 1976. For those of you unfamiliar with Steely Dan, their sound is very mellow-smooth with one of the most prominent instruments being the synthesizer and a synth-sounding guitar. My favorite tune on this release is the reggae sounding Haitian Divorce. {Mite}

The Stepford Five - "Mesh" - CD
(The Stepford Five PMB 250 30 Dillmont Dr Worthington, OH 43235)
The production is sparse - not lo-fi, but not exactly Backstreet Boys, either. The songs are rock-pop-punky, with distorted guitars, crunchy bass lines and steady beats. Occassionally, a tasty guitar solo creeps through, and that's what sets The Stepford Five apart from the slew of post-grunge bands whose sound they've copped and tweaked. {Fibi}

Submachine - "Fresh Out of Give-A-Fucks" - CD
(Radical Records 77 Bleecker St. #C2-21 New York, NY 10012)
Ok we're back on track here. Submachine gives you 19 tracks of blistering 80's styled hardcore which reminded me quite a bit of Poison Idea in their earlier years. If you dug that mayhem you will definitely enjoy this. The vocals could have been a little louder but this seems to have heart and balls, so now I'm a fan! {Howard X}
Radical Web Site

The Tantrums - "Motels" - CD
(Cheetah's Records P.O. Box 4472 Berkeley, CA 94710)
The Tantrums are a quartet hailing from Alameda, California. The cover of "Motels" is reminiscent of the Pontiac Brothers 1985 release "Doll Hut" that features photographs of motels, bowling alleys, and the band drinking. They are a rockabilly band with a female lead singer named Devil Doll. Devil Doll’s vocals are cool and at times sultry. They add a raw credibility to the music that several female lead singers in rockabilly bands have been unable to reach. I have a feeling that Devil Doll would like to chew up and spit out Gwen Stefani’s pink cotton candy hair and rainbow braces. The Tantrums kick arse. Take a listen to "Motels" because this is how rockabilly should be. {Gail}
E-Mail Cheetah's

Dave Thomas and the Foreigners - "Bay City" - CD
(Thirsty Ear Recordings 274 Madison Ave. Suite 804 New York, NY 10016)
Dave hums a duet with a clarinet on White Room. Dave isn’t a Frank Sinatra even though he pours every ounce of artistic conviction in his moanings of depression that he calls singing. Dave’s been through several difficult situations and his music reflects his flat tormented view of life that he’s currently struggling with. Too bad his voice sounds like Warren Zevon after it’s been through a coffee grinder that takes away feelings. Have you heard Leonard Nimoy sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star? I’d rather be convicted to a life of listening to nothing but that than to listen to another second of Dave Thomas and the Foreigners. A good present for a relative you love to hate. {Gail}
Thirsty Ear Web Site

Tiger Army - "Tiger Army" - CD
(Hellcat Records 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)
When I first started listening to this I was tempted to call it punkabilly. True it is punked out rockabilly, but there is more to this release. It doesn’t sound like your typical rockabilly, played by punkers. There is a more urgent nature and a feel of old country and 50’s rock to this…but hopped up on loads of adrenaline and a punk attitude. {Grog}
Hellcat Web Site

Toilet Creatures - "What are You Staring At?" - CD
(Smart Ass Records P.O. Box 71 Cottage Grove, MN 55016)
Songs about puking, skating, homework, mucus and detasseling corn in the stool. Punk rock at it’s finest. Toilet Creatures describe their music as Cottage Grove mushcore and I agree fully. Great for your 13 year old brother who worships the Dead Milkmen and Beefcake. {Gail}
E-Mail Smart Ass Smart Ass Web Site

Transport League - "Satanic Panic" - CD
(Pavement Music 7400 W. Detroit St Suite 150 Chandler, AZ 85226)
Scary Deathmetal that was kind of Melvinsesque in terms of the radically detuned guitar sounds and the vocals. With song titles like Hell Predicted, Plague Ship and Psycho Connected we can safely assume that these guys are way evil and may even be European. Unlike the U.S, Europeans have had centuries to perfect their evil schtick! But I digress, Transport League surprised jaded old me with their evil coolness. {Howard X}
Pavement Web Site

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