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"Music Reviews Issue #14 G-O"

Gap Band - "The Best of Gap Band" - CD
(Mercury / Universal Records)
The Wilson brothers; Ronnie, Charles and Robert, were the urban cowboys of funk all decked out in satin style cowboy shirts and 10 gallon hats. From 1979 until 1983, the Gap Band released several songs that would change the face of funk music by bringing respect back to dance music during the disco demise era. Oops Us Side Your Head popularized line dancing in England. Burn Rubber and You Dropped A Bomb on Me were favorites in dance clubs, roller skating rinks and in the homes of conservative America. The songs from the Gap Band are timeless and they have stood the test of time. The songs are fresh and seem like they were recorded this year. I highly recommend this collection. {Gail}

Gas Giants - "From Beyond the Back Burner" - CD
(Atomic Pop Records P.O. Box 7639 Santa Monica, CA 90406)
This reminded me of something else, but I had the feeling it was something I didn't like so I didn't think too hard about it. I always like it when the title of the record gives me the impression I shouldnt like this record before the first listening! Anyway, this is yer basic poppy stuff. You know they own some Beatles records. It kind of reminds me of the rest of the songs on that first Romantics record. {Howard X}
Atomic Pop Web Site

Marvin Gaye - "Best of Volume 2 the 70's" - CD
(Motown / Universal Records)
Marvin Gaye’s voice is smooth and soulful and this collection contains pieces of his best work from the 70’s. In 1971, Marvin emerged as an advocate for peace during the Vietnam era. His songs explored topics ranging from poverty, ecology and conflicts. Mercy Mercy Me has Marvin chanting “Things ain’t what they use to be,” as the lyrical content covers overcrowding of the land, radiation, and pollution of the sea. Marvin was marveled as the voice of his generation with the political What’s Going On? In 1973, Marvin’s lyrics became sexually charged when he released Let’s Get It On and it was impossible to escape his music on discos everywhere. I really enjoyed this collection from one of the most important singer from the last century. {Gail}

Michael Goetz - "Ogga-Balooga / Sole Mates" - CD
(Michael Goetz 2124 Arizona Ave Rockford, IL 61108)
This release is Mr. Goetz singing into a tape recorder while he taps with his hands. Very weird. {Mite}

Goodness - "Thesedays" - CD
(Good Ink Records P.O. Box 19645 Seattle, WA 98109)
Carrie Arke and crew are back again with another dose of Goodness. With their second outing, my thoughts of Hammerbox are fading and finding Goodness being able to hold their own. Carrie is definitley one of my favorite female vocalists of all time and it doesn't hurt that their songs are catchy as hell and rock out...and with a seductive song like Sex and Rebellion I get all fired up. These songs have really stuck in my head and make me realize that catchy rock is back...but not on the airwaves. {Grog}
Good Ink Web Site

Grade - "Under the Radar" - CD
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
Great CD. I've had to wrestle this one away from my roommate since Grog gave it to me to review. Known primarily as a hardcore artist on the "Victory Records" imprint, Grade is out of Toronto, and owes a debt to pioneers in hardcore punk such as Bad Religion and Fugazi. In case you were wondering, punk rock did not die; it is alive and well, and flourishing with artists such as Grade. They hit you full-on and leave you wanting more. {Fibi}
Victory Web Site

Gran Torino - "Two" - CD
(26.2 Music P.O. Box 50485 Knoxville, TN 37950)
If you have a chance to see this band play live, do it now before they become huge. They are nothing short of phenomenal. Gran Torino's apocalyptic groove if powered by nine musicians who call Knoxville, TN home. The styling is rock ‘n’ soul fueled by jazz, r&b and retro-pop. This band ranks right up there as one of the best funk bands to have ever existed. Just a few of their influences include old Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Marvic Gaye and Tower of Power. I’m listening to this CD right now and all I have to say is that I am totally blown away. This is one great release. {Mite}
Gran Torino Web Site

Greyarea - "Fanbelt + Algebra" - CD
(Victory Records P.O. Box 60614 Chicago, IL 60614)
"Fanbelt + alegbra" is filled with predictable rock heavily influenced by the grunge scene and the current flood of mainstream rock cuties of VH1. At their best, Grey Area is an average band, but their songs fail to capture the soul and energy of rock n roll. You have heard this record several times by artist with other names who have the ability to find soul and charisma in their music. {Gail}
Victory Web Site

Groundswell - "Corrode" - CD
(GIG Records 520 Butler Ave Point Pleasant, NJ 08742)
I think my brain corroded away as I listened to this. This band sounds like a bunch of college boys who are trying desperately to impress the girls in order to get a little nookie. In their minds, they are mixing a delicate web of witty lyrics with psychedelic alternative music. All I was able to decipher was a pile of mush. It sounded like farm animals dying in a sea of mud. {Gail}
GIG Web Site

Guy Smiley - "Alkaline" - CD
(Devil Doll Records P.O. Box 30727 Long Beach, CA 90853)
I swear that I hear more than a touch of Dokken in these songs. This brings to mind the late ‘80s / early ‘90s when lots of bands were crossing over from metal to punk / hardcore. Guy Smiley has many metal elements, but punk them out a bit…or maybe they’re heading the other direction. Regardless they straddle the line between punk and metal, being a bit more on the punk side. In a weird way parts of this sound like J-Church…especially the track Breakdown. {Grog}

Half Pint - "Recollection" - CD
(Cornerstone R.A.S. / Skunk Records)
Heraclitus once said that the hidden harmony is better than the obvious. The hidden harmony is celebrated in every note on this incredible release. Half Pint is one of the most underrated reggae bands. Their songs are celebrations of life as well as examinations of victimization and oppression. "Recollection" is a collection of selected songs from the band’s discography. {Gail}
Skunk Web Site

Stuart Hart - "Inner Voice" - CD
(Mother West 132 West 26th Street New York, NY 10001)
I have no idea how this CD got sent to Mutant Renegade Zine for review. It would be much more appropriate for something like Soft Rock Weekly, if such a publication even exists. "Inner Voice" is, in a word, LAME. It reminds me of the theme music for Good Morning America; I half expect to hear an introduction to a Martha Stewart segment after each song. It's even lamer than Kenny G. Even the cover sucks! This is the type of Easy-Cheese elevator music that would be playing nonstop in my own personal hell. Stuart Hart's "Inner Voice" needs to be gagged, for the sake of everyone's sanity. {Lizi}
Motherwest Web Site

The Hellacopters - "Payin' the Dues" - 2CD
(Subpop Records P.O. Box 20645 Seattle, WA 98102)
Rock 'n' roll baby, rock 'n' roll. Throughout this release various songs remind me of Whitesnake, Sammy Hagar/David Lee Roth Van Halen, Power Station and so many more late '80s rockin' bands. Is this release by the Hellacopters a sign of the reemergence of arena rock 'n' roll? Who knows and who cares? This is pure rock 'n' roll. I'll add that there are really two CD's in this release. One studio recorded and one live. I preferred the live disc. And now I'm going to ad one more rock 'n' roll to make it an even five. {Mite}
Subpop Web Site

Hellchild - "Bareskin" - CD
(Howling Bull America P.O. Box 40129 San Francisco, CA 94140)
All the way from across the ocean, comes another Japanese metal band. The only thing unique about this band is that they are from Tokyo, Japan. Growling vocals and fast guitars and you have a death metal album. Rather boring and uninspired. 6/10. {theSADman}
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Homemade - "What Were We Getting Into, Before We Got Into This?" - CD
(Theologian Records P.O. Box 1070 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254)
The majority of this release is mid-tempo melodic hardcore. One track Lower Plastic 3 am is a horrid song. It’s like the singer and guitarist are playing one song and, the drummer is playing a different one…while the bassist meandering between both. I do like the Tale of the Seventeenth Grade Nothing though. Most of the songs are good, but seem to lack passion. The disc seems to get better as it goes on, and by the end I genuinely like them. {Grog}
Theologian Web Site

Hudson Falcons - "Desperation and Revolution" - CD
(GMM Records P.O. Box 15234 Atlanta, GA 30333)
(P.O. Box 953 Maywood, NJ 07607)
Angry, working class street punk. I can see this type of thing coming out of Flint, MI or any other rust belt city. While I agree with some of their social political viewpoints, I really don’t subscribe to many of their economic viewpoints. Being a realist / optimist, I just find some of their ideas laughable, or at best naive. I would have loved this when I was 20, but now it does nothing for me. {Grog}
E-Mail Hudson Falcons Hudson Falcons Web Site GMM Web Site

Engelbert Humperdinck - "Ultimate Collection" - CD
(Hip-O / Universal Records)
Move over Ricky Martin and Julio’s kid, here comes the true “King of Romance” Engelbert Humperdinck. My mom was all over this CD. I think she swiped it from me if that gives you a clue about how hip this CD is. A great listen for anyone over the age of sixty. {Gail}
Hip-O Web Site

Hung Up - "Runnin Out" - CD
(Crack Records P.O. Box 29048 Eaton Place Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada R3C 4L1)
Extreme musical attitude is what I hear when I listened to this release by Hung Up. They do a beautifully chaotic cover of Culture Club's Karma Chameleon and that’s the low point of the CD. Evil clowns everywhere are raving about the band that calls itself Hung Up. {Mite}
Crack Web Site

In My Eyes - "Nothing to Hide" - CD
(Revelation Records P.O. Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615)
Hardcore a la Gorilla Biscuits with a really nice, tight sound. Sweet Pete lays down some great vocals, and the guitar work of In My Eyes is some of the best I've heard from a hardcore band since Youth of Today in the late '80s. I felt self-righteousness creeping in as I nodded my head to the beat. Typical hardcore lyrics about believing in yourself and strength, but "Nothing to Hide" puts a new twist on this genre; it sounds like it's more from the heart than most hardcore. I highly recommend tracks like Making Sense and Welcome to Boston. "Nothing to Hide" really has nothing to hide; it's very well done. {Lizi}
Revelation Web Site

Intherapy - "Cross State Cancer" - CD
This is one of those releases that I got handed to me at a local show. I was very leery about this release at first because the band made the fatal mistake that most bands do when they are in too much of a hurry getting their first release out, they forgot to put any contact information anywhere. However, I have to say that I love this CD. This is what punk rock is all about. This is a band that I would have loved to see play with The Oxymorons in their heyday.

Intherapy has a sound that reminds me a little of The Dead Kennedy's. Their cover of Dizzy had me laughing my ass off and hitting the repeat button on my CD player many a time. So, my final verdict for this release is that any band that has a tune entitled Green Eggs & Crack is tops in my book. {Mite}

Intrepid A.A.F. - "Songs of Battle" - 7"
(Cheetah's Records P.O. Box 4442 Berkeley, CA 94704)
Pretty good stuff as far as Punk Rock goes, and very politically / socially minded. The first song, Shadows Of Swastikas (S.O.S.) is anti-racist and tells the listener to be violently counteractive against white supremacists (I can dig it!). Make The Leader(s) Fight is reminiscent in ideology of the old Black Sabbath song War Pigs and Bob Dylan's Masters of War because they feel that the governments should do their own dirty work (again, I can dig it!). I'm not gonna give you a "play by play" of the whole thing, but if you like good political punk music, here you go! {Tom CoreKill}
E-Mail Cheetah's Cheetah's Web Site

Burl Ives - "The Best of Burl Ives Christmas" - CD
(MCA / Universal Records)
A classic Christmas collection from the man who was the voice of Sam the Snowman in "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". Burl Ives looked like Santa and he brought the spirit of old St. Nick to life every holiday in our hearts when we watched "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". Selections include: A Holly Jolly Christmas, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer which were each penned by Johnny Marks. {Gail}

Jag Offs - "Four Letter Words" - CD
(Recess Records P.O. Box 1112 Torrance, CA 90505)
Less than basic punk rock 101 in music and lyrics. The entire release sounded like I was listening to a 33rpm recording being played back at 78rpm. {Mite}
Recess Web Site

The Jimmies - "Let the Fat Men Plunder" - CD
(Panic Button Records P.O. Box 148010 Chicago, IL 60614-8010)
I liked the CD cover photo of the fat hairy belly of the guitarist and the hot Betty Page tattoo on his left forearm, so I thought I'd like the music. Unfortunately, this is just another pop punk album with mediocre vocals. The music is well done and rockin', and some of the subject matter is amusing (especially the song called Ginger which is about having a childhood crush on the Gilligan's Island character), but this disc doesn't really grab me. Sorry. {Tom CoreKill}

Jucifer - "Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip" - CD
(Crack Rock Records P.O. Box 49894 Athens, GA 30604-9894)
Jucifer has caught the “We’re all stars now in the Dope Show,” Bandwagon and they are going on a hayride bound for hell. Jucifer create depressing and barbiturate influenced imitation heavy metal thunder with a slow and dull back beat that will drive you to the doldrums of boredom in 2.5 seconds or less. I’d rather listen to Yoko Ono without the influence of any drug. Amber Valentine’s vocals are flat and it sounds like she’s trying to sound like an early Courtney Love with her constant whining. {Gail}

Karma To Burn - "Wild Wonderful Purgatory" - CD
(MIA Records 315 Church St. 2nd Floor New York, NY 10013)
There was no song list anywhere on the packaging or even on the disc itself. It also sounds like there are no vocals on any of the songs except in rare instances. The first track begins with a woman's voice sampled saying, "We're all ready for tonight. How about you, shit head?!" and later on someone quietly yells "Tequila" during a break down in the music. The rest of the album is hard drivin' guitar screamin' n growlin' rock n roll. Plus there's a good bit of gurrrly paintings all over the packaging. This seems like it could be a good underscore for a movie, but don't ask me what kind. {Tom CoreKill}
MIA Web Site

Kid Brother Collective - "Never Trust Yourself" - CD
(Doom Nibbler Records PMB 186 838 East High St Lexington, KY 40502)
I really liked these guys when they sent me their CD-EP last year for review. All I can say is that they’ve gotten better. Great songs that fall into the emo / punk-pop range reminding me of bands like Pezz, The Get Up Kids… The only problem is that once again this is an EP…only three more songs. I need more! {Grog}
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Kittens for Christian - "Is that what Sex is Like?" - 2CD
(Dirtbox Records P.O. Box 3092 Burbank, CA 91508-3092)
The first all-instrumental track made me think of Sonic Youth with that sort of slow distortion-rich guitar style and hot-ass drums (did I say I was complaining?!) On the second song, Cheap Wine, the vocals show up and I like that too, kind of a from-the-gut wailing like lead singer Hiram Fleites has got a hernia and severe case of blue balls! Oh yeah, a guy named Neil Young is also part of this band, but I don't think it's the same one. There's a bit of a surf-punk feel on a few of the songs which is good. It's got a raw clarity to it and that, in this case, is also good. {Tom CoreKill}
Dirtbox Web Site

***theSADman's Pick of the Issue***
Kittie - "Spit" - CD
(Artemis Records 130 Fifth Ave New York, NY 10011 / Ng Records)
An extremely heavy and aggressive CD from Kittie. A 4 piece all girl band from Canada. All four band members are under the age of 18. The sounds on the CD vary from industrial and Goth metal to even death metal. I’ll bet these chicks could kick my ass, but for some reason I know I would enjoy it. Kittie is what The Spice Girls would sound like if they were all possessed by Satan and really pissed off. An added bonus on the CD is a CD rom video for the song brackish. 10/10 {theSADman}
Kittie Web Site Artimis Web Site Ng Web Site

Krisium - "Conquerars of Armageddon" - CD
(Century Media Recordings 1453-A 14th Street #324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)
Extreme death metal from Brazil. After close to 10 years of playing, the band Krisiun finally gets released on a major record label. Recently on tour with the likes of Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, and Kreator this band its own. This release gives us 9 slabs of apocalyptic hell. When Armageddon arrives, these guy will be left standing as survivors. 7/10 {theSADman}
Century Media Web Site

Liberator - "Worldwide Delivery" - CD
(Epitaph Records 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)
This is some really good ska. The sound is along the lines of Citizen Fish, but with even more of a first wave sound and less of a political stance. Another great disc that’s making me want to skank about the room like the fool that I am. I would have to rank these guys in my top ten ska bands. {Grog}
Epitaph Web Site

Libertine - "See You in the Next Life" - CD
(Substandard Records 218 Lake Shore Dr. Richmond, CA 94804/ New Red Archives)
Spiky haired bondage pant wearing '77 punks. In my fantasy world this is what pop is, good old punk rock, a bit on the melodic side but still tough sounding. I think we can all agree that this is infinitely more palatable a future than what is labeled "pop" and crammed down our throats these days. So pardon me, as I turn up Libertine and return to my fantasy world! {Howard X}
Substandard Web Site

Link 80 - "The Struggle Continues..." - CD
(Asian Man Records P.O. Box 35585 Monte Sereno, CA 95030-5585)
I saw these guys a while back and reviewed one of their old releases. They sound quite a bit different than how I recall them. I recall hearing that their singer died of a drug overdose last year…I could be wrong, but if true that could account for the change in the sound. They are still a ska punk band, but now the emphasis is on punk. They sound like they’ve been listening to a lot of Mephaskapheles. A few songs hit the standard ska punk sound I’m used to, but the majority are punk / hardcore with some horns and occasional choppy guitar. {Grog}
Asian Man Web Site

Little Champions - "Pillow" - CD
(Barsuk Records P.O. Box 31016 Seattle, WA 98103)
Well, I must have known that I'd like this CD. I couldn't find this release a while ago and was looking all over for it. I found it yesterday in with my private collection. Sometimes premenitions are right, since I love this release. Little Champions have great male / female vocals that trade off singing lead and background vocals or both and sound great in either capacity. They also have keyborads as well as the traditional bass, drums and guitar line up. I thought of quite a few bands while listening to this, but they are very diverse and I really couldn't make a decent connection. So here are a few bands that they reminded me of: the B-52's, X, Cupid Car Club, ??? {Grog}
Barsuk Web Site

Long Beach Dub Allstars - "Right Back" - CD
(Dreamworks Records)
I would have expected better from the former members of Sublime. This CD is shoddily done, and belittles the talents of these musicians. It's not really ska; it's not really rap ? all I'm sure it is good for is a coaster. Try again. Better luck next time. {Fibi}
Dreamworks Web Site

Luca Turilli - "King of the Nordic Twilight" - CD
(Limb Music Products Postfach 60 25 04 22235 Hamburg Germany / US Distro by DNA)
Luca Turilli is a solo album release from the lead singer of Rhapsody. The music can be described as epic fantasy metal. The CD uses elements of classical music and heavy metal as conveys great atmosphere and energy. Luca Turilli uses German opera singers, violin, viola, flute, and piano on this release to provide a great range of sounds. Hihly recommended for fans of Savatage, Helloween, or even Manowar. 9/10 {theSADman}
E-Mail Limb Music Limb Music Web Site

Trudy Lynn - "U Don't Know What Time It Is" - CD
(Ruf Records / Platnium)
Crowned the “Divine Diva of Blues and Soul", Trudy Lynn captures her smooth and silky voice on her seventh solo release U Don’t Know What Time It Is. Trudy Lynn started her career as a rhythm and blues singer in Houston nightclubs nearly a half a century ago. The release is a bit more funkier and soulful than her prior releases which tend to be more of a traditional rhythm and blues sound. Special guests on the release are Lucky Peterson and Bernard Allison. Trudy Lynn is truly one of the more underrated blues singers in our time. Check her out if you enjoy Aretha Franklin or Tina Turner. {Gail}
Platnium Web Site

Main Street Saints - "Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven" - CD
(GMM Records P.O. Box 15234 Atlanta, GA 30333)

Malevolent Creation - "Manifestation" - CD
(Pavement Music 7400 W. Detroit St Suite 150 Chandler, AZ 85226)
Manifestation: a public demonstration of power and purpose. Yes, these guys definitely have extreme power and purpose. This release, "Manifestation", has to be one of the heaviest albums I have ever heard. Definitely recommended to all death metal and Grind core fans. The 2 CD set is a best of collection covering their ten year history. Despite personnel changes, singer Phil Fasciana has keep the band alive. By daily gargling with razor blade, Phil Fasciana has developed a voice that would definitely please Satan himself . Older songs on the CD are closer to thrash metal, and the newer songs are some of the heaviest death metal songs ever recorded. Definitely a band to be fear and worshipped. 10/10 {theSADman}
Pavement Web Site

Man Alive! - "City Mile" - 7"
(Reminiscent Records 2525 Lewis Ct Lakewood, CO 80215)
Wow, is this hardcore ska? It has a light, bouncy feel, but pumps up into being hardcore with the same general feel. Very cool. They never get too heavy, but can speed up and get more powerful without sacrificing their overall sound. The recording quality is a bit raw, but it seems to work in their favor. I really like this a lot. The lyrics are fairly typical punk rock fair, but better than average with songs relating to suburbia over building, feeling isolatedand not trusting todays society and music being a big part of life. {Grog}
E-Mail Reminiscent

Man Scouts of America - "Crash Course" - CD
(RAFR Records 11054 Ventura Blvd #205 Studio City, CA 91604)
Okay, I chose this CD to review because I thought that Man Scouts of America was a pretty bitchin name. Not only that, but going by the cover artwork and the photos inside, I thought this would be a punk/metal kind of trip that might be interesting. Instead of some thoughtful tech-y punky stuff, I got some rehashed 1980's cock-rock instead, minus the swaggering cock. This stuff made me feel like I should be shooting pool back in '88 with a frizzy perm and acid washed Chic jeans on. I like metal and rock, don't get me wrong, but if you're going to do it, at least put a new spin on it. The Man Scouts of America's sound is too clean to really get me going, and the singer, Rik Slave, sounds like he's trying to be Vince Neil or Dee Snyder, but fails miserably. He even attempts one of those "Are you ready to ROOCCKK?!" types of screams a few times, but it's just pathetic. "Crash Course" has the potential to be a good CD, but I think the Boy (oops, I mean Man) Scouts need to get a little grittier in sound, and move into the new millennium to succeed. {Lizi}
RAFR Web Site

Midtown - "Save the World, Lose the Girl" - CD
(Drive-Thru Records P.O. Box 55234 Sherman Oaks, CA 91413)
When the first track, Just Rock and Roll started I was thinking "Oh joy, an Offspring clone band". After the first song though there was much more of a fast paced emo sound to them. With duel harmonizing vocals throughout most of the songs and a resemblance to The Get Up Kids. {Grog}
Drive-Thru Web Site

Migraines - "Live at CBGB's" - CD
(Sick Duck Records P.O. Box 5051 Ft. Wayne, IN 46895)
A loud, fast and hungry release from the Indiana-based Migraines. The Migraines are a tight punk band, with plenty to say. {Fibi}
Sick Duck Web Site

Milk Cult - "Project M-13" - CD
(Distibuted by Revolver)
In June of 1997, the Milk Cult was asked to be guests on the La Friche Art Collective in Marseille. "Project M-13" is a collection of songs that were produced by the Milk Cult and over 30 musicians and artists over a period of a month. "Project M-13" is a juicy CD. The opening song, features jungle noises. The rest of the release is a multi-layered feast of hypnotic dance rhythms, acid trip hop and an Asian flavor added to the mix. It’s simply a delight for your ears. {Gail}

The Milwaukees - "Missel Command" - CD
(Forest Records P.O. Box 20 Matawan, NJ 07747)
Another Milwaukees release. I liked their last one and have to say that this one is different in one's better. Their songs are catchier and more solidified. They play great pop oriented rock that sticks in the mind, but isn't wimpy. This is what Third Eye Blind wishes they were. {Grog}

Monk - "Quiver" - CD
(Falt Earth Records 6900 South Grey Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46237)
The guitars are swirly, the bass is shimmering and the vocals are male softness. This mellow CD will have you drifting off too another realm. The instrumentals on this release make you feel like you had a brain massage after you listen to them, they are that relaxing. A note to all the locals, Brian Kelly of Over the Rhine plays drums on many of the tracks.

With the tune One Eye Open I felt like I was listening to an '80s Beatles influenced band. On the song, Can't Drink the Water, Monk reminded me of a mellower Toad the Wet Sprocket, and on Birds of Appetite, an even mellower Jah Wobble. I also swear that I hear a little bit of the Ani DiFranco sound on the song That's My Love, which has Ben Folds on Loop Drums. This is a wonderful mellow release. {Mite}
Flat Earth Web Site

Monkey Paw - "Hating You is So Easy" - CD
(Four Alarm Records 660 W. Lake St. Chicago, IL 60661)
This is like a throwback to late 70’s / early 80’s punk rock…the fun stuff that is, not the street punk…actually it’s closer to new wave, minus the keyboards. It's like if the Dickies and the Weirdos slept with the Go-Go’s while listening to Devo. It is very fun and they even add some twisted horns to a few songs. The chorus to the first song is: “I did peace and love one another, why don’t you go and fuck your mother.” I think that says a lot…plus you get a 7 minute free style rap at the end. {Grog}
E-Mail Monkey Paw Monkey Paw Web Site

Alanis Morissette - "MTV Unplugged" - CD
(Maverick Records)
This is actually a good release. If I had to choose which of Alanis’ releases to purchase this would be it. She is one of those top 40 singers that I actually like. This is filled with her hits, plus a great cover of The Police song King of Pain. This CD gets double thumbs up. {Mite}
Maverick Web Site

Morphic Resonance - "Morphogenesis" - Cassette
(Discipline Records)
This is the debut album from Morphic Resonance, previously known as Dayton, OH's Iconoclast. Since their name change they've also been mistakenly referred to as "Morphic Residence" and by 1470 West club's DJ Pat as "Morphic Renaissance", which just goes to show you it usually takes a while for people to get used to changes. Speaking of changes, there has been more than just a name change. Long time co-vocalist Rebekka Van Gogh has recently left to pursue another music project. The sound of the band since her departure has changed both vocally and musically into a harsher blend of Darkwave and Industrial. Their music is danceable to the extreme! There's definitely a major old school Industrial influence by the likes of Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Klute, etc. One major influence on the band is Skinny Puppy, who they cover with a very fresh version of Assimilate (the unmentioned track at the end). They also remind me of early Skin Pup because they have that thundering wall of sound interspersed with pretty, melodic keyboard parts. The entire tape is generously sprinkled with excellent Skin Pup style film samples, like at the end of the track Multiple Personality Disorder, there's a lengthy one from the Tim Robbins flick Jacob's Ladder. I've known most of the members of the band for a while now, and they're some of the most humble, easy going, fun loving kids you would ever want to meet, which might be surprising considering the tone of what they produce, but isn't that the way it usually goes? They seem to be one of the most visible Industrial / Darkwave bands in Dayton and are quickly becoming one of the house bands at 1470 West. If you live in this area, I'd highly recommend catching them live if you haven't already. {Tom CoreKill}

Motley Crue - "Live Entertainment or Death" - CD
(Beyond Records / BMG)
This is a good example of why I don’t like most live albums. The songs are done the same way in which they were initially recorded, but due to the lack of studio clean-up they sound weak and lame. The background vocals are off key and the bass & guitar just sound weak. On a few songs they sound decent, such as Live Wire, but that’s because their first release was raw too. The first CD in this two disc set was recorded in the early ‘80s and features older songs from their first few records, which happen to be my favorites of this collection. However, since I’m no longer an impersonal young teen they don’t do much for me anymore. The second disc was recorded in the ‘90s and has their newer songs. These are filled out better, but I don’t think the songs themselves are quite as good as their old stuff.

It seems like they released this because a) They could get a last bit of money out of their old fans due to their VH1 behind the music special b) They have a format where they can cuss between songs…it’s amazing how many cheers they can get for simply saying the word “fuck”. c) They are utterly clueless. {Grog}
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The Mr. T Experience - “Alcatraz” - CD
(Lookout Records P.O. Box 11374 Berkeley, CA 94712-2374)
Dr. Frank and the boys return with another strong punchy punk and pop mix of cynical lyrics candy coated with sarcasm and humor. The opening track, I Wrote the Book About Rock and Roll includes a churning organ piping in rhythm into the song that is reminiscent to early Elvis Costello recordings. I think that Dr. Frank wrote the song about Grog. If you get a chance to see Mr. T Experience live, it is definitely worth your time. In the meantime, give Alcatraz a listen for pure pop that is true to its punk roots. {Gail}
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Mrs. Fun - "The Best of" - CD
(Daemon Records P.O. Box 1207 Decatur, GA 30031)
Dameon Records has just been impressing the hell out of me lately with it's wonderful and diverse releases. Mrs. Fun is a jazz based band with twists. The band is very diverse in its jazz style. One song will be more of a poetry piece, while another will be a straight-ahead jazz instrumental. Then before you know it, you're listening to a funked out ditty or a tune that has an alternative feel to it. My overall favorite tune on this release is the tune Ennui which reminds me a bit of Siouxi and the Banshies song Trust in Me.

The core of this band is Connie Grauer on keyboards, keyboard bass and vocals with Kim Zick on drums. They seem to be well known in their hometown of Milwaukee and hopefully, with this release, they will get the attention they deserve elsewhere. If you are into Combustible Edison then pick this up now. It's a whole new era in jazz. {Mite}
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Patrick Murphy - "Patrick Murphy" - CD
(Patrick Murphy)
Patrick is of the acoustic singer-songwriter variety. The songs and the vocal styling remind me a bit of Cat Man Stevens. The lyrics are wonderful and the over all songs put me in a state of calm. Patrick is accompanied by the traditional band set up, which helps to elevate the tunes to another level. A terrific acoustic release. {Mite}

MxPx - "Christmas Only Comes Once A Year" - CD
(A&M Records)
This is a special X-mas single, which went out to their fan club members. It’s a happy pop-punky song without a trace of angst. Nothing really special, but a neat little keepsake and something else to pull out a X-mas or to hear on the radio. {Grog}

Nerf Herder - "How to Meet Girls" - CD
(Honest Don's Records P.O. Box 192027 San Francisco, CA 94119-2027)
"How to Meet Girls" is another great release from Nerf Herder. It has an upbeat post punk feel that pokes fun of Courtney Love in the song Courtney and begs not to end up like Jonathan Richmond. In For You, a cornucopia of 80’s references are unloaded on listener including roller blading with Corey Feldman and getting a tattoo of Michael Bolton just to win over a girl’s love. Nerf Herder is like Weezer on amphetamines or like watching PeeWee’s Playhouse while slurping Pepsi ‘s by the dozen and eating handfuls of Smarties. Simply a roller coaster of rock n roll fun. {Gail}
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Aaron Neville - "The Very Best of" - CD
(A&M / Universal Records)
Aaron Neville is one of those musicians where women want to get naked just because of the sound of his voice. (That's what I've heard anyway, I had no suck luck when playing this CD at full volume). Like the title of this CD states, this is the best of Aaron Neville. I have heard Aaron Neville songs here and there, but this release just blew me away. It's all good, but I have to honestly say that my favorite tune on this release was his cover of George Jones' The Grand Tour. {Mite}

NOFX - "The Decline" - CD
(Fat Wreck Chords P.O. Box San Francisco, CA)
I just love this snot-punk band. What you have for this CD is that great NOFX sound as they offer up six politically inspired songs. Like every NOFX release that I've heard so far, there's not one bad song can be found. An overall feel for this release can be found in the words "I pledge a greivance to the flag ... blah blah blah ... with liberty for just us not all" which is on the back of the CD case. {Mite}
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No Rest for the Dead - "The End of Space" - CD
(Deaf American Recordings #3 Bethel Church Rd. Dillsburg, PA 17019)
This is Japanese stoner grind core death rock heavy metal. A unique release from this Japanese band. Compining a mixture of grind core and psychedelic sounds. Many say this band sounds like a mixture of Brutal Truth and Pink Floyd. The 52 minute track , any green here definitely takes the listener on a psychedelic death rock journey. 8/10. {theSADman}
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Noxious Emotion - "Symbols" - CD
(ASDR Musicwerks 1106 E Republican Seattle WA 98102)
Seattle's Noxious Emotion presents a great slice of darkwave with the full length release "Symbols". Combining hypnotic, strong vocals with a throbbing drum beat, "Symbols" packs a primal, pulsing sound with each track. The band is also very friendly, and their live show is definitely worth catching. Audience drum participation adds to the experience, and they give their all with each performance. A great investment to anyone who can appreciate finding the darker animalistic nature within themselves. {Lizi}
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Oberon - "Sonnet" - CD
(Koch Records)
Well, I really didn’t know what to make of this release. When I heard that it was some Shakespeare sonnets set to music I claimed it for my own. I love Shakespeare and I figured this would be a unique disc…and I was right. It is twelve Sonnets read by four British Shakespearean actors: Sheila Allen, Belinda Davison, John McEnery and David Rintoul. After each sonnet there is a song composed by Oberon, which is their interpretation of the sonnet in music. The music falls into the realm of new age and modern jazz, all I can think of to compare it to is Enya. Actually it isn’t too bad and would make for a great relaxation / meditation disc. Of course my favorite parts are the sonnets themselves. {Grog}
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One Man Army - "Last Word Spoken" - CD
(Adeline Records 5337 College Ave. #318 Oakland, CA 94618)
The only thing I can say about this CD is that after I heard it, I completely lost it. Man, life is so wickedly wild that way. No shittin’, I completely and utterly lost it. After I first heard this release, I literally had to go to the hospital and be given drugs while the doctors stuck a camera down my throat and retrieved stomach juices. Then lightening came and thunder. My walls are all orange now with purple trim. Be careful man, one listen to this release and you just might lose it too. {Mite}
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William Orbit - "Pieces In A Modern Style" - CD
William Orbit - "Barber's Adagio For Strings" - CD Single
(Maverick Records)
Hey kids, remember when Walter Murphy released The Fifth of Beethoven and it became a huge club hit in all the discos? Well, William Orbit caught that boogie train.

William Orbit is famous for being the producer of Madonna’s Ray of Light album. "Pieces of a Modern Style" is a collection of classical music from Beethoven to 20th century minimalist John Cage. William Orbit adds a techno twist to the pieces, but the music remains in tact. The tracks are airy and create an atmosphere of relaxation. Some of the tracks need a little more kick, but for the most part it’s a great listen. Adagio for Strings has become a huge single in the UK. I’d like to see Orbit release club versions of all the songs with lyrics by Ricky Martin. {Gail}
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Osker - "Treatment 5" - CD
(Epitaph Records 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)
This is just another pop-punk combo that has echoes of Green Day and other Berkeley, CA punk bands in their sound. The sad thing is, they take this genre of pop-punk and do absolutely nothing new with it. The vocals could be a lot better (it's kinda whiny), and the lyrics all have the same 'Look, I'm strong, and I feel alienated, but I can succeed without any help from you' message in all eighteen tracks. Pass on this, and find a band that can do it better, without so many clichés. {Lizi}
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