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"Selected Poetry From Issue #6"

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Age Awaiting Silence Drown Oriental The Other Side Petting Zoo
The Rain Refrigerated the Sexual Slaughter The Tears

by Janet Kuypers

The Other Side
by Leslie Harris

Warm, thick,
Sheltering from the cold, consuming wild
Stolen from the one who never knew to be

Comfort, warmth;
But, now, look about you:
Crystal clear, the shimmering knowledge
Technology and "civilization"
Warmth known only to you, forever?
Have you forgotten, have you returned
AS the cold, consuming wind?

The Sexual Slaughter
by Christina Kennedy

Poking, prodding, shocking
Lead the screaming beast to its inevitable death
Tying her wrist, gagging her mouth, chaining her neck
Deliver the pleading creature to obscene orgasm.

Skin the beast...Strip her bare
Tear its flesh...Spread the legs
the violet, gelatinous blood seeps

The carcass hangs from a hook on the assembly line
as a reminder of male-dominance and virtility
the naked body lies exposed
(another notch attached to a belt)
as a symbol of degradation and oppression

The hunter returns from the slaughter
and enters the kitchen,
grasping the tortured animal.
He extends his arm,
his wife clasps his hand
and accepts the cruelty
in holy matrimony...
In death do they join.

Slave over the stove
wipe the sweat and humiliation from your brow
and serve the man his meat

by Mike Greger

The knife like her calf
Licked wetly against her neck
Nurture then beat her
Slaughter then eat her
The cellophane shroud
Pressed wetly against her face

Petting Zoo
by Laura Albrecht

Pacing in a circle
Of barbed wire
Drawn taut,
She becomes vulnerable
To stroking hands,
To fingertips plucking
At her bare earlobes,
Pressing themselves
Down her spine,
Prodding her ribs,
The soles of her feet.

Declawed she relies
On tricks for kindness,
Her smiles fixed
With the thickness
Of plywood and glue.
Open palms offer her
Shelled peanuts
And sugar cubes.
Her tongue grazes this
Salt and sweetness,
Licking hands clean
Before they wander
Across her cheekbone,
Tangle through her hair,
Scrape across her scalp.
Captured and tamed,
She is their oddity.
These hands pay money
To explore her hide,
Each inch opened.
She stands still, sometimes
Tied, and watches
The blunt fingers, all
Familiar, move and change
Stroke and stay.

The Rain
by Fred Lassing

The Tears
By Janet Kuypers

Awaiting Silence
by Dubie

by Janet Kuypers

by Brandi Elly

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