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"Book & Video Reviews Issue #9"


Doug De Bias "Coming of Age in Babylon"
($12, New Spring Publications Princeton, NJ 08540)
Coming of Age in Babylon is a book written about finding your own reality and has straight answers about questions you always wanted to ask (or did ask without recieving a real answer) about many things in life. Doug writes about things as honestly as he can, but you still have to take into account that he doesn't have the difinitive answers. He's just pointing you in the right direction, so that you will question things and make up your own mind. This book touches on masturbation, capitalism, becoming yourself, homosexuality, drugs, religion, love & sex, heros, spirituality, politics and many other things which make life interesting and worthwhile. What I find really interesting is that even though Doug is older, he isn't preachy and is open minded enough have not lost touch with reality. He is a parent of two grown daughters, who I'm sure have benifitted greatly from his & his wife's openess about life.

Doug wrote this book with the expected reading age to be between 18-25, to help people find their own reality. However, I think that age range is somewhat limiting. Sure by the time you're 25 you have experienced and figured out a lot. But there are always gaps and things which you haven't learned or considered. Most of my friends are in their late twenties and early thirties and we are still actively searching.

It is pretty cool that this arrived while I've been going through a process of rebuilding my life, ideas, goals and philosophies. This gives me more to think about and another vantage point to try. I agree with most of what is written in the book and the parts I disagree with I can respect his viewpoint. Over all I think it's a great book, which I would have loved to have had when I was 18, but it still is helpful a decade later. The book is a quick read and can even be used as a handy reference due to its compact size. Doug told me that it will be sold with an accompanying CD, so you can listen while you read (which I prefer anyway). {Grog}
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hed(pe) - "2 Live Songs"
(Zomba Recordings 137-139 West 25th Street New York, NY 10001)
Well, the first song showed them playing live, but it was definitly the studio version of the song. The video was pretty cool and gave a good idea of what it would be like to see them live. Very loud, aggressive and fun. The second song was recorded by one camara and the camara mike and gave a true representaion of the band live. Overall a very cool video and now I really want to see this band live more than ever. {Grog}

VooDoo Glow Skulls - "Left for Dead"
(Epitaph 2798 Sunset Blvd LA, CA 90026)
This is a video for the Skulls song "Left for Dead". It's a decent video, but a bit annoying for some reason unknown to me. It just fails to grab me and leaves me basically apathetic in general. I like the song and love the Skulls, but I could take or leave this video. {Grog}

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