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"Book, Comic & Video Reviews Issue #8"

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Jhonen Vasquez "Squee" & "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac"
(Slave Labor Graphics 979 S. Bascom Ave. San Jose, CA 95128)
Two comics by the same fellow. The artwork is wonderful. A dark gothic style that reminds me of a more twisted Tim Burton. Squee is about a little boy and his fears, which include being fought over by aliens on which one is going to take him for their painful experiments.

Most of the stories in Johnny the Homicidal Maniac are a bit too graphic, but a few do stand out, especially when Jhonen makes fun of goth-heads. One story has a couple of Goth chicks who go out and make fun of everyone. However when they go to a diner and are laughed at themselves, they boo hoo about how people persecute them because of their differences. Two highly suggested comics for people who are interested in just what the appeal of comics are. {mite}

Adrian Tomine "Optic Nerve #2"
(D&Q Publications 5550 Jeanne Mance St., #16 Montreal, Que., H2V 4K6 Canada)
One of the best comics that I have ever ran across. Great artwork and even greater stories. The issue that I got ahold of contained four stories. In The Connecting Thread Cheryl keeps seeing ads in the "I saw you...." section of the paper that seem to be directed at her, but who could it be? In another story, Summer Job, Eric gets a job at a copy shop, steals supplies and works on his zine. Pink Frosting and Layover round out this much recommended comic. {mite}

Dame Darcy Megan Stanger "Meat Cake #6"
(Fantagraphics Books Inc. POB 730 NY, NY 10009 )
A very surrealistic comic in both story and artwork. In this issue you can find Strega Pez, who speaks by words written on pez that pop out of her neck, a girl who's father was a famous scientist and mother was a horse and Perfidia and Hindrance, the Siamese twins. A wonderful comic with cramped writing to help give it that otherworldly feel. {mite}



J.A. De Guzman "Road Story - A poetic Fiction"
(Blue Halo POB 7137 Laguna Niguel, CA 92607)
Let me start out by giving you a sample of the writing in this book. "It was that ornamental glass piece, like the ones they use for ornamenting." This is a story about a fellow who runs into the girl of his dreams while on a road trip. He finds her in the desert right after she had been rapped. The story line seems more like some male high school fantasy. And the writing .... this is what they have editors for . D-, try again. {mite}



"The Eat = More Carp Show"
(Big Beef POB 303 WBB Dayton, OH 45409)
This is what public cable television is supposed to be, very strange and no point to be made what-so-ever. Pure fun. Home movies, live bands, fish mask... this video has it all. Yeasssss!!!! {mite}

The Pure Plastic Tree/Gregg Spence "Live"
(Big Beef POB 303 WBB Dayton, OH 45409)
PPT is no longer with us but their music lives on in c.d. and video. Acoustic punk doesn't really describe this band well enough, but it's the best that I can do. The video has a psychedelic feel to it. And what can I say about Gregg Spence, I mean without Gregg there would be no Grog. {mite}

New Duncan Imperials "Video Trash" (Big Beef POB 303 WBB Dayton, OH 45409)
A live video collage featuring that nutty trio from Loserville; Skipper, Goodtime and Pigtail Dick. The only way to experience NDI is live, but this video is the next best thing. A must for any NDI fan. {mite}

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