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Captive Audience (video)

This film is the brainchild of a disc jockey who had never done a movie before. I think he should look at movie making full time. The story involves a washed-up overnight disc jockey who calls himself Jack the Ripper (Michael Kevin Walker) who is surprised and held hostage by neurotic fan Howard Engalis (Daniel Hass) who just wants to make a 'request'. Howard let's Jack continue with his show as he waits for the perfect moment to make his request.

Being a former late night disc jockey myself I can relate to movie in that it was always a fear that some wacko was going to sneak into the studio while I was doing my show. I think that's a big fear of every late night disc jockey. What Mike Gioscia and Kurt St. Thomas manage to do is present an interplay between the disc jockey and intruder that shows they are more similar than what appears on the surface.

The reviews I've read praise Michael Kevin Walker on his acting. While is acting wasn't bad, it wasn't overly great either. I thought it felt it was more on par with the acting that the guy who played the video clerk in the movie Clerks. I felt the best acting was done by Daniel Hass..

While the overall story and feel of the movie was wonderful, I do feel like it could have been even better. The interplay between the two characters should have been more psychological. I felt that Howard should have been played a little bit more unstable. He seemed more harmless than dangerous, a girl scout could have probably wrestled the gun out of his hand. And the "this is how a radio station works" part of the movie was nothing more than filler.

Mike Gioscia offers up some wonderful comic relief especially in the Ed Wood "Glen or Glenda" type dream sequence. The punch hits you with a delayed reaction. Mike G plays a grunge bunny of a guy whos car is broken down and is the only person who is really 'listening' to Jacks show. It would have been wonderful if they used the character a bit more in the interplay between Jack and Howard.

With all my creative criticisms I must ad that this movie is still 10 times better than most of the schlock that is coming out of the major Hollywood studios. Also remember that this is only the first movie by two guys who didn't know a thing about making movies going in to the project. With that said I would suggest seeing this movie if it ever comes to your town. I am also eagerly anticipating the next project that the minds behind Captive Audience come up with.


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