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"Music Reviews Issue #9 A-K"

All - "Mass Nerder" - CD
(Epitaph 2798 Sunset Blvd LA, CA 90026; All P.O. Box 36 Fort Collins, CO 80522)
Well, I haven't really listened to All for about 5 years and the last album I have of theirs is "Perculator". I saw them on the Warped tour and was re-energized by them (more about that in the next issue along with the interview with Bill). All are kings of energetic nerd punk-pop and they don't shy away from speaking their minds. Anyway their first track "World's on Herion" really mirrors my feelings for the past six months or so. It just seems like most people are slow and lame, not like I'm great or anything but I like to keep creating, moving and doing. I just have this problem with complacency right now and so does All. Actually I can relate to the lyrics in almost every song on the album. I think if I could have spoken to the whole band somewhere else or at a different time we would have gotten along great, since I feel very similar to the lyrics that Chad, Karl, Stephen and especially Bill wrote. In other words I love this album partially for the music, partially for the lyrics, partically for the attitude and partially for energy. A great release. {Grog}
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Sean Altman - "Seandemonium" - CD
(Big Sean Music 200 E. 10th St. Suite 490 New York, NY 10003)
Sean has been best known in the past for being the founder of Rockappela of the Carmen SanDiego TV show. Now, he’s solo and this is a disk of his home demos. Some of the songs are totally accapella, where he does instrumentation using his voice. There are a few hilarious phone calls to major record labels asking if can come down and sign a record contract. His songs are fun, humorous and a far cry from his preteen songs from the Carmen SanDiego days. If you’re familiar with Moxy Fruvious you’ll know what to expect except that several of his songs are reminiscent of the 50’s crooners. Try something different and infectious, try Big Sean. {Grog}
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The Amazing Royal Crowns - “The Amazing Royal Crowns” - CD
(Velvel Recordings 740 Broadway New York, Ny 10003)
Bad arse rockabilly meets crampabilly. A really good CD to swing and stomp to. Buy it!!! {Gail}
(Due to a Royal Crown dispute they are now known as The Amazing Crowns)

Anger - "Juvenile Anthems" - CD
(Black Pumpkin Records, POB 4377, River Edge, NJ 07661)
Dead Kennedy's influenced songs start off this wonderful release. The songs steadily mutate into superb steady straight ahead punk. Tasteful use of the original Mtv theme and Rush's "Working Man" are just a couple of the highlights on this c.d. that is well worth your hard earned cash. {Mite}

Anomanes - "Pronunciation" - CD
(Rodent Popsicle Records P.O. Box 335 Newton Center, MA 02159)
This starts off with some cool tribal drumming which I know Mite and Dawn would love them it breaks into grindcore. I like grindcore when I'm at a show, but it really doesn't do much for me when I'm listening to it at home. Actually I guess you could call this death metal but it really does remind me a bit of the beloved Blatherskite from Indy. A pretty cool CD if you're into grindcore or thrashy stuff. {Grog}

The Aquabats! - "The Fury of The Aquabats!" - CD
(Time Bomb Records) (The Aquabats P.O. Box 838 Huntington Beach, CA 92648-0838)
I am a totally converted Aquabats cadet. I heard on the warped tour from several people that I missed one of the best bands while I was interviewing some people, then when Gail and I walked by their stage as they were leaving we both said they looked like they were probably really fun. Now that I heard their CD I agree. The Aquabats are a band who should be revered as the lords of their domain, whatever that really is. Imagine a great ska band, with the fashion sense and humor of Devo with extra humor from The Dead Milkmen. Fun, fun, fun!!!!! I really regret not seeing these guys. {Grog}
The Aquabats Web Site

Beausoleil - " Amour ou la Folie" - CD
(Rhino, 10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025)
I've been a fan of Beausoleil ever since I first heard of them while working at WYSO, Dayton's public radio station. On this fine release Beausoleil is joined by some of their favorite musicians to celebrate their 20th year of playing great Louisiana Cajun. Your ears will hum with the slew of wonderful rare traditional and new tunes on this cd. From the hot reelin' tune Newz Reel that kicks off this release to the sweet and tangy Ma Vie S'est Arretee which ends it, this cd is sure to satisfy your music pallet. {Mite}

Beseech - "...from a Bleeding Heart" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
When I heard the first song I thought it was a cool joke. Then after a few more I learned to my horror that this is serious. What is Grog rambling about you ask? Well, Beseech sound just like the most pretentcious Spinal Tap song (i.e. the beginning of "Stonehenge"). Well, that's how these songs sound. Slow powerful music dripping with testosterone with growling seriously sung lyrics. The lyrics are like something Dio would have done. They also have sweet female vocals on some songs which for some odd reason reminds me think of Meatloaf, even though they sound nothing alike (except for the pretentciousness). This is good for a laugh, but after a few tracks I had to turn it off because it's hard to believe that they're serious. {Grog}
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The Bouncing Souls - "The Bouncing Souls" - CD
(Epitaph Records 2798 Sunset Blvd. LA, CA 90026) I haven't really heard much from Bouncing Souls except for occasional songs on compilations within the last few years, of course I did disappear for about three years. I remember when I saw Heike open up for them about five years ago. I was instantly hooked on Bouncing Souls and it's great to hear them be similar but not stagnent. They mix straight ahead punk, hardcore and ska into a fun, loud, energetic package that is really making my day. Great music always pumps up my attitude and even my job can't get me down. I love the quote at the top of their lyrics page, it says it all. "We were 'the most touring band in punk rock' but 3 straight years takes its toll. It felt good to finally lock down and write these songs over a beautiful cold New York Winter on our beloved East coast. I guess it's not good to ever be too comfortable in life no matter what you do or how old you are so here is another record about testing the boundaries of yourself, play it loud."

Brother Cane - "Wishpool" - CD
(Virgin Records 338 N. Foothill Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210)
I actually like this album a lot. Brother Cain isn't going to receive any points for creativity from me, but they play basic rock well, which few bands can really claim. The title track and "I Lie in the Bed I Make" are highlights. {Gail}
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Bugattitype 35 - "Bugattitype 35" - CD
(Jollydog Records P.O. Box 3254 Madison, WI 53704-0254)
I was a bit biased when I went to review this since I saw BT35 and had lunch with them the next day. They are very cool, have a real road van, are from Wisconsin (my adopted home) and are just plain fun people. Their songs reminds me of Naked Aggression (more native Wisconsinites) mainly due to the lyric style. Their music variates between slow, mellow kinda ethereal noise with the emphasis on vocals to hardcore / melodic punk for most interludes and choruses. The lyrics deal mainly with soci-political topics with some being very personal. A great CD and a fun band to see live and just talk to. By the way "Killboard" is now one of my favorite songs.{Grog}
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Cannibal Corpse - "Gallery of Suicide" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
Growling vocals, punching guitars and machine gun drums all set to a fast paced rhythm. In other words, another death metal release from the folks at Metal Blade. I have to admit that Cannibal Corpse is one step above the other groups in this music genre, but it’s still the same old formula that has been around in death metal for the last ten years. Let’s see Cannibal Corpse does Bach, that would be something to write about. {Mite}
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Cherry Poppin' Daddies - "The Swingin' Hits of the Cherry Poppin' Daddies" - CD
(Mojo Records 1453 14th Street Box 284 Santa Monica, CA 90404){Universal})
(CPD P.O. Box 10494 Eugene, OR 97440)
CPD are one of the swinginest bands on this here planet. This is a collection of swing songs from their previous three releases along with a few new ones. Yes, swing is all the rage now, but the Daddies have been doing this since '89 along with ska, punk, and roots rock songs. I have their release from 1994 and think that it is a great mix of many different styles. Their albums reflect this, but on stage they have been focusing in on the swing sound. I highly recommend buying this release since I find it incredibly catchy and impossible to not want to dance to. (Grog dancing is as scary as you think). Then I think you should buy some of their older releases so you can get a feel for how diverse they really are. Then you should send Grog $50 since he clued you into some cool bands. {Grog}
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Clifford Nevernew - "Topter Baster" - CD
(Starfish Records P.O. Box 9441 Cincinnati, OH 45209)
I thought their pervious release was pretty good, but this one blew me away. They rock out so much more now and are experimenting a lot more with their songs. Many of their songs have weird guitar flashes ala Sonic Youth and Brainiac. Most of the songs are uptempo alternative rock that is really interesting and has those guitar blasts. A fun release and I'm sure they are great live with tons of energy and melodic enough to really get you movin'. {Grog}
Starfish Web Site

Colonel Bleep - "First One In" - CD
(Colonel Bleep Industries 3524 East Fifth Street Dayton, OH 45403)
This is a two song EP which I heard they have been making on their CD-R. The main thing I notice about these songs is Chris' bass playing which is among the best I've ever heard. At times I hear it venture off into Les Claypool territory. These songs put the music in the forefront and makes it seem that the vocals are an afterthought, but the vocals are still important. They call themselves fusion-core and I'd have to agree. I used to listen to a lot of fusion back in high school and Col. Bleep definitely have a fusion backing but with a solid hardcore sound. Really cool, but the first time it can be overwhelming for the casual listener. {Grog}
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Cracker - "Gentleman's Blues" - CD
(Virgin Records 338 N. Foothill Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210)
I've always loved David Lowery's music ever since the first time I heard & saw Camper Van Beethoven back in the mid eighties. Throughout the years he's changed some but his music is always great. This new release is no exception. I popped it in and immediately loved it. Gail would love this CD especially since Tommy Stinson plays bass on a track and Mike Campbell plays on a few as well. If you haven't heard Cracker then I don't know where you've been. They are a good mix of rock, alternative, alternative country, blues and just fun. Some of the songs remind me of Gail's beloved Todd Snider. Maybe I'll let Gail review it too and throw her comments in here as well.{Grog}
Virgin Records Web Site

Craig's Brother - "Homecoming" - CD
(Tooth & Nail Records P.O. Box 12698 Seattle, WA 98111-4698)
This is a mix of metallic hardcore and punk pop with a whiny singer. However, instead of playing upon the fact that he's whiny he tried to be a power singer, which gets really annoying. He almost sounds like the singer from the Migraines except the Migraines use it to their advantage. It just doesn't fit these songs and it sounds like he takes himself way to seriously. {Grog}
Tooth & Nail Web Site

Dark Funeral - "Vobiscum Satanas" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
Pretty standard black metal here from bitter cold Sweden. These black metal bands tend to get pretty boring when every song sounds alike. This album sounds pretty much like the previous Enthroned cd, but Enthroned do it better. This cd contains 8 tracks about Satan, demons, and evil. Nothing on this cd that we haven't heard before, but these guys still do a damn good job. 7/10. {Johnny Death}
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Defleshed - "Under the Blade" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
Alright Lars "The master of the six-stringed-beast", Gustaf "Lord of power and pain" and Matte "God of thunder and lightning" get together to growl and wank through these 11 metal songs. But what the hell do I know. {grog}
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Disfear - "Everyday Slaughter" - CD
(Osmose Productions 4470 Sunset Blvd. Suite 6 Los Angeles, CA 90027)
I would have to classify this band as a mixture of punk / hardcore/ and death metal . A rather disappointing release from Osmose records from France. Clocking in at only 26 minutes, I guess these guys were too busy getting their punk heads shaved to release a full length cd . I will give this cd a couple points for the cool apocalyptic imagery on the cd cover. Basically I would say this cd is crap. 3/10. {Johnny Death}
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Dolly Varden - "Thrill of Gravity" - CD
(Dolly Varden 2022 W. Chrystal Chicago, IL 60622)
I saw these guys open for Todd Snider in Chicago this year so I am partial to them. The record gets off to a slow start, but when it shines, it glitters. "Dangerously Thin" is a must hear. They kinda sound like Whiskeytown meets X. I can't wait to hear their next record. They have a lot of promise. Good Lyrics. {Gail}
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Driller Killer - "Fuck the World" - CD
(Osmose Productions 4470 Sunset Blvd. Suite 6 Los Angeles, CA 90027)
Another crappy release from osmose records. I listened to a few minutes of this cd, and then tossed it on the trash. Typical death metal vocal, very boring repetitive songs. Song themes similar to Autopsy. Songs about sex, and bodily functions. Poorly written lyrics by someone that doesn't even seem to know English. 2/10. {Johnny Death}

Dropkick Murphys - "Do or Die" - CD
(Hellcat Records 2798 Sunset Blvd. LA, CA 90026)
(SASE to Dropkick Murphys P.O. Box 7504 Quincy, MA 02269)
The first song has bagpipes which makes for an interesting introduction to the band. It made me like them instantly since they're willing to try different things. Most of their songs are melodic sing along hardcore (with a bit of ska thrown in) that you can really pogo to. Songs about unity, living as you need to, standing up for what you believe and the common working man. A band with integrity and passion which is what it's all about. {Grog}

Dystopia One "Dystopia One" - Cassette
(Dystopia One 36 Central Park Rd. Plainview, NY 11803)
Staticy, distorted, basic three chord punk rock with some pretty humorous lyrics. I haven't heard anything like this for quite a while, so it really brings back the memories {Grog}
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El Niño - "Niños Con Bombas" - CD
(Grita! P.O. Box 1216 New York, NY 10156)
Español alternativy tunes. The songs at the beginning were pretty good, but the further into the release the quality falters. I really liked the cover art though. {Mite}
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Enthroned - "Towards the Skullthrone of Satan" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix AZ 85044)
Black Metal at it's finest here. 55 minutes of satanic bliss with songs about Satan, Armageddon, the downfall of humanity/ Christianity, and those cold dark Nordic forests. Pull out your black candles and drink some blood for Satan. 8/10. {Johnny Death}
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Esoterics - "The Lick" - CD
(Olive Records 2122 Burnside Dr. Dayton, OH 45439)
This is a pretty short CD, 9 songs in just under 20 minutes. However, they get their point across and don't waste your time with boring extended jams. Yeah, so what Grog, what do they sound like? Well, they are distorted, heavy, pretty fast, loud, energetic and a bit disjointed. I can't really think of anyone to compare them too, except they do have that lo-fi sound which has been pretty popular over the last few years. I don't think that this quite captures their live show, which is really good and must be seen. {Grog}
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F**Bomb "F**Bomb" - 7"
(Your Best Friend Records Columbus,OH)
This reminds me quite a bit of Stiff Little Fingers with early Micheal Stipe style vocals (i.e. muted and slurred)and it has a great low budget indie feel to the recording. They seem like a great band to see live, maybe I'll get the chance to check them out at some point. {Grog}
F**Bomb Web Site

Flatus "Aural Fixations" - CD
(Black Pumpkin Records, POB 4377, River Edge, NJ 07661)
This Pop-punk trio from the great land of Jersey rolled into town last June. Due to band with the sound system not getting to the venue until almost midnight, not too many got to hear them play including yours truly. Too bad, because I really enjoyed this cd and my hunch tells me that this is one band that's even better live. What's this band all about? Get the cd and find out. Another kickin' release from the folks at Black Pumpkin. {Mite}

Forge - "Decloaking" - CD
(Static Records 17215 Mack Ave. Detroit, MI 48224)
Forge brings to mind Skinny Puppy but they don't really sound as dark and evil as most industrial bands. The music and lyrics are there but they are lacking that something that throws the mix into a nightmare. It's good but I don't believe their lyrics whereas with most industrial bands you could see them actually living out their life and seeing the world as they do in their lyrics. In the middle of one song I swear the steal a riff from an 80's Iron Maiden song. Really weird.{Grog}
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Frenzal Rhomb - "Meet the Family" - CD
(Rubber Records 633 Ocean Ave, Studio #21 Santa Monica, CA ) (Distributed by: What are Records?)
A great punk pop band from Australia. Most of their songs are light hearted and fun, but they also touch on serious topics and clearly speak their mind. Now that my beloved Sicko has called it quits I am calling Frenzal Rhomb my favorite punk pop band. I was also lucky enough to catch a few songs of theirs at the Warped festival. This disk is not leaving my sight for quite a while, get your own copy it's worth it. {Grog}
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Fuel - "Sunburn" - CD
(Sony 550 Music 550 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10022-3211)
Their song "Shimmer" has been tons of airplay lately and I actually think it's a great song. Most of the other songs on this disk are heavier, with only a few sounding like they were thrown together at the last moment. Over all I think they sound like a cross between Soundgarden, Radiohead and the Goo Goo Dolls with a bit of typical modern alternative rock cliches thrown in. Personally I like the bands I mentioned and I feel Fuel embodies several aspects of those bands and turns it into their own sound. I'll definatly be adding this to my collection. There is also a multi-media portion to this release which I haven't checked out yet. Look for an updated review soon. {Grog}
Fuel Web Site

Full on the Mouth - "Collide" - CD
(Pioneer Music Group 1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10104)
Well, I'm totally biased towards this band since I meet them on the Warped tour and they are from Flint, MI. Flint was always good to my band and the singer of FOTM even remembered seeing us. With that in mind I'd still like the band even if I never meet them. They are a heavy alternative rock band who uses plenty of technology in their songs (i.e. drum machines, sampling and weird effects) to a point where you could say some songs border on industrial. On stage they have a live drummer along with the machines. Sometimes the vocals seemed to get too smooth for my taste for the style of music they play, but who ever said I had taste anyway. Overall a good disk from a great bunch of guys. Fun and interesting. {Grog}
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Full on the Mouth - "People Mover" - DVD
(Pioneer Music Group 1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10104)
This is evidently the first DVD single ever to be released. Luckily when my tenant sublet her apartment the new renter had a DVD player so about 8 of us watched this disk. The disk features 2 versions of their song "People Mover" and a bio page. It's a cool video, with bonus points since they have a monkey in it. I've seen a few DVD movies and it seemed like Pioneer didn't really take advantage of all the available features. All they really did was made use of the superior sound quaility. Other than that it was like a videocassette. The song itself had everybody rockin' and it's even featured on the soundtrack for the Sony playstation game. Pretty cool, but the format has a way to go if they want people to shell out cash for it. {Grog}
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Garden of Silence - "12 Magic Windows" - CD
(Kara Nash POB 15645 Boone, NC 28608)
This bands sounds like they have great potential. The songs themselves sound decent enough. However, the recording quality on this c.d. is something to be desired. It's very staticy which make it laborious to listen to. Definitely a band that I would go see live. {Mite}
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Gates of Ishtar - "The Dawn of Flames" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
Basic metal that I've heard too much already. Slow intros and guitar wanking solos, fast thrashy verses and chorus with a gravely voiced screamer. When this type of metal first appeared I was into it (I also got stoned way back then) but now it seems old and dated. I can see all the stoned long haired metal kids in their leathers or jean jackets banging their heads and playing air-guitar. If you're into that stuff, this is for you. Otherwise you can use it as a coaster.{Grog}
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Grinspoon - "Licker Bottle Cozy" - CD
(Universal Records 1755 Broadway New York, NY 10019)
This is very heavy metal sounding music ala early Megadeth. It reminds me of Pantara in a way but the vocals are more in the alternative rock vein. If you're into heavy metalish stuff than this band is for you. The last song sounds like old school HC, but with a metalhead lead. I really don't know what to make of this band. I like them, but it depends on my mood. I think I need to hear more than a 5 song EP from them to get a true feeling on this band. {Grog}
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Gutfiddle - "Kung Foolery" - CD
(Onefoot Records P.O. Box 3834 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0592)
Hardcore drum beats and soaring vocal harmonies. Is it some really good Bad Religion sans the sickeningly sweet vocals and wanking guitar? No, it's Gutfiddle who have produced one of my favorite releases this issue. They have most of my favorite elements of Bad Religion in their songs, and cut out the ones which annoy me. The guitar and bass are good, but no to flashy so the emphasis is definitely on the vocals. The lyrics are based on self discovery, relationships and other personal experiences. {Grog}
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Buddy Guy - "Heavy Love" - CD
(Silvertone Records 137-139 West 25th Street New York, NY 10001)
This album is nothing but heavy soul thumping grooves. It made me want to put on my white platform shoes & blue metallic shirt and get down. Johnny Lang plays guitar on a track. Great record. {Gail}

Hatred - "The Offering" - Cassette
(Hatred P.O. Box 10264 Alexandria, VA 22310)
Growl, whine...I am the lord of darkness...blarggghhhh...bow to me.....[guitar wank] human flesh...growl, whine...[wank, wank, wank]...satan is everywhere... {Grog}
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(hed)pe - "Serpent Boy ep" - CD
(Zomba Recordings 137-139 West 25th Street New York, NY 10001)
This EP features two songs from the full album release (see review in MRZ #8) and one new track. The track "Serpent Boy" is featured three times on this disc: the album version, radio edit, and "Rock Da Beat Mix". The other song from the full length is also remixed to help keep this from being a typical CD single. However, the remixes didn't really do much for me since they seemed very close to the original mix. A good disk but I would recommend the full length over this EP unless you're a fanatic. {Grog}
(hed) pe Web Site

Jeremy Hepp - "Demo" - Cassette
(Jeremy Hepp 663-4868)
Well I probably should have let Mite review this, but I'm at the wire. Jeremy plays some great songs on a baby grand and a synth. The songs are really well done and very relaxing, yes something that can get Grog to relax (and that's a rare feat). Great mediation or casual relaxation music. I need to let Mite and Gail both hear this. I'm sure they would both really appreciate it. This is better than most of the relaxation tapes I've heard, plus he's local. {Grog}

The Hunger - "Cinematic Superthug" - CD
(Universal Records 1755 Braodway NYC, NY 10019)
The Hunger sounds like any number of hard rock acts from the eighties trying their hand sounding like a nineties hard rock alternative band with tinges of industrial rock blended in. It's like if you mixed Tesla and the Bullet Boys into a blender with Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. It's not bad, but it really doesn't do anything special for me and some of the lyrics really bring me back to the lame portions of the eighties. {Grog}

Huntingtons - "High School Rock" - CD
(Tooth and Nail Records P.O. Box 12698 Seattle, WA 98111-4698)
It’s the Ramones reincarnated into four new twenty year olds!!!!! No, it’s the Huntingtons, who love the Ramones and play fast Ramonish songs where you can actually understand the lyrics. This is one case of imitation that is pure flattery as well as great. I love the Ramones, but they are getting on in years (no disrespect guys) and the Huntingtons are here to carry the legacy forward. Great hey-ho fun for everyone. If you love the Ramones, you need this, you will not be disapointed. {Grog}
Tooth and Nail Web Site

Icos - "At the Speed of Life" - CD
(Mercury Records)
Well, I reviewed their last album in MRZ #8 and since the they've been signed to a major. However, I don't think it's had much of an effect on them either positive or negative. All I can think of while listening to this is a watered down Megadeth or Metallica. Those bands will probably be at this stage in about five years. This just doesn't do anything for me even though it is decent it lacks that something special. {Grog}

Iodine - "Baby Grand" - CD
(Sol 3 Recording Company 45 Orchard St. Suite GFW New York, NY 10010)
The first thing that came into my head when I first listened to this c.d. is that they reminded me of the band The Toll. Basic rock guitar stuff. {Mite}
Sol 3 Web Site

I-Spy - "Perversity is Spreading...It's About Time!!!" - CD
(G-7 Welcoming Committee Records P.O. Box 3-905 Corydon Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3M-3S3 Canada)
The scatological cover art for this release makes me think of a two-year-old Beavis and Butthead wannabe. Too bad because the music is actually quite good. Hard edge punk with strong lyrics. Get rid of the shit stained cover and bring your grade up to a B+. {Mite}
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Jack Black - "Jack Black" - CD
(Cacophone Records P.O. Box 6058 Albany, NY 12206)
Straight ahead rock meets snotty punk rock ala Social D with shades of MC5, The Dead Boys, The Stooges, Velvet Underground, etc. They have a few slower more "heartfelt" songs which just aren't as catchy as their hip rockin' rebel songs. You can feel and hear the 50's influence, but they are definitely based in the 90's. I also heard that they put on a great live show and are great guys in general. {Grog}
E-mail Jack Black Jack Black Web Site Cacophone Web Site

Kil Kare - "Kil Kare" - CD
(Blackberry Press P.O. Box 2556 Portland, OR 97208)
Kil Kare features the fabulous Donut brothers as they were known around these parts years ago. Brian and Eric were both in Liquid Draino and Pure Plastic Tree, two of Daytons best bands, in my opinion at least. Now they are both reunited in Portland with a new drummer. Kil Kare has vocal stylings (spiffy phrase, eh?) reminiscent of Nation of Ulysses and Cupid Car Club. Brian is still playing his upright bass and helping bring punk into a new age. You can hear a large variety of influences in their music which reflects their individual diversity. I was able to see them live earlier this year and it was a great show. I recommend catching them and getting their disk if at all possible. {Grog}
E-mail KilKare

Knapsack - "This Conversation is Ending Starting Right Now." - CD
(Alias Records, 2815 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91505)
This Power Pop Punk Alternative outfit reminds me of Soul Asylum. Honest sounding songs with catchy hooks are driven by a solid guitar sound throughout. {Mite}
Alias Web Site

Konkhra - "Weed Out the Weak" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
This band comes to us from Denmark . This would have to be the best cd I have reviewed this time. This bands sounds like a mixture of Sepultura and Machine Head. Very crushing, and crunchy rhythms. Fast and Aggressive music. Get this cd, and I'll see you in the Pit ! 9/10. {Johnny Death}
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Lenny Kravitz - "5" - CD
(Virgin Records 338 N. Foothill Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210)
Lenny rocks out on this c.d. The only problem is that we’ve heard it all before. A very commercial release specifically to make a quick buck from the ditsy people who still think that MTV is hip.

All I can say is Lenny, Lenny, Lenny, Lenny. . . . Try something new next time or at least wait 15 years before you put out another release. It will be the fresh new retro sound then and you would probably take the world by storm. Right now you should be getting together with Squiggy and do a Lavern and Shirley reunion show. That’s retro right now. {Mite}
Virgin Records Web Site

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