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"Music Reviews Issue #8 A-F"

Acumen Nation - "More Human Heart" - CD
(Conscience Records 7 W. 22nd St. New York, NY 10010)
Acumen Nation play better than average industrial, which has been lacking from the scene lately. The only thing missing is some really good lyrics. None of the songs really scream to me. They have all the elements of a good industrial band and the music is great, but they are weak in the lyric area. If they could write anthem like songs that make you want to scream along this would be great. I'll probably hold onto it, but it's more of a background than a rage disk.
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Albert Hill - "Albert Hill" - CD
(Fuse Records P.O. Box 1452 Spartanburg, SC 29304)
Albert Hill is a band that reminds me a lot of Toad the Wet Sprocket except their name isn't as silly. They have that college rock sound and are interesting enough to hold your attention, but not enough to distract you from other things. Actually their CD was on it's third track before I realized it was playing (I was sorting out zines at the time).

All Else Failed - "A Most Bitter Season" - CD
(Temperance Records P.O. Box 685 Northfield, NJ 08225)
The most interesting thing about All Else Failed is that they have two vocalist who sing different lyrics at the same time, sometimes intertwining, sometimes overlapping. Their music is slow hardcore with occasional bursts off speed. It's pretty good, but doesn't do a lot for me.
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Amon Amarth - "Once Sent from the Golden Hall" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
Well, these guys sing or should I say growl all about Vikings from the first person point of view on top of death metal. At least this is fairly original, in that they see themselves from the Vikings point of view. Then again maybe they really think they are Vikings and are a bit off. Either way the growling gets a bit annoying for me and their music is too repetitive.
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Ancient - "Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
A Gothic band from Norway that is fairly good except for the Satanic leaning vocals. They seem to be trying to hard at being disturbing so it gets annoying to me. If I could ignore the vocals I would really like it, but the vocals are ever present and mixed way up front. I did notice inside the back cover there is a picture of Eight people (as opposed to only four on the front) and one is a gorgeous brunette. (Yes, Grog is pretty pathetic to bring up something like that.)
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Another Society - "Blood Wrong" - CD
(PC Music 711 8th Ave San Diego, CA 92101)
Heavy metal in the late nineties. It sounds really dated and pretty boring to me. I remember this back in the eighties, and I liked it then, however things change and so did I. If you still like metal, you might like this, or you'll be bored like me.
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Anti-Flag - "Die for the Government" - CD
(New Red Archives)
Anti-Flag is a band that I've heard a lot about but never got to see live even though they have played in Lima a lot. Anyway they are fun, fast, melodic, snotty punk rock that makes you want to pogo. It reminds me of Rancid's first album in a way but not as gruff, just get ya movin' music. Their songs are about the usual punk topics, here's some titles: drink drank punk, red white and brainwashed, fuck police brutality, she's my little go-go dancer, kill the rich... A great album as usual from New Red Archives. I haven't heard an album they've released yet that I didn't like.

Anvil - "Plugged in Permanent" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
I'm happy to see that at least one band won't be doing an acoustic version of their songs, I hate that. Anyway after listening to this CD I can't really see them doing anything acoustic. They are your typical thrash-metal headbanger testosterone fueled wankers. This reminds me of the mid eighties when I'd go to a Springfield warehouse really fucked up and listen to crap like this with friends while trying to pick up chicks. More insight into why I was a virgin until age 21.
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the AquaVelvets - "Guitar Noir" - CD
(Milan Records / BMG 1540 Broadway NYC, NY 10036-4098
This is 50's, 60's style guitar playing at its best with lots of emotion and feeling. In a way it sounds like Chris Issac instrumental but cooler. I see this as being a soundtrack for a really hip beach party (yeah, like Grog Mr. Midwest has ever been to a beach party), where everyone is drinking wine and dancing in the moonlight. Sophisticated, yet cool and relaxed, very much a passionate CD
Milan Web Site

Astoria - "Astoria" - Cassette
(Astoria 1035 Ash Dr. Mahwah, NJ 07430)
This is a heavy metal band that sounds like it is stuck back in the mid-eighties. For more information see "The Decline of Western Civilization Part II, the Metal Years".

A Tribe Called Quest - "Check the Rhime" - LP
(Jive Records / Zomba Recordings 137-139 West 25th Street NYC, NY 10001)

Aviso 'Hara - "Me -n- Danny" - 7"
(Alien Records P.O. Box 154 New Brunswick, NJ 08903-0154)
This two song disk reminds me of Brainiac minus the Moog. Very psychotic punk / art rock.

Ballgagger - "Ache" - CD
(Theologian Records P.O. Box 1070 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 )
Ballgagger are adrenaline fueled and would probably be fun to see live. Short medium tempo melodic punk songs with two vocal styles one melodic and one borderline yelling. Kinda short (26 minutes), but still worth a listen.
Theologian Records Web Site

The Barnhills - "High in the Middle, Round on the Ends" - CD
(What Else Records POB 3411 Dayton, OH 45401)
A fast, hard driving sound, with great changes, simple yet dynamic lyrics, and blood spitting vocals. Lucky, Bruiser and David are the trio of mavericks that make up this regal emsemble. Definitly on my list of cd's that I would take with me to a desert island. Great band. Great cd. Get it or else. {mite}

Big 5 - "In Yer Face" - CD
(Triple X Records P.O. Box 862529 LA, CA 90086-2529)
Big 5 is a two piece but uses a traditional setup: singer, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums. The first several songs have the same ska beat and tempo with female British vocals vaguely sang over them. Overall I felt that the songs were to similar and were pretty boring overall. A few were very annoying almost top 40 pop.
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Blark - "Bow" - 7"
(Rubbercity Records P.O. Box 8349 Akron, OH 44320-0349)
Blark play heavy, fast punk with vocals that came best be described by their name.

Blitz Babies - "Thought Spawn" - CD
(Onefoot Records P.O. Box 3834 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0592)
The first thing that strikes me about the Blitz Babies is that their music sounds like early Bad Religion. This is meant as a compliment because it is lacking the sickly sweet smooth vocals and guitar wanking outbursts. Great lyrics about finding yourself, spousal abuse, rape, broken hearts, etc. A really great CD, one of my favorites this issue.

Brainsick - "Knuckle Sandwich" - CD
(Ransom Note Records P.O. Box 40164 Bellevue, WA 98015)
Fast paced punk rock that is pretty typical but still fun and worth listening to. It's definitely a keeper.

Brother Anonymous - "The Hijacking of the Christian Church: This will Preach" - CD
(Purgatory Station POB 9112 Durango, CO 81302)
Got this one at a church that I use to work at. Brother Anonymous is a spy who worked his was into the deepest secrets of the Christian Coalition. There is a book included with this cd, so you can read good dirt about the religios right while listening to taped conversations where hate and violence are encouraged from the so called righteous ones. The book is interesting reading and the cd has the stuff that industrial samples are made from. {mite}

Buzzoven - "The Gospel According...II" - CD
(Allied Recordings P.O. Box 460683 SF, CA 94146-0683)
Slow punk rock that wasn't very interesting to me. It's as slow as the Melvins and about as exciting. If you like that type of stuff get this.

Cake Like - "Bruiser Queen" - CD
(Vapor Records / Reprise Records)
They were interviewed by Fen elsewhere in the zine and she said that they were great live and I would love them. This has given me high expectations and on the first listen I was kind of disappointed. Their music is fairly loose and open, but I heard that they didn't really know how to play when they formed. They guitarist makes up her own chords, and they do sound good, just unusual. I'm sure if I saw them live I'd like them even better. I'll have to let this grow on me, it definitely has potential.
Cake Like Web Site

Cellophane - "Cellophane" - CD
(Virgin Records 338 N. Foothilll Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90219)
This CD makes me think of a the "what's hot now syndrome". This is my impression of what the band said about a year ago. "Hey, alternative is popular right now". "Lets play that and we can get signed". Well, they did get signed, but their songs sound like metal ones turned into pseudo-alternative ones. I only liked two songs on the CD and don't see the band getting to popular, since much of it sounds forced. Then again I have been wrong before (many times). I think this one will go into the great beyond.
Virgin Web Site Cellophane Web Site

Christ - "Page 15" - CD
(Temperance Records P.O. Box 685 Northfield, NJ 08225)
Well, right off the bat this band annoyed me. They have two songs on a twenty-eight minute CD which isn't that horrible. However, when the first four minutes is just slow mood building chords, I get really perturbed. When the vocals finally joined in they were fairly rough and made for the best part of the song since they rocked out for a bit. These songs really drag on to long for me. They could have made each song about four minutes and cut out all the fuckin' repetition. It may be fun to play, but listening to it blows.
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Christ - "Only Every Other Day" - CD
(Temperance Records P.O. Box 685 Northfield, NJ 08225)
Well, this one is better than the last one that I reviewed. They have 12 tracks on the CD, but 6 are four seconds of dead space, why? The songs are shorter, but at times they heard off into a repetitious instrumental part that gets really boring . This band seems OK however they just get to boring to often for me. They have their moments, but not enough of them I guess.
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Chumbawamba - "Tubthumper" - CD
(Republic / Universal Records 1755 Broadway NYC, NY 10019)
When I saw that Universal was releasing this CD all I could think of was Shafe yelling "Chumbawamba, Chumbawamba" at the old warehouse space where Chumba played in the early nineties. It's really strange that they are getting so much airplay when I remember them as an underground anarchist band. Listening to their lyrics I can tell that they still hold true to their ideals. Maybe Chumba will help to enlighten the masses of people who populate dance clubs with new ideas. It's a possibility and it does thrill me. If you're wondering when I'm going to get to their music, just be patient. I think this could be one of the most important CD's to come out in a long time. Chumbawamba deserves all the attention that they receive. Their music is techno-punk-dance-rock with great lyrics and tons of energy. I love this CD and Chumbawamba in general.
Chumbawamba Web Site

Chump - "Spaceheater" - CD
(Readymade Records 190 Carroll Street, S.E. Atlanta, GA 30312)
This band is great they remind me of early style Replacements, but it doesn't sound dated. Fun rockin' music that makes me want to be-bop around. To short of a CD though, only seven songs (25 minutes) maybe I can get more of their stuff sometime soon. A definite keeper, find it and enjoy.
Chump Web Site

Clifford Nevernew - "Cura Chroma" - CD
(Starfish Records P.O. Box 9441 Cincinnati, OH 45209)
This really reminds me of the early eighties new wave bands, minus the keyboards. It's different and interesting, but most of the songs are kind of slow for my taste. Overall it's a good, short CD that makes me want to see this band live. Take a chance and get this disk.
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Cold - "Cold" - CD
(A&M Records P.O. Box 118 Hollywood, CA 90078)
This band reminds me of Tool if Gavin from Bush was singing, but not as whiny. I wonder if this guy is a cute as Gavin. Fairly dark heavy music almost gothic metal, but more rock leaning with an industrial influence. A few of the songs are slow and brooding, but regardless of the style I can't really tell what he's signing about (maybe it's the delay on his voice). A pretty good CD, I think I'll hold onto it and give it a few more listens, maybe it will really grow on me, it definitely has potential.

Crass - "Christ - The Bootleg" - CD
(Allied Recordings P.O. Box 460683 SF, CA 94146-0683)
Well, it's Crass so what can I really say. If you haven't heard of Crass then your missing out on some great early eighties punk rock. Social-political lyrics sung by both a male and female vocalist, over melodic punk rock. Some of their songs remind me of upbeat Citizen Fish songs. Almost 50 minutes of live punk for your brain.

Crovetch - "Epistle to Crovetch" - Cassette
(Rubato Records 1658 N. Milwaukee Suite 250 Chicago, IL 60647)
Crovetch play quirkey, psychotic punk alternative art rock. Despite the disjointedness the songs are very catchy similar to Brainiac, but even more garageish. A refreshing burst of psycosis.

Curve - "Chinese Burn" - CD
(Universal Records 1755 Broadway NYC, NY 10019)
This disc leaves me with several questions the largest due to most songs being listed as Chinese Burn remixes, with a few other tracks just being listed. Inside the cover is just a form you can fill out for more information, which is what I'm going to do after I copy it. Curve would fit into the category of the new electronic movement which jumped out of England last year. One track sounds similar to Repulica and another sounds like Prodigy without the vocals. These songs definitely get you moving and are the type of music I could actual get into at a dance club. The last song has one of the strangest endings I have ever encountered. During a long repetitive verse the music drops dead mid beat. I love it when bands do the unexpected.

Dead Happy Face - "Sick" - Cassette
(Drunktank Productions 915 W. Spring St. St. Marys, OH 45885)
DHF are an industrial alternative hard rock band. They blend the styles together in an interesting way and seem to focus on the hard rock aspect. Not what I expected.

The DeRita Sisters and Junior - "Too Lazy to Steal" - CD
(Real George Records P.O. Box 40510 Santa Barbara, CA 93140)
32 Songs on this CD, that's probably the biggest deal about it along with the fact that Andi Beltramo (Snap-Her and all around punk rock bass playing goddess) plays bass in this band (at least she did in 1995). The music is basic suburbanite punk rock. Some of the songs are humorous and some are lame. Not bad but nothing really special, a good band to go see, get drunk and jump around to.

Dissarray - "Bleed" - Cassette
(InterV.O.I.D. Records P.O. Box 975 Dickson, TN 37055)
Metal with slow growling vocals. The interesting thing I noticed was that the inside cover was 1/3 lyrics and 2/3 thanks list, they really appreciate the help they've been given.

Divine Regale - "Ocean Mind" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
Can you say Queensryche? Well, no members of Queensryche are in this band (yes, Grog likes Queensryche. OK?) but they sound very similar. I personally think that these guys aren't as good as Queensryche, but they might get better with time. Overall a good effort, but it's been done before.
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Dragstrip - "Reaction Time" - CD
(Shredder Records 75 Plum Lane #3, San Rafael, CA 94901)
All instrumental surf music that is way better than most attempts I've heard lately. In addition to their originals they to an instrumental version of "Don't Fear the Reaper" with a guitar doing the vocal lines. If you're feeling in a surf mood or have never heard surf (think of the trailers from "Pulp Fiction") then get this and enjoy.

the Drugs - "The Drugs" - CD
(Ng Records / BMG)
The drugs are what I would classify as modern rock, as in standard rock-n-roll but updated for the late nineties. Plain simple rock that doesn't really stand out, but it doesn't suck either. Worth a listen or two definitely, but nothing really stood out for me. It isn't anything that I haven't heard before.

Chris Duarte Group - "Tailspin Headwhack" - CD
(Zomba Recordings 137-139 West 25th St. NYC, NY 10001)
This guy is supposed to be the nineties answer to Jimi Hendrix from what I've heard. His guitar sound does sound a lot like Jimi's and somewhat like Stevie Ray Vaughan. I would lump Chris into that whole blues-funk-rock type of pigeon hole. If you like that type of stuff then you would love this disk. If you can't stand that or are totally burnt out on it, avoid it.

The Egg - "albumen" - CD
(Discovery Records 2034 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90404)
This band is part of the new wave of English "electronic" groups. It is all instrumental and has a jazz, techno type feel that is very boring to me. All I can think of is "cringe" John Tesh. Their only redeeming quality is that they shows 8mm films during their shows, projected on them and the stage. So live, they might hold some interest but otherwise they belong in an elevator.

Egghead - "Knock off that Evil" - 7"
(Dizzy Records 30-38 34th St. #4G Astoria, NY 11103)
This is a four song seven by a nerdy sounding punk pop band, of course all punk pop bands are nerdy. This is better than average and really fun, so get it.
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Entombed - "DCLXVI" - CD
(Music for Nations 333 Latimer Rd. London W10 6RA England / Zomba Recordings 137-139 West 25th St. NYC, NY 10001)
Just from the name you should be able to figure out what this bands sounds like. At least this isn't death metal, it's heavy metal played European style (these guys are from Stockholm). If you miss (or are into) headbangin' this is for you. It's metal played better than most US bands that I used to listen to in my past. This is the type of music that I had a hard time determining if they were hard-core or metal. The only difference's I could see were the clothes, the crowds, the groupies and the hair.

Entropical Utopia - "An Angel has No Memory" - Cassette
This is like a dark and scary psychotic episode that luckily is only heard and not seen. If Trent thinks he has accessed the dark depths of the mind he should give this a listen.
Entropical Utopia Web Site

The Everdawn - "Poems - Burn the Past" - CD
(Death Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
Gee, guess what these guys sound like. Let's see they're on Death Records (a subsidiary of Metal Blade) and if you could see their back cover there's a goat like thing with swords stick in it. Could it be satanic death metal? Maybe, but I wasn't curious enough to give it to hard of a listen.
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Eyehategod - "Dopesick" - CD
(Century Media 1453-A 14th St. #324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)
Well, way back last issue I tried to review this CD, but it didn't work. So, they sent me another one and now I can finally listen to eyehategod. I finally know what they sound like. Imagine listening to early Black Sabbath (like the first album) without Ozzy singing (come on admit it most of you listened to Black Sabbath), instead there are slow growling mumbles of words. Yes, grindcore vocals over Black Sabbath, not really my top choice.

The Fairlanes - "Hi, We're the Fairlanes" - 7"
(Suburban Home Records 1750 30th St. #365 Boulder, CO 80301)
Four fast punk pop songs that are basically three chords with infectious melodies that make me want to jump around.

Fates Warning - "A Pleasant Shade of Gray" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
I've heard of Fates Warning before especially since they've been around for quite a while. This album reminds me of "Operation Mindcrime" era Queensryche but not as dark. The vocal style and music are similar, yet different enough to hold interest and set them apart. I'm pretty pleased with this CD, I think I'll keep it. I'll have to put this in my CD changer along with Queensryche sometime and see how they match up.
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Fifteen - "Surprise!" - CD
(Grass Records 77 Madison Ave. NYC, NY 10016 / {BMG})
Another great release from a great band. Fifteen is back with a new recording on grass records. This really surprises me (no pun intended) since they started their own label after their first grass record and released their last recording on it. As for the music, it's more of the same 15 music we've all come to know and love, except that their vocals seem to be a little bit smoother at times. If you've never heard fifteen, get a record and listen to them, you'll love them. They do socially conscience and personal songs in a unique peace punk rock out way.

Five by Nine - "Five by Nine" - 7"
(Soda Jerk Records P.O. Box 4056 Boulder, CO 80306)
5x9 play fast melodic punk that really gets ya goin'.
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Fourteen - "In Search of the Tall Red Lightpoles" - 7"
(Fourteen P.O. Box 20113 Cincinnati, OH 45220)
14 was one of my favorite bands, but they broke up a while ago. Luckily you can still enjoy them in all their splendor due to their vinyl releases. They play very infectious (have you noticed how often I use that term) pop punk with vocals that I can't quite describe, but I sure love Eric's voice.

Fourteen - "Simply this Picture" - 7"
(Fourteen P.O. Box 20113 Cincinnati, OH 45220)
Two more songs by the wonderful 14.

Frodus - "Conglomerate International" - CD
(Tooth & Nail Records P.O. Box 12698 Seattle, WA 9811)
The first thing that came to mind when I looked at this CD was A Nation of Ulysses rip-off band. Instead of the 13 point plan to destroy america, it has the FCI "mind control disc" 13 point corporate plan. It even has a "drone academy fight song" which is similar to NOU's "Cool Senior High School (Fight Song)". OK, enough of the comparisons, what do they sound like? Well they are very similar to the bulk of the Dischord bands, with that heavy emo-core sound. These guys focus this record on the drone like work force which many of us are familiar with. Most of it sounds pretty cool even if it isn't as good as Nation of Ulysses.
Tooth & Nail Web Site

Full Fledge Ledge - "Vladimir" - 7"
(No Coast Records 21 Weybridge Ct. Edwardsville, IL 62025)
Three fast melodic punk rock songs which sound really good. I'd really like to hear more of their stuff.

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