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13mg - Trust and Obey - CD
(Slipdisc Records 1111 N. Dearborn #3007 Chicago, IL 60610)
This is a ten song disc that has a ministry feel to it, but not as top-40 accessible (actually H. Beno from 13 mg was a programmer for ministry for a while). 13mg draws me into their songs, with a hypnotic like pull. A majority of the songs have the same feel to them and the same tempo. Overall I like the disc and think that all of the songs are worth listening to, which is a major plus. 13mg is one of the best 10 bands I have heard of this style.

Channel Zero - Unsafe - CD
(Metal Blade Records 2345 Erringer Rd Suite 108 Simi Valley, CA 93065)
Well, this takes me back to 1987 after I first moved out and had an apartment with Rich. He ran lights for a metal band up in Springfield. I actually used to get smashed and listen to stuff like this. Channel Zero sounds pretty good for what it is, which is long hair stoner head-banging metal (of course on their photo only one has long hair). Not really what I'm into anymore, but it does bring back some weird memories.

Decoryah - Wisdom Floats - CD
(Metal Blade Records 2345 Erringer Rd Suite 108 Simi Valley, CA 93065)
This release really surprised me, I was expecting another metal band and here's a gothic band. Metal Blade wasn't lying when they said they weren't just metal. Actually I already knew that since I used to listen to the Goo Goo Dolls when they were on metal blade. Anyway getting back to Decoryah, their songs are pretty long, 11 songs in 68 minutes and get this Gothic sounding. A very intriguing record, however it only seemed to serve as background music while I did other crap. On the whole I'd say it is a pretty average sounding Goth album, I really should give this to Mike he'd appreciate it more than I do.

Epperley - Epperley - CD
(Triple X Records P.O. Box 862529 LA, CA 90086-2529)
This is weird, it sounds like the pixies fronted by eddie veder. Hard to imagine, but if you listen to this CD you'll see what I mean. Actually, the more I listen to it the more it grows on me. Once you get used to the singer, it's really fun.

Eyehategod - Dopesick - CD
(Century Media 1453-A 14th Street #324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)
- CenturyMed@aol.com) Well, I've heard of eyehategod before but, never had a chance to hear them. That is still the case due to this being a defective CD. I put the CD in and all the display said was "disc", no track numbers or total times. Great concept, a blank disc, I accidentally did the same thing with a cassette that I sent to underdog records. But, hey I'm an idiot...

Fear - Have Another Beer with Fear - CD
(Sector 2 Records 2116 Guadalupe Suite 812 Austin, TX 78705)
- SectorII@aol.com) Well, I used to like Fear back in '87 and haven't really heard much about them or Lee Ving for that matter since. Well, Lee and the boys are back. The music is pretty much the same fast paced three chord hardcore, but the vocals are well annoying. Maybe I don't really remember their old stuff but on most songs LeeVing sounds like the singer from iron maiden trying to sing punk. The lyrics themselves are sometimes good and sometimes very lame. I couldn't get through more than four songs at a time.

The Fumes - Self-Appointed Guardian of the Machine - CD
(Empty Records P.O. Box 12034 Seattle, WA 98102)
I already know what the Fumes sound like because the Oxy's are on about eight comp cassettes with them. But, since none of you ever bought any comp cassettes that have them on it I'll tell you what they sound like and how this CD is (gosh you are lame). They play fast paced, melodic, boppy, punk that is fun to pogo to, I liken them to a Ramones for the 90's. In other words they are a great band and deserve all your attention and some of your $'s.

Godspeed - Swimmer's Ear - CD
(Temperance Records P.O. Box 981 Ocean City, NJ 08226)
Most of Godspeed's six songs on this disc are mid tempo rock with a heavy punk influence. This is a band I can listen to while I do other things, because I don't get to distracted by it. Nothing about it really grabs me or keeps me away from concentrating on other crap. The lyrics seem to blend in with the music to me so I can't evaluate the meaning of the songs.

Brian Hartzog - The Smashing of Pictures - CD
(ZOG Sound P.O. Box 563035 Charlotte, NC 28256)
How can I describe Brian? Well, he's a guitarist / singer / songwriter who played everything on his album. His songs are ok, but seem very uninspired and trendy. I can see him putting out a guitar wanker instrumental album about 5 years ago. Anyway anyone who uses his picture for every background must be a total egomaniac.

The Loudmouths - The Loudmouths - CD
(New Red Archives P.O. Box 210501 San Francisco, CA 94121)
Nice short fast songs, with lots of rhythm that really makes me want to jump around. Male and female vocals give this disc extra variety along with the lyrical topics. Pure mayhem and fun throughout every song. They remind me in a strange way of the Cramps, yet they sound nothing like them.

Mcrackins - In on the Yolk - CD
(Shredder Records 75 Plum Tree Lane #3 San Rafael, CA 94901)
Yes, it's another fun, melodic, dorkey, punk-pop band from out west, actually Canada. Since I like that type of shit, I really like this CD. It's everything I could ask for fun, melodic, poppy, humorous, bouncy songs with an edge. Not much else to say about the McRackins except that they have put out a ton of releases on over ten labels in under three years.

Mystery Wagon - Mystery Wagon - CD
(Deary Me Records P. O. Box 19315 Cincinnati, OH 45219)
MW is a rock band with a very heavy jazz influence. They are really good at what they do, however I'm not into this type of stuff right now and don't feel like listening to it anymore.

The Nukes - Why Things Burn - CD
(New Red Archives P.O. Box 210501 San Francisco, CA 94121)
Mid tempo punk rock with gruff vocals and loads of melody. Several of the songs really stick in my mind and just won't let go especially "why things burn". Not much else to say about it except that I like it and you will too.

Omatic - Dog Years - CD
(Grass Records 72 Madison Ave 8th Floor New York, NY 10016 {Distributed by BMG}
I'm pretty biased towards o-matic since they are from Dayton and I've known (only slightly) Michelle and Scott for years. Quick side note, Michelle was in Brainiac and Scott was in the Method. My first impression is a straight ahead punk sonic youth with a more aggressive version of Kim singing a majority of the songs. My only problem with this CD is that their songs are a little to similar for my tastes, but I have no taste anyway.

Pure Plastic Tree - Pure Plastic Tree - CD
(Big Beef Records P.O. Box 303 WBB Dayton, OH 45409)
This is a release of PPT's last studio stuff. They have been gone for quite a while now and it is great to finally see these songs released. The PPT are a very unusual band with a guitar, upright bass, violin and small drum kit being the main instruments. PPT always plays great songs and this CD is no exception. They are the best acoustic / folk / punk band I have heard or seen and are always entertaining. This is a great tribute to the almighty tree.

Seven Gone - Seven Gone - CD
(Temperance Records P.O. Box 981 Ocean City, NJ 08226)
This is a five song Ep from a band that is slow metal bordering on goth. The songs average over four minutes long and get boring to me after about two and a half minutes. Not bad if you want to hear what a more upbeat alice in chains would sound like the guy from megadeath singing. (pretty sad analogy grog).

Sicko - Chef Boy RU Dum - CD
(Empty Records P.O. Box 12034 Seattle, WA 98102)
If you like green day, but are ashamed to admit it you should be listening to Sicko. They are everything punk-pop should be, sing-songy, happy, goofy, fast, boppy and loads of fun. Actually see the McRakins review and this is even better. I love Sicko, and with songs like computer geek, The dateless losers, Obsessive Compulsive Complainers, how can you not like them? I must stop typing now I'm to busy pogoing around my room.

Snap-Her - It Smells, It Burns, It Stings... - CD
(New Red Archives P.O. Box 210501 San Francisco, CA 94121)
Fast, abrasive, snotty punk rock (16 songs in 26 minutes). Very anti-PC and humorous, with songs like fuck earth day, I hate christmas, blue balls and penile implant. Punk rockin fun with three women from frisco including Andi Beltramo who evidently left the band before but now is back. What else can I say, but get this CD already

Social Unrest - New Lows - CD
(New Red Archives P.O. Box 210501 San Francisco, CA 94121)
Well, I really loved the last Social Unrest cd I received. So, this one came as a slight disappointment. It's good, but not nearly as good as the last one (reviewed in MRZ #6), a comp of their old stuff. It's like comparing "Out come the wolves" by Rancid to Op Ivy, you notice something is missing. On a personal note, I don't like billy joe greenday, and he produced this, so it annoyed me even more. On it's own the Cd is pretty good, a mid tempo offering of alterna-punk. Most of the songs could be played on those new alternative rock stations. Look for their early stuff.

Stain - Scenic View - CD
(Blue Room Records P.O. Box 342 Bethel, OH 45106-9998)
Stain is a traditional rock band with a heavy influence from the seattle sound. Most of the songs have a social theme to them and the music is interesting. So, in other words they are a pretty good band, my main complaint is that the vocals are to loud and get annoying at times.

A Ten O'Clock Scholar - Quietest - CD
(Grass Records 72 Madison Ave New York, NY 10016 {Distributed by BMG}
Grass records sings another band from Dayton, what are we the Grass breeding ground? Anyway, I never heard 10 o'clock before, but I heard that they were like an Am Rep band especially Jesus Lizard. Amazingly what I heard was pretty accurate, and I noticed the Jesus Lizard in them. Plenty of distorted vocals over slow driving songs & pumped up hard driving songs, each taking turns and occasionally intertwining. On a totally arbitrary note Sheldon Mutter (of Cigarhead / Liquid Draino fame) shared the vocals on one song & Chris Psyonic Grapheks did all the computer manipulations. To wrap it up it's a dayton experience in the Am Rep vein brought to you by Grass.

V.Card - 3 Piece Set - CD
(Allied Recordings P.O. Box 460683 San Francisco, CA 94146-0683)
Really good mid tempo punk along the lines of ... well you'd have to fill in the blank since they are pretty original yet, almost remind me of several bands. Gruff vocals, lots of energy, fun, poppy, and they'd be great to pogo or just flail madly around to. I enjoyed it, even if it was only 3 songs.

Wally Pleasant - Houses of the Holy, Moly - CD
(Miranda Records P.O. Box 1024 E. Lansing, MI 48826)
WALLY!!!! Well, Wally reminds me like an updated Mojo Nixon. He does humorous songs about all types of topics like driving aimlessly in a car, having a useless college degree, dating a trendy suburbanite punk rock girl, and other relevant topics. Wally, is my latest hero, making fun of it all and still surviving. Maybe, we can get Wally in our city sometime soon. Lets all give Wally a call and tell him how much we love him, or at least how much grog likes him, ok? His number is 517-224-1384, give it a ring, I hope that number is still correct.

The Wrens - Secaucus - CD
(Grass Records 72 Madison Ave 8th Floor New York, NY 10016 {Distributed by BMG}
Wow, one of the few CD's this time that I liked on the first listen. Great stuff, they will probably be the next big band from Grass (but what do I know). Very poppy with lots of background vocals and interesting songs. Just loads of fun, listen and you'll love it. Some slow songs that I could do without are throw in I guess just to torture me, but still a cool disc.

V/A - Score Some Grass - CD
(Grass Records 72 Madison Ave 8th Floor New York, NY 10016 {Distributed by BMG}
This is a grass sampler, I don't know if it's available to the public, but I've got a copy. It has 7 bands doing 2 songs each. First up are the Wrens, with two songs from their CD, so look at the review above (my favorites on the comp). Next is Omatic, doing two songs from their CD, however these are rough mixes which sound just about the same. The only difference are that these are a little bit rawer and capture their live sound better. Pollen don't have a CD out yet, they are a kinda bland, mid-tempo, college rock type band. Good, but nothing to exciting. Half Hour to Go, is another new band to me, they play mid-tempo happy alternative rock. Now onto Loomis, this is why I hate comp CD's , every two songs a new band and the last two songs sound about like these two only different. If I had the whole Cd I might be able to say something brilliant about them (yeah, right) but I guess I'll just keep writing lame reviews. A Ten O'Clock Scholar are also reviewed elsewhere, so find that review. Finally it's Wasted Time, with one song that's like your normal commercial alternative and a cover of "brown eyed girl", which they play pretty close to the original.

V/A - Invasion of the Indie Snatchers - CD
(Allied Recordings P.O. Box 460683 San Francisco, CA 94146-0683)
This is great 24 songs from 24 bands, I feel like I'm at Dave Draino's house and he's playing his latest purchases for me. The cover and all the graphics are 50's horror film photos with new words pertaining to the major labels attack on the indie scene. Several songs have lyrics that deal with bands selling out and such. Now, here's a massive rundown of all 24 bands and my impression of them. Absolute Zero - fast, hard driving, punk rock with all the trimmings (i.e. 80's hardcore). Cards in Spokes - early 80's punk-pop sounding sing-songy music with lots of melodic bass. Cars Get Crushed - This starts off like 4 day drunk (by Cage) and turns into an early Dinosaur Jr. sounding song. Car vs Driver - This sounds like Nation of Ulysses meets firehose. Cromwell - This sounds like it should have been on the "Wailing Ultimate" a mid-eighties comp from Homestead records. Dillinger Four - fast punk-pop into double speed choruses with snotty vocals, cool. Franklin - really long intro into a slow punk song. Greensleep - great Sicko sounding punk-pop, (I love Sicko). Gus - Great distorted mid tempo punk-pop. Hot Water Music - Fun sounding rock band with a singer that reminds me of Henry Rollins. J Church - Do I really have to say anything? They are the best social-political-personal punk-pop out there (Grog just got arrested for excessive use of hyphens). Marble - Screeching Weasel / Sicko style song, with a rather annoying chorus. Mary Me - Fluffy punk-pop early eighties sounding new wave, really cool. Nevertheless - Alterna rock song, that seems rooted in metal and never seems to end. Peaceful Meadows - this reminds me of Liquid Draino. Who you ask? Well, a fast, fun, snotty, melodic, punk band with a vocalist that kinda slurs words together. Pound - this starts with a modem squelch and incorporates many phone messages into the song, very cool mid-fast tempo punk. Sake - Very cool all the elements that make up a great punk song. Speed Duster - Rockin' song with elements of rockabilly and punk (ala Dead Boys), therefore punkabilly. Strawman - This is a lot like fIREHOSE from the Ragin' Full On album. the Suzybeat - A cool industrial-noise band. Teeth - A garage type band that was pretty good, but the song was to long. Trench - A rockin' song that was a cross between punkabilly ang goth. V. Card - Fast upbeat punk song with lots of melody, really made me jump around. Water Monitor - Slow melodic song, almost a dirge.

V/A - "Live" at the Bottom of the Hill - CD
(New Red Archives P.O. Box 210501 San Francisco, CA 94121)
Four bands on New Red archives share this live CD. First up are The Nukes who sound like they do on their CD "Why things burn". Next up is Jack killed Jill. They are a little bit like Naked Aggression, but have a bit more of a rock edge to themselves. Then came a dose of Social Unrest, playing some of their older stuff and some newer shit. Really good and fun, but I've said it all in their other reviews. Last on this comp it's Swingin' Utters playing punk as only they can play it, only even better since it's live. I love this CD, fun, fun, fun, I wish I'd seen that show.

V/A - Living in Fear - CD
{A record to benefit children victims of domestic violence}
(Ransom Note Recordings P.O. Box 40164 Bellevue, WA 98015)
First off even without great bands this record is really cool. Look for their ad, which we printed for free, somewhere in the zine. Bristle - A fast punk-pop song. 88 Finger Louie - Skacore, similar to the Voodoo Glow Skulls sans the horns. Sofa Glue - Melodic hardcore with whoas thrown in for fun. The Queers - They're the Queers, what else can I say! Rhythm Collision - Great melodic hardcore. Piss Drunks - Early 80's hardcore type song. The Wretched Ones - early 80's style punk song. The Cowboy Killers - Punk / metal crossover type of thing. Hellbillys - Punkabilly to the max. Schleprock - Like a more powerful Screeching Weasel. Capitalist Casualties - Grindcore. The Brainsick - Punk-pop. Naked Aggression - Naked Aggression, what else can I say? Oppressed Logic - An 80's style punk song. The Freeze - Mid tempo punk song with very clean production. Armed & Hammered - Fast melodic punk song. Spent Idols - 80's style cynical punk song. The Diesel Queens - A punk / hardcore song. Christ on Parade - Another punk / hardcore song. New Bomb Turks.- NBT live, once again what else can I say?

V/A - Cincinnati's Local Music Scene - CD
(Deary Me Records P.O. Box 19315 Cincinnati, OH 45219)
Here's a CD with 14 songs from Cincinnati bands. Now a quick rundown of what I thought of each bands song. Rottweilers - A funky little song with horns and Do-Do-Do singers, funkarific? The Green Room - This sounds like a late sixties band transported in the nineties still carrying that psycodelic sound. Johari Window - A slow, trance like alterno-metal song with haunting female vocals. Moth - That low tech sound, like GBV, but with a better singer. Spiderfoot - I didn't realize that they were still around, local alternative grunge rock. Radiolaria - Nice, mellow, melodic college rock song. Sound Mind - Haunting, industrial-gothic-ethereal rock song. Pale Halo - The Cure with Morissey singing? You be the judge. Birdhouse - A song so happy, that it's annoying. Think of Barney meets the brady bunch, singing about living without stress. (Hidden Track) - A silly song about cheese ala they Might Be Giants. Snaggletooth - Imagine Seinade (sp?) O'Conner in an alternative metal band and being violently pissed off. (You'll love them, I have split 7"s from them for sale only $2 ppd. BUY ONE NOW, BETTER YET, BUY FIVE AND GIVE THEM TO FREINDS!!!! Shoot the Gift - Cool alternative rock with lots of harmony. (You'll like them too, they are on the other side of the Snaggletooth split 7"). Borgia Popes - A live melancholy song that's pretty good, but I've heard it before. Clifford Nevernew - This sounds like Elvis Costello imitating Kurt Cobain fronting Brainiac covering They Might Be Giants. Think about it, pretty cool, huh.

Pawn - Guerrilla Intent - 7"
(Alienation / Headquarters P.O. Box 267 New Carlise, OH 45344)
This band has several people from other past Dayton bands from industrial, thrash and hardcore backgrounds. Together they make a mid/fast tempoed hardcore / grindcore band that brings back memories of the front street collective. Remember back in the early 90's when moshing & pits were still fun, before they became pretentious macho shitholes full of jocks.

The PepG!rlz - Amerikan Banned - 7"
(P.O. Box 20801 New York, NY 10009)
Go crazy with the rubber stamps, mine was plastered . This 7" has two songs from their cassette, including "Courtney izzuh asshole". Sample lyrics: "Courtney izzuh asshole, retched junkie twit". A fun 7".

Red Ball - Never Again - 7"
(Real Good Records 3712 N Broadway #223 Chicago, IL 50613)
A slow groovealterna rock band. The vocalist has a unique voice, like a cross between Johnette and Pat benatar. It's good for what it is, but it's not really my type of thing.

Smatch - Smatch - 7"
First off this has one of the most unique covers I have ever seen. It's a layout for a cover, with a place for the band logo and picture. It even includes assembly instructions and two different photos to choose from. Fun. What do they sound like? Oh, yaeh. They are a mid-tempoed melodic punk band with a singer who scream sings, but does it clearly. They are almost as fun as their cover, but hey I'm weird that way.

Teeth - New Dime Box Displaced - 7"
(Allied Recordings P.O. Box 460683 San Francisco, CA 94146-0683)
Mid tempoed punk-pop that sounds like the harsher J-Church songs. Lots of punk-popin fun for everyone.

A Ten O'Clock Scholar - The Arrow of Light - 7"
(Whatelse Records / Contact: WBB P.O. Box 238 Dayton, OH 45409-0238)
- Jbaker3020@aol.com) This is two more songs that sounds like the stuff on their CD. Read the CD review and if you're interested, buy this 7" as a sampler before you take on their CD. Besides it's from a small label, so get it.

Bloodlet - Entheogen - Cassette
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
Slow grindcore is the only way I can really disribe this band. Growling vocals over slow grindy music, this keeps sounding like it wants to let loose, but it never does.

Body Bag - Hate Crimes - Cassette
(c/o Chris Kaiser 336 W. lake #1 Barrington, IL 60010)
Wow death metal. Why do people insist on sending me this stuff. Is MRZ a death metal zine? No. Will I give it a good review? No. Will I go on saying absolutely nothing about the band? No, I already said it all they are death metal, and they all sound the same to me. Death metalheads, just call me closed minded or something, OK? And quit sending me this shit!

Bucket - Mu - Cassette
(Bucket 734 Webster Traverse City, MI 49686)
Bucket is rock and roll along the lines of the presidents of the united states. Not quite as poppy and they lyrics aren't as smooth or as humorous, but you get the idea. Good, fun music for the mid-nineties. As a bonus they're fun to see live. Disney/ABC ABCney

Colonel Bleep - Colonel Bleep - Cassette
(80 Burns Ave Dayton, OH 45402)
This cassette has the low tech thing going. The songs are pretty much mid-tempo hypnotizing tunes, with occasional excursions into full blown fast paced garage/punk. This is a pretty good representation of the band, for a full story go and see them live or buy this cassette.

The Crayon Theatrical - TCT - Cassette
(Skeptical Cat Recordings 2517 California Ave Dayton, OH 45419)
Does anyone still remember Glee and Beak or Life 'n Times. Well, this has the same type of sound going. Poppy, acoustic, electric songs with sweet vocal harmonies and actually pretty good. If you're in a good mood and feeling lazy this would be good to listen to.

Cry Baby Killer - The Shock-by-Shock Confessions of - Cassette
(Stace Keeney 359 Ludlow Ave #31A Cincinnati, OH 45220)
This is like a step into the past, like the mid seventies, nothing scary like disco, just early punk. It's like listening to Iggy and the Stooges or the Dead Boys. Fun, rockin', dark, compelling and just plain great. I really want to see this band now.

Disarray - Widespread Human Disaster - Cassette
(P.O. Box 975 Dickson, TN 37055)

Fifteen - Surprise! - Cassette
(Grass Records 72 madison Ave 8th Floor New York, NY 10016 {Distributed by BMG}
Fifteen is back with a new recording on grass records. This really surprises me (no pun intended) since they started their own label after their first grass record and released their last recording on it. As for the music, it's more of the same 15 music we've all come to know and love, except that they vocals seem to be a little bit smoother at times. If you've never heard fifteen, get a record and listen to them, you'll love them. They do socially conscience and personal songs in a unique peace punk way.

Gumdrops - High Speed...OK? - Cassette
(Grass Records 72 Madison Ave 8th Floor New York, NY 10016 {Distributed by BMG}
Male / female alternating vocals over interesting college rock. Not meant in a bad way, it just has that college alternative rock feel to it. Rough and raw, yet smooth and inviting. Very interesting and worth a try, so do it. What are you waiting for?

Hippopotamus - Hippopotamus - Cassette
(Grass Records 72 Madison Ave 8th Floor New York, NY 10016 {Distributed by BMG}
The first thing that came to mind when I heard the first song on this cassette was monty python. Not the whole series, just the skits that had an englishman in the street unbuckled rain boots, pants rolled up to his knees and a rag tied on his head like a hat. Well, if you've seen those skits, that's how the vocalist sounded, everything else was irrelevant. None of the other songs sounded like that, most of them were done talk-sing like but not monotone. The music was pretty much rock, with a standard rhythm section, but very innovative guitar over it all. The guitar was like a combination of brainiac, the pixies, prince and steve via (I bet you didn't expect that, did you).

Java Men - A Letter to St. Paul - Cassette
(P.O. Box 17080 Louisville, KY 40217)
Coffee house jazz, a beatniks dream. This isn't my type of thing (I don't even drink coffee), but it is nicely done.

Monkey's Paw - Monkey's Paw - Cassette
(Primate Productions 1284 Oxford - Germantown Rd Camden, OH 45311)
A two song demo tape. (Just thought you might like to know). I asked someone who saw them at Canal Street what they sounded like, and they said "envision Urban Dance Squad on a smaller scale". Well, I did and they were right. Both songs reminded me of UDS except that the record wasn't quite as good. Good music that makes you want to get up and dance (or in my case just move around oddly), plus they have social-political lyrics to invigorate your mind as well as your body.

New Teen Valiants - NTV - Cassette
(607 E. Fifth St Dayton, OH 45402)
Another two song demo, (just keeping you informed). Actually NTV have already broken up, but at least one of them has a new band ' ' (see their ad). Anyway enough of this hype, what do they sound like? Well, they sound different than I expected. Imagine a steady drum beat, with rhythmic bass lines pulsating under distorted guitar lines and other electrical anomalies. Then come the vocals, they are hard to explain, I'd say there is on main vocal line with at least two other voices throw in and dominating the songs at times. It's linda like being locked up in the mental health center with four of your closed buddies.

The PepG!rlz - Fuk Dis Shit !!! - Cassette
(P.O. Box 20801 New York, NY 10009)
First off I say they win prizes for the best wrapped package (they used the paper from a publishers clearing house sweepstakes entry), the coolest ink stamps (I printed some in here) and the largest variety of shit send to me (a cassette, 7", comic book and a graffiti art photo of them).Anyway this is their cassette so I guess I should review it. Their tape has six songs and three different styles. Two were pulsating rhythms with moaning background vocals and seductively moaned / sung lyrics (actually there were few lyrics, but the effect worked). One other song, Sea mammal, was about the same, but had only background vocals / moans with occasional screeching guitars and a xylophone. Tthey did a punk song called Courtney izzuh asshole (retched junkie twit). They other two were based on roots 50's / 60's rock with updated lyrics. One was about cheeseburgers, very sarcastic I loved it. I'd love to see what a live experience would be like.

Ricanstruction - Ricanstruction - Cassette
(Ugly Planet Media - P.O. Box 205 New York, NY 10012)
This reminds me of Living Colour's first album, except that Ricanstruction is heavier and more politically motivated lyrically. This includes a song for Abu Jamal, you know who he is, right? He's on death row or maybe he is already gone for supposedly shooting a cop. He appears to have been set up due to him political beliefs, read more about him. Anyway, I really like this band and hope that they can keep it together instead of becoming another living colour.

Shiver U.K. - Bitch Auction - Cassette
(c/o Mike Epstein B U Dickinson # 07191 Binghamton, NY 13902-6007)
e-mail: bd90603@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu web: http://www.afn.org~afn28209/shiver/shiver.html True underground four-track (?) fun with a drum machine and some samples thrown in for extra flavor. If you've ever been in a band, do you remember when it first started? Like the first six months or so before someone in the band got to serious or wanted professionalism. Well, Shiver UK is that feeling before shit bogs you down. Totally free, fun music played as they want to play it. The songs are very interesting as well as the lyrics. They sent a bio and stuff, but I still haven't looked at it so I might be wrong about them. But hey, a review is the reviewers impression of the band, right?

Warzone - Lower East Side - Cassette
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
The cassette starts off with a live song that warns "anybody who wants to get mellow, you can turn around and get the fuck out of here". That's what it is hardcore and there's nothing mellow about that. Sound bites from movies and studio stuff is thrown in to add extra spice. This remind me of early DRI and a bit of Minor Threat. Fun if you're in the mood for it.

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