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"Music Reviews Issue #14 A-F"

A New Found Glory - "Nothing Gold Can Stay" - CD
(Drive Thru Records P.O. Box 55234 Sherman Oaks, CA 91413)
There are twelve great pop punk tunes on this excellent release by the lads who call themselves NFG. I like this release not only because it just kicks ass, but also because it reminds me of local legends The Oxymorons{Mite, you just earned 20 brownie points - Grog}, which was the band that dragged me into the 'underground' music scene in the first place. Right now I'm trying to figure out which tune I like best on this CD, but in the end I just have to say I like them all. {Mite}
Drive Thru Web Site

Abigail Grush - "The Phantom Beat" - CD
(Barsuk Records P.O. Box 31016 Seattle, WA 98103)
Abigail Grush sounds like 20’s flapper music with an acoustic guitar thrown into the mix. Abigail is at her best when the music flows like a carnival during the instrumental pieces. The French horn, clarinet, saxophone, and slide whistle bring a timeless feel to the love songs. If you enjoyed Aunt Beanies First Prize Beets, give Abigail Grush a listen. {Gail}
Barsuk Web Site

Alien Crime Syndicate - "Dust to Dirt" - CD
(Collective Fruit Inc P.O. Box 4415 Seattle, WA 98104-0415)
Imagine splicing together J.Mascis and the singer from Candlebox then having him front a band that listened to way too much Soundgarden and ‘80s keyboard fronted new-wave bands. Actually, this band features the ex-singer of the Meices which explains the J. Mascis sound. In fact, the whole album sounds like a mutated version of the Meices. Nothing on here really grabbed me right off, but it is a good release and really does grow on you. {Grog}
Alien Crime Syndicate Web Site

G.G. Allin - "Res-Erection" - CD
(ROIR Records 611 Broadway Suite 411 New York, NY 10012)
What the fuck more could be said about G.G. than has already been said?! I have heard so much about him over the years, and it was big news when he died. I have to admit that I hadn't really sat down and listened to anything by G.G. 'til I got this disc to review, and now I can see what all the fuss was about. He was a caustic motherfucker who obviously got off on making an absolute nuisance out of himself! There's some seriously sick-ass shit on here, like the songs I Wanna Rape You, Expose Yourself To Kids, I'm a Rapist, Bloody Mary's Bloody Cunt, etc. If you buy this, you probably won't want to play it in earshot of your mom or dad, unless you want them to send you to the institution for "evaluation". Speaking of loony bins, G.G. sounds like the Paranoid Schizophrenic patient of a group home on Sublime's album, "Robbin' The Hood". Oh yeah, in between some of the live tracks, there's a few clips from an old interview with Merle and G.G. Allin which is quite candid, plus Dee Ramone played guitar on many of the songs. Obviously, if you're a fan, get this sucker; if you're uninitiated and curious, ditto. {Tom CoreKill}
ROIR Web Site

Allister - "Dead Ends and Girlfriends" - CD
(Drive Thru Records P.O. Box 55234 Sherman Oaks, CA 91413)
If MxPx-style pop-punk is your thang, so to speak, then Allister will definitely enjoy a place in your music collection. Named after that bizarre "What are you talking about?" Canadian teenager from the Nickelodeon smash hit "You Can't Do That on Television", Allister is a group of four cutesy punk rawk boys from suburban Chicago (where they all probably still live in their parents' basements). Great harmonies; all four members sing on various tracks. Quick bursts of catchy guitar riffs abound, and even if you don't like some of the tracks, they're all pretty short, so you can sit through them. Most songs deal with teenager-type subjects: girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, drinking, getting hit on by gay guys in school, eating pancakes after a night of drinking-you know, the usual stuff. My favorite tracks on "Dead Ends and Girlfriends" are both covers, but I don't think that has to do with a lack of songwriting ability on Allister's part. Their cover of the Fraggle Rock theme song really pumps my nads (to steal a line from John Hughes' The Breakfast Club), but the crowning jewel by far is a sped-up guitar-heavy version of the sinister Backstreet Boys' I Want it That Way. To be honest, I already knew the words to that vile hit (due to a customer service job), but this version actually made me like it. I guess it doesn't repel the male persuasion either; my boyfriend played it over and over again. For a debut full-length album, Allister has really done a swell job...don't be surprised if you find them on MTV soon, taking over Blink 182's spot as resident cute punk band. {Lizi}
Drive Thru Web Site

American Heartbreak - "Postcards from Hell" - CD
(Coldfront Records P.O. Box 8345 Berkeley, CA 94707)
Jeeze...I don't really like this. First of all, they have the most moronic lyrics which seem to be inspired by hanging out at the local gas station! But also what sux is that they musically sound like a shitty 80's band like Honeymoon Suite (I am ashamed to admit I owned that cassette for a brief time when it first came out. Hey at least I fucking shoplifted it!). They all sing together, but no harmonizing. They all have to sing the same key and out of tune even! It's crappy, waste-of-my fuckin' time albums like this that make me wanna just not review them, like I do when I'm writing reviews for my own zine, but I guess since this is for Grogling, I'll waste the time. He'd kick my fucking ass if I didn't! {Tom CoreKill}
Coldfront Web Site

American Steel - "Every New Morning" - 7"
(Cheetah's Records P.O. Box 4442 Berkeley, CA 94704)
Rough punk with rock ‘n’ roll attitude. The guitar licks are true hard rock groove while the vocals retain true punk rock grit all the way through, even on the tune No Tears. The tunes on this release are so ugly they’re beautiful. {Mite}
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The Anniversary - "Designing a Nervous Breakdown" - CD
(Vagrant Records PMB #361 2118 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90403)
I’ve been hearing this release in just about every music store that I went into lately. This tells me two things. One is that the promotion company is doing one hell of a job getting the word out on this band, and the other is that people are really digging this band. Fueled with pop alternative sensibility. Everything about this CD is great, the music, the lyrics and the vocals. Check out this band and see what all the buzz is about, you’ll be glad you did. {Mite}

Anthrax - "Return of the Killer A's" - CD
(Beyond Records / BMG)
Not, Not, Not, Not…this really brings back memories of my metal days. I have fond memories of sitting on a hill overlooking part of Dayton with Dave, Rich, Staci and Casey, drinking 40’s and listening to Anthrax’s “Spreading the Disease”. I loved Anthrax since they weren’t typical metal and crossed easily into other genra’s. I was getting heavier into punk at the time, but still liked metal and they really filled the void…as well as mixing in some rap like on Bring the Noise. This relsease plays like a greatest hits collection, except that they had very few hits per se. My hope right now is that I’m the Man will find it’s way back onto the radio again. A true crossover band when it was really rare…and still good. Mosh homeboy mosh. {Grog}
Beyond Web Site

Anti Domestix - "This Demon Called Love" - 7"
(Cheetah's Records P.O. Box 4442 Berkeley, CA 94704)
My god, I swear the vocalist on this release sounds just like Dayton’s very own Will “Dobie Gillis” Dalgard. Angry young man vocals intermixed with punk rock anthem music makes "This Demon Called Love" one of the punk rock 7” picks of this issue of Mutant Renegade. {Mite}
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Arthur - "Loneliness is Bliss" - CD
(Rock City Records P.O. Box 2813 Silverdale, WA 98383)
Upon my first listen to this six song CD I thought, "Gosh, they sure as fuck sound a hell of a lot like MxPx!" Well, wuddayouknow! When I checked out the liner notes, the songwriter is Mike Herrera of Magnified Plaid! So right away I can tell you readers that if you're into MxPx, you should almost certainly love this. I mean there are some differences. Perhaps some of the songs are a bit harder edged, but a good pop punk sound just like (guess who). I really loved the cover photo, a black and white of a lonely man under a lonely street light. They're still Christians since they mention God in one of the songs. Too bad this CD is so short. {Tom CoreKill}
Rock City Web Site

The Atomic Bitchwax - "File Under Monster Magnet" - CD
(Tee Pee / MIA Records 315 Church St 2nd Fl New York, NY 10013)
Atomic Bitchwax is the side project of Monster Magnet lead guitarist Ed Mundell, ex-Godspeed bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnick and drummer Keith Ackerman. The release has tinges of Judas Priest-like '70s-era hard rock, hints of psychedlia and a lot of general hard power trio characteristics. It's nothing remarkable, but it's not bad, either. People into technical guitar work will definitely want to get this album; Mundell has an interesting bag of guitar tricks. {Fibi}
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Bargain Music - "77 03" - CD
(Beatville Records P.O. Box 42462 Washington, DC 20015)
Maybe it's just because they're from Long Beach, CA too, but Bargain Music just wants to be Sublime. Everything about this is a complete rip-off: lyrical and vocal style, the ska influence, all of it. And it's not nearly as innovative, endearing, or entertaining as Sublime. If you like Bradley and the boys, then you might like "77 003". They have a song titled It's Called Fucking, and there's even a song about a colostomy bag. Gotta give em props for that. {Lizi}
Beatville Web Site

Beefcake - "My Dominatrix" - 7"
(GFY Records P.O. Box 598 Cliston, NJ 07012)
Beefcake. BEEFCAKE!!! The four great songs by this snot punk quartet spank you around like a red headed stepchild. The songs are about things that make the world such a great place to live; getting laid before you die, drinking and dressing up as a cowboy for your dominating woman. {Mite}

Bela - "'Til Summer Ends" - CD
(Mother West Records 132 W 26th St New York, NY 10001)
I've been listening to this CD for hours on end trying to figure out who they remind me of and it just hit me. They are a way mellower The Dream Academy. Remember the band that did that song Life in a Northern Town? Bela is a more laid back, less orchestral version of The Dream Academy. The one instrument that stands out on all the tracks is the cello, which is wonderfully interwoven with the soft male vocals. The traditional band set up, guitar, bass and drums round out the sound. The use of violin, the theremin and tubular bells all make for a soothingly mellow release. {Mite}
Mother West Web Site

Adrian Belew - "Coming Attractions" - CD
(Thirsty Ear Records 274 Madison Ave Suite 804 New York, NY 10016)
Adrian Belew ? whether you know him from his work with the venerable King Crimson, art-rockers The Talking Heads or Frank Zappa, you gotta respect the man's talent as both a songwriter and a guitarist. He's one of the few out there who has both the ability to blow your mind with rapid-fire guitar pyrotechnics and sate your desire for a good song. On "Coming Attractions," Belew previews his upcoming projects with King Crimson, The Bears, and his own acoustic album, to be titled "This is a Pencil." This release can be summed up in one word: "Yummy." {Fibi}
Thirsty Ear Web Site

Big Bubba - "Big Bubba" - CD
(Smart Ass Records P.O. Box 71 Cottage Grove, MN 55016)
The only way to truly enjoy Big Bubba is with a Billy Beer, pork grinds, and an old issue of "Mad" magazine. Big Bubba’s music is loud, fast and sloppy. Lots of cussing kiddies for the extra special moments in your life. {Gail}
E-Mail Smart Ass Smart Ass Web Site

Big in Iowa - "Bangin' 'n' Knockin'" - CD
(P.O. Box 13268 Hamilton, OH 45013)
Rev. Cool introduced me to one of the fellows in this band at a recent Troy Campbell concert. A few days later I received their CD in the mail and it immediately started racking up the miles on my CD player. This release is full of foot stompin' cow punk.

I was hooked on this release from the get go when the words "I'm not looking for nirvana. I don't need no place to go. I just wanna keep on drivin'," were belted out on the opening tune Neil's On The Radio. It ain't too difficult to figure out which Neil they're talking about, because the last tune on this CD is a great rendition of Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl. This is one of those rare gems that I would have missed if I didn't happen to be at the right place at the right time. (Mite)
Big In Iowa Web Site

Billy Mahonie - "The Big Dig" - CD
(Beggars Banquet)
Boy, this one is a tough one to really put my finger on. It's all instrumental. The name of the band seems to come from a character in the cool film Flatliners, starring K. Sutherland, J. Roberts, K. Bacon, etc. I really liked this CD immensely and yet I'm at a loss to really describe what it sounds like. Maybe I'm just tired (Grog really IS a slave drivin' bastard!) Let me put it this way, it's not really jazz, punk rock or any other specific genre, but it has elements of a few genres. The music is mostly composed of two guitars, drums and bass. Well shit, they're from London and on Bauhaus' label, so that should tell you something! If you like something good and out of the ordinary, this just might be your thing! {Tom CoreKill}
Billy Mahonie Web Site Beggars Banquet Web Site

Black Cat Music - "This is the New Romance" - CD
(Cheetah's Records P.O. Box 4442 Berkeley, CA 94704)
Wine In A Box, hypnotizes the listener into a thick drug induced haze and paints the scenery with dyed black hair, dexedrine, and a faint stench of patchouli. I fell into deep thoughts of the late 80’s when the Replacements and Dramarama ruled the scene. Black Cat Music seems to draw their passion from the indy scene of the 80’s and picks up where the predecessors left off. A listen to this record will entangle the listen in a web of soothing yet, eerie music. I really enjoyed Black Cat Music. {Gail}
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The Black Gang - "This is a Prayer" - 7"
(Kill Rock Stars PMB 418 120 State Ave NE Olympia, WA 98501)
This is Mike Watts' band and you can tell as soon as the first notes hit. Nothing against the other memebers, Neils Cline and Bob Lee, but Mike is the guiding force. I'm glad to see them still together after the punk rock opera album. If you're unfamiliar Mike Watt used to be in The Minutemen and later fIREHOSE and is one of the best bassists in the world. The sound is like a mixture of jazz and punk with Mike getting some of the strangest sounds I've ever heard out of a bass. It's like it's a part of him and when he plays it really is an extension of his body.

The first side is pretty much a jam that flows beautifully and ends with the lyrics. On the second side the cover a Captain Beefheart song A Carrot is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond. Then they end with each member saying a few words from their tour log. They are pretty humorous and remind me of Henry Rollins' tour logs. {Grog}
Mike Watt Hoot Page Web Site

Bobby Bland - "The Best of Bobby Bland" - CD
(MCA / Universal Records)
Mr. T. sezs, “I pity the fool who doesn’t listen to the Bobby Bland millennium collection. That’s right, I was the first to dub Bobby as “the lion of the blues” for his fierce, powerful and soulful voice and electric performances. I taught Bobby how to roar like thunder. The collection features some of Bobby’s biggest hits including Turn on Your Love Light, Who Will the Next Fool Be? and my favorite I Pity the Fool.” {Gail}

Blondie - "Blondie Live" - CD
(Beyond Records / BMG)
Blondie's "Live" was recorded during several dates on their 98/99 tour and features 17 tracks that span Blondie’s history from X-Offender to Maria . During the 70’s and 80’s, Blondie brought punk, new wave, and rap into our living rooms on our record players and radios. They made each genre radio friendly without compromising the band’s dignity. "Live" highlights Debby Harry’s amazing voice that is tough, sensual and everything else in between. "Live" is a must for any Blondie fan or for anyone who enjoys new wave music. {Gail}
Beyond Web Site

Blue Man Group - "Audio" - CD
(Virgin Records)
I remember seeing the Blue Man Group on television in the early ‘90s. From what I remember, three bald and blue characters entered a stage with metal oil barrels strapped to their feet and did a percussive dance. Later, they did another percussive performance with oil drums and paint. The whole performance has an industrial performance art feel to it. The visuals were stunning especially the three Blue Men. So when Grog mentioned that they were releasing a CD, I just jumped on it.

Grog and I agreed that the Blue Man Group promo package is the most visually appealing and well-done promo package that we have ever received. The Blue Men Group has a whole slew of visually appealing instruments that they created (mostly using PVC pipe) which they used in recording this CD.

I loved everything about this CD except for one thing, their use of an electric guitar. I was looking for a sound that would be more percussive. Instead, they choose to infuse ‘normal’ instruments such as electric guitar into the mix, and some of the songs come off sounding like alternative new age mish-mosh or an instrumental break for a rock opera. I will end saying that I absolutely love the tune Synaesthetic. {Mite}
Virgin Web Site

Blue Spark - "Transmitter" - CD
(Goodink Records P.O. Box 19645 Seattle, WA 98109)
Another great cow punk release for me to review for this issue of MR. This band has a more rockin' sound as compared to the other cow punk releases we've received. I also loved the use of the organ in their tunes. It adds just the right amount of spice to this already flavorful CD. {Mite}
Good Ink Web Site

Blue Taxi - "Ridin' Shotgun" - CD
(Mudpuppie Records 6903 Olde Eight Rd Peninsula, OH 44264)
I gotta admit that I have a weakness for good blues. The kind you'd hear in a little, out-of-the-way club on a cross-country trip. The kind that nameless bands play for nameless audiences. Blue Taxi, out of a little town called Penisula, Ohio, are just that sort of band. Their guitarist, Bill "Cap" Capuano, has all the hot licks down cold, extending his notes for just the right amount of time ? time enough for the audience to savor their flavor. Vocalist Theresa Capuano has that sultry, '40s-esque quality to her voice. Bob Capuano on drums provides a steady backbeat, while Kurt England on bass nails it cold. The band does better on its faster numbers; they don't quite gell as well on the slower ballads. Make sure to check out the cover of George Harrison's While My Guitar Gently Weeps. {Fibi}
E-Mail Blue Taxi Blue Taxi Web Site

Bombshell Rocks - "Underground Radio" - CD
(GMM Records P.O. Box 15234 Atlanta, GA 30333)
Punk rock yet again. It's not bad, but it's not great either. The title track has a nice sound to it: kinda Rancid-like (the band, not maggot-infested meat), and it has a sing-along chorus. This one should be a 'definitely maybe' on your CD list. {Lizi}
GMM Web Site

***Howard X's Pick of the Issue***
The Booked - "Feel the Pride" - CD
(Radical Records 77 Bleecker St. #C2-21 New York, NY 10012)
Kick ass anthemic boots and straps punk rock . It's good to hear that there are still bands like this kicking out the killer hooks and catchy chorus'es. Every song on this release seemed to have and abundance of both! Lyrically these guys seemed to have a serious working class thing going on. Surprisingly enough, they seemed to espouse hard work and paying your dues! Imagine that! {Howard X}
Radical Web Site

The Busy Signals - "Baby's First Beats" - CD
(Sugar Free Records P.O. Box 14166 Chicago, IL 60614)
"Baby’s First Beats" is The Busy Signals debut recording. The release is fresh. It has a fun and trippy 70’s throwback feel like the release was inspired by Sly and the Family Stone, dough art, macramé, Beck and a groovy Casio keyboard. It’s like the Partridge Family on acid. Plenty of loops, blits, gits, decks and keys to explore. A great listen to enjoy on a sunshine day. {Gail}
Sugar Free Web Site

Butterfly Joe - "Butterfly Joe" - CD
(Razler Records 2300 walnut St No. 612 Philadelphia, PA 19103)
Do the names Joe Genaro and Dean Sabatino sound familiar? How about Joe Jack and Dean Clean? Yes, it's one half on the infamous Dead Milkmen. While this band has that same quirky feel, the songs aren't quite as endearing or entertaining as the Milkmen were. Still, it is better than most of the tripe that is out there...and a few tracks do bring back the fun. {Grog}
Razler Web Site

Cadillac Tramps - "Live!" - CD
(BYO Records P.O. Box 67A64 Los Angeles, CA 90067)
This is atrue rock and roll band in the tradition of Social Distortion and The Supersuckers. The Cadillac Tramps also bring to mind the best aspects of Guns 'n' Roses. If rock is making a comeback then these guys will be at the forefront. {Grog}
BYO Web Site

The Casualties - "For the Punx" - CD
(GMM Records P.O. Box 15234 Atlanta, GA 30333)
Gutter punk '77 style straight outta NYC. These guys have the look (the mohawks, the bondage pants, the spiked leather), and the snotty attitudes to match. Great live photos, and the cover is nice and gritty. Plus, there's even a cartoon of the real Dennis the Menace on the inside. The music fits the image as well: tight sounds, sloppy in all the right ways, and the sing-along choruses make me sure that The Casualties rip it up live. And with a track called Punk Rock Love (whose chorus goes "Gave you love, gave you my heart"), it's evident that these cutey punks have a soft side too....aww!!! I wonder if any of them are looking for a girlfriend.... {Lizi}

Cataract Falls - "The Sound of Your Breath Still" - CD
(Idols of the Marketplace P.O. Box 50138 Fort Wayne, IN 46805)
A group of people literally screaming god knows what to band noise. I got so annoyed while listening to this that I took the disc out of my car CD player and whipped it out the window as I was driving down the highway. {Mite}
E-Mail Idols of the Marketplace

Catch 22 - "Washed Up!" - CD
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
Well, their last release “Keasby Nights” was one of my favorites last year. So, when I heard about this new EP I was really excited, but a bit pensive since I heard that their main singer had left. Actually, two members have left and it is apparent. It will take a bit of time to get used to the change. Still, they play catchy as hell ska-punk with a great sense of humor, but now they are a bit heavier and lean more towards punk. However, it’s hard to tell much from a four song CD. Included is their take on American Pie…I like it much better as a HC song, and even a grindcore song where they’re not sure of the lyrics. Madonna should have tried going this route on her remake. As a bonus, there are nine minutes of live songs from "Keasby Nights" - Life Goes On, Christina, 9mm…BUT IT CUTS OFF!!!! Catch 22 you must come to Dayton and play or Columbus or Cincinnati!!! {Grog}
Victory Web Site

Catharsis and the Humdrum - "Girl Takes Mercury [After All - Night Party]" - CD
(Idols of the Marketplace P.O. Box 50138 Ft. Wayne, IN 46845)
Well, from the name I was expecting this to be really humdrum...I wouldn't call it humdrum. It's more like uninspired textbook alternative rock 101. It's catchy and decent, but very sterile and sounds like too many other bands. They might as well be playing covers of Matchbox 20 and similar ilk. {Grog}
E-Mail Idols of the Marketplace

Cats & Jammers - "After School Special" - CD
(Beluga Records P.O. Box 146751 Chicago, IL 60614)
Greg Brady was Johnny Bravo right? Cats and Jammers are what I envision Bobby Brady’s band would sound like if he had a band when he was seventeen. Cats and Jammers are actually a trio from Chicago, Illinois. Their songs are super squeaky clean and sound like an all American garage band that would be making a guest appearance in an ABC after school special. As an extra added bonus they cover I Need You by Ray Davies. {Gail}
Beluga Web Site

Chalk - "Nothing Left to do but Die" - CD
(Deary Me Records P.O. Box 19315 Cincinnati, OH 45219)
Well, I can now say that Chalk is my favorite band on the Cincy label "Deary Me Records". This disc is just great. It is a great conglomeration of synthasizer based music that is somewhat industrial, pop, electronica, weird and just plain fun. I can hear the influence of XBXRX, Brianiac, Ministry, Joy Division, Bauhaus and The Joy Electric in these songs, even if Chalk hasn't heard of half of those bands. {Grog}
Epitaph Web Site

Cher - "The Best of Cher" - CD
(MCA / Universal Records)
Ok, I have to admit that I did actually request to review this CD, but please don't let that taint your opinion of me. Blame it on my mother. She played that fucking Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves throughout my formative years. It's embedded deep within my mind and soul. Nevertheless, this CD really sucks. Now, I like kitchsy stuff just as much as the next guy (or gurl), but this is too much for me. Cher is like Tobasco sauce- a little dab will do ya, but don't overdo it. Listening to this CD is like drinking a bottle of the hot sauce while smoking a cigarette...just way too much. I must say, that Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves is on here, so that's good. I think mankind can do without the myriad of shitty, ass-less AM disco and 70's ballads. I just thank God that that abomination of a song called Believe isn't on this CD. Too much of this shit could really warp your mind. Forget Marylin Manson and Judas Preist: it's Cher that's polluting the nation's youth! So I say, unless you're one sick fuck, save yourself and stay away from this Disc of the Devil!!! {Lizi}

The Chubbies - "She Wanted More" - 7"
(Mutant Pop Records 5010 NW Shasta Corvallis, OR 97330)
The Chubbies are a great punk-pop band that has been around since 1994. I don't know much about them, but on this release it's two women with a guest bassist. I don't know if they're normaly a two piece, but if they are I think they could pull it off. Regardless they are fun and catchy and I like them. {Grog}
Mutant Pop Web Site

Jimmy Cliff - "Ultimate Collection" - CD
(Hip-O / Universal Records)
Jimmy Cliff ranks right up there with Bob Marley when people think of great reggae stars. In fact before Bob Marley came along, Jimmy Cliff was the biggest reggae star. I first heard of Jimmy when I was in College radio and P.J. the rollin’ Rastafarian introduced me to his music. Even though the only song that people might remember is the cover of John Nash’s I Can See Clearly Now, every song on this disk is a winner. The folks at "Hip-O Records" aren’t kidding when they say this is the "Ultimate Collection". {Mite}
Hip-O Web Site

Coldspot 8 - "It's the Feelgood" - CD
(Beatville Records P.O. Box 42462 Washington, DC 20015)
This is first wave styled ska with a big dose of reggae. I like the groove, but it remains similar throughout most of the songs. This is more of a background ska disc or a soundtrack to put on whilst making love… {Grog}
Beatville Web Site

Consolidated - "Tikkun- Survivor Demos" - CD
(Orchard Records 45 Orchard St. New York, NY 10002)
I haven’t heard anything from Consolidated for a while, so I was excited when we got this release in. I was a bit disappointed. At first, I was wondering if this was the same Consolidated that I remembered. Sure the disc started off with the signature “open mic” track that this band is known for as well as the socio-political lyrics, but the music during most of the disc has a different feel.

Many of the tunes had me thinking of a more funked out Living Colour minus the rockin’ guitars. Then in the middle of the release they morph into top 40 cheese. The Consolidated that I remember only shows up on the last tune on the release, Sex Work, which is in the same category of industrial music as Front 242. {Mite}
Orchard Web Site

Core - "The Hustle is On" - CD
(Tee Pee / MIA Records 315 Church St 2nd Fl New York, NY 10013)
Oh God...I know this CD had to have ended up in the unclaimed pile, and I got stuck with it. Oh, the humanity... anyway, Core really sucks. "The Hustle Is On" is a collection of wanna-be psychedelic, way too long acid jazz songs. I kept expecting a sudden hour long drum solo like John Bonham, but luckily, that never happened. It just drones on and on and it's never better than mediocre. If you want some '60s style rock, stick with the originals. In Core's case, the hustle passed them by a long time ago. Steer very clear of this stinker. {Lizi}
E-Mail MIA MIA Web Site

Counting Crows - "This Desert Life" - CD
I’m a bit surprised. I like a few of their songs that I’ve heard on the radio from previous releases, but I never really expected much from them. This release has turned out to be one of my favorites in this issue. It’s a great, catchy, melloncollie collection of songs that draw the listener into the moment. Most of the songs have the underlying theme of depression, loves lost and loneliness…however, there is the sense of something better which is lurking just out of sight. They hold true to their sound, which sounds even fuller than usual on this album. I think they have truly found themselves as a band. A nice relaxing, yet involved release…great to have playing on a rainy day. “All my friends and lovers, leave me behind…and I’m still looking for a girl.” {Grog}

The Robert Cray Band - "Heavy Picks" - CD
(Mercury / Universal Records)
Robert Cray was the first blues musician that I really listened to and got into. Sure I’d heard quite a lot of blues before him, but none of them really reached me. The only thing close to a blues band that hit me were certain blues based rock bands.

Robert Cray has that something special and it shows through in this collection. His two big radio hits Smokin’ Gun and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark are included as well as 12 other lesser known, but equally great tracks. His blues are more radio friendly than the guys on the delta, but they are still a good introduction or addition to any blues collection. {Grog}

Crispus Attucks - "Destroy the Teacher" - CD
(Soda Jerk Records P.O. Box 4056 Boulder, CO 80306)
There's really something to be said for short songs. The reason I say that is that this album is jam packed with em'! Killer hardcore, speedy drums, guitars pounding out the cool riffage just long enough to get the message, but never long enough to bore ya! Classic hardcore of the type heard in punk bars all over the country every Saturday night. You know ya want it! {Howard X}
Soda Jerk Web Site

Cro-Mags - "Revenge" - CD
(Cro-Mags P.O. Box 612 Village Station New York, NY 10014-0612)
Hardcore punk crap. I'm sure these guys have many fans around , but I’m definitely not one of them. Is this CD supposed to sound angry and aggressive?? Green Day is more aggressive than this. 2/10 {theSADman}
Cro-Mags Web Site

Crosby - Nash - "Live" - CD
(MCA / Universal Records)
This release starts off explosively with the melding of the two voices floating on a rockin'/percussive musical carpet. Then the two start to mellow out, which didn't grab me as much. Then the percussivness came back and I was a happy boy. I'm going to be a bastard and give this release a local band comparison. Crobsy and Nash sound like an old Glee and Beak. {Mite}

Crosby - Nash - "Whistling Down the Wire" - CD
(MCA / Universal Records)
Re-mastered from the original analog master tapes, it's those two crazy kid harmonizers, Crosby and Nash. This wonderful release has a folksy/psychedelic feel about it. The lyrics are great, and the musical compositions sometimes remind me of Frank Zappa, as weird as that may sound. {Mite}

Crosby - Nash - "Wind on the Water" - CD
(MCA / Universal Records)
It's so interesting to hear music from a different era, especially when it's a band such as Crosby and Nash. Today,any bands are content with keeping the same old sound release after release. It seems like bands in the late '60s and early '70s liked to experiment with their sound a little more and focus on what they could do with their music instead of concentrating on making a buck off their next hit.

This release is different from their other recordings because the music is focused on just as much as the vocals. This is more rocking than other releases and there is heavy use of the electric guitar. I loved the opening to the tune To The Last Whale... A. Critical Mass B. Wind on the Water, which is like walking into a psychedelic dream. {Mite}

The Davenports - "Speaking of the Davenports" - CD
(Mother West Records 132 W 26th St New York, NY 10001)
The first song, Girls Night Out sounded somewhat like Paul McCartney / Beatles or XTC. I read the lyrics from that track about the local social scene / nightlife / single young adulthood, and I could really relate. The second track, Object In the Mirror sounded a lot like Matthew Sweet. They even reminded me in some spots of a great Dayton, OH band called Mink. Hmmm, interesting. The last song, Five Steps (you're over) seemed to be a subtle discourse on shooting up drugs, but I could be wrong. Scott Klass is a very good vocalist and on some songs he sounds like Spooky Ruben (I doubt many of you have ever heard of them) and on some he sounds like They Might Be Giants. I know it's bad to rely too heavily on comparisons to other bands in a review, but on this one it seems impossible for me to do otherwise. I guess I could just simply state that there are a wide variety of influences playing upon this recording, anywhere from 60s British Invasion bands to late 80s college rock. {Tom CoreKill}
Mother West Web Site

Defleshed - "Fash Forward" - CD
(Pavement Music 7400 W. Detroit St Suite 150 Chandler, AZ 85226)
Thirteen track of fast and furious flesh grinding metal including a couple live tracks. Reminds me of Unleashed and Vader. One play of this CD was enough for me. Now I have a nice shiny coaster. 6/10 {theSADman}
Pavement Web Site

Demons & Wizards - "Demons & Wizards" - CD
(SPV GmbH P.O. Box 721147 30531 Hannover, Germany)
This band features two well known musicicans, Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian and Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth. Fans of either of those bands will love this CD release. This CD is a progressive power metal release. Epic songs with many dark mythical themes. Unfortunately to catch these guys live you will probably have to venture over to Germany or France to catch one of the annual metal festivals . 9/10 {theSADman}
SPV Web Site

The Derita Sisters - "Ain't Street" - CD
(To the Left Records P.O. Box 4829 Boulder, CO 80306)
They play 20 songs in 35 minutes. Punk pop in the vein of early Screeching Weasel. The songs are OK, but the lyrics aren’t as clever or as funny as they think they are. A lot of their jokes and observations have been overdone and are absurdly stereotypical. When I was a teenager, I might have liked this… Like punk of old, this was done to get a reaction, but due to being stale all they get are yawns and sympathetic glances. {Grog}
E-Mail Derita Sisters Derita Sisters Web Site

Neil Diamond - "The Neil Diamond Collection" - CD
(MCA / Universal Records)
This is a collection of Neil Diamond singing his hits from the late '60s early '70s. For those of you wanting to hear his "Jazz Singer" era tunes such as Coming to America, you're just going to have to wait. What you will find here are the tunes that you might recall from your childhood. It's funny, but I remember that I use to scream at my mother to turn off the music because it hurt my ears, whenever a Neil Diamond song would come one. Now that I have a chance to listen to his music again, it's so fun. On his classic tune Play Me Neil sings, "You are the sun. I am the moon. You are the words. I am the tune. Play me." It's enough to make one wet their pants, in a good way. This is going in my permanent CD collection and it should go into yours as well. {Mite}

Ani Difranco - "To the Teeth" - CD
(Rightous Babe Records P.O. Box 95 Ellicott Station Buffalo, NY 14205)
One of the reasons that I like Beatles so much is the diversity of their music and how with each album they grew. That is one of the same reasons I like Ani DiFranco so much. I have been listening to her music from the beginning when she was going around and playing folk-punk acoustic guitar at coffee shops and small colleges. (Antioch College where I worked at public radio station WYSO was one of her stops). And with each release she just keeps growing.

Another reason to like Ani DiFranco is her proficiency. Where an artist such as Alanis Morriset takes three years to put out a release that sounds just like her last release, Ani puts out three releases in one year, all with a different feel.

Ani is joined on this CD by such greats as Maceo Parker and The Artist (formerly known as Prince). Like all of Ani’s songs, the ones on this release contain lyrics that are personal, socio-political and heartfelt. Pardon the pun, but all the tunes on To The Teeth have a bite that grabs you by the booboo and doesn’t let go. Where Jewel is a California coffeehouse poet, Ani is a New York bar poetry slam poet.

I could write forever on how great this release is, but I will try to restrain myself and just say that her tune Freakshow is my absolute favorite on this release. Even my friend’s nine-year-old daughter loves the song so much that she dances around singing it. If that isn’t proof enough about how killer this release is then, I don’t know what is. {Mite}
Righteous Babe Web Site

Digger - "Monte Carlo" - CD
(Hopeless Records P.O. Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409)
Hmmm, sounds like NOFX, kind of a little more alternative, trying to get on the radio rock. The singer sounds all emotional about something so I can only assume he is having girl problems which considering the number of panty melters the band has on this disk, I find surprising. If you are wearing baggy shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of winter you will probably like this. {Howard X}
Hopeless Web Site

Dinosaur Jr. - "BBC in Session" - CD
(Fuel 2000 Records / Universal Records)
You get 10 songs from the almighty Dinosaur Jr. on this disc spaning from '88 to '92. As expected it GREAT! Hmmm, don't really know what else I can say. If you haven't heard Dinosaur Jr. before then get some...otherwise you know what to expect so get this already. Geesh. {Grog}

Divit - "Latest Issue" - CD
(Coldfront Records P.O. Box 8345 Berkeley, CA 94707)
This is your basic pop-punk band. I listened to this release at least seven times so that I might find something interesting to write about it, and all I can say is that this CD is okay, except for the lackluster cover of American Girl, which was less than okay. {Mite}
Coldfront Web Site

Drowning Man - "...Howtheylight..." - CD
(Revelation Records P.O. Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5232)
From Burlington, Vermont comes Drowing Man. Drowning Man supply is with a blend of spastic metal/hardcore. This is a short 15 minutes EP gives us tales of heartbreak and woe, ruminations on half-developed paranoid delusions and carefully laid plans for revenge . 6/10 {theSADman}
Revelation Web Site

Dynamite Boy - "Finders Keepers" - CD
(Fearless Records 13772 Goldenwest St #545 Westminster, CA 92683)
From the first note on "Finder’s Keeper’s", the music fills the room and it is inescapable to run from the power packed energy of Dynamite Boy. The songs are about love, broken hearts, and unspoken words in a world where boy meets girl, girl breaks boy’s heart, and stomps on it to death with all the drama of a great after school special. "Finder’s Keeper’s" stands out with a positive attitude and with melodies and harmonies that stand out in the crowd of post punk pop bands. Dynamite Boy is one of my favorite new bands. Check them out. {Gail}
Fearless Web Site

Pat Dull & His Media Whores - "It's About Time" - 7"
(Break-Up! Records P.O. Box 15372 Columbus, OH 43215-0372)
Note to self: I must go see this band live. This band fuckin’ rocks. I was truly blown away. "It’s About Time" is straight on rock ‘n’ roll done to perfection. The acoustic tune, Declaration, reminds me of the great music that was coming out in the early ‘90s. A must have 7” for anyone’s collection. Now I must hear the CD. {Mite}

Dwarves - "Come Clean" - CD
(Epitaph Records 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)
How’s it Done is a very Ramones-ish tune that is a catchy lead off to this release. After the initial track the Dwarves burst into their standard punk rock style. Over You is a more industrial influenced song…like they collided with Ministry, but with clean punk-pop stylings. As Gail would say, anything involving a Dwarf is fine with me… {Grog}
Epitaph Web Site

Edaline - "I Wrote the Last Chapter for You" - CD
(Law of Inertia Records 205 Drydan Rd Suite 154 Ithica, NY 14850)
Total emo infusion. Think of bands like Piebald, Pedro the Lion, The Wicked Farleys, etc...but with a bit of a J. Mascis sounding vocalist. The music is good, but I think the songs tend to be too long and a bit repetitious. This is something that would be good as background music or to see live...but here at work it's sending me into a trance and making me nod off. {Grog}
Edaline Web Site Law of Inertia Web Site

Egghead - "Dumb Songs for Smart People" - CD
(Mutant Pop Records 5010 NW Shasta Corvalllis, OR 97330)
There's so much potential for this group, if only they would realize it. The vocals are in the nasally and whiney vein of such groups as The Dead Milkmen and They Might Be Giants. The music and lyrics are lacking though. The instrument playing is great, but the styling is so common that it's just tiring at this point. The only song where they even come close to having decent lyrics is Data Entry, still it could have been so much better. Hopefully this band will move onto a higher level with their next release. {Mite}
Mutant Pop Web Site

Errortype Eleven - "Amplified to Rock" - CD
(Some Records 122 West 29th Street 4th Floor New York, NY 10001)
These guys remind me more than a bit of Fuel, but the vocalist is more from a hardcore background and the songs aren't quite a radio freindly. I also think that they're a bit more diverse in their sound and structures tha Fuel. And in case you're wondering I really like Fuel, therefore I really like Errortype Eleven. {Grog}
Some Web Site

EYE - "Politics" - CD
(A Blatant Propaganda Production P.O. Box 1327 Woden 2606 Austrailia)
EYE is an industrial dance band with a message. They hail from Australia and they are all about sending a political message in the format of a song. Yes, they have a cause. They are no rebels without a cause. They want to end corporations ripping off people amongst other issues. Their music is reminiscent to early industrial bands like Front 242 and Pop Will Eat Itself and they add a twist of cutting edge acid and trance styles to the music. Eye’s video for Mandate appeared on Australian ABC TV music show "Rage". The video was designed to produce epileptic seizures. The band has received several letters and much press about the controversial video. {Gail}
E-Mail EYE EYE Web Site

E.Y.E. - "" - CD
Express Yourself Excellently is a one-man ball of rock 'n' rolling thunder who is known in the Dayton area for his stage presence, guitar playing, rocker attitude and cover songs. While this release doesn't contain any covers, it does contain many of E.Y.E.'s classic originals. A few of my favorites being E.Y.E. Rocks, Freedom and Going to the Beach.

E.Y.E. is an acquired taste and is one of those artists that must be seen live to be truly appreciated. Some people aren't into E.Y.E. because he's not the best singer or the best guitar player. I say that there is much more than musical proficiency to be a true rock star. It takes heart, attitude and a love and belief in what you're doing. E.Y.E. has all that and more. He is a true entertainer. (Mite)

Eyehategod - "Southern Discomfort" - CD
(Century Media 1453-A 14th Street #324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)
I describe the sound of this band as sludgy death grind metal. Combining a mixture of Black Sabbath’s doom and gloom with some Godflesh and Napalm Death. Extremely aggressive and insane vocals. Slow and depressing dirges sure to make you cat run and hide. Continuing along the same lines as previous albums , “In the Name of Suffering”, and “Take as Needed for Pain”. 9/10 {theSADman}
Century Media Web Site

***Lizi's Pick of the Issue***
The Eyeliners - "Here Comes Trouble" - CD
(Panic Button Records P.O. Box 148010 Chicago, IL 60614-8010)
Ahh...I love this CD! I've had it in my car stereo since I got it. This trio of hot punk rock girls (so my boyfriend says) have a definite Ramones influence; their song Rock n' Roll Baby sounds a lot like Rock n' Roll High School. Cute, poppy punk with great vocals and lyrics, and really strong guitar; some MxPx stylings as well. A definite for anyone into old pop-punk and rockabilly. I wonder if they're looking for a bleached blonde to make it a quartet...I'd be first in line to apply. I wanna be an Eyeliner when I grow up! {Lizi}
The Eyeliners Web Site

Fairmount Girls - "Eleven Minutes to Anywhere" - CD
(Deary Me Records P.O. Box 19315 Cincinnati, OH 45219)
I decided to review this CD because A) the Fairmount Girls are from my hometown of Cincinnati, OH; B) I figured I should try something new; and C) My old roommate Sarah is really into the whole 'female-folk-harmony-acoustic' thing, and I like some of it, so I thought I might like this too. Nope. I was wrong. The Fairmount Girl's "Eleven Minutes to Anywhere" CD almost left me comatose. It not only lacks any kind of luster, but the band seems to be going for an Aimee Mann/ Juliana Hatfield thing with double lead vocals that honestly suck. The whole CD is set at the same tempo, so the only way I knew a song was changing was the pause in the music. I think the Fairmount Girls could really improve their music if they stopped trying to be another female-headed folk group with really poignant lyrics, and started to fucking experiment a little! Anyway, if you're into whiny songs sung in whiny girl voices, rush out and buy "Eleven Minutes to Anywhere". Just don't try driving while listening to it; this CD should have a warning label on it like bottles of Nyquil. I made the bad mistake of listening to this on my weekly drive from Cleveland to Dayton, and I swear I almost fell asleep behind the wheel. {Lizi}
Deary Me Web Site

Fishsticks - "Disko" - CD
(Theologian Records P.O. Box 1070 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254)
31 songs. 15 minutes. If you’re in need of a punk rock quickie, "Disko" will come in very handy for you. {Gail}

Fitz H2O Project - "What's in a Name Anyway?" - CD
(Imagine Records 726 Eastmoor Dr Springfield, OH 45505)
Interesting release from Springfield, Ohio, band FitzH20 Project. The words lilting and rolling come to mind, but it's not a "soft rock" release by any stretch of the imagination. There are pop elements, such as sweet melodies and harmonies, but there's a gritty, cynical edge to them ? almost as if the Brady Bunch singers got a hold of too much caffeine and made some real music. The only problem I really have with this release is its sound quality - the drums sound muffled and there's a weird echo to the lead vocals, almost as if the singer is in a can. {Fibi}
E-Mail Fitz H2O Project

Forge - "Trials" - CD
(Static Records 17215 Mack Ave Detroit, MI 48224)
I had to force myself to listen to this slick corporate rock band. I kept looking at the clock to see what time it was to see if I was close to the end, but time seemed to be ticking backwards. Forge is pretentiously boring. No set of words can describe their music except the plain and simple explanation, THIS SUCKS. {Gail}
Static Web Site

Formula 44 - "Demo" - Cassette
The first track, Serve Your Purpose starts out with a clever sample from the Quentin Tarantino film Jackie Brown, so I'm diggin' it already. In fact, this entire CD is full of interesting samples. Formula 44 is pretty interesting. I have seen them live a couple times and at first I wrote them off as simply another Korn wannabe, but the last time I saw them play I realized that they're a lot more diverse in style than earlier. It's always encouraging to observe a young band go from being mimickers and progress to a more unique style of their own. They are neo heavy metal, with all the monster death metal-ish growin' vocals, but they also incorporate Industrial and Punk Rock influences. Matt, the lead vocalist, has always seemed sincere and laid back when I've talked to him and the rest of the band seem pretty cool. They tell me they've got a new recording project under way, and according to them, it's even better than this one. Keep 'em coming, guys! {Tom CoreKill}
E-Mail Formula 44 Formula 44 Web Site

Frampton Brothers - "File Under F (for Failure)" - CD
(Cacophone Records P.O. Box 6058 Albany, NY 12206)
When this CD first started out, I thought to myself “Oh no, another Ramones influenced band.” My worries were put to rest as soon as the second tune started. The Frampton Brothers are all over the place in their pop punk alternative ‘sound’. The main thing that hit me when I listened to this release is the vocals, which have that nasal-quirky quality ala The Dead Milkmen or even They Might Be Giants. I have to be honest, the vocals started getting on my nerves. They soon grew on me as the songs got progressively better toward the end of the CD. {Mite}
Cacophone Web Site

Frankie Machine - "One" - CD
(Mammoth Records)
This is one of those bands that when you first hear it you just want to call your friends and say 'They rock!" However, the further you get into the CD the music becomes stale. This is what happens with most one hit wonder bands. The first tune on this CD, Sell Me, is alternative radio ready. They also do a killer cover of I Got You by Split Enz that will be shooting up the charts if any mainstream radio manages to get a hold of this CD. {Mite}
E-Mail Mammoth Mammoth Web Site

The Frantic Flattops - "Rock-n-Roll Murder" - CD
(Get Hip Records P.O. Box 666 Canonsburg, PA 15317)
The Frantic Flattops are a trio from Rochester, New York. They create a fresh blend of rockabilly that mixes the snotty attitude of punk rock with the cool sophification of swing. "Rock-n-Roll Murder" has tons of great originals that get the listener up off their booty and the hips swinging to the bad ass back beat. They do a hip cover of Pirate Love by Johnny Thunders. Unfortunately, the recording studio was not able to catch the magic of the Frantic Flattops. They are a band that sweats sex, fast cars, and rock-n-roll all over the stage. You won’t regret seeing them live. Frantic Frank makes his guitar cry in a steamy way and Too Tall Paul has tons of great tattoos. I highly recommend checking them out at a show near you. {Gail}
Get Hip Web Site

Fu Manchu - "King of the Road" - CD
(Mammoth Records The Broad St Bldg 101 B St. Carrboro, NC 27510)
Two words: desert metal. Good stuff for in the car. Fu Manchu create hard rock California skater style. The album reminds me a little bit of Monster Magnet's "Powertrip." {Fibi}
Mammoth Web Site

Funeral Oration - "Discography" - 2CD
(Hopeless Records P.O. Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495)
This is a discography of their catalog from 1983-1998. This strikes me as odd since I've never heard of them before...OK I know I'm not "Mister Ultimate Music Knowledge", but I'm surprised that they've been around so long and I've stayed ignorant. Anyway, they seem to be Holland's version of The Descendants / All. On the first disc you get song after song of great punk-pop. The second disc is live, but I really couldn't tell. It's very clean and has no audiance noise. Regardless if you love All, you'll love this disc. {Grog}
Hopeless Web Site

Fury of Five - "This Time It's Personal" - CD
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
More tattooed hardcore bad-asses from New Jersey. If you are looking for angry, bad ass music filled with chaos and anarchy, this is it . Along the lines of Biohazard. Love it or hate it. 6/10 {theSADman}
Victory Web Site

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