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"Music Reviews Issue #13 P-T"

Paris, Texas - "So, You Think its Hot Here?" - CD
(Polyvinyl Record Co P.O. Box 1885 Daville, IL 61834)
I really dig Paris, Texas. “So, You Think It’s Hot Here?”, is an upbeat, danceable pop/punk release that simply explodes from the openly tune, Cadillac of High Hair. It. Peterson, is a great song that feels so good from the top of my head to the bottom of my shoes. Scott Sherpe has strong and soothing vocals that rip through the lyrics and add an extra bounce to each of the songs. The closing track, Rotting Apples, is a departure from their pop/punk sound. Instead it is a thoughtful ballad with a pulsing drum machine keeping time. Check out Paris, Texas when they appear on Fashion Emergency on E! {Gail}
Polyvinyl Web Site

Pavement - “Terror Twilight” - CD
(Matador Records, 625 Broadway, NYC, NY 10012)
I was being absorbed into an especially puffy couch on Saturday. It was one of those parties after the bars closed -strictly diehards, lots of listless staring at the various ashtrays, cans and paraphernalia spread across the coffee table. I put in the new Pavement record, because it seemed to fit the mood -not terribly intrusive, good head bobbing music. Someone said (I don’t know who, I was in no shape to identify specific people in a conversation), “this sounds like Wire at the speed of pot”. We had a good laugh, then when things quieted down; we just kicked back and listened to the rest of it -quietly with smiles and nods. {Superchunk Steve}
Matador Web Site

Phobia - "Destroying the Masses" - CD
(Pessimiser Records P.O. Box 1070 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254)
Brutal death metal. Fast as imaginable drumming. Typical growls and screams. Sounds like Brutal Truth, and Napalm Death. Recommended 7/10 {theSADman}

John Popper - "Zygote" - CD
(A&M Records)
What's so funky about this release is that upon first listen during the MRZ staff meeting (you call it a staff meeting? - Ed.), I made the comment that it sounded like Freddy Fender. Wouldn't you know it that we get an e-mail a few days later announcing a Freddy Fender release, which we had sent to us and is reviewed in this issue of MRZ.

So for those of you expecting a Blues Travelers sound, I think you will be a bit disappointed. This release has a mellower feel than the music of the Blues Travelers. I would describe the sound as a slightly more rockin' Freddy Fender with a bit of blues thrown in. {Mite}

Pressure Point - "Cross to Bear" - CD
(GMM Records P.O. Box 15234 Atlanta, GA 30333)
The music is hard and angry. This is hard core punk. I'm not really into this type of music, so that's all I'm going to say. {Mite}

Pretty Things - "Parachute" - CD
(Snapper Music)
The Pretty Things were a garage band in the mid-sixties from England in the same league as the Kinks, Rolling Stones, and the Yardbirds. They never obtained the same prestige as the other garage bands, but in 1970 their album “Parachute” was named the “Album of the Year” in Rolling Stone magazine even though only a few people were hip to the post psychedelic tunes. Check out the Pretty Things if you enjoy Yes, Genesis, or Nick Drake. {Gail}

Primus - "Antipop" - CD
Primus is one of those bands that you compare other bands to. If you haven't heard of Primus and the insane bass and distinct vocals of Les Claypool, then go back to the beginning of the game and do not collect $200. "Antipop" is more of the good stuff that one expects from Primus. They are helped out on a few of the songs by guest producers which include Stewart Copeland of the Police, Matt Stone of Southpark fame and the great Tom Waits. My favorites on this disk include Laquer Head (Ranks right up there with Tommy the Cat, My Name is Mud and Jerry was a Race Car Driver), The Antipop, Eclectic Electric, very Ballad of Bodacious (Red Hot Chili Pepper Funk-N-Groove) and the Nick Cave sounding Coattails of a Dead Man, which sounds like a song that Tom Waits would have left over from his "The Black Rider" CD. {Mite}
Primus Web Site

Radar Bros. - "The Swinging Hatchet" - CD
(See Thru Music 3470 19th Street San Francisco, CA 94110)
Slow and mellow alternative type music. A good word that describes this release is dredge. The slow pacing of the music makes me visualize myself trying to walk through two feet of mud. It's a CD that the donkey from Winnie the Poo would put out if he were a musician. (His name is Eeyore - Ed.) {Mite}
E-mail See Thru Broadcasting See Thru Broadcasting Web Site

Randy - "You Can't Keep A Good Band Down" - CD
(G-7 Welcoming Committee Box 3-905 Corydon Ave Winnipeg, MB Canada)
The first song, Holy Shit, had me checking my CD player to make sure that I didn’t accidentally pop in the first Rancid album. After that jolt Randy settled into a very catchy hard driving punk-pop sound that had me hooked. The vocalist takes a while to get used to, but soon I grew to like his Swedish accent. The lyrics are a big part of this band and they are there to support the things they believe in. Some of the songs are just silly stories about life and the one about the Exorcist was lame, but overall they had a great non-pretentious attitude. They seem very committed to being who they want to be and are trying to make a difference, yet they know they have a way to go. “Me and the boys ain’t afraid to raise our voices but we hardly ever act it’s sad but it’s a fact, there is much for us to do, tear down and build up new, but we speak from our heart and that’s a start.” {Grog}
E-mail G-7 G-7 Web Site

The Resonars - "Bright and Dark" - CD
(Get Hip Recordings P.O. Box 666 Canonsburg, PA 15317)
This band has that psychedelic 60's sound with a bit of modern guitar lead. Whereas a band like Jellyfish tries to modernize that 60's sound, The Resonars choose to stay truer to the original sound. While the music isn't that bad, it doesn't stand out either. I would guess that there were a slew of bands in the sixties that sounded just like this. {Mite}
Get Hip Web Site

Royal Crown Revue - "Walk On Fire" - CD
(Side One Dummy 6201 Sunset Blvd Suite 211 Hollywood, CA 90028)
A new release and a new label for one of the bands that was at the forefront of the swing revival. They have a touch of early rock and roll infused in the first few cuts, but otherwise it’s pure traditional swing. {Grog}
Royal Crown Revue Web Site Doghouse Web Site

Samael - "Eternal" - CD
(Century Media 1453-A 14th Street #324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)
This band has progressed pretty far from their evil satanic days. The band has added what they call technology to the equation. Some keyboards and electronic drums add much to the bands sound. Still aggressive and evil Actually has some dark Goth elements to their sound. Excellent release . 9/10 {theSADman}
Century Media Web Site

Satyricon - "Rebel Extravaganza" - CD
(Nuclear Blast Records P.O. Box 43618 Philadephia, PA 19106)
The latest offering from those evil black metal zombies , Satyricon. The face paint these guys wear makes them look as if they were murdered hundreds of years ago. Basically the same formula as previously releases. Black metal fans will probably feel closer to Satan when spinning this disc. 8/10 {theSADman}
Nuclear Blast Web Site

Scared of Chaka - "Tired of You" - CD
(Hopeless Records P.O. Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495)
When I got to cut #11, I was tired of this CD. {Mite}
Hopeless Web Site

Scritti Politti - "Anomie & Bonhomie" - CD
(Virgin Records)
Yeah, the sugary sweet pop from the boys from the 80’s who brought you the smash hit Perfect Way, is back and ready to challenge the Backstreet Boys as the champion of pre-teen lollipop head music. Scrittii Politti doesn’t miss any of the tricks of the trade. They combine r&b and pop with rap. It’s kinda like the Partridge Family on acid with Vanilla Ice on lead vocals instead of David Cassidy. It features MeShell Ndegeocello rapping, confessing, admitting, and grooving on Die Alone, and The World You Understand.

Green Gartside’s lead vocals are sweet and ethereal just like all of my favorite teen idols. Check Scritti Politti out if you like Savage Garden and hate the Backstreet Boys. {Gail}
Virgin Web Site

Shovelhead - "Shovelhead" - CD
(Aztec Records Dayton, OH)
Excellent release from local band Shovelhead. This album starts off sounding a little like the band Creed, but quickly blasts past those comparisons with intensity. I have been playing this cd almost non stop for a few months since I got it, I like it that much. The songs Frustrated and Denial being my personal favorites. Most of these songs either make me want to drive fast in my car, or break stuff in my house. I wonder what a shovelhead is? 10/10. {theSADman}
Shovelhead Web Site

The Shyness Clinic - "Sea of Redlights" - CD
(Espo Records P.O. Box 63 Allston, MA 02134)
After listening to this release, I felt like I was just admitted into a mental institution where everything is warm, hazy, cozy, and rainy just like your mind is being sucked out of your head through your nose very slowly so that you might not notice. The Shyness Clinic is the soundtrack to what it is like to go out of your mind, to go mad, or simply to go mental. I bet the Shyness Clinic attended Radiohead 101 and Pink Floyd 102 at their very respectable institutional learning centers. The music is predictable, forced, soulless, and just another band to put in the category to try if you like Air Supply and Yoko Ono. {Gail}

Sixteen Deluxe - "Sixteen Deluxe" - CD
(Sugar Fix Recordings P.O. Box 46361 Los Angeles, CA 90046-0361)
You know how when you’re really drunk and the world has a very surreal feel to it? Things look and sound different and though it’s disorienting it’s also kind of fun, but at times you scream to yourself “Make it stop!” Well, Sixteen Deluxe has a mixture of these feelings. Smooth pop vocals over layers of distorted, twisted guitar lines and a steady rhythm section, which at times twists upon itself into maniacal beats and loops. I really wonder what this would sound like while trashed. Who, knows it might be sensory overload? {Grog}

Skunk Anansie - "Post Orgasmic Chill" - CD
(Virgin Records)
Skunk Anasie return with their 3rd release. The band is an extremely unique mixture of rock , hip hop, industrial, hip hop plus African influences. Fronted by a rather aggressive and often angry sounding female Kind of a Sinead O’Connor meets Rage Against the Machine. Unique and recommended. 9/10. {theSADman}
Virgin Web Site

Slaves - "Slaves" - CD
(Troubleman Unlimited 16 Willow St Bayonne, NJ 07002)
When I first listened to this release the first bands I thought of in order were Bauhaus, Swans and Birthday Party. It wasn't until later that I looked at their promo sheet and saw that others have made the comparison as well. I really enjoyed this release. The music is great and the vocals and lyrics are superb. If you like any of the bands that I mentioned above then you must do yourself a favor and get this CD. {Mite}
Troubleman Unlimited Web Site

Sodom - "Code Red" - CD
(Pavement Music P.O. Box 50550 Phoenix, AZ 85076)
Tom Angelripper and the godfathers of Black Metal return with their latest release "Code Red". Blastingly fast. The vocals on this release seem a little less insane then on previous works. Die hard fans will probably enjoy this , but I don’t think this cd will gain them many new fans. 7/10 {theSADman}

Solar Twins - "Solar Twins" - CD
(Maverick Records)
No sooner than I tell someone that Maverick Records puts out nothing but good releases, Grog hands me Solar Twins to review. To put it in a nutshell, this band sucks. It's nothing more than cookie-cutter music. The song that really pushed me over the edge is their cover of Rock the Casbah. They managed to mutilate this song even worse than Tori Amos did Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. Once again this sucks. {Mite}
Maverick Web Site

Soulwax - "MuchAgainstEveryone'sAdvice" - CD
(Almo Sounds 360 N. La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048-1925)
Soulwax sounds like a less retro sounding Jellyfish or Redd Kross. The music is groovin' with a steady beat with streaming guitar and melodic male vocals. They start getting into the jam more at song #10 of this release, which is entitled, Too Many DJ's. It's a very rockin' song that has a bit of a Trent Reznor feel about it. I also enjoyed the tune Funny, which is the last track on this CD. I really enjoyed this release and am looking forward to see what they come out with next. {Mite}
Almo Web Site

Spirit - "For the Millennium" - CD
(J-Bird Records)
It's your basic piano-y new age meditating music. There are 8 bands on this release that accomplished it's mission of putting me to sleep. The only problem was that it was at work, and my boss wasn't too appreciative of the drool stains on the report I handed her. {Mite}
J-Bird Web Site

SRI - "Gravity Reminds Me" - CD
(Blue Boy Records 739 Manor St ,PA 17603)
This just goes to show that covers can be deceiving. I was expecting some mellow, arty type of thing…boy was I wrong. Many of the songs are similar in sound to Elastica and some are in the Blondie vein. She has a great seductive voice, which really caught me, especially on the songs that rock out. Overall they have a very fun, energetic sound that is super catchy. Some songs eek into the power ballad zone, but the rest of the release makes up for those forays. {Grog}
SRI Web Site

Starmarket - "Sunday's Worst Enemy" - CD
(Pop Kid Records 16 Raliegh Ln Wayne, NJ 07470)
The first song reminded me of Plankeye in many regards. The rest of the tracks have a great powerful punk-pop sound with hooks galore that makes me think of a cross between Randy and Sicko. Everybody in the band drives the songs and are on equal footing. Wow, I just noticed that they’re from Sweden and I never would have guessed it. Their lyrics are well written and they sound great. Not to say that Swedish bands aren’t good, it’s just that when bands don’t sing in their native tongue the lyrics usually suffer. This is now my favorite Swedish band. These guys should tour with Randy if the already haven’t. That would be a great show. {Grog}
Pop Kid Web Site

Stillwell - "Seven Song EP" - CD
(Rebound Records 17019 Evergreen Elm Way Houston, TX 77059)
This band can be best described as a pop-punk wall of noise band. The two guitars, bass and drums reverberate with equal thunder that at times it's hard to tell them apart. The vocals on the rest of the tunes are kind of annoying and help to make the songs sound the same. About the only song they get away from this formula is on That Night on the East Coast, which is the final and best song on this release. {Mite}
E-mail Rebound Rebound Web Site

Strict9 - "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" - CD
(T-Nek Records 504 Pennsylvania Ave Troy, OH 45373)
Mix metal, funk and punk and add a gravelly voice with slick production, tight rhythms and alcohol and you've got Strict 9. High-energy and dangerous-sounding, Strict 9 powers through songs, crushing aggressively any doubts you might have had about the band's talent. Though guitar- and vocal-centric, the contributions of bass and drums should not be overlooked, a nod perhaps to punk, which has also influenced Strict 9. Catch them live if you get a chance. {Fibi}
T-Nek Web Site

Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros - "Rock Art and the X-Ray Style" - CD
(Hellcat Records 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 / Epitaph)
Ex-Clash frontman Joe Strummer mixes up the musical pot on this album with the Mescaleros, who used to be a Clash cover band. From dub to funk, swing to ska, rockabilly to straight-ahead rock, Strummer's voice and distinctive creative touch add sizzle to an already smoking album -- The Mescaleros are a tight band and Strummer's songs sit well on their shoulders. This CD comes at the same time as the release of the new live Clash album. That might be a blow to some lesser artist than Strummer; instead, it stands on its own as a distinct victory over new territory for Strummer. While the Clash live album is exceptional, it still only show us what WAS, and Strummer's busy creating what could be. Not a bad statement, mate. {Fibi}
Epitaph Web Site

Stuck Mojo - "HVY1" - CD
(Century Media 1453-A 14th Street #324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)
A hard core-rap-core metal outfit. Maybe this is what Rage Against the Machine would sound like if they were fronted by an African American. Cd consists of 15 Live tracks recorded in the Spring of 1999. A couple excellent new studio tracks throw on the end of the cd include Reborn and My Will. Recommended release 8/10. {theSADman}
Century Media Web Site

Subterra - "The Speed of Pain" - CD
(American Horse Records P.O. Box 90485 Houston, TX 77290)
Okay, if Weird Al Yankovic has anything to do with this record, then I can accept it. This is supposed to be funny, right? …Guys? …Hello? It’s okay to laugh isn’t it? Sometimes I think they’re being deep, and then suddenly I notice a talented and refined grasp of the obvious. I’m doing my best to be witty. If it’s not working, then you’ve shared the experience of “The Speed of Pain” with me. Let’s all go out to the garage, smoke a fat one, listen to Zeppelin, and fall asleep in some old bucket seats from a long-dead, Dodge Omni. The gnomes… listen to the gnomes… {Superchunk Steve}
American Horse Web Site

Sucka Punch - "Bustin' Rods" - CD
(Fishbowl Records PMB 233 4869 S. Bradley #18B Santa Maria, CA 93455)
OK, I admit it I love almost anything pop based and I love ska-punk. But I’ve heard this so many times before. They aren’t bad at all, just very similar to a slew of other great ska-punk bands. My only true criticism would be that some of their songs seem to have a bit of filler and could stand to be shortened. {Grog}
Fishbowl Web Site

Sunday's Best - "Where You Are Now" - CD
(Crank! A Record Company 1223 Wilshire Blvd #823 Santa Monica, CA 90403)
Smooth, catchy emo with relaxing instrumentalization, punctuated with instances of power. A good release that sticks in the mind. {Grog}
E-mail Crank! Crank! Web Site

Superchunk - "Come Pick Me Up" - CD
(Merge Records P.O. Box 1235 Chapel Hill, NC 27514)
First off for all of the people who claim that all Superchunk records sound the same (a sacrilege which will not get you on the good side of a guy who calls himself ‘superchunk sTEve), I have just one thing to say: HA. Nyah-Nyah Nyah-Nyah. All of you can now officially kiss my foolish, on the mouth, indoor living hinny, cause this is an entirely different kind of thing. I don’t think Superchunk has taken a left turn this sharp since “Foolish”. I remember bringing home “Here’s Where the Strings Come In”, popping it in, and loving it instantly, jumping around the room like a deranged Dickens character on Christmas morning, playing track six and seven again and again. That didn’t happen this time. I put it in and I liked it okay. There was something about it though, and it is Superchunk, so I listened to it about two more times, then went to bed. The next day at work, it started innocently enough with a tapping foot, and an ‘Ooo-Ooo-Ooo’ here and there. A week later, there was an incessant chorus running through my head, so much so that I kept turning around expecting to see Mac standing there with a guitar following me around. It’s been a couple of months now and I have to say, this thing has grown on me like pneumonia on an Eskimo. It is quickly climbing the sTEve charts, and I can’t stop singing these damn songs! Seriously, I need help. There is a lot going on on “Come Pick Me Up”. And, I will now go into depth on each one: Just kidding. They’re using a lot more clean and acoustic guitars, and a horn section, and I have to say that the songwriting style that usually seemed reserved for a Portastatic tune is in full force. There’s definitely a more mature feeling on this record. Sob-sob-sigh, Our little baby’s all growed up. Every new song is a unique experiment, with all of the original pop genius that we’ve come to expect intact. It’s New Improved Superchunk with special new flavoring! If you know somebody who dismissed them before, this would be a good time to give them a new listen. It’s the best album ever! (P.S. There is the minute possibility that this review might be just a tad tiny bit biased. --be good, superchunksTEve). {Superchunk Steve}
E-Mail Merge Merge Web Site Superchunk Web Site

Supersuckers - "The Evil Powers of Rock 'n' Roll" - CD
(Twenty 14 / Koch Entertainment 740 Broadway New York, NY 10003)
Just who are these guys referring to? The Supersuckers are the evil powers of rock and roll. Back when rock and roll was still a baby people complained that it was just loud and obnoxious music that contributed to the delinquency of the youth. “It’s the devil’s music,” they said, “with its sex and drugs and ‘gyrating’ back beat.” Yep. That about sums up the Supersuckers. Sinners! You bet your ass they’ll be playing pinball in Hell with Ozzy and Lemmy (assuming any of these guys ever actually dies). God bless ‘em. {Superchunk Steve}
Twenty 14 Web Site

Swank - "The Think for Yourself Movement" - CD
(Fueled by Ramen Records P.O. Box 12563 Gainesville, FL 32604)
While I like the steady rockin' rhythm of the music itself, the vocals just made this a difficult release to listen to. {Mite}
Fueled by Ramen Web Site

Tandym - "City Out of Time" - CD
(Tandym 361 Timber Way E. Marietta, GA 30066)
To tell you the truth I’ve been searching the local records stores for this album for years and I can’t believe I found it because I was looking for the soundtrack for the movie "Vision Quest". Oops, how the hell could I have messed up. This is a must for those who enjoy mullet boy music. {Gail}
Tandym Web Site

Tej Leo(?) - "Rx / Pharmacists" - CD
(Gern Blandsten Records P.O. Box 356 River Edge, NJ 07661)
This c.d. is weirder than the title. I know that this is supposed to be an experimental piece of artwork. However, it's a horrible piece of artwork. When there is actually singing, it's just too annoying for my liking. If you want to here some good experimental sound collages or singing check out Merideth Monk or Negativland, and stay away from this. {Mite}

Templars - "Omne Datum Optimum" - CD
(GMM Records P.O. Box 15234 Atlanta, GA 30333)
Fast, furious Brit punk from Atlanta. Agent Orange meets D.O.A. The more I listen, the more I like it. Head-bobbing, beer drinking and skateboarding will ensue. Remember: the masons run everything! {Superchunk Steve}

Today's My Super Spaceout Day - "Stars Made from Scars" - CD
(Beluga Records P.O. Box 146751 Chicago, IL 60614)
I really like this band, but I think the singer is suffering a serious case of writer's block. He repeats the same two lines throughout most songs with some actually having a brief verse. At times it works, but most of the time it is friggin annoying. Most of the music is a great blend of emo and post punk blasts with occasional jaunts in the land of noise rock…with plenty of Sonic Youth-ish effects. Standout songs include 800 Great Beyond which is very Sonic Youth-ish, Pro-Jehovah with a cool keyboard addition and the Brainiac sounding Epilogue. If the singer could keep from repeating himself so much this band would kick. {Grog}
Beluga Web Site

Toilet Boys - "Living Like A Millionaire" - CD
(R.A.F.R. Records 11054 Ventura Blvd PMB 205 Studio City, CA 91604)
Wow!!! The Tiolet Boys are a pure power glammed up quartet from the streets of New York City that weld punk rock with all the class of glam rock. "Living Like A Millionaire" is a 6 song E.P. from the tattooed boys who know how to rock, have fun, and to write a great teenage anthem like Motley Crue or Hanoi Rocks. The lead singer, Guy, is a drag queen doing his best impersonation of Cherie Currie of the Runaways. Turn It Up is a passionate plea to turn the smokin’ music up and rock. I just want to know if Adam Vomit regurgitates on stage. {Gail}
R.A.F.R. Web Site

Toxic Narcotic - "89-99" - CD
(Rodent Popsicle Records P.O. Box 335 Newton Centre, MA 02459)
It’s hard to believe that they have been around 10 years now, man I feel old. Hard, heavy, brutal hardcore played with a thrash / grindcore edge. You get 19 tracks in 37 gut-wrenching minutes. {Grog}

Twenty Third Chapter - "An Eden for the Machines" - LP
(1500 NW 15th Ave #4 Boca Raton, FL 33486)
(23rd Chapter P.O. Box 267 New Carlisle, OH 45344)
Wow, our only LP this issue. This is solid grindcore. I like grindcore at times, but that's usually at an all age show when I'm feeling buzzed and having fun. It's hard for me to listen to grindcore at home. There's just something missing. If you love grindcore, or are into death metal and like to cross over to the more punk side, then check this out. {Grog}

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