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"Music Reviews Issue #13 G-O"

Gadjits - "Wish We Never Met" - CD
(Hellcat Records 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)
The Gadjits play a more mello form of ska, with most of the ska sound coming from the keyboardist. They're not a band that you would listen to and jump around like a monkey. They're more of a toe tapping ska band. {Mite}
Epitaph Web Site

Gardenian - "Soulburner" - CD
(Nuclear Blast Records P.O. Box 43618 Philadephia, PA 19106)
11 tracks of German death metal similar to Meshuggah. Often mellow ,and peaceful with Ex-Artch vocalist Erik Hawk singing lead vocals on half the cd. I wonder if these guys enjoy gardening at night ? 6/10. {theSADman}
Nuclear Blast Web Site

The Get Up Kids - "Red Letter Day" - CD
(Doghouse Records P.O. Box 8946 Toledo, OH 43623)
Emo based poppy-punk with piano accompaniment. Relationship based lyrics that flow with eloquent ease (unlike my writing). This is some of the catchiest stuff Iíve heard in a long time, especially the second song Red Letter Day. {Grog}
Dog House Web Site

The Get Up Kids - "Something to Write Home About" - CD
(Vagrant Records 2118 Wilshire Blvd #361 Santa Monica, CA 90403)
Iíve seen a lot of press about The Get Up Kids and after hearing this disc I now know why. They play a great blend of emo and punk-pop with piano and keyboards mixed in to give it an updated Ď80s feel. Their lyrics primarily focus on relationships and breaking upÖloves lost and lessons learnedÖthe rest have positive messages about life in general. Their lyrics are clever and not only flow well, but create brilliant images. Two songs My Apology and Valentine feature great two part vocals on the choruses. A great band that is worthy of the press they are receiving. {Grog}
Vagrant Web Site

Amy Grant - "A Christmas to Remember" - CD
(A&M Records)
Yes, that Amy Grant...go ahead and laugh. I like Amy Grant at times (in small doses) and luckily I haven't been pummeled by too much Christmas music yet, so I can handle this. While listening to this I picture a formal function with tuxes and evening gowns, the wine is flowing and snow is falling outside from the moonlit sky. The music is played by Patrick Williams and Orchistra & Ron Huff and the Nashville Orchistra who do a great job with all the tracks. My favorite is Highland Cathedral which is a great instrumental piece featuring bagpipes. Sure this is safe, sanitized and a bit cheesy, but I like it...except for the horrid Jingle Bell Rock...uggg retch. {Grog}
Amy Grant Web Site

Guided By Voices - ďDo The CollapseĒ - CD
(TVT Records, 25 E. 4th Street, NYC, NY 10003)
Thereís not one not-great song on this whole record. Itís their best record since ďBee ThousandĒ. Everything is strong on it. They shake their ĎLo-fi heroí status and let the songs speak for themselves. Ric Ocasek was behind the board, and has given ďDo the CollapseĒ that great mid-eighties power pop sound. People have been throwing shit at GBV since this record came out, shouting sell-out. None of those reviews say a damn thing about the songs, which are the point, and seem to care more that Pollard set aside his four track, than the fact that these are some of the best songs heís written. Well, Iím sick of listening to these shitheads who think they can spend the rest of their lives reviewing their hip buddies while ignoring the MUSIC! These people live for sipping martinis backstage, and god forbid they ever have to step out front and actually listen to music with the commoners. ďA perversion not known to the perfect ones.Ē If, deep in your heart, thereís a ratty couch, sitting on a front porch where a poet is perched, drinking Rolling Rock and tapping his foot in blue collar moments of exhausted wonder, this is your soundtrack. {Superchunk Steve}
GBV Web Site
TVT Web Site

Will Haven - "WHVN" - CD
(Revelation Records P.O. Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5232)
Metal-hardcore-noise. That pretty much sums in up, with emphasis on the noise. This cd basically annoys me. The vocals closer to punk that anything. Lots of better stuff out there to listen to. 6/10. {theSADman}
Revelation Web Site

The Heartdrops - "East Side Drive" - CD
(Melted Records 21-41 34th Ave Suite 10a Astoria, NY 11106)
The music is straight ahead kick ass rock 'n' roll. However, the vocals and lyrics are a disappointment. The singer sounds like he's trying to do a Joey Ramone impersonation on most of the songs, a bad one. So the final verdict on this release is that the music is great and I would suggest that they get another singer and lyricist. Oh, and lose the cheesy photo's off of the CD booklet. {Mite}
Melted Web Site

High School Sweethearts - "Passing Notes" - CD
(Get Hip Recordings P.O. Box 666 Canonsburg, PA 15317)
Take a bit of rockabilly, a bit of the Ramones and a bit of 50ís rock fronted by a couple of girls and what have you got? Youíd have the High School Sweethearts. They are powerful, poppy and a load of fun. {Grog}
Get Hip Web Site

Himsa - "Ground Breaking Ceremony" - CD
(Revelation Records P.O. Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5232)
Himsa was formed in October of 1998 in Seattle and the group features ex-members of Trial, Anonymous, Christ, and Genuine. "Ground Breaking Ceremony" is a loud, rage filled, and emotional collection of songs. The lead singer spits political intolerance in almost every line. I think I hear a hint of Henry Rollins in here. Himsa is a solid thunder based hardcore band which blares tranquilizing sonic booms. {Gail}
Revelation Web Site

Hi-Standard - "Making the Road" - CD
(Fat Wreck Chords P.O. 193690 San Francisco, CA 94119-3690)
This is a decent punk-pop band from Japan, but at times they seem to be rushing themselves by trying to play faster than they really can. This causes songs to get disjointed. The two standouts are both covers, the Green Acres theme and Changes by Ozzy. {Grog}
Fat Wreck Chords Web Site

Hoppers 13 - "Hoppers 13" - CD
(Bad Food for Thought Records P.O. Box 26014 116 Sherbrook St Winnipeg, MB R3C 4K9 Canada)
I actually like the music on this release, but the vocals at their best sound strained and just plain suck. {Mite}
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Hoppin' Mad - "Don't Waste Your Time" - CD
(Storm Records P.O. Box 151 Royal Oak, MI 48068)
Hoppin' Mad is a pop punk trio that sounds like a combination of The źOxymorons! and The Barnhills, with a couple of other elements thrown in for good measure. The drums are fast, the bass is finger bleeding, the guitar churning, and the vocals are true punk rock. A mighty release from a mighty band. {Mite}
E-Mail Storm Storm Web Site

The Huntingtons - "File Under Ramones" - CD
(Tooth & Nail Records P.O. Box 12698 Seattle, WA 98111-4698)
Umm. This is a Ramones tribute, by a Ramones clone, playing Ramones songs the way the Ramones played them. I like the Ramones, too. I think Joey and DeeDee would be hard pressed to tell the difference. {Superchunk Steve}
Tooth & Nail Web Site

I.C.U. - "Mad Truth" - CD
(Radical Records 77 Bleecker St #C2-21 New York, NY 10012)
The first track made me think of Live Skull slowed down a bit. They have a very "Homestead" sound to them, which I personally think was one of the best labels of the 80ís. On the cover they also have a cool Geiger like foldout poster. {Grog}
Radical Web Site

The Icarus Line - "Red And Black Attack" - CD
(New American Dream P.O. Box 265 Balboa Island, CA 92662)
The only positive thing I can say about this CD is that it's is only a little over 12-minutes long, which basically means that I didn't have to suffer too much while listening to this horrible release. {Mite}

Iggy Pop - "Avenue B" - CD
(Virgin Records)
Iggy has been called everything from the godfather of punk rock to every motherís worst nightmare. When I was eleven years old I gave my mother a heart attack when I asked to attend a local Iggy show at a nightclub. I think she saw the Dinah Shore show when David Bowie was the co-host and Iggy told Dinah that he rolled around in glass and smearing peanut butter on his body. From that day when I recognized the fear in my motherís eyes, I became a huge fan of Iggy.

"Avenue B" is a painfully dark collection of songs that investigate Iggy turning 50 years old, the living hell of isolation after his divorce, and the vast wasteland of countless one night stands with females half of Iggyís age that go absolutely nowhere. It kinda creeps me out to think that Iggy is still on the prowl. When he was younger, it was cool to think of him as a wild predator stalking his prey. Now , it is just pathetic to see Iggy decked out in decadence. The collection is at itís best when Iggy dives into the depths of solitude in the spoken word numbers, No Shit and Afraid to Get Too Close. He just seems more real when he writes about his age, his death, and his loneliness. When he describes the half naked, Latino women he screwed and then left, it seems like heís trying to hard to write about what he thinks people want to hear about his life.

I recommend this release for the true Iggy fan and if you havenít heard any Iggy, why donít you start with "Brick By Brick", "The Idiot", or "Raw Power". {Gail}
Virgin Web Site

Inlakesh - "The Gathering" - CD
(Inlakesh Music P.O. Box 8237 Santa Fe, NM 87504)
This is by far the best release that I have the privilege of reviewing in this issue of MRZ. The tribal sounds and rhythms driven by the drone of didgeridoo is nothing short of magnificent. Each song on this CD is rooted in nature and is dedicated to the beauty of it. The prime listening environment is a dark room lit by candles with the sweet smell of incense in the air. You relax, close your eyes and let the music transport you into another time and place, into a deeper sense of being. If you are a fan of Steven Kent, Trance Mission or Lights in a Fat City, then you must get this release. A masterpiece. {Mite}
E-Mail Inlakesh Inlakesh Web Site

JeJune - "This Afternoons Malady" - CD
(Big Wheel Recreation 325 Huntington Ave #24 Boston, MA 02115)
Iíve heard of this band quite a bit, but this is the first time Iíve heard them. They play great emocore with duel, soft yet strong intertwining male and female vocal harmonies with swirling instrumentalization punctuated by powerful choruses. Fixed on the One is the best of these beautifully crafted songs. They are similar, but with enough variation to keep the whole release interesting. "pain is cruel and calamitous and often constant, and, as its latin root poena implies, it is the corporeal punishment of us ultimately suffers for being alive." {Grog}

Jersey - "The Battle's Just Begun" - CD
(Fueled by Ramen Records P.O. Box 12563 Gainesville, FL 32604)
Jersey is a basic old school style punk rock band that seems to be heavily influenced by Rancid and ska music. You gotta love a band with a song entitled Glass Cock. Predictable, yet it has some catchy tunes. {Gail}
Fueled by Ramen Web Site

Jessica Six - "All Good Things" - CD
(Act Your Age Records 3244 Locke Ln Houston, TX 77019)
This is pop punk if ever I heard a pop punk band. Sad to say that they disbanded in early 1998 because their music is great. This is a band that I would have gone to every show if they were from the local area. {Mite}
Act Your Age Web Site

John Stuart Mill - "Forget Everything" - CD
(See Thru Broadcasting 3470 19th Street San Francisco, CA 94110)
I canít remember anything expect I feel like I listened to Beck on downers in a canteen and I keep repeating the line from one of the songs, ďCows go moo. Owl goes who. Someoneís got to learn the proper languages before I go to bed.Ē {Gail}
E-Mail See Thru Broadcasting See Thru Broadcasting Web Site

Jimmy Johnson - "Every Road Ends Somewhere" - CD
(Ruf Records / Platinum Distribution)
I saw Jimmy Johnson perform at the University of Dayton a few years back (I still have the poster) and it was awesome. Johnson was a true roots blues musician, and he had a great back-up band. He nailed the Mississippi Delta cold with his relaxed, easy-going vocals and guitar style. Unfortunately, I don't know where that went on this album. He seems to have gone blues-disco, if you will, and the results are Ö well Ö not good. A few tracks feature a Hammond B3 and/or Wurlitzer; those come closest to the roadhouse feel. Too slick production and a lacking sense of direction make this release poor at best. {Fibi}
Platinum Web Site

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - "Hot Shit" - CD
(BYO Records P.O. Box 67A64 Los Angeles, CA 90067)
Nasty! Rude! Loads and loads of fun shit! Speed of sound brash face-punching punk. Certainly they get the Ďbest band name of the decadeí award. Thereís no bullshit here. Just straight on Punk Rock -DOA style. Half Ass Jedi wins my personal Ďgeek/punk gets a belly laughí award. ďWith the blast shield down, how am I supposed to fight? What kind of question is that for a Jedi Knight?Ē Hee-hee, that kicks ass. {Superchunk Steve}
BYO Web Site

Joshua - "A Whole New Theory" - CD
(Doghouse Records P.O. Box 8946 Toledo, OH 43623)
Toledo! Fuckiní Toledo? Come on. I grew up in that shitty, rusting ghost town, and when I left (okay it was ten years ago) there wasnít a goddam thing going on musically or otherwise. But here is this Joshua band. I pick up the CD and Iím digging it. Revved-up progressive rock with itís own voice and some serious good songwriting. Kind of Jawbox-y. I like it a lot. Then I glance down at the band and label info and suddenly Iím back in High School in Toledo with a bunch of assholes (like Terry Desmond, god I still hate that fucker) beating up kids wearing Cure T-shirts. Well, thereís hope! This is good band and a good CD, so more power to you, Toledo! (I hope I get more good music from Toledo, so I can work through some of these issues. By the way, if any of you do happen to run into Terry, tell him I said, ďGo fuck yourself, jock assholeĒ. This is a cool CD, though. I canít turn it off! Itís really good. I mean it. HEY! Pay attention, dammit.) {Superchunk Steve}
Dog House Web Site

Jude - "No One is Really Beautiful" - CD
(Maverick Records)
Jude's music is acoustical groove to the tenth power. Many of you probably have heard his hit Rick James, and while it's a good song I enjoyed the tune She gets the Feeling which has a groove that reminds me somewhat of Beck. I also enjoyed the very cool tune George, which sounded like a tune that Paul McCartney would have written if he was a young man in the 90's. After releasing a couple of duds, "Maverick Records" is back on track with this killer release from Jude. {Mite}
Maverick Web Site

Jupiter Down - "Jupiter Down" - CD
(Beluga Records P.O. Box 146751 Chicago, IL 60614)
This is reminiscent of Tonya Donnelly from Belly and Throwing Muses, but with a lot more malice. Heavy, at moments poised on the edge of a groove. A few songs are a tad long, and a bit underdeveloped, with riffs repeating past the point of interesting. Sometimes, though, theyíre on, with a brooding appeal. {Superchunk Steve}
Beluga Web Site

Kreator - "Endorama" - CD
(Pavement Music P.O. Box 50550 Phoenix, AZ 85076)
Kreator return with an excellent of very mature offering. Kreator have been putting out music since the early 80ís Earlier material was much more straight forward thrash music. This cd is a classic heavy metal cd that stands itís ground with any of the big guys like Megadeth or Metallica. This cd has Mille Petrozzaís distinctive German accent to the vocal, which makes Kreator somewhat unique. Excellent Kreator release ! 9/10. {theSADman}
E-Mail Pavement Music

Koufax - "Koufax" - CD
(Doghouse Records P.O. Box 8946 Toledo, OH 43623)
This is a four song EP on Toledo's increasingly diverse Doghouse Records. Koufax brings to mind a male fronted Morella's Forest with keyboards and more of an 80's new wave slant. They also include a good dose of pop-punk and emo blended into the songs. Overall good and catchy, but I need to hear more. {Grog}
Doghouse Web Site

Lab Animals - "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" - CD
(Digital Dimension Entertainment)
Excellent industrial album. A good mixture of Skinny Puppy and KMFDM sounds. Great eletronic drums and industrial sounding distorted vocals. Perfect album for any industrial dance clubs. Recommended 10/10. {theSADman}
Lab Animals Web Site

LandSpeedRecord - "The Corporate Secret" - CD
(Resin Records P.O. Box 5601 Washington, DC 20016-1201)
Land Speed Record reminds me of eating that flavored styrofoam that it disguised with the name rice cakes. Land Speed Record is really difficult to listen. They sound like a cross between Husker Du and Adrian Belew. I only recommend this record if you like to watch the mold in the crevices of your slimy bathroom tub sprout. {Gail}
E-Mail LandSpeedRecord Resin Web Site

Leatherface - "Cherry Knowle" - CD
(BYO Records P.O. Box 67A64 Los Angeles, CA 90067)
Yeah! They sent me more! I love this band. Old School. Socially charged gravelly raw punk rock without mercy fast furious fucking power to the people and fuck you weíre a real god damned punk rock band and weíre gonna ARRRGGGH! Anarchy! Rock! Yeeees!! More please. {Superchunk Steve}
BYO Web Site

Arto Lindsay - "Pride" - CD
(Righteous Babe Records P.O. Box 95 Ellicott Station Buffalo, NY 14205)
This is suppose to be the first "Righteous Babe" release in which Ani Difranco had no hand in other than it being her record label. The music has that nice Brazilian feel about it. The male vocals are soft and mellow, and there is experimentation throughout. I enjoyed the straightforward songs better than the ones where the experimentation seemed to just wash over all that's good. As a heads up, if you do like great mellow Brazilian music check out the soundtrack to the movie Next Stop Wonderland. {Mite}
Arto Lindsay Web Site

Lonely Kings - "What If?" - CD
(Fearless Records 13772 Goldenwest St. #545 Westminster, CA 92683)
Super catchy hard driving punk pop that sounds all too familiar. I love this stuff, but it is so prevalent now that this band doesnít thrill me as it should. The tune All Nighter would be bound for radio if I had the power. However the song Wish is just awful. A good punk-pop band in a sea of good punk-pop bands. {Grog}
Fearless Web Site

The Lying Assholes - "The Lying Assholes" - Cassette
(TLA Rt 3 Box 200 South Portsmouth, KY 41174)
These guys sent their cassette in hopes of Mutant Renegade releasing something for them. Well, we reviewed them instead and they were signed by Mutant Pop Records. TLA is a very snotty punk pop band in the vein of The Connie Dungs, The Migraines, Screeching Weasel and various others. Fun, fast and snotty. {Grog}

Lynch Mob - "Smoke This" - CD
(Koch Records 740 Broadway New York, NY 10003)
George Lynch of Dokken fame shouldnít quit his day job as a pizza delivery boy, because this collection truly SUCKS. ďSmoke ThisĒ sounds like it could be the soundtrack to the East Dayton Arson Festival with all the mullet hairstyles, Krokus t-shirts, and people with bad oral hygiene. Itís true, the Lynch Mob has mutated into another crap rock band. Looks like George got on the Limpkorn bandwagon. Donít even bother with this unless you watch Total Request Live on MTV religiously. {Gail}
Koch Web Site

The Marbles - "Rocks Not Dead" - CD
(Break-Up Records P.O. Box 15372 Columbus, OH 43215-0372)
This is not the band to be proclaiming that Rock is not Dead. If this CD represents rock then maybe it should be put out of its misery. This CD is best described as cheesy bubble gum new wave music with high school girl vocals. {Mite}

Meatloaf - "VH1 Storytellers" - CD
(Beyond / BMG)
Okay, either you like Meatloaf's music or you hate it, but none-the-less he is a part of rock-n-roll history. His album Bat Out of Hell is one of the top selling albums of all time. This release is a recording of the VH1 program Storytellers in which Meatloaf tells little stories about his life in the music biz and plays a few of his hits live. As for the review of this CD, if you like Meat loaf then you will like this, if you hate it you won't. I think it is pretty decent, especially his earlier stuff. I would also like to add that a person he garners my greatest respect in his views on life and his belief in his music. {Mite}

Megadeth - "Risk" - CD
(Capitol Records)
Track 1, Insomia start of the cd. This track uses classical strings to give the sang a little different , but great sound. Track 2 is my personal favorite because I assume it is about Satan, or Evil in general. I donít really see much Risk, or change on the cd though, mostly much of the same olí Megadeth. Many Megadeth fan will probably prefer the older classic albums like ďPeace SellsĒ, ďSo Far So GoodÖ.Ē and ďRust in PeaceĒ. I think Megadeth are just maturing a little too much. {theSADman}

Mephiskapheles - "Might-Ay White-Ay" - CD
(Velvel Records 740 Broadway New York, NY 10003 / Koch)
Iíd been looking forward to this release since I first heard of it this Spring. Now after the long wait I have it, and find myself somewhat disappointed. The first few songs sounded like Limp Bizkit started trying to play ska. It was more metal edged than anything the Mighty Mighty Bosstones have ever done. Later on it got a bit better to me with (#4) and (#6) being standouts. The musicians are very good, but I canít get into how dark and brooding this songs are ska is usually light, but this seems like a goth intervention. {Grog}
Koch Web Site

Metal Church - "Masterpeace" - CD
(Nuclear Blast Records P.O. Box 43618 Philadephia, PA 19106)
Metal Church reformed in 1999. The band now fronted by original singer David Wayne. David Wayne was the singer on the first 2 Metal Church releases. The current release, "Materpeace" is power metal cd release along the line of Savatage. Fans of any Metal Church matieril of Savatage material will certainly enjoy this cd. 7/10. {theSADman}
Nuclear Blast Web Site

Metalium - "Millennium Metal" - CD
(Pavement Music Inc P.O. Box 50550 Phoenix, AZ 85076)
An all star band of sorts from Germany. Members in clued Chris Caffery from Savatage, and Mike Terrana of Yngwie Malmsteenís band. This groove-based power metal band sounds a lot like Helloween. Very fast with high pitched wailing vocals. Very recommened for fan of the any of the previously mentioned bands. 9/10. {theSADman}
E-Mail Pavement

Metroschifter - "Strawberries" - CD
(Doghouse Records P.O. Box 8946 Toledo, OH 43623)
Strawberries are those little red fruits that are delicious raw or when they are part of a daiquiri. They are also those nasty welts that baseball players get when they slide into a base. This release by Metroschifter is somewhere in between, but leans more toward the baseball side. {Mite}
Doghouse Web Site

Misfits - "Famous Monsters" - CD
(Roadrunner Records 536 Broadway New York, NY 10012)
If you are searching for a intellectual pursuit into evolution, death, angels, aliens, monsters, myths, and legends, you wonít find it here. If you are looking for some spunky new wave music, the Misfits will deliver it. Before I started to listen to this release, I was expecting some guys with fifty pounds of make-up drone and droll about death and torture. What I got when I listened to ďYear of the MonsterĒ was 18 songs that were surprisingly good and I canít believe that I am saying that about a Misfits record. They kinda sound like someone gave Billy Idol happy pills. I love it. The highlight of the album is Saturday Night which is like the Misfits version of Last Kiss. An extra added bonus is that the CD contains information on how to become a member of the Official Misfits Fiend Club. {Gail}
Road Runner Web Site

Murder 1 - "American Junkie" - CD
(Pavement Music Inc P.O. Box 50550 Phoenix, AZ 85076)
Yuk! Thereís enough testosterone here to kill a butch buffalo. Not my cup of tea. I think theyíre into Pantera and Rage Against The Machine, but I donít think they quite achieve anything close to that quality. This is baseball cap, music-superstore metal. {Superchunk Steve}
E-mail Pavement Pavement Web Site

Muse - "Showbiz" - CD
(Maverick Recording Company)
This seems to be Euro-alterna-rock, but a cut above the typical. The strongest element is the lead vocals (Matthew Bellamy), who soars with a style reminding me of the late Jeff Buckley. As I go thru this album, I hear some good eclectic musical influences, soul, and what sounds like genuine emotion, perhaps a bit whiny, "Falling Down" and "Unintended" being good examples. This is all highly instrumentalized with lots of different sounds. Yeah, and they're real slick, pretty boys, so look out ladies! Wouldn't be surprised to see them on M TV (if I ever watched it!) {Tom CoreKill}
Muse Web Site Maverick Web Site

Mutiny - "Rum Rebellion" - CD
(Hells Ditch 2817 Newport Blvd Newport Beach, CA 92663)
ďRum RebellionĒ by Mutiny is the debut album on HellŪs Ditch Records. Mutiny is a very playful band. They dabble in everything from beer swigging Irish style music, to English sea-faring choruses, to Australian street folk. Mutiny has been described as the ďAustralian Pogues.Ē Mutiny reminds me of Black 47 and the Pogues meeting the Dead Milkmen. What a meeting of the minds that would be! {Gail}

Naive - "Post Alcoholic Anxieties" - CD
(Kool Arrow Records 5902 Montgomery Rd #666 Los Angeles, CA 90042)
"Post Alcoholic Anxieties" is a brilliant collection of punk rock tunes. The songs reflect a tough lifestyle and kick arse attitude. Recorded in Moscow, the music really does go beyond the boundaries of language. The music just seems nastier since the lyrics are crooned in Russian. Billy Gould of Faith No More fame produced the record. The record was created with the basic philosophy that self destruction through vodka is better than self destruction through heroin. Go figure?? An interesting tidbit about the band is that they were declared ďthe most disgusting band of the yearĒ in Russia on national TV during 1991. {Gail}
Kool Arrow Web Site

Meshell Ndegeocello - "Bitter" - CD
I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed with this release. I've heard of Meshell for quite awhile. She was the first woman who was ever voted best bass player of the year by Guitar magazine, and I've heard her rock out with John Melloncamp on his "Dance Naked" CD. So what I was expecting a bass heavy, over the top grooving CD, instead it turned out to be a slow sultry top 40 release. {Mite}
Maverick Web Site

Mike Ness - "Under the Influence" - CD
(Time Bomb Recordings / BMG)
Mike Ness pays homage to his earliest influences on his newest release, "Under the Influence". The collection features cover tunes that seem to be more mainstream country than punk or rock-a-billy influenced. Ness grooves the Funnel of Love, which was originally recorded by Wanda Jackson. Other highlights on the album are I Fought the Law by the Bobby Fuller Four, George Jonesís Once A Day, and my personal favorite, a twangy version of Ball and Chain, originally released by Nessís band Social Distortion. {Gail}
Time Bomb Web Site

New American Mob - "All Mob Cons" - CD
(R.A.F.R. Records 11054 Ventura Blvd PMB 205 Studio City, CA 91604)
Rollicking bass, song titles such as Eating Me and College Girls and relentless drums with screeching lead guitars characterize "All Mob Cons". Kate, NAM's drummer, really has a cool style, very forceful and heavy on the snare and toms without relying too much on the kick drum, which is good for Henry's bass playing, which emphasizes those fast, low tones that rumble through the tracks. Southern California punk with a hearty dose of in-your-face old-school rock as well. NAM, in the credits, thanks Al's Bar for its first show, so you know they gotta be cool kids. {Fibi}
R.A.F.R. Web Site

Nine Inch Nails - "The Fragile" - 2-CD
(Nothing Records / Interscope)
In the press release Trent said that he played more instruments that he's never really learned how to play to add a different feel to the songs and to add to his construction and deconstruction of them. I think he would have been better off to have stuck with what he knows and really learn the other instruments instead of adding that distraction to various songs. There are two discs totalling over 100 minutes of music. Overall it is a great collection of dark, emotional songs done with that special Trent Reznor formula. However, at times it gets to be too much...especially during the mellow momments. After a few listens I found myself enjoying this more and find it on par with earlier releases. He's lost a bit of that urgent edge but has made up for it in depth. {Grog}
NIN Web Site Nothing Web Site

No Use for A Name - "More Betterness!" - CD
(Fat Wreck Chords P.O. Box 193690 San Francisco, CA 94119-3690)
Öbecause Bad Religion was already used. This sounds exactly like ďRecipie For Hateď by Bad Religion. Vocals, music, song structureÖbut later it veers off a bit with some emo influences and the addition of a violin and cello. Regardless of who they sound like this is a great release. Most of the songs are about life and relationships with standouts being Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me? (view from a young childís mind), Fairytale of New York(Great x-mas song) and Pride (great song about history). {Grog}
Fat Wreck Web Site

Nova - "Rise" - CD
(Galaxy 10 Records 4921 Crooks Rd M-7 Royal Oak, MI 48073)
Nova owes a great debt to the trip rock of bands such as Pavement. While it's not full-fledged hippie rock, it's not straight-ahead rock either. There are a number of flights of fancy in guitar solos and the rhythm section practices some neat fills and bass lines. The quality of the musicians is high, which makes for an intricate album that bears a few listens, each of which reveals more of the story. A sitar makes an appearance on "Rise", which adds a neat Eastern feel to some of the tunes. Additionally, a moog, keyboards, violin, tambourines and samples add to the myriad of influences these musicians bring to the table. "Rise" is the kind of album you take with you on long road trips to see good bands. {Fibi}

Oblivion - "Sweatpants U.S.A." - CD
(Suburban Home Records P.O. Box 40757 Denver, CO 80204)
I can't believe that I wasted 31 minutes of my life by listening to this whole CD. {Mite}
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Onelinedrawing - "Sketchy ep #1" - CD
(Crank Records 1223 Wilshire Blvd #823 Santa Monica, CA 90403)
Definitely a concept album, that's for sure. The issues he tackles in his songwriting very obviously dear to his heart (my guess is "Life" with a capital "L" is what influences him. The songs hang together well, but the disc too often strays into the self-indulgent. While experience often makes for great song fodder, a bit of restraint would have done this disc a world of wonder. {Fibi}
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One Way System - "Waiting for Zero" - CD
(GMM Records P.O. Box 15234 Atlanta, GA 30333)
While listening to this I inadvertently pictured little children at play...well, playing around with filthy beer bottles and rusty old paint cans in a dump! I liked this a lot! Very tight fast Brit-punk rock. Self affirmation and social commentary like in Believe Yourself and Systematic Abuse. The last song started out with a cute little baby saying, "one...two...three...four" and then it kicks into a gonad-acheing song! You can't ask for much more than that from an album! {Tom CoreKill}

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