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"Music Reviews Issue #11 A-F"

6X - "Kung-Pow" - CD
(Daemon Records P.O. Box 1207 Decatur, GA 30031)
Finally Daemon Records releases something that I really like. This is easily my favorite from their label. 6X features Lara Kaing and Tim Johnson from 17 Years (great band I reviewed in #10). They play great, high energy female led poppy rock music. Good personal lyrics, but nothing too serious, just lots of fun. Breathe a sigh of relief Maggie Estep, Lara is my new dream girl (I'm not too old to have a dream girl am I?). The CD package is neat also. The song titles are in Japanese (with English translations) and they have a great picture of a pez collection on the back (is it Lara's?). 6X is an eighties based blast of fun rock-pop. "Your vice will bring you to your knees". {Grog}
Daemon Web Site

*77* - "Revolution Rock" - CD
(Elevator Music P.O. Box 1502 New Haven, CT 06510)
Almost 75 minutes of ’77 style punk rock from Portugal. Great, raw early punk rock from a band that holds true to the old school. They also do a cool ode to the Cramps on here. {Grog}
Elevator Web Site

30 Lincoln - "Avanti" - CD
(Johanns Face Records P.O. Box 479164 Chicago, IL 60647)
(30 Lincoln P.O. Box 41452 Cleveland, OH 44141)
Another damn band with a number in their name. Why didn’t they just call themselves Matchbox 311 4 Non Third Eye Blind Boys for the alternateen crowd. They are a punchy rock band. Easy to listen to pop songs with punk rock guitar riffs. Check it out if you like Matchbox 20 or Somichrome. {Gail}

I have no idea how Gail did her review but I think she was smoking crack at the time, this band is far from Matchbox 20. 30 Lincoln might have a number in their name but they rock out and rip it up like any other great punk band with touches of rust belt attitude. So ignore Gail and get this if you hate Matchbox 20 and that other sanitized radio friendly alternacrap. {Grog}

A Planet for Texas - "A Planet for Texas" - 7"
(Diaphragm Records 1972 N. 4th St. Columbus, OH 43201)
Take Screeching Weasel, give ‘em a touch of Oi, prop them up with some Sicko and add a healthy dose of caffeine so that it sounds like they are getting ahead of their instruments while playing. They have a song on here called Cow Tipping with includes several quotes from Heathers. {Grog}

Abuse*Ment*Park - "Electric Whipping Session" - CD
(Surf Records 1427 NCR 900 East Indianapolis, IN 46234)
(Abusement Park P.O. Box 2014 Tempe, AZ 85280)
Electric spanking? Hum, well where do I sign up for that? Pretty good heavy metal release with lots of sexual deviant themes thrown in to make all the kids out there all hot and bothered. They must have a somewhat original sound since I can't really think of any other bands to compare this release to. The singer does look like he would like to be in the Marilyn Manson band, and with a name like Mr. Ginger Bond, he'd probably fit right in! 7/10 {Johnny Death}
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Alien Blood Transfusion - "The Misadventures of Mint Candy" - 7"
(Acme Records P.O. Box 441 Dracut, MA 01826)
A garage punk band monster with a singer who sounds like he’s already had his transfusion. Very aggressive, loud and raw. I love it…just give me more!!! {Grog}

Amorphis - "Tuonela" - CD
(Relapse Records P.O. Box 251 Millersville, PA 17551)
I guess these guys have decided to completely abandon their death metal sound of earlier releases and go for something a little more mainstream. The first couple of releases from Amorphis were "DEATH METAL": with the trademark death growls, but all that is long gone on this latest release. Basically the same thing that Paradise Lost did. I don't think fans of early Amorphis will like this release at all. Basically I don't really like the vocals. The vocals are too clean, and don't convey much emotion to me, and just don't sound very aggressive. Amorphis will probably have to find a new fan base, as death metal kids wouldn't really enjoy this one too much. 7/10{Johnny Death}
Relapse Web Site

Angra - "Fireworks" - CD
(Century Media Records 1453-A 14th Street #324 Santa Monica, CA 90404)
This band is based in Lisbon, Brazil . Damn they sound just like freakin' early Queensryche. Is this the "Rage for Order" cd in my cd player ??? , that is what is sounds like to me. Very aggressive and powerful release. I would really like to see these guys live in concert ! A Great cd 9/10 ! {Johnny Death}
Century Media Web Site

The Assmen - "Enema Nation" - CD
(Dirty Records P.O. Box 6869 Glendale, AZ 85312-6869)
A great release for anyone who likes fuzzy asses with chocolate stained underware. The release features twisted hairy arsed artwork and the opportunity to be a member of the Assmen Fan Club. Yes, boys and girls, you can be in the Ass Army. This album will be a hit with twelve year old boys or for anyone with the mind of a twelve year old male. The release features the titles Picking Up the Soap, Latrine Duty, and Adjusting My Nuts. Classy!!! {Gail}
Dirty Web Site

The Backsliders - "Southern Lines" - CD
(Mammoth Records The Broad St. Bldg 101 B. Street Carboro, NC 27510)
"Southern Lines" is a collection of sadly beautiful alternative country songs which explore growing up and making painful connections. The album is filled with hollow guitars and twangy vocals. The lead off track Abe Lincoln is a solid pop song. If you like Son Volt, Wilco or Paul Westerburg, give the Backsliders a try. {Gail}
Mammoth Web Site

Betty Blowtorch - "Get Off" - 7"
(Foil Records P.O. Box 4231 Laguna Beach, CA 92652)
This single has two songs from their EP. Get off is about one grrrl being raped by her dad and the hatred felt. The other is the Betty Blowtorch theme. Fucking powerful shit from three ex-members of Butt Trumpet. Watch out for this band. {Grog}

Betty Blowtorch - "Get Off" - CD
(Foil Records P.O. Box 4231 Laguna Beach, CA 92652)
The first thing that caught my eye when I saw this disc, other than the cool artwork, was that Duff of GnR produced it. They remind me of L7 and Bulimia Banquet, with their last song having more of a Bikini Kill style to it. They are very much a grrrl band and let it come through. They are also here to party and have fun, as song titles like Party 'Til you Puke, Fish Taco and Shut Up and Fuck reveal. This is a 16 minute EP that has me waiting for a full length from these grrrls. {Grog}

The Bithlo Mullet Revival - "Whores, Beer and Dirty Old Men" - Cassette
(P.O. Box 521463 Longwood, FL 32752 )
My tape keeps fucking up so I can’t get an accurate account of this band. From what I hear they seem to start songs with various styles then turn it into punk rock with a vocalist who sounds like Jello Biafra…of course that could be due to the shitty tape. Who knows…try it it’s free. {Grog}
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Blindspot - "Acceleration Zone" - CD
(Tomato Head Records P.O. Box 61298 Sunnyvale, CA 94008-1298)
This is a North California pop-ska band. Yes, another band playing the new breed of pop-ska that makes me think of No Doubt or 311, but with more of a ska influence than either of them. This release is produced to a shine and seems to slick for my taste. There’s an almost mechanical sound to it...maybe I’d like them live. {Grog}
E-mail Tomato Head Records Tomato Head Web Site

Blue Yard Garden - "No Good Sundays" - CD
(Empyrean Records c/o Galaxi Productions P.O. Box 536 Rockville, MD 20848)
Whoa, talk about your mellow bands. With only 4 hours of sleep last night, listening to this c.d. is making me sleepy. The sound of this band is mellow-acoustic with an Eddie Vedder-ish lead vocal. This is a band that new-age coffee house hippies would really dig. {Mite}
Blue Yard Garden Web Site

Blur - "13" - CD
(Virgin Records)
My best advice is "skip the radio single". Pop "13" into your cd player and skip to track two and then buckle up for a really great album. Tender the first single is a fun Roy Orbison-esque song. It's not a bad tune, even sort of fun, but it doesn't fit with the flow of the rest of the album. Not a whole lot of people are putting out "albums" anymore, at least not in the sense that they work as one piece of work. Most cd's are simply collections of songs. Blur is less interested in three minute power-pop tunes, focusing more making a cohesive body of work. More importantly it works. It's not an overly complicated, boring political statement. It's genuinely entertaining and lacks the excesses of the early 70's rock opera mega-thons. "13" is a great album for those people who are looking for 66 minutes of original, pop-influenced, compositional music instead 13 different songs. {Superchunk Steve}
Virgin Web Site

Boris the Sprinkler - "Suck" - CD
(Go-Kart Records P.O. Box 20 Prince St. Station New York, NY 10012)
Fast and fun, it's Boris The Sprinkler. This band is full of tomfoolery and has an earlier Ramones sound. For some reason while listening to this c.d. I thought to myself "This band should do a cover of the Meatloaf song Dead Ringer for Love. The folks at Go Kart Records sure know how to pick good bands. {Mite}
Go-Kart Web Site

The Bouncing Souls - "Hopeless Romantic" - CD
(Epitaph Recordings 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)
This started off with something you don't hear on a CD…the sound of a needle coming down on an LP. After that it's the Bouncing Souls seeming older, wiser and less hungry than last release. It's still great but it seems they are becoming content and less angry. It's just like what's been going on with Rancid. I still like it, but the mood is different. My favorite was Fight to Live which talks about the power of music and how you can get lost in it. {Grog}
Epitaph Web Site

Boxer - "The Hurt Process" - CD
(Vagrant Records 2118 Wilshire Blvd #361 Santa Monica, CA 90403)
Fast-paced punk-pop could almost be called hardcore. Their singer definitely has that hardcore feel but with a melodic touch. Most of their lyrics deal with relationships, which could be the reason this release is called "The Hurt Process". A good release but fairly typical sounding. {Grog}
E-mail Vagrant Records

Buck Cherry - "Buckcherry" - CD
(Dreamworks Records)
A very fun rockin' cd. Kind of a bluesy, southern-rock album along the lines of early Black Crowes with a little Dangerous Toys thrown in the mix. Probably one of my favorite cds that I reviewed this time around. 9/10. {Johnny Death}

Buck-O-Nine - "Libido" - CD
(TVT Records 23 East 4th Street New York, NY 10003)
More fun-time, skankable music from this bunch of ska punkers. I like their mix of first, second and third wave sounds. However their lyrics don't make any real impression on me at all. They seem secondary to the music and just aren't as strong. When I saw them live last year, I noticed that most of their songs translate well into a crowd setting and become anthems of sorts, which could be the reason for the lyrics being so light. {Grog}
TVT Web Site

Budget - "Eepee" - CD
(Wonder Dog Records P.O. Box 1493 Simi Valley, CA 93062)
Cheap. Good. Power pop. Fast guitars. Cheap. {Superchunk Steve}

Burried Alive - "The Death of Your Perfect World" - CD
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
More hard core metal from Victory Records. Seems a little odd to use a very death metal sounding band name for a hardcore metal band. Buried Alive follows the Biohazard style of hardcore metal. Heavy, crunchy guitars. Hardcore style vocals. CD is kinda short, clocking in at only about 24 minutes. Simpler than other bands recently put out on Victory Records. Not my cup of tea. 6/10 {Johnny Death}
Victory Web Site

B*Witched - "B*Witched" - CD
OK, minus 100 punk points for me even considering listening to this disc. What you have here are four good looking young women who sing light, bubblegum it's not the Spice Hurls it's B*Witched. First they are better looking (less contrived...) and they have a different gimmick: They have Irish accents and incorporate a fiddle into their light, fluffy and seductive dance music. The only problem are the ballads...ugggh. For one of those unknown reasons I like it...they remind me of Bananarama. {Grog}
Epic Web Site

The Candy Snatchers - "Human Zoo" - CD
(Go-Kart Records P.O. Box 20 Prince St. Station New York, NY 10012)
Think of a hard rockin', punked up version of the The Cult and you have The Candy Snatchers. This band is nothing short of pure rock intensity. This c.d. just socks you over the head with all the grace of a brick. I get all tired out just listening to this release. I now know what all the great buzz is all about that I've been reading about this band. Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! {Mite}
Go-Kart Web Site

Captain Destiny & The Motor Medics- "Destination: 2049" - CD
(Rockalachain Records P.O. Box 19760 Cincinnati, OH 45219)
The first half of this release just didn't cut it for me. They would have done well to cut out the first half of this c.d. completely. Now the rest of the release was way fun. This seems like a great entertaining band to see live. There are a couple of tunes that I really dug and those were the ska-sounding Maggie I Hope, the fun-rappin' 3:00 and Open Range. I give half this c.d. gets a yea, while the other half gets a nay. {Mite}
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Choking Victim - "No Gods / No Managers" - CD
(Hellcat Records 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)
The first thing I noticed about this band was the massive amount of satanic images throughout the packaging. No they’re not a satanic death metal band (that’s Johnny Death’s realm) I just think they were directing that at our Capitalist government and how it is in league with satan. Of course I didn’t read the press info so I’m not sure, I took that idea from the liner notes. Anyway, once you get past that stuff there is a band that brings to mind Rancid’s first release with more of a snotty punk attitude. I immediately knew why they were signed on Hellcat Records (Tim from Rancid’s label). CV is fairly political and very sarcastic with extreme anti-authority, anti-america, anti-capitalist lyrics. A good release, but the packaging just freaks me out… {Grog}

Cigar - "Speed is Relative" - CD
(Theologian Records P.O. Box 1070 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254)
This is a bass-driven, melodic hardcore band teetering on the brink of punk-pop. Many bands I've heard lately seem to be adopting this basic style, but what sets Cigar apart is the bass playing that moves the songs along. Two Kevin's is my favorite on this release of Bad Religion leaning songs. Most of the lyrics are decent, but some are really lame. (Laundry Basket is a song about the singer's laundry basket being stolen.) At the end they have an annoying seven minute silence before a funky hidden track that ends with a beat box thing. Overall a good release with a few annoying bits… {Grog}
Cigar Web Site Theologian Web Site

Common Rider - "Last Wave Rockers" - CD
(Panic Button Records P.O. Box 148010 Chicago, IL 60614-8010)
It's slowed down snotty punk with a bit of a groovy reggae feel. This band does actually sound like the last of the wave rockers. While this release doesn't really grab you by the head and swing you around, it's does have a nice air about it. {Mite}

Cul De Sac - "Crashes to Light Minutes to it's Fall" - CD
(Thirsty Ear 274 Madison Ave Suite 804 New York, NY 10016)
Usually when I get an instrumental release from a band it sucks, that is not the case with Cul de Sac. In fact it's the complete opposite. The band has a sound that lulls you into another state of being. The focus of this bands instrumentals is on guitar which is backed by a mesmerizing bass and drums, all of which are held aloft by a warm blanket of synth. This is one of those bands that has me wondering why I haven't heard from them before. This release has me looking forward to hearing more of their music. {Mite}
Thirsty Ear Web Site

Culture Bandits - "Noise is for Heroes" - CD
(Static Records 17215 Mack Ave Detroit, MI 48224)
I remember my old band playing with these guys years ago. They were great live and did a cool cover of Chemical Wire by fIREHOSE. This CD sounds pretty much how I remember them but now they are a four piece. They still have that great indie rock sound, there are a few songs I could have lived without but most were solid songs. They are a good band to listen to and great to see live. {Grog}
E-mail Culture Bandits E-mail Static Static Web Site

Cutters - "Sonic Wave Love" - CD
(CMC International 1540 Broadway New York, NY 10036)
The Cutters are a band from Bloomington, Indiana and their name is a reference to one of my favorite movies, Breaking Away. Breaking Away starred Dennis Christopher as a young man with no future in the small Indiana town who had a passion for bicycling. The Cutters were the working class blue collar kick-arse kids who hated the college frat boys and what they stood for. It’s a great movie about growing up in a college town. It’s kinda ironic because this band sounds they are one of the frat rocks bands. Go fugure. {Gail}
CMC Web Site

Daltonic - "Chattanooga" - CD
(Antietam Recordings P.O. Box 15135 Boston, MA 02215)
When I first popped this in I thought I had put Avail in by mistake. Well, it wasn’t Avail but was very similar. Since I love them, I now love Daltonic. They have great reflective personal lyrics in contrast to the more soci-political lyrics of Avail. Otherwise the music and even the vocals are eerily similar. My only problem with the disk was that it was 18 minutes…I need more!!! If you like Avail or good melodic hardcore then check out Daltonic. {Grog}
E-mail Daltonic Daltonic Web Site

Decay - "Back in the House" - 7"
(Suburban Home Records 1750 30th St. #365 Boulder, CO 80301)
This is a 7” from the Japanese hardcore band Decay. Fast, furious and brutal. For more info see below. {Grog}
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Decay - "Destiny" - CD
(Suburban Home Records 1750 30th St. #365 Boulder, CO 80301)
Decay is a Japanese hard core band and they're damn good at that. Like most hard core bands they owe a lot to Motorhead. This is skater/snowboarder/any so called 'x-treme' sport soundtrack music. Fast, furious and out of control. {Mite}
E-mail Suburban Home Suburban Home Web Site

Despise You - "West Side Horizons" - CD
(Pessimiser Records P.O. Box 1070 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254)
(Despise You P.O. Box 4452 Inglewood, CA 90309)
It's really strange, but I think that the early Suicidal Tendencies sound is making a resurgence. What I'm talking about here is fast, screaming punk with a hard edge feel. Despise You is very guitar driven and fast paced. This band lacks the great vocal styling of Mike from Suicidal Tendencies as well as their sense of pace and changes. I do like the spitting female vocals intermixed with the masculine growl, but a little more variety is needed in the song writing. I kind of liked this c.d., but it could have been much better, let's see if they improve by their next release. {Mite}
E-mail Despise You

Ani Difranco / Utah Phillips - "Fellow Workers" - CD
(Righteous Babe Records P.O. Box 95 Ellicott Station Buffalo, NY 14205)
The first thing that came into my mind when I heard this c.d. was Phil Ochs and the "United States of Poetry" release. This release has Utah telling stories dealing with workers and unions while Ani and a few of her friends back him up with music. The stories are interesting and the music is great. {Mite}

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - "Buck Jump" - CD
(Mammoth Records The Broad St. Bldg 101 B. Street Carboro, NC 27510)
One can always expect some great brass Jazz from The Dirty Dozen Brass Band and this release is no exception. "Buck Jump" is what you get when you have a room full of talented jazz musicians having a great time belting out what comes natural to them. This music makes you wanna holler. {Mite}
Mammoth Web Site

Doc Hopper - "Zigs, Yaws & Zags" - CD
(Go-Kart Records P.O. Box 20 Prince St. Station New York, NY 10012)
First off, the cover is killer. I wasn't too impressed with the band after hearing the first song, however the c.d. got much better starting with song #2. Doc Hopper plays solid punk pop songs with a rock edge. Pretty good. {Mite}
Go-Kart Web Site

Dogpiss - "Eine Kleine Punkmusik" - CD
(Honest Don's P.O. Box 192027 San Francisco, CA 94119-2027)
This band is guitar orientated with an alternative-punk feel. The vocals are very melodic and at times the guitars are churning. They have a bit of a Green Day sound about them, which I'm sure they probably hate hearing. An okay release. {Mite}

Dropkick Murphy's - "The Gang's All Here" - CD
(Epitaph Recordings 2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)
These guys churn out working class, melodic hardcore anthemetic tunes. DM is a very interesting group with some of the songs sounding like updated tavern songs from generations gone by, and others being very pro-labor union songs. Songs deal with the death of a drinking buddy, working class anthems, praise for the woman who stood by her man, and more along those lines. Plus they do a hardcore version of Amazing Grace with bagpipes doing the vocal line. I get this image of how young gung-ho soldiers who fought in WWII & early unionizers might have been if they lived now and were into hardcore. (The constant WWII images in the CD helped foster that image). Oi! {Grog}
Epitaph Web Site

Electric Frankenstein - "How to Make a Monster" - CD
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
The first thing that snagged me when I saw this Cd was the great cover picture drawn by Coop. Then once I loaded the CD I noticed that there was band information on the disc that you can access from your PC. After that I finally got to the music and the abundant soundbites from Frankenstein the movie. EF play rude boy rock with a punk bite. The songs have a lot of hard rock guitar in them, and have a fast driving rock rhythm. The vocals however are closer to snotty punk played Detroit style. This is definitely a fun time band who are most likely fun to see live. {Grog}
Victory Web Site

Enough is Enough - "Enough is Enough" - CD
(Enough is Enough P.O. Box 25 Nutley, NJ 07110)
Enough is Enough is a young pop-punk ska band and their age shows. The music sounds pretty good, but it is very loose. The lyrics are better than average for a young band, pretty weak but well intended. At times their singer sounds a bit like Dicky Barret. I can tell that they have a lot of fun and I'm sure their shows are a good time. I think with time and practice this band will become really good. But for now their flaws make this difficult for me to listen to. {Grog}
Enough is Enough Web Site

The Ernies - "Meson Ray" - CD
(Mojo Records 1453 14th Street Box 284 Santa Monica, CA 90404 / Universal)
The first thing that entered my mind when first listening to this c.d. is that it reminded me of a more melodic combination of Rage Against the Machine and Faith No More with turntables. I love this c.d., it's definitely one that I won't be giving back to Grog. The lyrics seem to delve into the subatomic level of a deeper reality. A great release that keeps you movin'. {Mite}
Mojo Web Site

Fairmount Girls - "Fairmount Girls" - Cassette
(72 Lydia St.Cincinatti, OH 45214)
Four songs of catchy pop-punk is what you get with this release. I found the overall sound enjoyable, however some factors, such as poor production, made this just another punk-pop band. I am looking forward to the next release because I feel that this band is going to be doing some great things. This also seems like a band that one would definitely want to see live. {Mite}
E-mail Fairmount Girls

Farside - "The Monroe Doctrine" - CD
(Revelation Records P.O. Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5232)
Wow, what a great band! I've read about them a lot and have heard a song or two on comps, but hearing a full disc is great. Most songs have that Bad Religion feel to them, but they also do grindcore, melodic rock and hardcore as well as the punk-pop. I Hope You're Unhappy is a great little song about still being in love with somebody and hoping that, at least, they are as miserable as you are. Another great one is Moral Straight Jacket which just about mirrors my feeling regarding certain relationships. Like where you want somebody and you think they want you, but since they are involved with somebody else you have to hold steady and not pursue due to the moral implications. It is all personal morals and i really can't fault others for not having the same morals as I...and maybe it is a straight jacket{Grog}
Revelation Web Site

Melissa Ferrick - "Everything I Need" - CD
(What Are Records? 2401 Broadway Boulder, CO 80304)
Melissa's music is folksy-acoustic with a dash of alternative sound. This c.d. is really lacking. With hard-hitters like Jewel and Ani Difranco putting out top quality tunes, Melissa seems to be just barely hanging on with this lack-luster release. {Mite}
W.A.R? Web Site

The Flaming Lips - "The Soft Bulletin" - CD
(Warner Brothers)
The first album (this was a time when c.d.'s were just starting to catch on) I heard by The Flaming Lips was "In a Priest Driven Ambulance", was so freaky-weird that I just loved it. This album in freaky-weird in a way that it almost sounds normal. Not a normal-normal but a weird-normal. For the most part this release is classic Flaming Lips, but at times it sounds like a warped Sting influenced Flaming Lips doing covers of 70's songs written by a gentle Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd. These soft and strange little ballads by the Lips aren't something one would expect on a major record label, but with acts such as Laurie Anderson on it's roster, Warner Bros. tends to go out on a limb sometimes and present bands that are willing to dance one the edge. {Mite}

The Flashing Astonishers - "Everything is Gonna Stop" - CD
(Koala Records P.O. Box 70 Syracuse, NY 13210)
These guys have a late 80’s early 90’s sound invoking memories of REM and the Pixies. Well, the songs are basically one or the other, with a few being…lame. The lyrics are mostly humorous and crafted very cleverly. times the vocals seem to have a southern tinge to them which seems odd for a band from New York. Overall a fun release with a few soft spots. {Grog}
E-mail The Flashing Astonishers

Fleming & John - "The Way We Are" - CD
(Universal Records 1755 Broadway New York, NY 10019)
The female vocals of Fleming are a mixture of the female vocals of Daisy Chainsaw and No Doubt. The songs on this release are jammin' (the P.J. Harvey sounding I'm So Small ), full of angst (Sssh! Alanis Morissettefeel), lamenting (the Paul McCartneyesque' Suppressed Emotions), dancy(Radiate) and fun (the Cardigans flavored Ugly Girl). The songwriting is diverse (as you can tell) and nothing short of sensational. This release is guaranteed a heavy rotation spot on my c.d. player. {Mite}
Fleming & John Web Site

The Freestylers - "We Rock Hard" - CD
(Mammoth Records The Broad St. Bldg 101 B. Street Carboro, NC 27510)
The Freestylers' sound in a sweet mixture of rap and club music with a hint of reggae thrown in here and there for flavor. The c.d "We Rock Hard" is nothing short of terrific. Dump a hunk of dry ice in a bucket of water, turn on a strobe light, and crank this bad boy up on your stereo, and you can have your own little party that's your friends will refer to as killer. {Mite}
Mammoth Web Site

The Freestylers - "B-Boy Stance EP" - CD
(Mammoth Records The Broad St. Bldg 101 B. Street Carboro, NC 27510)
For all you remix fans the "B-Boy Stance" contains 6 re-mixes of the song that's reached into the Top 20 UK single list. The second dancier club mixes by Dub Pistol was my fave on this disc. Also be sure to check out Don't Stop, the extra song that always seems to show up on remix c.d.'s to help sell them. {Mite}
Mammoth Web Site

Forge - "Speed and Timing" - 7"
(Static Records 17215 Mack Ave Detroit, MI 48224)
This isn’t at all what I remember from the full length. This is basic garage rock with a gruff voice. Their live track has a metal feel to it. Good, but nothing special. {Grog}
E-mail Static Static Web Site

Fucthat - "Here's Ten Reasons Why" - CD
(Crack Records P.O. Box 29045 Eatons Pl. Winnipeg, Man R3C 4L1)
This is a fuckin' band from goddam Winnipeg. They fucking play that really fast power pop shit, like lots of goddam people, and they are pretty much not too fuckin' bad at it. I have to fuckin' say that I really didn't want to goddam like these bastards, because of the shitty name, but I can't totally pan the fuckin' thing, dammit. 'GroUp' and you guys might actually have something here. (No offense intended.) {Superchunk Steve}
Crack Web Site

Full - "Hotdog Water Cocktail" - CD
(Acme Records P.O. Box 81491 Chicago, IL 60681)
Full sounds like they belong on Fat Wreck Chords. I noticed that they thank All in their liner notes, and that feeling definitely comes through. Overall they have that standard punk-pop sound with most of the guitar parts sounding like 80’s pop metal...I swear one song is a rip-off of some old Poison song. I would guess that they were as influenced by pop metal bands as they were by punk bands. Nothing revolutionary, just fun time punk-pop with the standard lyrics. As a finale they do a cover of Sister Golden Hair. {Grog}

Fun Lovin' Criminals - "100% Columbian" - CD
(Virgin Records)
I didn't know Colombian was slang for shit. {Mite}
Virgin Web Site

F.Y.P. - "Incomplete Crap Vol 2" - CD
(Recess Records P.O. Box 1112 Torrance, CA 90505)
Fast paced, silly, snotty punk rock with a fun, rebellious and immature spirit. F.Y.P. has been around for many years and they still have that same great raw sound. They put in 43 songs in 59 minutes which just gets to be too much in one sitting. Try it, but if you’re an older scenester you might need to take a break. {Grog}
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