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"Music Reviews Issue #10 A-F"

17 Reasons Why - "The Dark Years" - CD
(Laundry Room Records 321 2nd Ave. 3rd & 4th Floor New York, NY 10003)
This band was the winner of Musician Magazine's best unsigned band of 1998, and I can tell why. They play very catchy alternative rock in the vein of 10,000 Maniacs but with a vocal sound more like Lisa Loeb than Natalie Merchant. The lyrics deal primarily with relationships and self. {Grog}
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17 Years - "17 Years" - CD
(Farout Records P.O. Box 14361 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33302)
17 years is a great, fun, snotty punk-pop band. This reminds me a lot of the better aspects of 80's music, without sounding dated. The songs make me think of what would happen if Social Distortion, the GoGo's, Screeching Weasel, X, the Pretenders and the Waitresses were mixed together. Great male / female lead vocals, and catchy, melodic hard driving music. They're based in Florida and I hope they make the trip north sometime so I can catch them live. {Grog}
17 Years Web Site

A-G-2-A-KE - "Mil-Ticket" - CD
(Rap-A-Lot Records 2141 W. Governors Cir. Houston, TX 77092 / Virgin)
I am getting tired of rap artist always trying to act bad ass and using terms with the work 'fuck' added on them. It's easy to see that the images and language they use are for the young adolescent males who are trying to be macho and think that they word 'fuck' is just so cool. The same ones who like to write dirty words on buildings and think they're cool because of it. This release is sea•rap. {Mite}
Virgin Web Site

The Agents - "For All the Massive" - CD
(The Agents P.O. Box 40776 Providence, RI 02940)
(Radical Records 77 Blecker St. #C2-21 New York, NY 10012)
Great traditional based ska, that brings to mind (dare I say) the Specials. Some great lyrics dealing with love, life, and friends, with a bit of fun fiction thrown in. They totally have that infectious ska sound down which I can never resist. {Grog}
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G.G. Allin - "Hated in the Nation" - CD
(Roir 611 Broadway Suite 411 New York, NY 10012)
GG was the scumfuck of punk rock. I remember reading MRR way back and seeing stuff about him in almost every issue: telling him to die, hoping he would go through with his promise of suicide on stage, calling him god, hating him, and much more. I really never knew what to make of him myself. He made me uneasy, which doesn't happen often. I've been around and seen freaky people and freaky things, but GG defied all logic. Part of me wanted him to die, part of me was shocked by his trueness to himself and ideas (even if I disagreed with him), part of me was just amused.

Now years after his death, we can look back and see if he really meant anything. Some say he finished what Iggy started. I say Iggy is way better, since he has meaning and thinks. I think GG was a freak show and most people's worst nightmare coming in at full throttle. Some of his songs were ok, but his biggest accomplishment was to piss off almost everybody. Even normally open-minded people hated him for his ways. I never meet GG and I'm glad I didn't, I really don't know what reaction I would have had at one of his shows. For quite a while when he kept saying he was going to commit suicide on stage, I kept hoping he'd just shut up and do it already.

So, now I've reviewed GG, but what about the damn CD? Well, as you would expect there are tons of explicit lyrics and offensive crap, along with onstage banter. Some of the songs sound great (it sounds like he's trying to be Iggy) but most are piss poor punk. J. Mascis plays on two songs and two members of MC5 play on another song, as well as several bands featuring punk legends (?). If you're easily offended or can't take a joke, stay away. If you can deal with hearing about rape, shit-eating, ass-licking, drug-taking, cock-sucking then you can handle it. If you think Marilyn Manson is shocking, listen to GG and find out what a tame person Mr. Manson is. {Grog}
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All Out War - "For Those Who Were Crucified" - Cassette
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
This sounds pretty close to grindcore. Growling hardcore vocals, with music that is very metal, with a heavy punk influence. I'm not much into listening to this, at a show it can be fun, but at home it gets boring. {Grog}
Victory Web Site

American Mars - "Late" - CD
(Storm Records P.O. Box 151 Royal Oak, MI 48068)
(American Mars 7245 Pinehurst Dearborn, MI 48126)
American Mars are an aggressive college rock band with hints of Goth thrown in. Some songs remind me of X with an updated late nineties feel. Other songs sound more like Julia Hatfield's old band or Tonya Donelly. Still other songs bring to mind Camper Van Beethoven and other old R.E.M.. A very interesting release that really held my attention. I'm also a sucker for sweet female vocals like those that pepper this CD. {Grog}
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Sean Altman & Rob Tannenbaum - "Hanukah with Monica" - CD
(Big Sean Records 1-800-711-3627)
This release contains only two cuts. The first one is about Monica giving Bill a blowjob. The presentation reminds me of the band Moxy Fruvous. Quite funny, but I'm tired hearing about it. The second talks about being a jew at Christmas. It has a Monty Python sound to it. {Mite}
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The Ataris - "Look Forward to Failure" - CD
(Fat Wreck Chords P.O. Box 193690 San Fransisco, CA 94119)
This is a six-song ep of good punk-pop. I love punk-pop and the Ataris play it well. However, they remind me of about twenty other punk-pop bands. Silly semi-self-derogatory lyrics, catchy hooks, fast drumbeats, smooth, melodic background vocals, crunchy guitar and poppy bass. They do have a cool song about being obsessed with Claire Daines, stalking her, and eventually being thrown in jail. Since I like Claire too, I can appreciate their taste. So, if you're a fan of punk-pop you'll love this. If you kind of like punk-pop you'll find this blending into all the others out there. {Grog}

Atom and His Package - "Behold, I Shall Do a New Thing" - 7"
(Vital Music Mailorder P.O. Box 210 New York, NY 10276)
I have heard quite a bit of hype about Atom and His Package, but I get wary of such things. So I put it on and found out that he carries on the tradition of the Dead Milkmen and They Might Be Giants, but in his own way. He even covers the Milkmen tune, "Nutrition". Then there is this great nerd rock with a song about the metric system. Plus a song about Rob Halford coming out of the closet. Adam says that one of five metal heads is gay and that thanks to Halford a lot of metal heads will be looking at each other very differently (what's with all the leather boy?) I heard and now I believe. All hail Atom and his package. {Grog}

At the dive-in - "in/CASINO/OUT" - CD
(Fearless Records 13772 Goldenwest St. #545 Westminister, CA 92683)
(at the drive-in P.O. Box 13393 El Paso, TX 79913)
The first thing I noticed while looking through their booklet was that my good friend Sebby (Pam) is listed in the thanks list. That instantly made me like this band even before I heard them. Pretty lame to be swayed by a name but Sebby has great taste in music and was always really cool to my band. I'm going to be seeing these guys this weekend up in Columbus so look for the show review too.

Well they were great live and now I love this CD, instead of just like it. They have tremendous power and energy, and in that respect they remind me of Nation of Ulysses. They have that whole emo-core thing going and could easily be on Dischord. If you love emo or really good hardcore then get this, if not buy it anyway because it's great (and you always listen to Grog, don't you) {Grog}
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Bad Religion - "No Substance" - CD
(Atlantic Records 1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10019)
Well, I've always like Bad Religion, even though at times the vocals annoy me since they are so smooooth. This release is similar to any of their others in the past and I still like them. It's odd, since I am so used to bands like this they sound mainstream to me, even though mainstream people couldn't name a Bad Religion song. I used to think of them as mid-tempo melodic hardcore, but now I'd call them aggressive alternative rock. My favorite part of BR is usually the lyrics, and this release carries on that tradition with a lot of depth and meaning. {Grog}
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Belloluna - "Livid and Loving it" - CD
(Daemon Records P.O. Box 1207 Decatur, GA 30031)
This band is perked up piano and horn driven. The lead vocals are very prominent and remind me of the musical The Music Man. The songs have a cheerful story telling feel about them. Fun in a demented sort of way. {Mite}
Daemon Web Site

Dan Bern - "50 Eggs" - CD
(Work 2100 Colorado Ave Santa Monica, CA 90404/ Sony Records)
(Dan 1158 26th Street #411 Santa Monica, CA 90403)
I usually don't review records that weren't sent for review, but Gail loaned me this CD last week and I love it so much I just had to tell the world (or at least a small portion of it) about it. Dan Bern is a singer / songwriter who plays great humorous, serious themed, catchy, powerful, folkish music. I can relate to all of his songs in some way and think he is a great lyricist and songwriter. This is one of those CD's where I'm going to be quoting lyrics from for a long time, my notebook already has about 10 different lyrical phrases from Dan. Maybe I can get an interview set up with him for next issue. Ani Difranco produced this disc as well as played guitar and sang backup on a number of songs. Get this and his other releases now! {Grog}
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Dan Bern - "Smartie Mine" - CD
(Work 2100 Colorado Ave Santa Monica, CA 90404/ Sony Records)
(Dan 1158 26th Street #411 Santa Monica, CA 90403)
Smartie Mine is the latest release from Dan. It has many songs from his previous releases and is a sort of retrospective of his career. They left several of my favorite songs off this release and the ones that are included aren't my favorite versions. I like this, but was a bit disappointed given how much I liked 50 Eggs. This is a good introduction, but you really need to get his other disks. {Grog}
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Bickley - "Kiss the Bunny" - CD
(Fearless Records 13772 Goldenwest St #545 Westminster, CA 92683)
Snotty punk that reminds me of the Larry Brrrds. Fast guitar driven tunes with rough vocals is what you get when you stick this cd in the place where you stick your cd's. Love it. {Mite}
Bickley Web Site E-Mail Fearless Fearless Web Site

Blacklisted - "Blacklisted" - 7"
(King Fetus Records 406 Caple Ave. Fairdale, KY 40118)
Bad punk with horrid vocals. {Mite}

Bliss - "Chasing the Mad Rabbit" - CD
(J-Bird Records )
His cd kinda threw me. Kinda looked like it was going to be progressive metal by the cover but not even close. This release is kinda glamy . It reminds me of Bullet Boys/Faster Pussy Cat type glam metal B mostly because of the vocals. Vocals are kinda whiny like the singer for Faster Pussy Cat. The ballads on this release remind me of Journey (almost). Pretty refreshing release compared to most of the shit on the radio, and all the C(rap) on MTV. 8/10. {Johnny Death}
J-Bird Web Site

Block - "Timing is Everything" - CD
(Java / Capitol Records)
**{Gail's pick of the batch}** A thoughtful record from a songwriter who is sick of life, but still has a sense of humor. "I-95" is a hauntingly beautiful song. This album is a mix of danceable tunes, ballads, and straight rock-n-roll. "I Used to Manage PM Dawn" is a stab at the record industry with cartoon music samples. If you like Jesus Jones and Dramarama, you just might like Block. {Gail}
Capitol Records Web Site

Bloodclots - "Chaos Day is Almost Here" - 7"
(Outcast Records 2608 2nd Ave. Ste. 184 Seattle, WA 98121-1276)
Standard, hard, fast punk rock. Guys with mohawks and lots of studs on their leathers. Nothing new and exciting, but good nonetheless. {Grog}

The Blue Ash Solution - "Turntables!" - Cassette
(BLS 879 Princewood Ave Dayton, OH 45419)
Andy gave me this demo recorded over an old Megadeth cassingle. (It's much better than Megadeth). They play good punk-pop emo-core type of stuff. I was reminded of Rocket From the Crypt and Candyass when I listened to this. I can't wait to see these guys live. {Grog}
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Bob the Singing Bass Player - "Waiting for Godard, Waiting for Goddard..." - CD
(Storm Records P.O. Box 151 Royal Oak, MI 48068)
(Bob the Singing Bass Player P.O. Box 10101 Detroit, MI 48210)
I was hoping this would be a fun release...and guess what? It is. Bob is really great bass player who plays both solo and leads a band through a bunch of humorous, socially relevant songs. He's part comedian, part environmentalist, part singer and part activist. He's not the greatest singer, but on one song I swear he sounds like Iggy...maybe it's the Detroit factor. The music isn't folk, it's proto-punk at times, lead bass at others but always fun. {Grog}
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Bolt-Thrower - "Mercenary" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
9 tracks clocking in at just over 46 minutes, hmm...Is it me, or does every Bolt Thrower album sound exactly the same??? I guess these guys are following the AC/DC school of thought here. It seems the band fears change and experimentation. Other album titles from these guys have been "Warmaster" and " In Battle There is no Law," suggesting war themes. My suggestion, get some new ideas, please. Other than those complaints, the music is pretty good. 7/10 {Johnny Death}
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Bottle Rockets - "Leftovers" - CD
(Doolittle Records P.O. Box 4700 Austin, TX 78765)
Another fine release by the Bottle Rockets. The songs on this release are "leftovers" from their previous record company. The Bottle Rockets believe that all material that is recorded should be released. Leftovers is a mixture of country ballads, blues and rock-n-roll tunes. "Skip's Song" is my favorite on the CD. I saw the Bottle Rockets open for Todd Snider in Chicago and they are a great live band. Go see them next time they are in town. A guaranteed good time! {Gail}
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Brickbat - "Brickbat" - CD
(Opulence! P.O. Box 2071 Wilmington, NC 28402-2071)
Heavy 70's swamp rock guitar sound. Nothing really stands out of this release. Well maybe the c.d. cover, it's kinda neet. {Mite}
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Gretchen Busam - "THIS is What I Look Like" - CD
(Storm Records P.O. Box 151 Royal Oak, MI 48068)
(Innova Music P.O. Box 806323 St. Clair Shores, MI 48080-6323)
New age hippy head music. Sure this music is okay while banging on the drums, dancing and singing around the campfire while trippy out of your head. But once you sober up it just doesn't cut it. {Mite}
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The Buzzards - "The Buzzards" - Cassette
(Cannella & Falvey Entertainment 129 W. 81st Street #9 New York, NY 10024)
The Buzzards are a solid band. Basic rock-n-roll. They are not traveling any new ground and they have nothing really special to offer. They don't suck and they aren't a great band. I could keep going, but I'll stop here! {Gail}
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The Candyskins - "Death of a Minor TV Celebrity" - CD
(Velvel 740 Broadway New York, NY 10003 / BMG)
This makes me think of how Camper Van Beethoven might sound if they were still around today. It has that weird alternative, rock, ethereal, spacy feel to it. It rocks at times, is goofy and has some neat little unexpected keyboard parts. Some of which sound like it was played on one of those little Casio keyboards. Weird breaks, clean & distorted guitars and loads of melody make this an interesting, enjoyable disk. {Grog}
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Wendy Carlos - "Sonic Seasonings" - 2CD
(East Side Digital 530 North 3rd Street Minneapolis, MN 55401)
Talk about the ultimate in mood music. This two-cd release captures the essence of the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) in all their glory. On top of that I got to experience the sensation of the Aurora Borealis and felt like I was floating through space with the tune Midnight Sun. Wendy has a way of giving feelings a voice with this synthesized work of art. With the first cut Spring all the senses come alive just through her use of sound. You get the feeling of walking on the sweet grass, the birth of nature and the emotions of it all. {Mite}
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Catch Twenty-Two - "Keasbey Nights" - CD
(Victory Records P.O. Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)
Great ska-core. Super skankin' fun. This makes me think of of Operation Ivy but with horns. Great, fast, traditional based ska, with loads of energy and punk attitude thrown into the mix. Like Op Ivy they have a good mix of ragin' songs and some slower groovin' songs. The main difference is that these guys lyrics are not political or revolutionary at all. It's mainly about relationships, being shy, growing up and life in general. Not that there's anything wrong with that; I love this stuff too. Something else that is really cool and original about this release is that they recorded their thanks list at the end of the last song. Each member said their thanks and they all joked around a bit. A very cool, fun band who I can't wait to see live sometime. This stands near the front of the pack of ska bands out there. Buy it now dammit. {Grog}
Catch 22 Web Site Victory Web Site

Cavity - "Somewhere Between the Train Station..." - CD
(Rhetoric P.O. Box 82 Madison, WI 53701)
This CD has to have the dumbest freaking cover I have ever seen on a death metal cd. I thought I was going to hear an interview with John Wayne after looking at the CD cover. The cover looks like a damn cowboy standing in a sunset. A pretty dumb idea for a death metal cd cover, I would say. The music contained on the cd is boring, and very typical death metal. The vocals are just annoying to me. Enough said. 5/10. {Johnny Death}
Rhetoric Web Site

Chamberlain - "The Moon My Saddle" - CD
(Doghouse America P.O. Box 8946 Toledo, OH 43623)
Johnny Death and I saw these Bloomington boys at Canal Street Tavern this Winter and they are an energetic and emotional band. Johnny said that the lead singer sounded like Bruce Springsteen. "The Moon My Saddle" is an introspective record of the young man growing up. The songs are very strong lyrically. There are many great lines like " I haven't smiled in a long time, but I've learned to look impressed, learned to lose my dreams I had when I was at my best." on the collection. Mike Wanchic, who plays rhythm guitar for John Mellencamp, provides backing vocals on a few tracks. {Gail}
Doghouse Web Site Chamberlain Web Site

Cloud - "Baywatch - A Musical Tribute" - Cassette
(Semper lo-fi Recordings 11 Orchard St. Cold Spring, NY 10516)
I've never seen an episode of Baywatch. Sure, I've seen snippets and recognize some of the people who have been on the show, but that's about it. So, this tribute doesn't really do much for me, as far as connecting the songs to the characters.

Anyway, the music is all instrumental and a mix of hard rock, prog rock, classic rock and wanking. Each song has it's own style which I can only assume fits the style of the person the song is named in honor of. As you can tell I'm pretty clueless about this one...hmmm maybe a Clueless tribute... {Grog}

>Crumb - ">Seconds>Minutes>Hours>" - CD
(Red-Ant / BMG 1540 Broadway New York, NY 10036)
I heard that these guys sound like Jawbox and I'd have to agree with that statement. They have a great hard-edged post-punk sound with very relaxed male vocals and sweet dreamy female vocals. This mix makes for a great disc of songs that stick in my head. One strange thing is that they have between three and ten people playing on each song. It's usually the same people and I wonder how many are actually in the band. I know I'll be keeping this for my collection, so get yourself one... {Grog}
Red Ant Web Site

Crumbox - "Map of the Sky" - CD
(Time Bomb Recordings / BMG)
This is a pretty good disc. The music reminds me of Sugar quite a bit, but without all the distortion on the guitar. It sounds really different since this definitely isn't Bob Mould singing. The singer sounds like a cross between J. Mascus and the singer from the Church. Several of the songs stuck in my head for a few days after the first listen, which is always a good sign. I like it and think it will make a good addition to my collection, you should give them a listen. {Grog}
Time Bomb Web Site

The Cuffs - "Bottoms Up" - CD
(Radical Records 77 Bleecker St. #C2-21 New York, NY 10012)
This disc is chalk full of melodic hardcore and drunk punk songs. Basic, three-chord punk songs, with chanted choruses, power and fun. Nothing really new, but always fun, especially at a show. {Grog}
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Culture Club - "VH1 Storytellers / Greatest Moments" - 2CD
(Virgin Records 338 N. Foothill Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210)
A two CD set which contains the whole VH1 storytellers concert and the "Greatest Moments" of their recording history. The VH1 storytellers CD highlights several Culture Club classics. Boy does not go into detail about what any of the songs are about, which is the gist of the Storytellers series. He merely comments that some of the songs were about his relationship with the Club drummer, John. Boy George's voice is impeccable and the rest of the band does not stray a note from the way they sounded on the original recordings. The "Greatest Moments" CD features highlights of Culture Club=s career with a bonus track "I Just Wanna Be Loved". This is a must for any Culture Club or 80's junkie. Do you really want to hurt me? Yes, we do. {Gail}
Virgin Web Site

Custom Made Scare - "The Greatest Show on Dirt" - CD
(Side 1 Records 6201 Sunset Blvd. Suite 211 Hollywood, CA 90028)
Fast, furious cowpunk. They won't win any respect from the pc crew, but at least they're honest. Songs about women, drinking, being white trash, and guns. 11 songs in 19 bullshit, just cowpunk. {Grog}

Dalek - "Negro, Necro, Nekros" - CD
(Gern Blandsten Records P.O. Box 356 River Edge, NJ 07661)
A hip-hop groove with lyrics delivered in the typical laid back rap style. The most impressive stuff comes from the mixture of traditional East Indian music in the tunes. Cut #2, 'Three Rocks Blessed', has an impressive hip-hop Sintar/Tabla jam at the end. A sound bite from William Burroughs, the king junkie himself, gives a boost to cut 3, 'Images of .44 Casings'. Overall I found the tunes a bit too long and too repetitive and at times a bit too much. {Mite}
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Darkest Hour - "The Prophecy, Fulfilled" - CD
(Art Monk Construction P.O. Box 6332 Falls Church, VA 22040)
Pretty heavy sounding shit on this little CD ep.! I like the vocals on this one, very evil sounding. But if you read the lyrics you actually see that it's NOT typical cannibal corpse cheeseball lyrics, but some poetic lyrics about relationships / heartbreak / sorrow / and loneliness all done in black/death metal vocals. 9/10 {Johnny Death}
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dc Talk - "Supernatural" - CD
(Virgin 338 N. Foothill Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210)
On first listen this group made me think of a more rockin' Christian Glee and Beek/Life and Times, but then again that would be a reference that only people in their late 20's early 30's from Dayton would be able to relate to. So I would best describe DC Talk's music as very catchy alternative Christian bubblegum guitar rock. {Mite}

) Okay, truly I walked into the room with an open mind. I really wanted to embrace what the pre-teen Christian girls see in this band, but I failed miserably. Okay, just give me an "F" for shutting the door, because DC Talk just received a big fat ugly zit infested "F" from this music teacher for being boring and uninspired. I'd rather listen to Leif Garrett sing "I Was Made for Dancing" any day. {Gail}
Virgin Web Site

Dead Lazlo's Place - "Lonely Street" - CD
(New Red Archives P.O. Box 210501 San Francisco, CA 94121)
DLP reminds me of early Bad Religion, but the lyrics and vocals fit more into the hard rock arena. Actually, the more I listen to this, the more I think of a hard rock band with punk / hardcore influences. I almost feel guilty about liking this band, but hey I listened to "Appetite for Destruction" earlier this week. I guess it's in my roots. {Grog}
E-mail New Red Archives New Red Archives Web Site

the Despised N.J.- "1999" - CD
(Black Pumpkin P.O. Box 4377 River Edge, NJ 07661-4377)
Young, loud and punk. Another record with lyrics like "Oh yeah, You're more punk than I, Your mommy bought you bondage pants at Wyld Syde. I'm sorry I don't look like you. You wanna be like Tim Armstrong, cause you think it's cool." Enough said!! {Gail}
E-mail Black Pumpkin Black Pumpkin Web Site

Destiny's End - "Breathe Deep The Dark" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
Hmm , let see. I guess all I need to say is, Helloween / Labryinth / Fates Warning/ The Quiet Room. etc. My question, how does this guy get his voice so high?? Answer: balls in a vice??? Excellent once again! 8/10. {Johnny Death}
E-mail Metal Blade Metal Blade Web Site

Dirt Bike Annie - "Letters & Numbers" - 7"
(Vital Music Mailorder P.O. Box 210 New York, NY 10276)
This is great poppy nerdcore galore. So much fun it can only be on a 7". Anything more would end up melting what's left of your brain. {Grog}

Dirtbox - "Dirtbox" - CD
(Dog Patch Records P.O. Box 882944 San FRancisco, CA 94188-2944)
While listening I kept thinking of that movie The Fabulous Stains with a touch of Suzie Souix. A good throwback to 20 years ago (damn retro punk, what a scary thought). This type of music always makes me wonder what it was like to experience the early days of punk rock. The closest I can get is buying a few 40's, going to an all age warehouse show and slamming the night away... {Grog}
Dog Patch Web Site

Disenchanted - "How Can We Lose When We're So Sincere?" - CD
(Motherbox Records 60 Denton Ave East Rockaway, NY 11518)
Your basic hard and fast guitar punk band with most songs clocking in around two-minutes or under. The Disenchanted are better than most. They get a kudos from me for mutilating the Guns & Roses tune Welcome to the Jungle. It's sort of a pay back for Guns & Roses' punk mutilating release The Spaghetti Incident. {Mite}
E-mail Motherbox Motherbox Web Site

Dreamchild - "Reaching the Golden Gates" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
Let me guess, another Progressive power metal blade from metal Blade records??? I can't take it. Metal blade seems to think this is the new hot sound and they have signed 274 bands that sound like this. All these guys should go on tour and call it Queesnryche-a- palooza . This band looses 1 point because 2 of the guys in the band are damn UGLY. 7/10 {Johnny Death}
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Dreams Come True - "Sing or Die" - CD
(Virgin 338 N. Foothill Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210)
Light and fluffy, sickly pop music. I say die. {Mite}
Virgin Web Site

E.Y.E. - "Band It - Let's Get it on Up - True Positions" - 2CD
(See his show and buy them there or write us)
The classic recordings from the legendary E.Y.E. are to say the least original and creative. E.Y.E. is to the Dayton scene what Joe Walsh was to the soundtrack of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Sensational. If you are lucky enough to purchase or hear these recordings, you are in for a rare treat. {Gail}

Fates Warning - "Still Life" - 2CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
) This a double live album consisting of their 40+ minute epic "A Pleasant Shade of Grey ", and 7 older classic tracks. I think this band is what Queensryche would sound like if Queensryche didn't sell out and start recording crap songs like "Jet City Woman" This band is a mixture of Dream Theater/ Queensryche. I guess you could call this progressive metal. This is a great live recording from a great band. Hearing this cd makes me wand to go find some of their older albums and give them a listen again! Give it a try! Excellent stuff .10/10 {Johnny Death}
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Mellisa Ferrick - "Everything I Need" - CD
(What Are Records? 2401 Boulder, CO 80304)
E-Mail Mellisa Ferrick W.A.R. Web Site

Fever - "Too Bad But True" - CD
(Digital Hardcore Recordings 30 Dean St. London W1V 5AN England)
It's nice to hear a band that actually strives to create their own sound by using styles of music that many people see as worlds apart. Fever combines experimental industrial (not pop-industrial)with rap, which produces a very refreshing, sound that works. Their combination of the two styles makes you wonder why it hasn't been done before because they work together so well. The rawness of the raps and industrial sounds makes this one of the best releases that I had the chance to review in this issue of MRZ. {Mite}
Digital Hardcore Web Site

The Fibs - "Pisces in Crises" - CD
(Watchmen Records P.O. Box 471 Lancaster, NY 14086)
The songs on this record are well crafted. It kinda reminds me of a Bruce Hornsby recording because it seems too safe, like they really aren't stretching themselves or taking any risks. Isn't rock-n-roll all about taking risks and being dangerous and at times pissing people off? If you like safe, cozy warm'll like this. {Gail}
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Flotsam & Jetsam - "Unnatural Selection" - CD
(Metal Blade Records 4025 E. Chandler Blvd. Ste. 70-D7 Phoenix, AZ 85044)
Great Album. And Jason Newsted left this band to join metallicaloadashit. This cd sure is better than metallica's load-o-shit, and reload-o-shit cd's. A back to the roots 80's era Thrashy type release. I wish all the alternative Pearl Jam wannabe's would start putting out some good metal like this. 45 minutes of headbanging delight, sure to piss off your neighbors. 9/10 {Johnny Death}
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Four Degrees - "Four Degrees" - CD
(Storm Records P.O. Box 151 Royal Oak, MI 48068)
(Laundry Chute Productions P.O. Box 300218 Drayton Plaines, MI 48330-0218)
I'd call these guys 90's progressive rock. They are all great musicians, but the songs just don't stick to me at all. This is one of those times where playing less would say a lot more. The songs seem too crowded with showing off their playing ability instead of writing ability. On a lighter note, they have very amusing "Usage Directions" for the CD under the disc. {Grog}
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Fudgegun - "If You Could See My Office..." - CD
(Storm Records P.O. Box 151 Royal Oak, MI 48068)
(Fudgegun P.O. Box 262 Goodrich, MI 48438)
Fudgegun is one of the few bands I've heard that has a powerful female singer who doesn't resort to screaming to get the power across. They play melodic hardcore with a trade off between male and female vocals. Great personal lyrics regarding greed, phonies, ignorance and police. The CD is short, but sweet. I want more and to see them live. {Grog}
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Furslide - "Adventure" - CD
(Meanwhile... / Virgin Records 338 N. Foothill Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210)
Catchy alternative-pop musings. Female vocals with oomph backed by a steady beat. This c.d. will probably not get much radio or Mtv play due to the fact that it is more on the hip side as compared to other alternative bands. The true glory of this band shines on the beautifully mellow tunes Hawaii and Love Song, and I get a hint of Edie Brickel inspired vocals on the more rocking tunes such as My Friend's Gallery. This release is enjoyable from beginning to end. {Mite}
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