Mutant Renegade Zine #7

The Political Issue
"The no money, no new ideas zine"

MRZ #7 Cover Issue #7 finally arrived in the Summer of 1996. Mite and Grog tried to get things together, but this just so happened to be where both theirs lives took dramatic changes and all their plans fell into the abyss.

MRZ #7 was 40 pages of newsprint just like #6, except this one didn't really hold to the subject matter. There are bio's on Grog and Mite, an interview with Laurie Anderson, many of Grog's pointless, babbling rants and articles, plus a few by Mite, zine and music reviews, a match the promo photo contest and the wacky things you've come to expect from Mutant Renegade.

Bio of Grog
Bio of Mite
Music Reviews #7
Zine Reviews #7
Poetry #7

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