Mutant Renegade Zine #6

The Animal Rights Issue
"It's everything you never wanted in a zine, plus a whole lot less!"

MRZ #6 Cover Issue #6 marked our move to newsprint and was released in November of 1995 making it the first time we succeded in putting out two issues within one year. This issue was still just Grog and Mite, but Mite did the bulk of the pages since animal rights is a very important topic to him.

MRZ #6 was 40 full size pages on newsprint. This issue featured interviews with Ingrid Newkirk (PETA) and Royse (P/AN People/Animals Network), music and zine reviews, tons of animal rights clippings, articles and facts, poetry and crap, plus Grog's usual lame ass rants and endless articles which serve to inflate his ego even though no one really cares about them.

Ingrid Newkirk Interview
Articles #6
Music Reviews #6
Zines Reviews #6
Poetry #6

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