Mutant Renegade Zine #5

The Sex Issue
"More Than A Mouthful"

MRZ #5 Cover

Issue #5 was finished in early 1995 and was our first theme issue which featured almost every article being about the topic. I guess sex really does sell, of course we didn't sell many since the prospect of buying Grog or Mite turns most people off. This is also when Gail bailed on us after several great years (luckily she came back in issue #8). We all started to drift our own ways and face the reality of being in our late twenties with many adult responsibilities. This is when the zine became Grog and Mite with a bit of we weren't bitter.

MRZ #5 was another 30 full pages printed by friends at Kinko's and Grog's last employer, unbeknownst to them. This piece of crap had tons of writing by Grog, results of the sex survey, articles about STD's, swallowing, safe sex, how to manipulate the opposite sex, masturbation, an interview with Shudder to Think (by the late great Ben Schelker), our review of the Miss Gay America 1995 pageant, zine reviews, Grog bitching about child support and how he came to be a Dad in the first place, some poetry and a few contributed articles by Heather Blank and the menstruation vampires from Aunt Ida zine.

Shutter to Think Interview
Articles #5
Sex Survey Results
Poetry #5

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