Mutant Renegade Zine #4

The God/Satan Issue
"Bigger Than God"

MRZ #4 Cover

Issue #4 was put out in early 1994 within a year of #3 which was pretty amazing considering how long it took between the previous two issues. Grog still did the bulk of the writing, but thanks to Fen's dad giving us a computer (a 386 I still have it)Grog was able to check his spelling all by himself. Mite did some interviews and set up about half the pages. We also recieved some articles from Kattie Dougherty and Tommy Tearaway.

MRZ #4 was up to 30 full size pages once again done thanks to help from some third shifters at Kinko's and other various sources. The god / satan issue featured: Many babblings by Grog, an article about religion by Kattie, interviews with Holly Vincent (The Oblivious) and John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants), Deadbeat Corner with Jimmy Hearse (Jamy Holiday), signs that your children are in cahoots with satan, two pages of poetry, random crap, mutilated Chick tracts, zine reviews and our infamous sex survey.

DeadBeat Corner #4 - Jimmy Herse
Holly Vincent Interview
John Flansburgh Interview
Articles #4

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