Mutant Renegade Zine #3

The Dr. Suess Tribute Issue

MRZ #3 Cover

This issue took forever (two years) to put out and a lot of people thought MRZ would (or should) die. Most of the people who helped with earlier issues backed out and if it hadn't been for Mite and Gail it probably never would have seen the light of day again. (If you hate MRZ blame them). Gone were the days of the South Dixie house of hell, but with Gail and Mite pushing Grog's lame ass along the long awaited tribute to Dr. Suess arrived.

MRZ #3 featured a cover by the Donut brothers (before they split to start up Rinso), interviews with Three Walls Down and The Dead Milkmen by Mite, an Iggy article and Paul Westerburg show review by Gail, DeadBeat corner featuring Fen, our infamous list of people who died and who we think should have died in their place, Ben's list of 100 reasons to stay on Earth (even though he left last year), a scene report, other weird information and graphics and of course an article all about Dr. Suess.

DeadBeat Corner #3 - Fen
Dead Milkmen Interview
Articles #3
Ben's 100 Reasons

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