Mutant Renegade Zine #2

The Brady Bunch Issue

MRZ #2 Cover

Issue #2 was finally finished after much slacking in July of 1991. Grog did most of the writing again, but had help from another writer: Dobie Willis, Fen once again typed a bunch of crap and made Grog's writing a little more coherant, Gail did another deadbeat corner, Dave Draino, Eric and Brian Donut helped with the art and layout.

MRZ #2 was expanded to a twenty page full size zine printed using various keycards from friends at Kinko's. This issue featured: an interview with Pure Plastic Tree, articles on Minus One and Cordelia's Dad, two contests (win a date with Luscious Le and Move in with Grog, Fen and Gail), Deadbeat Corner with Ed Lacy, zine and music reviews, poetry by Laura Albrecht, Chris Pospisil and Triscut, various lame Grog writings and an indepth scene report.

DeadBeat Corner #2 - Ed Lacy
Pure Plastic Tree Interview
Articles #2
Poetry #2

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