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"Dead Beat Corner #4"

Jimmy Hearse (aka Jamy Holliday)

By Gail

The feature artist of DeadBeat Corner is a man in a band with many names and many stories that follow him around. Jimmy Hearse is the lead singer and second guitar in Haunting Souls. And please remember there is no "The" title of the band. Haunting Souls have been playing for many years and are notorious for playing basic back breaking punk rock in the same vein as D.O.A., The Ramones and the Dead Boys. Haunting Souls are currently getting ready for another recording of Haunting Souls hits.
Haunting Souls consist of:
Jimmy Hearse - First voice and Second guitar
Johnny Murder - Second voice and First guitar
Stacy Zinck - Third voice and Bass
Vic Ticious - Drums


Young, Loud and Snotty - The Dead Boys
My War - Black Flag
Pre 70's Rolling Stones
Independence - Toxic Reasons
Mommy's Little Monster - Social Distortion
Generic - Any seasonally released "Halloween" spooky 12 incher.
Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne - GBH
Aerosmith - During the days when they weren't such a big deal, yet well medicated.
Vicious Circle - Zero Boys
Real Rock-A-Billy -----Do your homework ducky boys.
Haunting Souls first LP


What do you think about your audience? What is the younger audience appeal to Haunting Souls?: We're cool. What is cool anymore? Whatever people think is rebellious. Anything your Mom told you not to be.

What is your idea of a dream show?: Every show I play. I love to play. Some of the best shows I played, I played to 17 people.

Where did you get the name for Haunting Souls?: I'm a "gothic head" and I used to love watching horror movies late at night. Haunting Souls represents the spooky introductions to the horror movies of the past.

AMAZING FACT: Jimmy once faked and organism.

AMAZING FACT: Jimmy once faked and orgasm.

QUOTE: "I don't fake anything. I don't lie. It's cliche, but it's true."

Who's the Devil?: Everybody. The best devil is Robert Deniro.

Does the devil smoke dope?: He does what he wants to.

What is your vision of hell?: I believe in eternal burning. Life is the ultimate test. I embrace the challenge.

Religion: The best example is Ying-Yang.

Favorite Performers: Stiv Bators, Joey Ramone, IGGY!!!, and Joey Shithead.

High School Memory: Indefinately suspended for hair, make-up, dress and intelligence.

Dream Date: I don't date. I date to pre-meditated dreams. I do what I think that I need to do. I do like Sharon Stone.

Childhood Memory: Mother catching me fucking a neighboorhood girl. I was truely embarrassed at nine years old when my mom saw my bare ass on top of the next door neighbor girl.

Cartoon: Warner Brothers, early Bugs Bunny.

Occupation: Musician. Doomed artist. Take your pick. People who think are fucked. I pay my bills by being the head bartender / manager at Canal Street Tavern. I stand behind that.

Favorite Meal: Pasta, pizza, pussy.

Do you own a Barbie doll?: No, I have a Gene Simmons doll.

First Punk Rock Song: Biggest motivation was Toxic Reasons and Poetic Justice. They were not the first punk rock bands I listened to.

Favorite Products: Cosmetics and Tattoo ink.

Halloween: Halloween is everyday.

Goal: I have lots of goals. I try to achieve prominent goals. I would like to be Hustler Honey for December the month after I die.

Disco Song: "Le Freak"

QUOTE "I'm the most intense person you will ever meet."

FOOTNOTE: To Jimmy, favorite means what is on his mind the time a certain question is asked.

A comment from John Slifer after the interview with Jimmy Hearse
The first responce is that Jimmy or Jamy would be on eof arrogance, but maybe it is his personal thoughts on how he views relationships. Not saying hi to someone doesn't mean that he doesn't like you, it means that he doesn't feel like it needs to be said. It is felt instead of said. We are not friends, but I know what he means.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Jimmy is worth a debate on any subject, but maybe a listen to the band would be a quicker response to the people who do not feel like debating.

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