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MRZ ChickenFish

"Thought Without Meaning"

Yes, MRZ #14 is out. You should soon see the proliferation of our poison oozing through mailboxes, record stores, shows, coffee shops and the like.

Now a bit about the zine. MRZ is now 68 pages of newsprint bliss with a glossy, color cover which just seems so much more personable than looking at a computer screen. However, since Mite and I aren't luddites we have finally progressed to a web site and a partial E-zine. The web site will be updated every so often, usually just to add new reviews for an upcoming issue. We printed 5000 copies of MRZ #13 and is be placed in many places (Distribution Page) . Issue #13 cost $3 or is available for $8 for a year subscription $10 Canada / $14 World.

WHAT WE REVIEW:Seven reviewers, very eclectic tastes...send anything and everything!!!

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All music and publications will be reviewed and you will receive a copy when itís out. Reviews for the current issue can be found at Current Music Reviews Current Zine Reviews If you want a review sooner, send us your e-mail address or check out the review section in the upcoming issue New Music Reviews New Zine Reviews . Artwork, poetry, rants, stories, pictures and various other things are always accepted but not always printed. If you feel really generous and want to send us a wad of cash, go for it.


We are no longer accepting earwax as a form of payment for advertising. Mite has recently finished up his earwax ball and now holds the world record. For more information about this contact Mite


Enjoy the zine (and order the newsprint version), any praises or criticism are always welcome, but possibly ignored. Plop a big glob of whipped cream on your desk or the hood of your car and shout "Lick it up baby, lick it up!!". Have some fun and blow El Nino a big wet sloppy kiss.